The 20 Year Dream : Day 2


Topic: Living the dream : Day 2As I stood in the kitchen watching her go upstairs for the shower she desperately needed, so many feelings struck me at that moment, selfishness, greed, betrayal, I had so many things going on in my mind that I could not even think straight.
I had just had sex with my own sister in law that I dreamed of and wanted for the past 20 years, should I just pack up and go home and pretend this never happened? How could we ever be at a family function and not feel guilty? Was this just lust, or was I falling in love with a married woman? I must of stood there for an hour trying to parse through what I should do, then it hit me, I was NOT the only one who wanted this to happen, it was evident over the years and especially so tonight that she also thought of my cock as much as I thought of her body. So why not just live out the dream for what it is worth, maybe it will come to an end when I leave her, or maybe this secret would carry on between us for as long as we could.
Just as I thought of this, I heard the front door open as he came home, I had to catch my thoughts and hold a straight face. He came in and we had a beer as we spoke about his work and the family and such. He heard the shower going upstairs and said "she usually takes one in the morning", I did not even show any interest as I quickly drank my beer and kept my thoughts to myself. We watched a little TV as he spoke about leaving tomorrow (Friday) after work to go to a golf outing in another state with coworkers, and said he would be back sometime Sunday afternoon. Needless to say my mind was running thru ALL of the possibilities with what could happen with her being left alone with me.
He headed to bed as I stayed up and watched TV, my cock was throbbing with the thoughts of us being alone all day, let alone all weekend. Sitting on the same couch I was on but a few hours ago with her sucking my cock and letting me cum all over her, I knew I could NOT wait until morning!
I did not sleep at all that night, tossing and turning, dreaming and fantasizing about my cock being buried in her and hearing her moaning as she explodes on me, it was a very rough night, to say the least!
I was up by 6am and could not lay there anymore, I headed down stairs to make the coffee and wait for him to leave. My cock was hard with thoughts and would not go down, luckily I was wearing loose fitting shorts. He made his way down and had coffee, and hell, I even carried his bags out to the car as he got his clubs out. My mind was in another place the whole time as I watched him drive away. I entered the house and locked the door behind me and headed to my dream come true.
I was going to wait a half hour or so to make sure he did not double back home for something he had forgotten. I laid on the couch imagining her riding me hard as I suck her beautiful 38D's.


   I started lightly stroking my cock as I opened my shorts to release it. I had no fears at this point, if she caught me, I would have her join in. I worked up a good rhythm as I let myself go and came in my hand as not to be messy, and also to be able to last longer when I wake her. I got cleaned up and laid back down as I recovered.
I must of dozed off for when I woke it was already 10:30am. I did not hear any noise in the house so I assumed she was still sleeping. I quietly made my way to their bedroom, she was fast asleep in bed laying on her side, covers up to her neck, I wanted so badly to strip and get in bed and fuck her, but I thought to take a more subtle approach. I went down and made a fresh pot of coffee, and brought up a cup for her. I sat on the side of the bed as I gently ran my hand on her face and neck, my cock jerked as it hardened and began to throb. After about a minute or so, she slowly came to life, she noticed it was me and asked what time it was, i told her it was nearly 18 and he had left with his bags for the weekend golf outing, she looked stunned as she must have forgotten about it (i am starting to notice they may not be as close as everyone would think).
She sat up as I handed her the coffee, she had a smile seeing I made it for her, I knew she loved thoughtfulness and I was here to make her happy. When she sat up, she had on a spaghetti strap tank top that molded around her large melons, nipples firm as could be. We talked for a few minutes, I think more to see if either her or me would show some sign of remorse, well it did not happen. She put her cup down and got her cell and called her hubby at work, she checked to see if he was set for his trip and asked that she call him from the hotel when he gets there, I knew at this point the inevitable was to happen. She threw the phone down and we hugged and started to kiss passionately, there was a thought to fuck her right there, but I had some reservations nailing her in her own bed, I do have some principles.

