The Best Day Ever


April 1999We moved through the forest with the speed and grace of a predator-a predator on the chase, or being chased by a larger predator. Charlie and Larry were carrying Mike. Mike had been shot viciously in the thigh. We had field dressed his wound as well as we could, as well as anyone could, that is if you're being shot at at the time, and trying not to be targets. Eighteen hours earlier I had been warmly curled up in my bunk on the U. S. S. Abraham Lincoln. Roused from my bunk, we were rushed into the briefing room. One of our planes had gone down in Bosnia. We, as the extraction team, were going to have a tricky rescue on this one. Intel had figured out that somehow Belgians had been updating the Serbs on the routes our flights were taking. The rescue chopper was going to drop us off in Croatia, and we had to move at high speed to get the plane's two man crew out. An hour after the briefing, we were "feet dry" as we raced to our objective. The first half of the rescue had gone extraordinarily easy. It was just after we picked up the crew that things got hairy.

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  A patrol had spotted us from a distance and had fired on us. We were a good distance away and making good time, only slowed by the pilots-who didn't work out to the extremes we had. Three hours later, the noose around us began to constrict. The patrol had called in our position and suddenly the woods around us swarmed with Serbs. Shooting and moving, we were plowing a path to our objective, when it happened. A company sized group opened up on us. Luckily, they were shooting from a distance with AK-47's. From less than twenty feet, the AK is the best semiautomatic weapon in the world. From several hundred yards away, it was a piece of crap. We returned fire with our rifles, effectively picking off a bunch of those assholes, but that's when the suicide charges started. Pouring fire on us to pin us down, it allowed several to get close. I was good with my M-1A1 sniper rifle at pickling several off. One of those assholes got close, and he's the one that tagged Mike in the leg. Moving on after defeating the company element, we later picked up a platoon sized group that now trailed us and harassed us with occasional fire. We were now just two ranges from the border where our extraction chopper was waiting.

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   Moving down mountain, I saw it ahead of us and swallowed hard. It was a small valley, but crossing it would be hazardous. I only hoped that there wasn't any snipers in the area, or in the platoon that trailed us. Mike groaned as his legs hit several large stones in our path, then we were in the valley. It was a 200 yard dash across open ground. We must have been extremely lucky because they didn't start shooting until we had crossed the valley and were now moving up mountain. Some of their rounds ricocheted harmlessly off several trees around us, then I saw it. It was a perfect boulder. Flat on the up mountainside, rounded on the downside. It would be perfect cover for a sniper's platform. I told the pilots and my three buddies to keep moving as I dashed behind the boulder and set up. I took my 6 magazines out and placed them next to each other for easy access. I took aim on the valley, considered the breeze and the angle, and waited. Several minutes later, they moved into the open. I waited until the entire group was in the middle of the valley.

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   I opened up on them. In twenty seconds, six of them went down. The rest had turned and were running back for cover. I began picking them off, leaving only three that made it back to the other side of the valley. It was now my turn to run. I made it up mountain and into the clearing where the chopper waited. We were airborne seconds after I was onboard. Mike was lucky with his leg. They were able to save it, but his spec ops days were over. The pilots were grateful for their rescue and hired some high dollar hookers for us after we got back to the states. I reupped and saw action in the opening days of the trouble with Iraq, but I was bum rushed out after telling a colonel about my problems with the operation. I happily took on another life after that, as a civilian. January 2006The invitation came as a surprise. I blinked at amazement as I saw the name on the return address, Mike Baker, wow, suddenly the events of seven years before came rushing back to me. I had to sit down and ten minutes passed before I came out of the cloud of memories.

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   Mike was getting married. The wedding was going to be in a small town in Utah. Mike enclosed a note that he needed to talk to me on the phone. I was actually nervous as I placed the call. The first minute of our conversation was a bit strained, but we warmed to each other and talked for twenty minutes. He wanted me to be a groomsman at his wedding. His younger brother was to be best man, but I was to be first groomsman. He also wanted me to wear my uniform at the wedding. I ended the call and walked over to my closet. Opening the closet, I went to the back wall where my old formal uniform hung, encased in plastic. I was actually embarrassed to wear it. The seven rows of ribbons were accompanied by other uniform adornments. I had once worn all my medals, but I clanked when I walked. I felt like some third world dictator with a uniform full of unnecessary hardware. I placed the uniform on a chair.

