The Basement


At the foot of the stairs, I stopped and silently looked around the room. Everything looked the same as it had earlier in the week--whips and chains and the decadent altar. A shiver ran through me, but I didn't know if it was from cold. . . or fear. . . or longing.

From out of a dark corner walked Carter. He wore only a pair of black jeans, barefoot, his hair still damp from the shower. "You came. "

"I promised I would," I replied sullenly, crossing my arms over my chest.

Carter looked at me closely, and then reached his hand out to me. Slowly I unfolded my arms and took it, letting him draw me farther into the room. He led my over to the chaise and urged me to sit.

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   When I did, he dropped to one knee, still holding onto my hand.

"I'm not going to hurt you. . . well. . . not really. "

". . . It's just. . . It's all new.

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  " My eyes shifted from his earnest gaze and I sucked my lower lip in between my teeth.

“You remember your safe word?”

“Christmas-pudding. ” I rolled my eyes at the stupid choice of word.

“Good. ”Grinning, Carter rose to his feet. The smile quickly vanished, replaced with a hard, cool expression. "On your feet. " I obeyed, fidgeting slightly. "Take off all your clothes and put them on that chair over there," he ordered, pointing to a hardback chair by the stairs.

Hesitantly, I pulled my turtle-neck top over my head, then toed off my sneakers and shimmied out of my jeans. In my panties and bra I carried my clothes to the chair, and removed the remaining bits of silk. I nearly jumped out of my skin as Carter's hands brushed against my shoulder.

He handed me a rubber band. "Put your hair up. " As I did that, pulling my hair into a high pony tail, Carter walked over to the wall of implements, examining each one.

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   I fidgeted more and watched as he lifted a small wooden paddle from the hooks. Picking up a blanket, he went over to the altar and covered the cold stone.

"Luv. " Carter gestured for me to join him and I slowly went to him, dragging my feet. The smack of the paddle in his hand made my jump and my eyes widen. Carter scowled at me. "When I give you an order, don't dawdle. " I didn't look at him as I came to stand beside him. "Well?"

"Okay," I mumbled.

Carter made a tsking noise and grabbed my under the arms, lifting my onto my stomach over the altar, my hands dangling off one side, my feet the other. "Okay what?" he growled softly, then smacked the paddle across one of my rounded cheeks.

I yelped and jerked my head and shoulders up, but his free hand pressed into the small of my back, holding me down. "Okay sir," I gasped out.

"An even dozen on each lovely cheek will teach you that lesson I think. " As he mused, he smacked the paddle across my other globe, leaving a red mark to match the first.

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   I moaned and clenched my eyes shut and my hands into fists, trying to be submissive. "I know, it's not in your nature," he said knowingly. Another blow fell, criss-crossing the first and I concentrated on my breathing, trying to ignore the pain.

Carter administered the first beating slowly and carefully, allowing me to adjust to the severity of the blows and the shock of pain, but still marking me well. I think he was impressed that I didn't try to reach back and cover myself, but accepted it, breathing hard and giving the occasional squeak at the pain. For the final two blows, he slid his free hand down over my glowing red buttocks, smiling at my hiss, then rolled me farther forward.

A hard crack landed on my upper thigh and I yelled at the burning pain, my fingers clutching at the rough stone for purchase. My other thigh received equal treatment and the tears that had been gathering burst free.

I watched between soft sobs, as Carter returned the paddle to the wall, then walked over to a table and poured a glass of water. Returning to the altar, he set the glass down and lifted me to my feet. "Drink. "

On shaky legs and with equally shaky hands, I lifted the glass and took deep gulps. I brushed at the tears on my cheeks, and I avoided looking at him, my whole body flushed and hot from pain and embarrassment. . .

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   and maybe just a hint of lust.

"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

". . . No sir," I finally replied, setting the glass aside and rubbing my nose. Carter caught my chin between his fingers and kissed me gently, then cupped one of my breasts, tweaking the nipple.

