The Anniversary present


     "Hey, guess what? Our tenth anniversary is next week!" Dan said, over a beer at the bar.

     "Congratulations! Elaine is a wonderful woman, you're a lucky man!" I replied, and I meant it.

     I knew very well how hot and shapely Elaine was, from being over at their backyard pool, I had many views of Elaine's bikini clad body, with very little fabric between her generous chest and shapely pelvic region, and I had stroked off several times to the fantasy of what Elaine looked like under what her bikini hid. With her head of blonde hair, and her eyebrows the same color, I knew she was a natural blonde, and my cock throbbed at the thought of her blonde muff in front of his face, for my licking and fucking pleasure.

     Dan said, "Thanks Luke, I've been thinking about what to get Elaine for an anniversary gift, we were thinking of something different, something we could share. "

     I replied, "So, any good ideas?"

     "Yes indeed, and that leads up to a question. On our anniversary, how would you like to come over and make love to Elaine, while I watch?"

     My face no doubt showed how surprised I was, as I floundered for something to say. I was indeed very interested, and after the initial suprise had worn off, I told him I would be very happy to do so.

     "And, to give you a preview, here's a little something for you. "

     Glancing around, to make sure that no one was looking, he passed me a Ziploc bag.

     "Inside that bag, is one of Elaine's sexiest panties. No only that, she has worn it all of today, to make sure that her cream is smeared along the crotch. You can take that home, sniff right where her sweet lips were nestled just an hour ago, and when you stroke it off, shoot your load right over the crotch, she'll be very pleased to see your passion jetted all over her delicious juices. So, I can imagine that you want to get to it, so I'm gonna head home, and tell Elaine that we have her anniversary lover. Have fun with Elaine's panties!", he finished, with a smile.

     Back at home, I quickly stripped naked, and in my bedroom, I lifted out her panties.

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   They were a very sexy set indeed, back silk, see thru, just a silk wisp that would cover just enough, the idea that this lucky wisp of fabric had around Elaine's sexy hips, cradling her creamy center made me tremble with desire as I brought them to my nose, the smell of Elaine's heated juices, musky and spicy, smeared all along the crotch, brought my cock up to a throbbing, iron hard pole. I lay back, filling my nose with the scent of Elaine's enticing pussy as I stroked, my cock was thumping and bucking, already eager to blow. I held onto it as long as I could, them my cock swelled, and just as I could feel the spunk streak up my shaft, I quickly put her panties in position. I grunted as I erupted, my cock pulsing wildly, spraying rope after rope of thick cum right along her panty crotch. I sprayed 6 thick streams over the area, my cock tingling as I milked out the last drops.

     The next day, I passed the panties back to Dan in the Ziploc bag, and later that day, he phoned to tell me that Elaine went wild when she saw my cum splattered along her panties, and they had fucked wildly all afternoon.

     "Elaine just went crazy, she jumped me, virtually tore my clothes off, and mounting me, she rode me hard and fucked me for all she could until I had blown my load deep inside her. After that, she let me rest for a few minutes, then she sucked me up to full hardness, pulled me down on top of her, and ordered me to fuck her until I squirted deep inside her again. She got me back up another two times, had me ram her doggy style, and the last time, she again mounted me, and rode me until I squirted out the last few drops while my cock pulsed crazily with my fourth orgasm, intense as hell when all the fluids are drained! She was a sexual wildcat, man you are going to get the fucking of a lifetime!"

     Six days later, and tonight was the night. I had saved it up, I wanted to blow off a gusher when we got together, so I had resisted the temptation to masturbate, although my resolve was tested, I had hung onto it, and now was the time to see my willpower rewarded.

     I arrived, and Elaine smiled at me as she opened the door. My god, she looked hotter than ever, those blonde curls framing her face, the swell of her breasts pushing out her summer dress, the sexy curves of her waist and hips, all looking so delectable. In the living room, we settled with a glass of brandy, to calm down a little, after all, this was a new thing for all 3 of us.

     Elaine sipped the last of her brandy, smiled, and said, "I'll be right back, I'd like to change into something more comfortable. "

     I couldn't take my eyes away as I watched her backside in motion as she walked down the hallway, I could feel my cock getting seriously interested.

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   In a few minutes, she returned, and if my cock was interested before, it was raging for action now. She was wearing a see thru, red baby doll nightie, her breasts, almost as nude as if there was nothing covering them, pushed out the front of her nightie proudly, gazing lower, I could see her nightie just barely covered the cheeks of that wonderful ass, a red thong covering her blonde bush, she did a slow turn, letting my eyes drink my fill of those fabulous cheeks, and she smiled as she saw my obvious approval.

     "I think we are ready for our anniversary present, let's go into the bedroom, so I can unwrap you", she cooed.

     In the bedroom, she stripped me down, my rock hard 8 inches springing into view. Don quickly yanked off his clothes, and took a seat next to the bed, his cock rock hard, as he prepared to watch.

     "Oh yes, a nice hard 8 inches, such a nice present", she cooed, "and now, how would you like to unwrap me?"

     On my knees, I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her thong, and slowly slid it down. Her pussy came into view, my cock was throbbing, a beautiful, trimmed blonde bush, covering her above, totally shaved around her sexy entrance, making her pussy entrance cleanly shaven, bare and smooth as a billiard ball, and very edible, and that's what I wanted to do. I pulled her closer, and ran my tongue up her pink trail, listening to her moan of pleasure. Dipping my tongue inside her creamy lips, I could taste the heat of the musky, spicy juices I had sniffed at, and I eagerly licked at the tasty juices, scooping out the thick cream, and swallowing it rapidly.