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   Panama, Saudi, Bosnia,Afghanistan, and Iraq swam through my mind as the past swirled through my mind. A half hour later, I gathered myself and went out to dinner. February 2006A butterfly fluttered in my stomach as the plane touched down on the tarmac. My heart raced as I thought about seeing Mike for the first time in seven years. I had visited him several times when he was in the hospital, or physical therapy, but he was moved to his hometown to finish his therapy. I didn't see him again after that, until. . . . . I saw him at baggage claim. He was accompanied by a shorter brown haired woman. He smashed my hand with his as we shook hands. His misty eyed fiance grabbed me in a bear hug and held on to me with all her might. She held me for several minutes and was trying to choke back tears.

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   "I told her how you saved everyone in Bosnia" Mike explained, "including me". "I was just doing my job" I replied. "And humble too" his fiance said as she broke her grasp and wiped tears from her eyes. "We're going to have to do something special for you". I looked at Mike with a wary look as we walked with my bags. "You're a hero dude, live with it" Mike said. I was checked into a medium quality hotel. After that, it was dinner with Mike and Donna's family. Stories were told, but our combat exploits were only lightly touched on. All in all, it wasn't a bad evening, but I've never felt comfortable in the presence of people I don't or barely know. The next morning, we had the rehearsal. It was there that I met her. She was the bride's maid that I was to be teamed up with. She was a vision of stunning beauty. Standing just a few inches less than me at only five foot, she had long chestnut colored hair.

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   Her face looked like a doll's face with sparkling blue eyes, a button nose, plump red lips and a caramel complexion. Her petite frame, with tiny bumps under her red cotton shirt, showed a thirteen year old just into puberty. Her blue jeans, containing the rest of her, showed a girl with not only with a model's looks, but also a model's figure. I was instantly smitten. "This is Jessica" Donna said as she introduced us. Our eyes flirted with each other, but I contained myself as we were in the company of others. The last thing I wanted to was act like a pedophile in the company of these two families. Still, Jessica and I shared several looks at each other. Each time, she smiled and bashfully looked away. After the rehearsal, we went out to a restaurant for lunch. The bride's maids were seated next to their mated groomsmen. Accordingly, Jessica and I were seated next to each other. The looks persisted, but I knew I had to do more than just look. What do you talk to a thirteen year old about? I went for the old "How's school?" subject. I hoped I wasn't acting too lame.

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   She politely filled me in how the eigth grade was, then changed subjects to "Donna says you and Mike served together in the military". I vaguely told her about the three years we served together, leaving out any reference about the true nature of our unit. I noticed that our conversation was listened to and I didn't want the conversation to expand. As lunch ended, our hands accidentally brushed and we shared an embarrassed look. That night there was a low key bachelor party in the hotel's bar. The stories did wander into the ribald as Mike and I spoke of chasing tail in Tokyo, Manila, Rome, London, San Diego, San Francisco, and Norfolk. We both got a buzz with Mike more buzzed than I. I was wary of having a hangover at the ceremony the next morning. I woke up later than I wanted to, but I instantly drew the attention I didn't want as many eyes fell on me in my uniform as I left the hotel and was transported to the church. At the church, everyone was busy with their own formal wear and there was less attention to my uniform. Jessica did give me a detailed once over and very approving look. This time, it was my turn to blush and look away. As the music started and the wedding party paraded in, I held hands with Jessica. Her hand felt so soft, warm, and delicate to me. My heart was racing as I could feel her energy and we shared a look halfway into the church.

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   I began to wonder about the reception afterwards. Dancing isn't my thing, but I began to wonder about dancing with Jessica. I wondered how she would feel in my arms. I wondered if I could get away with dancing with a thirteen year old. During the ceremony, Jessica and I shared several looks. After the "I do's" were said and Mike and Donna left the church, Jessica and I walked the aisle hand in hand. After that, it was off to the reception hall. Mike and Donna had the first dance, then it was announced that the groomsmen had to dance with the bride's maids. Jessica and I danced that dance, and many more, as afternoon gave way to evening. We danced slow, and fast, and had a large time. Mike and Donna seemed to be encouraging Jessica and I to dance together, although we needed little encouragement. The highlight of the reception came when Mike went up on stage to make a few remarks. He thanked his parents, Donna's parents, Donna, several people I didn't know, then he thanked me, telling the story of the rescue in Bosnia. He completed his spech by calling me up on stage to sing with the band, telling how I had been a Cheap Trick fan and how I could sing their songs. The band then played three Cheap Trick songs and I found myself singing the songs, much to the enjoyment of everyone in the hall.