"It turned you on just a bit, hum?"

I started to shake my head, but then my eyes widened. There was a hint of warmth between my legs. I licked my lips nervously and tried not to squirm as my nipple hardened beneath his ministrations.

Releasing me, Carter walked back over to the wall and took a couple items off a shelf. He beckoned to me and I joined him, trying not to look at some of the nastier whips.

Instead, I looked curiously at the harness like contraption in his hands, then took it as he handed it to me. It consisted of several elastic straps and a little plastic butterfly connected to a remote control. Carter helped my put it on, sliding it up my legs and snapping the elastic against my bruised bottom and making me yelp. As he positioned the butterfly right over my clit, I turned bright red.

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Catching my hand again, Carter tugged me over to the padded, hanging manacles and chained my unresisting body to the ceiling. On my toes, my arms stretched over my head, I watched his every move with trepidation.

"We had some pain. Now we have some pleasure. " He flipped the switch and immediately the butterfly began to vibrate, pulsing against my defenseless clit and caressing my swelling labia. My face flushed even more and I fidgeted from foot to foot, nibbling on my lower lip as the pleasure built deep inside me.

Carter gauged my reactions carefully, listening to my uneven breathing, my gasps, watching my eyes grow moist, then wild. But at the first buck of my hips, he turned the vibrator off.

"No," I moaned, swaying in the chains.

Carter tucked the remote into the side of the elastic straps and strolled back over to the wall. I tried to crane my head to see what he was getting, but my arms were drawn apart, not allowing me to twist in the chains. I felt him come up behind me, and jerked as he ran a finger down my back.

"You're sweating," he murmured in my ear. "Getting all slippery. " His finger slid between my buttocks and I moaned softly, then yelled as something supple yet sharp slashed across my hip.

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Grinning at the welt forming on my still slightly reddened skin, Carter wielded the riding crop with a light, yet firm hand, delivering several blows on my bottom and making me dance on my toes and twist as best I could.

Tears flowed freely down my cheeks as he hit me hard and fast, not taking the time for me to relax between lashes like he had with the paddle. The pain was incredible and just kept growing.

But. . . so did the desire. Already fully aroused from the vibrator, I found myself squirming against the hard plastic, trying to get more friction. Every blow made me whimper and made me hotter. Sweat slid down my face, mingling with my tears, and I panted heavily.

The crop left ugly welts on my tender skin, but Carter knew just how hard to hit and not cut my, and just when I was at my breaking point.

As I squirmed and mewled and fidgeted on my toes and pulled on the chains, Carter dropped the crop, quickly unfastened his jeans and stepped behind me. Catching my abused hips and making my nearly shriek in pain, he jerked my legs apart and slammed his cock inside me.

"OH GOD. "

As I yelled and bucked back against him, Carter's head fell back and he thrust violently.

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   The sight of my bruised and welted from his blows, dripping with tears and sweat and lust, had clearly made his cock ache with need. The angle drove him deeply into my tight passage, stretching me and filling me with each merciless thrust. He lifted me off my feet, spreading my legs with his hips, pumping harder and harder.

I whimpered and moaned and tried to squirm. My sore bottom slammed again and again into his pelvis and all it did was make my pussy clamp down on his cock. I felt the orgasm coming and gasped, drawing shuddering breaths into my lungs. My clit throbbed and rubbed against the vibrator, sliding with my juices and finding the necessary friction.

Half-way mindless, my body trembling, my pussy clenching around him, Carter flicked the switch on the vibrator.

As the pulses hit my swollen clit, I gave a guttural cry of pleasure and exploded. My orgasm sent me into great shudders of bliss and I let him hold my up as my head lolled forward, my breasts heaving with my need for air.

As I began to relax, my pussy only fluttering around his cock, Carter turned off the butterfly and grunted harshly before slamming into my several more times as his own orgasm overtook him.

Gasping for air, he separated from me and slumped back against the nearest wall. I imagined he watching the juices leak down my thighs, highlighting my glowing red ass, feeling good about himself.