     "Yes, oh yes, lick me, God I love to be eaten!" she growled.

     I licked Elaine's cunt wildly, sucking out the heated juices, my mind whirling, she started to grunt and rotate her hips, pushing her hot, wet cleft tightly against my face.

     "Yes, oh yes, Lucas, lick me, make me cum!"

     I slid a finger up her, and worked over her G spot, that got it going.

     "Yes, oh fuck yes, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face, fuck, oh fuck yes, yes, I'm, I'm, I'm CUMMING!"

     Her voice rose to a shriek, her orgasm crashing into her, her pussy squirted wildly, gushing her juices, I could feel the splatter of her juices as she gushed wildly, cumming all over my face. She quickly lay back, urging me on.

     "Now, now, fuck me, fuck me hard, I want every drop you got, I want to feel the explosion of your cum as you toss off inside of me! Let me have it!", she growled.

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     Between her spread thighs, I was glad to do so, I notched my cock head against her, and pushed hard, slamming it in. As I buried it to the balls, she squealed with pleasure. I drew back and drove it home against, her cries of pleasure filling the bedroom. I took a peek over at Dan, he was watching, breathing heavily, his cock rock hard, throbbing, as I fucked his sexy wife. Elaine brought her legs around me, so I could get every last bit in, and I could feel it rising. After 6 days of no cumming, my cock was not interested in making it last. Fortunately, Elaine was ready to explode again, my cock felt like a length of steel pipe, swelling up tight.

     "Yes, yes, oh my god, gonna cum again, fill me Luke, I wanna feel you squirt, give me every drop, fill my womb, do it, yes, Yes, YES!"

     As she howled in pleasure, my cock erupted, the feelings almost knocked me over, my rock hard prick pulsed and throbbed wildly, as I squirted my hot spunk into Elaine's  fiery heat.   My cock pulsed wildly, each pulse squirted more hot spunk, I grunted with each pulse, it seemed to go on and on, my cock squirting wildly, Elaine's sexy center clamped down tightly on me, the quivering and spasming of her orgasm greedily milking and sucking at my cock, my cock ejaculating every drop of my juices into the heat filled, eager tightness around my cock.

After 18 spunk filled gushes, I could feel my cock push out the last drops, and I collapsed on her soft body, completely drained. I lifted up, and saw Dan standing by the bed, his cock iron hard and eager, and I pulled out and rolled aside.

     Elaine looked up, and growled, "Look at your horny wife's cunt, all slick and slippery, my cunt has another man's cum deep inside me, and you'd like to fuck that, wouldn't you? You want to slide your stiff cock into me, and fuck my cunt while it's full of another man's hot cum, wouldn't you? Tell me!"

     Dan grunted, "Yes, oh fuck yes, I need to ram your cunt, I feel like I'm gonna explode!"

     Spreading her legs, Elaine hissed, "Than do it, ram me, feel another man's hot spunk around your cock while you fuck me, than do what Luke just did, flood me with your sperm!"

     Don got between Elaine's spread legs, and quickly drove his cock in, both of them grunting with pleasure as he rammed every last bit in. He pulled back, and started to ride her hard, I could hear the wet squelch of Elaine's very juicy center being pounded by Don's rampant prick.

     "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, your cunt is all hot and slippery, I can feel Luke's cum surrounding my cock, fuck, that feels so hot, fuck yeah!"

     Elaine gasped, "Yes, oh fuck, my cunt is full of another man's cum, and my husband is fucking my cum filled cunt, fuck it feels so good, ride me baby!"

     They fucked wildly, and I could feel my cock starting to grow from the sexy sight. I was back up to full hardness, when I heard Don grunt.

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     "Fuck yeah, cumming baby, oh fuck YEAH!"

    Her howl of orgasm joined in, as his body started to buck, his hips pistoning wildly, as he exploded, I could imagine the thick load of hot cream that his cock was pumping into her.  

     After he pulled out, Elaine looked over, saw my cock ready for action again, and cooed, "Would you like to ram my cum filled cunt again, Luke?"

     I did indeed, and sliding into her, I grunted with pleasure at the heated, cream filled folds surrounding my cock, fuck, it felt amazing. As I started to ram her, Don presented his quickly reviving cock to Elaine's mouth, she eagerly sucked him in, letting him push every bit of his eight inches into her mouth.   I rode her heated center, watching Don fuck his sexy wife's mouth, while he watched me fucking his sexy wife's cunt. Elaine's body started to shake, she tightened her legs around me, and releasing Don's prick for a second, she howled with pleasure, I felt the spasms, the clenching of her steamy folds around me, and I quickly went over, my prick exploding, jerking with ejaculations as I squirted the little bit of spunk I had been able to replenish, grunting with pleasure as my cock sizzled with pulses. Don grunted, growled, "Oh fuck, YEAH!" and I could see his shaft, throbbing and pulsing as he unloaded in Elaine's sexy mouth. We all collapsed in a heap, what a workout.

     Elaine had us cuddle her from each side, as she said, "I love the feeling of having two strong handsome studs, with strong cocks around me. Let's sleep for a while, and then we can have some more fun, I am sure my horny husband would like to see me sucking another man's cock, as much as he liked seeing me getting fucked by another man's cock!"




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