The abandoned warehouse.


The Abandoned Warehouse.

My name is Tom, this is a true story I was 18 at the time this happened, it was my first gay experience, but not the last. I was a pretty slim kid back then and all my freinds useto call me baby face, because I was a bit of a pretty boy. There was this warehouse accross the road from my house that had been abandoned for some time, probably about 6 months, there was alot of graffitti and junk in there, i use to venture in there sometimes during the day with my freinds for fun sometimes. Ok heres the story, I’m not gay and probably never will be, but I have had a few gay experiences, maybe I’m bi curious or something. I used to take my older sisters dildo when she wasnt home and play with it sometimes, suck on it, lick it up and down and stick it in my ass, that sort of stuff, it felt so good.
One Sunday night I got really horny and decided to be adventurous and go accross the road to the warehouse to fuck myself with the dildo, I knew there might be bums or junkies in there but I took the chance. I packed the dildo in a bag with some massage lotion for lube and ran accross the road in my jocks and a tshirt, it was about 12am so I didnt think anyone would see me, and I dont think anyone did. I ran through the gates at the front of the warehouse and went to the back where the only entrance is, I went to the third floor where the moon lights up the rooms, I checked the other floors quickly for noises or stuff like, to make sure no one is in there.
Usually I’d be shit scared in there at night, but I was so horny I didnt care, I set my bag down and got out the dildo, the dildo is a suction cupped veiny pink penis colour, I used to call it jeremy, I know thats kind of gay but it turned me on so much, naming the dildo. I stuck the dildo to one of the walls and started rubbing my face and lips on it, like I was making love to a hard cock, I put my hands through my legs and rubbed my ass through my jocks, I put the dildo abit lower on the wall so I could push my ass out more and my ass hole would open up, it feels so good when I do that.
I started sucking and stroking the dildo like I was sucking a real cock, at the same time I was rubbing my ass hole through my jocks, I was probably doing this for maybe 2 minutes, and was so into it I didnt notice the flash light light pointing at me, I turned around with a shocked and sinking feeling in my stomach, I’d been caught fair and square, 2 older guys probably in their 40s werestanding there watching me. I just swallowed and stared straight at them, still in same position I was in, with my ass sticking out and my back arched.

Suddenly the radio on one of the guys belts went of “ Bill, anything happening up there or what”, he grabbed the radio of his belt “ you guys better come up here”, I was frozen, “ what the hell do you think your doing” the other guy said, I just stared frozen at them, I didnt know what to say.
The guy named Bill started coming towards me, “ dont worry jim, this looks like it might be a good night”, he came straight up to me and put his two fingers in my ass and started rubbing it through my jocks, “what are you doing” I finally said in a low voice, “ shutup kid, if you dont want anyone to find out what you do in here then youll let us have our way with you and I know youll like it”. I just realized what was going to happen, I was going to get fucked by at least four guys and there was nothing I could do about it.

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He kept rubbing my ass through my jocks, Jim came over smiling “ you dont say a word kid, you just enjoy it, you little slut”, that sort of turned me on, it turned me on alot, just then the radio went off again,” you sure we need to come up Bill or are you ok”, Bill looked at jim for a sec and they both laughed quietly, “ nah dont worry guys its nothing” he said into the radio.
My cock was hard and I was horny again, real horny. Bill ripped my jocks off and stuck his finger up ass, Jim pulled his pants down came around to my face, I was abit nervouse but really excited, he put his cock in my face, it was fully erect and smelt really sexy, I startet rubbing my face and lips all over it while Bill fingered my ass slowly, it felt so good, I started pushing my ass onto his fingers and started to suck and run my lips up and down Jims cock.
Bill unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, but just as I heard his zipper unzip, his phone started ringing, “shit, this is probably my wife, shit” he answered it and after a few short words he was out, “ I got to go jimmy boy, wifes having the baby, shit, take care of this slut will you”. I dont know why Isaid this but I said : Ill be here tommorrow night, big boy”. Bill just laughed and left. : you little slut, you just cant get enough cock can you, dont say anything, im gonna fuck the shit out of you”, well that got me real horny, again, I was loving this. Jim ripped me up and started passionatly kissing me, I kissed him back, hard with my toungue, I put my hand around his cock and started stroking it, he slipped hand through my legs and stuck a finger in me, I moaned, I starte riding his fingers while at the same time being licked and kissed all over my mouth.
After a while of this he stopped me, got his fingers out of my ass and put them in my mouth, “taste good slut”, “mmmmm so goood” I replied, “ shutup slut”, his fingers did taste good, but I did what I was told, “ now lube up my cock”, I knelt down and started running my lips up and down his cock.
My jocks were around my ankles, and this felt pretty hot, I arched my back and pushed my ass out in my favourite position and went to town on jims hard cock. I ran my toungue up and down, licked the nob and engulfed his cock, Id say it was probably 6 inches. I sucked his cock for about 5 minutes then jim pulled away and went around the back of me, I put my head on the ground so I could push my ass out more, he rubbed his wet cock up and down my ass hole making it slippery and wet, then he pushed it in a little, it felt good,then a little more, it felt better, then a bit more “ ooohhh” I moaned, “ you like that dont you”, he poshed it in abit mor then slowly slid it out, this was excstacy, he slowly pushed and pulled his cock in and out of me, I started pushing my ass back against his cock, and fucking him back.
We done this for maybe 5 mins then he pulled it out and walked around to the front of me, I quickly licked and spit on his cock, as requested, ten he lay down and I crawled up onto him so my ass and his cock were inline. I sat on it and pushed it in, deep, then started riding him, he had his hands on my waist pushing me up and down, after maybe 2 minutes he started moaning then pulled my face to his and I kissed him passionatly as he drove his cock deeper in me and squirted cum into my body, it felt good, sort of weird and warm, shooting inside me, I then got off him and got around to his cock and started cleaning it with my mouth, “ good slut, you better be here tommorrow, same time slut, I know you will” he then stood me up, pulled my jocks up and told me to get out of here.
I did, I got my stuff and walked out, ran down the stairs and out the back, back home.

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   The funny thing about this ordeal to me is when I got into bed I farted and a whole lotta cum came out of my ass and went all on my sheets, I cleaned it up though, with my mouth.
If you liked this just wait till you here what I did the next night.