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   Donna and Jessica even led a screaming girl accompaniment to "I Want You To Want Me". Royally embarassed, I found comfort in the arms of Jessica, who made me instantly feel better. As the evening grew late, I needed some air. I asked Jessica to take a walk with me. She instantly accepted. The reception hall was surrounded by some lovely woods and fronted a lake. The night air was brisk, but I was warmed by the dancing I had done, and the presence of Jessica. We talked a little about my work in the city, so far from Utah. We stopped and I looked at Jessica. Her eyes, normally sparkly, were even more magical in the moonlight. I told her beautiful she was. I thanked her for the day and told her how wonderful she had made the day for me. Swallowing hard, I asked if I could kiss her. "Yes" she eagerly agreed. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers.


   I tasted the lip gloss on her lips, smelled her sweet breath, and caressed her back as I felt her petite hands on the back of my neck as I had the most romantic moment since high school. I broke the kiss and ran my hands down her arms to her hands as I gazed in her eyes. I felt a stirring in my loins and fought off the notion of asking her to spend the night with me. "I should take you back" I told her, "I should be calling it a night and going. Thank you again for the most wonderful day and night of my life". "Why are you going so soon? The party is still going on" she asked. I steeled myself for the answer. "I want to spend more time with you" I told her, "but I can't. I'm an adult, and I could get in so much trouble. I shouldn't even be alone with you in the woods. Let's go back". "What if I told you that it's ok to spend the night?" she asked. "What do you mean?""I'm supposed to spend the night with my friend Laura, you know, the Bride's maid behind me. Earlier, she told me she would cover for me if I wanted to spend the night with you". "We could get in so much trouble.

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   I could go to prison. As much as I want to, I don't want to go to prison". "It will be all right, I promise" she said as she squeezed my hands. We gazed into each other's eyes, and I knew I shouldn't be trusting a girl, a minor, temptation, but there was something about her. Fifteen minutes later, we were in my hotel room. She sat on the edge of the bed, and I paced the room for a minute before I sat next to her. I again looked into her blue eyes. "You're so beautiful" I said before we shared a long and satifying kiss. One kiss led to others and we caressed each other as she ran her hands over my chest and shoulders and I felt her back, arms and sides. Finally, she unbottoned my jacket and slid it off of me as she wrapped her arms around me and held me close. "Wait" she suddenly said as she broke a kiss and stood, "this dress and shoes are uncomfortable". She walked over to the closet and slid off her blue dress and shoes. Now wearing only bra and panties, she walked back and resumed her position next to me. My heart was racing. Her bra was so small.

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   There is nothing that excites me more than seeing a thirteen year old girl in a tiny bra. I imagine the treasure underneath and think it greater than any gold. It's more soft and wonderful than anything in the world. We shared another kiss. "I'm nervous" I said. "I am too, trust me". We continued to kiss. She reached around her back with one hand and undid the clasp of her bra. We broke the kiss and she showed me a pair of golf ball sized breasts topped with puffy beige nipples. I touched her left breast and leaned in to kiss the other. As I ran my tongue around her nipple, She grasped my head, holding it to her chest as she breathed deeply. I placed a hand between her legs and slid it into her panties. She spread her legs, giving me more access, as I found her slit. I ran my finger along her moistening slit. She moaned and whispered "Ohhhhh".

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   I began working my finger back and forth. She was rocking her hips. Suddenly she pushed me away. "Get undressed" she ordered as she slid backwards taking off her panties. Her eyes followed me as I took off my clothes. Her eyes especially followed as I slid my shorts off and she looked at my dick. I laid next to her and we resumed kissing as I placed my hand again between her legs. She spread her legs wide. She was sopping wet. I ran my finger along her slit, then I found her opening. It took a little doing to work my finger just inside her. Her hips bucked once. Her tight little pussy grasped my finger, holding it tightly. Slowly, taking my time, I worked my entire finger in. I took my time before sliding my finger back and forth.