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We slowly let off and headed downstairs, she had on a pair of night shorts and that tank top, I was so turned on already, I needed to have her as soon as I could. We got to the couch and sat down, I quickly started kissing her legs and she let out a sigh, i slowly worked my way up to her pussy as I gently removed the shorts, her rough red bush was now cleanly Shavian as I slowly entered it with my tongue. I was deep inside her as I felt some movement up top, I looked up to see her topless now and see those dark pink nipples coming to life as they had last night. I sucked her womb and clit for all I was worth. She came hard a few times as I tasted her juices on and in my mouth. , as my hands gently rubbed her swollen nipples.
I knew I was about to get what I had wanted for 20 years as I slowly stood and removed my shorts and shirt, as my shorts dropped my cock stood straight out, the shaft was already a light shade of red and it was fully ready to have it's fill inside of her. She reached for my cock as she leaned forward but i removed her hand as it was her wet pussy I wanted and not her mouth. She inched up to the edge of the couch as I knelled in front of her, my cock was now only inches away from it's dream. I held my cock and slowly ran the head along her swollen clit as she moaned and groaned, it took only about a minute or so and her head tilted back and I could see her body tingle, she had just cum again by me teasing her clit, my cock was now throbbing in pain, I held her legs to my sides as I slowly and gently slid my cock into her awaiting pussy, as inch by inch entered her womb she suddenly gasped for air and started twitching again, I could not believe it, she was cumming again on the head of my cock.
After she subsided, I slowly went deep into her womb with my swollen 7" cock, she was moaning and groaning as my fingers massaged her clit and my shaft slid in and out without any effort. We did this for a few minutes as she came hard on my cock, I could feel the warmness surround my shaft as she screamed in relief.
She pushed me out of her and got up from the couch, she motioned for me to sit down, as I did she climbed on me as I knew she wanted to ride my hard cock. I was all too happy to accommodate this as I inched forward on the couch so she could kneel around my hips. I slid my cock inside of her as she quickly went to work pumping me hard with her soaking wet pussy all the while her huge tits rubbed and brushed against me.

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   She would slow down for a minute or so as we kissed and I sucked her nipples. I reached down and started massaging her clit again as I could see she was very close to a HUGE orgasm. Her head tilted back and she rode me as fast as she could, she was moaning very loudly now and it only turned me on even more so. I started begging her to fuck me harder and this pushed her over the edge, she started screaming LOUDLY as she slowed her pace down, she dug her nails into me as she was screaming " I'M FUCKING CUMMING HARD, OH GOD, I'M CUMMING HARD". . . her faced turned redder as I knew she was holding it back, I begged her to cum hard on my cock and that was it, she let go of a monumental orgasm I have never felt before in my life. I felt an absolute flood of warmth on my cock then my lower chest and could feel it run down my hips, I had NO idea what had just happened here, I have never in my life felt so much juice come from a woman, she collapsed forward onto me as she tried to recover.
I quickly took advantage of this and pulled her off me and laid her on the floor, she was completely spent to the point of having no strength, her thighs were soaked with her own juices and now I knew it was my turn to cum hard, I spread her limp legs as I knelt down and entered her womb with my swollen cock, she could only moan at this point as she tried to say something. I did not even listen as I felt my stomach tighten and could feel my balls filling up with my own fluid. She dug her nails into me as I started loudly saying I was about to cum, she tried to say something but it was too late, I felt my cock start to throb as I sped up my pace, I was deep inside of her as the first jet entered her burning womb, she cried in pleasure as my cock continued to pump her pussy full of cum. Shot after shot, I didn't think I would ever stop cumming inside of her, my dream was now so real it only kept me going even more.
As I finished filling her womb with my seed I pulled out to see her lifeless body laying there, my cock was still hard and I figured I would take all I could right now while the chance was mine. It took a minute or so for me to position her so she was leaning on the couch as I knelt behind her, she was breathing very hard trying to recover as I slid my cock back into her. After getting situated for more leverage my cock was still hard at work inside her womb, I could feel my cum leaking out now and I did not care.