As I recovered from the intense orgasm, Carter pushed himself away from the wall and slid his jeans off. Stretching, he walked across the room to replace the crop on the wall, then examined the other instruments and devices of torture and pleasure.

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   After several minutes of contemplation, he turned back to me.

I hung in the chains, my head forward, my body trembling. I was slick with sweat and his juices, and a wicked grin spread across his face and he walked back over to me, moving fully in front of me. After removing the harness and dropping it to the floor, he reached up and unhooked my wrists, then caught me before I fell, lifting me into his arms. He lay me down on the chaise, smiling at my whimper of pain, and watched me twist onto one hip.

Carter poured me another glass of water and handed it to me, watching my gulp it down, then took back the glass and set it aside. He crouched down in front of me and reached out to gently brush the drying tears from my flushed cheeks. "Do you want to continue?"

"Do I have a choice?" I asked, rather surprised.

"Always. "

I nodded slowly, blushing slightly. "Yeah, I want to continue. "

"Need more rest?"

A shake of my head was all the answer he needed and he helped my turn onto my stomach, my knees bent and my calves resting along the high end of the chaise. I pillowed my head on my arms and waited, not watching as he returned to the wall.

Carrying a couple of items, Carter returned to my side and snagged a stool, sitting down by my hip. I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder, then away again.

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   "Um, what is that?"

"Well, I believe that I have been remiss in one aspect of your tutelage. " As he spoke, his hand lightly caressed the red marks on my bottom, making me hiss and jerk. "Stay still. "

"It hurts. "

Carter ran one finger down the cleft and I bucked. He smacked his hand down hard and I cried out. "But baby," he scolded. "These marks are just so lovely. " He opened a bottle of strawberry massage oil and began to smooth some into my bottom. Slowly I relaxed, no longer trying to escape his touch, and Carter again ran his finger down the cleft, this time circling my puckered entrance before slipping inside.

I's eyes flew open and I gasped. His finger, slick with oil, stretched my tight passage, but didn't really hurt. Another finger joined the first and they began to pump in and out. Reddening in mortification, I dug my fingers into the cushion beneath my and whimpered, "Carter, that's nasty. "

His fingers stopped moving.


   "Do you want me to stop?"

". . . No," I finally whispered, squeezing my eyes shut. I'd always wondered when this would happen.

Carter resumed his pumping and stretching, finally worming a third finger into me. That hurt and I groaned, but tried to relax. His other hand rubbed the small of my back, and he made encouraging noises.

Clearly satisfied that I was prepared as well as I could be, Carter pulled his fingers free and oiled up the small, black butt plug. It was small but I betted it was still going to be uncomfortable. Carefully he slipped it inside me, pushing past the initial resistance and spreading my passage wider than it wanted to go.

I bit back a cry of pain and took deep breaths, forcing myself to relax. The plug slid farther in, and finally the widest part was past the tight ring of muscles. I knew now only the flat base remaining outside my body.

"How does that feel?"

"It hurts," I replied honestly, blinking my eyes open to look up at him.

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   I wasn't surprised to see the lust on his face, or, on glancing down, to see that he had an erection.

"You'll get used to it. " Rising to his feet, Carter pulled me with him. I stumbled and whimpered as the plug shifted, my face turning bright red again. Trying not to grin at my mincing steps Carter led my over to the wall and pulled down a leather collar and chain. Clasping the collar around my neck, he picked up the end of the leash and tugged me over to an overstuffed easy chair. As he sank into it, he used the leash to force me to my knees between his spread legs.

Another tug brought my head down and I sighed in resignation. Opening my mouth, I ran my tongue over the weeping tip of his cock, then peppered wet kisses up and down the length. As I slid my lips over the head, fluttering my tongue against the throbbing vein, Carter's hand caught my pony tail and guided my movements.