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   She was panting now. I moved my head between her legs and began to lick her young pussy. My finger hadn't encountered her hymen. I briefly wondered why it wasn't there, then began licking her pussy lips. She gasped and starting breathing heavily. I was licking her clit. She began pushing her hips against my mouth. She was moaning, then there was a couple of shrieks before she pushed my head away and played with her clit as her body spasmed in an orgasm. I moved in and positioned myself at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed a little and the head of my dick entered her. She gasped again. I gave her a moment to get used to the size of my dick. I'm only average sized, but she was young and probably not used to this. Like my finger, it took some time before I was able to get all the way in. I began with long slow strokes as I kissed her, nibbled on her neck and played with her nipples.

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   She was working toward a second orgasm and I paused as she shuddered beneath me. I slowly resumed my fucking, but she was warmed up now. I started using quicker strokes. She was moaning and panting. I felt my loins stiffen, then I shot my load in her. She had a look of surprise as she felt my dick jerk in her and felt my warm liquid enter her. I stayed in her and we shared a long kiss before I began pumping again. My arms were growing tired and I rolled her over on top. She began pumping my dick as she smiled and squeezed her tiny breasts. I pulled her in and we kissed and necked as we fucked. We were both building to a shuddering climax. Her final orgasm hit seconds before mine did. I felt our fluids drain out onto my balls. We held each other, then rolled into a side by side embrace. I gazed into her eyes and told her I had fallen in love with her.

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   She echoed the love and I wondered what I would do in the morning and what I was going to do with this girl I was now linked to. I held her in my arms and surrendered to *********************************************We awoke, still in the afterglow of the night before. I gazed into her eyes and gently stroked her hair. We kissed a little and we were building to another session of lovemaking when we were startled by a knock at the door. We looked at each other in surprise, then jumped out of the bed. A hunt for our underwear was underway when I called out as to who was at the door. I heard Mike's voice, and although I was relieved when it wasn't the Police, I still wondered if I was going to get away with this. Jessica found her underwear and I pushed her into the bathroom, gently closing the door. I pulled on my pants and opened the door. "What's up?" I asked, a little startled by Mike's presence, "shouldn't you be with Donna?""She had some post wedding errands to do" he explained. I noticed his eyes scan the room. I wondered what he knew and what he was looking for. "Do you need something Mike?""I was looking for something"Then before I could stop him, he took two steps to the bathroom and opened the door. "Come on out Jessica" he announced. I wondered what kind of deep dark shit I was in.

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   Jessica walked slowly out. She had her underwear on and had wrapped a towel around herself. "I have to tell you something" Mike started, Donna and I have been setting you up". My mind began to swim and I had to sit down on the bed. Explaining further, he went on, "Jessica lost her parents a couple of years ago. Since then, she's been staying with her Godparents, Donna's parents. After Donna and I got engaged, we started talking about our future and thought it cruel just to leave Jessica behind. Then I remembered you and how you reacted to Charlie's younger sister. I knew how you liked a girl who isn't screwed up and I noticed how you took to each other at the rehearsal. Donna and I watched you two yesterday and we asked Donna's parents what they thought of putting you two together. They liked the idea. That's whay Donna isn't here, she's getting the church ready for a wedding, your wedding" he finished as he gestured towards us. My head was swimming now. "But" I protested, "She's thirteen, and don't you need a license?""Donna's dad's best friend is the justice of the peace. The marriage certificate is ready.

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   It just needs your signatures". I gestured Jessica over. Holding her hand, I started to ask a question, then realized I needed to be on one knee. Going to the knee, I looked in her now watery eyes, "Jessica, will you marry me?""Yes" she said with a quavering voice as she pulled me to her. We kissed, then looked at Mike. "Get dressed Jessica, we have another dress that you need to put *****************************************That afternoon at one, the organ blared out a familiar tune. Donna's father walked Jessica down the aisle. She was radiant, appearing in a beautiful dress, unknowingly prepared for her. Jessica beamed as she took her place next to me. The ceremony was short and the reception was smaller than the day before, but still enjoyable. The reception ended at dinnertime and I had dinner with my new inlaws, now related to people I had never known just days before, save Mike. Jessica has taken to her new home, and school. I'm wondering if she'll ask me to any school dances.



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