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As I was fucking that pussy I had always dreamed of trying anal but never would be given a chance by my wife, well, I knew the chance was now. I pulled out of her and positioned my cock near her ass, she started twitching and moving around as she knew what was about to happen to her. I held my cock in hand as my other hand spread her ass cheeks apart, she was now begging me to stop but I could not listen, I slowly pressed the head against her ass and slowly worked it in after a good 30 seconds, she was still begging me to stop as she lightly screamed. I had the head of my cock inside her ass, this was going to happen and be our first time experiencing it together. I slowly worked about 4 inches of my cock into her as she moaned in pleasure. I could not go any deeper, but this was fine for me, I pumped that ass for a few solid minutes as she moaned like crazy. After this I slowly felt myself go limp, I was spent more then I had ever felt, I fell to the floor as we both rested to recover.
After about 18 minutes we both recovered and got up and kissed as I asked her what she was trying to tell me when we were on the floor. She hesitated for about 30 seconds as she got up the courage to say that she was not fixed or on the pill, the breath left my body as I could only think of the consequences of this. She finished by saying"BUT, I just finished my period a few days ago and we should be OK and that she was in her 40"s and much less fertile now". I can not tell you what went thru my mind in terms of relief to hear this.
We got dressed and I asked her if she wanted to go out for lunch, she said yes and with that we headed to get cleaned and dressed to go out. We were now walking around naked as if we were the married couple. When we went to lunch, we held hands in the car and even kissed when stopped at lights. We kissed freely while waiting for a table and it was the MOST incredible feeling ever!!!! It was like I had two wives now and she knew I was already married, I was living a dream her I never knew I could have.

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We went out shopping at the mall all the while holding hands and kissing and teasing, my cock was hard the whole time thinking of having that pussy and now even that virgin ass again. I felt like I owned the world that afternoon. It was like knowing a woman for 20 years and then one day being married to her, this was incredible to me.
We got back to the house and we did not even make it up stairs before we started fucking on the steps as she laid on her back and I pumped that pussy to a hard cum. She told me I could cum inside her, and I was more then willing to take the chance, trust me here when I say this. But, she was in the perfect position for me to give her a facial. As I started to cum, I pulled out and jerked off on her tits and face as she moaned in pleasure.
I knew that she was all mine now, YES she was married and I was married, BUT I knew we had something that unknowingly was built over the past 20 years and I could feel it was VERY strong and could not or would not be broken.
She cleaned up in the shower as I relaxed with a cold beer on the couch. She came down with just a towel wrapped around her and asked if I were interested in going out for dinner? In a split second I could only imagine her dressed up again and having her, so I said "yes, but how about we go out for a nice dressed up dinner and take our time?" I could see her smile as she said YES, GOD YES!
She kissed me as I teased her clit for a minute, and she left to go back upstairs, I waited about 18 minutes or so to go up and take a shower, as I stopped by her room, I could see a black lace bra and panties on the bed along with a pair of what looked to be very very light black thigh highs. My cock throbbed in pleasure as I imagined the fuck she would get when we got home.
I left for the guest bathroom and showered and dressed. As I finished her light was off and I heard her downstairs, I walked downstairs and nearly fell down as I saw her dressed standing there!
I caught my breath and said "you look absolutely incredible!"
She had on a black crushed velvet skirt which came just above her knee, a very sheer pair of thigh highs which I did see on the bed, nice heels that were perfectly matched to her, a low cut v neck short sleeve sweater that showed off her incredible tits, and her hair was done up in a braid that made me lose my train of though.
She walked over to me and we kissed as I knew this was already more then I could handle. She grabbed her keys and we headed to the car.

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   It was about 7pm or so and it was already dark out.
We did not even get off her street before my hand was under her skirt and my fingers massaging her clit. She loved it and I loved it. . . . . . . . there were now definitely REAL feelings between the two of us, I thought as we drove there that it would not be hurtful, since we are family and will always see the other one.
Dinner was a night that I would not have traded in for a million dollars, everything was perfect, the dinner, the wine, the music, her across from me staring into my eyes, this was unreal.
While driving home we did not talk much, I massaged her leg as she held my hand, the softness of the silk was causing my cock to throb already. Every now and again we would make eye contact and we both felt something inside when it happened.
As we pulled in the driveway, she looked at me and asked a question that I would never of thought of hearing.

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  . . . .
She asked me. . . . . . . "I think we need to talk about what is going on with us, this could destroy everything we are and the family we have. I just need to know one thing right now"
She paused for a minute and asked . . .

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   .  "are you falling in love with me?"
to be continued. . .



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