Relaxing back in the chair, I could see the effect of my hot mouth engulfing his cock. He watched my head bob up and down and my cheeks ballooned out as he filled my mouth. I sucked avidly. He'd taught my early on to give head, and I'd been an eager and willing student.

Smirking Carter pulled my head up, then rose to his feet, forcing to scoot back on my knees.

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   One heel hit the base of the plug and I moaned in pain, rising back up to my knees. Taking my face in his hands, Carter saw the confusion in my eyes.

"Open your mouth, love," he murmured, his thumbs caressing my cheeks. Slowly I obeyed, comprehension filling my eyes. His cock filled my mouth in one hard thrust, and I swallowed convulsively, my hands grabbing the backs of his thighs for support. I sucked defensively as he thrust hard and fast, but carefully, only reaching the edge of my throat. Every time he saw me begin to gag, he pulled back out, letting my gasp for air.

Every time, I opened my mouth for more.

The chain rested between my sweaty breasts, the heavy end caressing the damp curls between my legs, and the mental image of myself, a captive, forced to let my captor do this, to fuck my mouth, sent fresh frissons of lust through me.

My fingers began to caress his hard flesh, as my tongue lapped hungrily on every thrust.

Sensing my willingness, Carter growled low in his throat, and let the long-pending orgasm come. Pulling nearly all the way out, he spurted into my mouth, watching me swallow eagerly. As his cock slipped free, I licked my lips and looked up at him with shining eyes.

Carter grinned and, picking up the end of the chain, sagged back into the chair. Using the leash, he urged me to my feet, then to turn around, so he could look at the marks of my earlier punishment.

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   "I don't know," he sighed. "I think they’re fading. " Giving the chain a hard jerk, he pulled my face down over his lap, and, before I could even think to squirm, his flat hand fell on one cheek, making me shriek.

Carter scoffed at the noise I made, and spanked the other cheek, then began to alternate back and forth, careful not to hit the plug. I squirmed and wriggled and kicked my heels as fresh pain flooded me. One hand was pinned against his side, but the other flew back to try to stop him. Carter slapped the hand away.

"Don't do that again. "

"You're hurting me," I yelled, anger suddenly joining my pain and embarrassment.

Carter didn't respond, just returned to spanking m, covering me from waist to upper thighs in what tomorrow would be slowly purpling bruises.

Tears spilled out of my eyes and I bucked violently on his lap, then flung my hand back again. He stopped spanking my.

"Love; get up," Carter snapped, his voice cold as ice.

Sniffling, I rose to my feet, wincing as my sore muscles stretched, and the plug made its presence known again.

Carter went over to the wall and took down a small, narrow leather paddle.

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   I whimpered when I saw it.

"Please, no more," I begged.

Stopping in front of my and watching my tremble, he waited for me to say the safe word, but I got myself under control and shook my head firmly. Swallowing hard, I clenched my hands into fists at my sides and looked up at him.

"Stand still," Carter said softly, no menace in his voice. "Don't move. Don't try to stop me. Don't speak, unless. . . " He left it hanging, giving my permission to use my safe word to stop him. I nodded and braced myself, expecting him to walk behind me and apply the paddle to my throbbing bottom.

Carter caught one breast in his hand and smacked the leather across the puckered nipple.

Instinctively I tried to double over and cover my breast as I gasped at the pain, but he held my still, his fingers digging into the soft flesh. After nearly a minute, as soon as I regained my composure, he smacked me again.

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I winced, but held myself still and focused my eyes on a spot on the wall behind him. Lifting my breast, he hit the underside several times until it began to redden, then smacked the nipple again, making me hiss.

Carter repeated the beating on my other breast, concentrating on my nipple until it turned nearly purple. He stepped back to examine his work, then looked up into my tear filled eyes. "Cup them. "

I obeyed and took a deep breath, which exploded from my as he slapped the leather paddle across both breasts at once.

Satisfied, Carter returned the paddle to the wall, then fetched my some more water. He sat down and pulled my back down to my knees. I drank eagerly, then looked up at him with questioning eyes. "You may speak. " He was very pleased with my demeanor, and wondered how often I'd be submissive to him in the future.

"Why do you keep giving me water?"

"Because you're sweating a lot, luv. I don't want to make you sick. "

Surprised by his answer, and oddly touched, I took another sip, then set the glass down. "How much more is there?" I boldly asked, wondering how much more my body could take.

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"That's for me to know and you to find out. I want you to go to the chaise and get on your hands and knees, feet at the free end. " As he gave me the order, he removed the collar from my neck. I rose and took small steps over to the chaise lounge. I was beginning to grow used to the plug stuffing my bottom. It felt. . . almost good. As I knelt, I wriggled, and felt a spark of desire zing through my womb. Pillowing my head on my folded arms, I waited in growing anticipation.

As he approached me, Carter rubbed more oil onto his cock, pulling on the hardening flesh until it reached erection. Leaning down, he placed one hand on the small of my back and gripped the base of the plug with the other. Carefully he pulled it free and tossed it aside.

It made a popping noise as it came out, and I reddened, then sighed in relief as my muscles began to relax.

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   Carter's cool, slick fingers sliding into me to replace the plug, made my eyes widen and I stiffened. "Are you going to. . . you know. . . there?"

Carter rolled his eyes and gave me a hard spank. "No, I'm going to keep adding fingers until you ask me properly. "

Mouth suddenly dry, I nearly choked at the lust that flared in me, but I licked my lips and tried again. "Are you going to fuck me there?"

"Fuck you where. "

"Um. . . in the bottom?"

His fingers slid free and with one hand he took a hold of my hip, watching as I physically flinched as he touched my bruised flesh.

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   He applied more oil with his free hand, then guided the tip of his cock to my tight passage. "Yes," he groaned softly, both in answer and in satisfaction as the head of his cock slipped past my sphincter muscles.

"Ohhhhhhh," I moaned as his cock spread my wider than the butt plug had, then my voice rose in a cry of mingled pain and pleasure as his pelvis slapped against my abraded bottom. "Oh God, you're all the way in. "

Carter grinned in pleasure but remain still for a long moment. "Pull forward,luv. "


"Until my dick's almost out, then push back," he instructed.

My eyes widened and I lifted my head, unable to completely look over my shoulder at him. "You want me to. . . " As I spoke, I unconsciously obeyed him, wincing as my inner tissues stretched. I stopped as the thicker head of his cock reached the tight ring of muscles, then moaned and shook as pleasure lashed through me just at the thought of him in my ass. "Fuck myself on your cock?" I moaned, my voice high and breathy as I thrust backwards.

Carter grunted, his eyes nearly crossing in ecstasy as I obeyed him, driving his cock to the hilt inside me.

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   He knew it hurt me, but I began to move, back and forth, fucking us both. After a half dozen thrusts, Carter clearly couldn't contain himself anymore, and grabbed my thighs, thrusting with me. With a loud howl, he came, spilling his semen inside my burning passage.

I mewled and squirmed, trying to keep him inside my as he pulled free and slumped down on the floor, his back to the chaise lounge. "Please, oh, please," I begged, my fingers digging into the velvet as my womb and clit throbbed with need.

Resting his head back on the cushion, Carter grabbed my leg and tugged me around until I stood over him, my torso still on the chaise. Lifting his head, he lapped his tongue along my dripping cleft, then flicked my clit until I yelled and spasms ran through my. I continued to beg, the word 'please' spilling from my lips in gasps and moans as he licked and sucked at my swollen flesh. Two fingers thrust inside me and my vaginal muscles clenched around them, then relaxed as the digits curled upwards and thumped my g- spot, at the same time Carter's mouth fastened over my clit and he nipped.

I yelled again and bucked violently against his face, my orgasm slamming through me until I collapsed, my head hanging off the other side of the chaise. Gasping for air, stars glittering before my eyes, I sighed happily, my body totally relaxed except for the occasional tremor of pleasure.