Teresa's 40th Birthday


 It was Teresa's 40th birthday and we had to make it special, she told me that everything goes and that there were not limits. I was to arrange for her to have sexual pleasure for a full 24 hours, all day and all night. It did not matter what, who or how many, but it had to be non-stop sex for the ful 24 hours.

I arranged the hotel that we had stayed at before, there were a few stores and a couple truck stops there so I could have lots of room to find willing help for her party. I picked her up at 8Am and we drove to the hotel. Our first time was to be just her and I for a couple hours then the rest of the day was to be full not to mention the night. We went into the room, she had dressed in a usual tank top t shirt that was sheer and no bra, her skirt as usual hooked at the hip and did not overlap so that it came open as easily as could be. She enjoyed showing her hips and her thong and her legs were beautiful.

We stood in the lobby as I checked into the room, the middle eastern owners staring at Teresa and her showing them her legs all the way up to her hips. She also leaned over and adjusted her sandals so that her tank top fell open and showed off her delicious titties. Come to the desk I told her. The men were staring at her now hard nipples. Yes dear she said, what can I do for you? Well Hun, it is yoru birthday, do whatever you like. She got on her tip toes (she is 5'0" tall) and looked over the counter and saw that both men had erections. It is yur birthday? one said. Yes it is Teresa said smiling and I think I see two very nice candles that need blowing out.

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   She moved behind the counter and dropped to her knees in front of the two men and reached up massaging them through their pants making them grow. Then she pulled her candles from their pants and one in each hand began sucking them into her mouth. The men were standing like statues letting her suck their candles. Finally one unloaded in her throat and she moaned telling me she had a nice orgasm as she swallowed his load, then the other did the same filling her throat also with his cum. Teresa got up and came back around and said. Well, that is two candles, 38 more left. We went to the room and went in. Teresa looked around and turned and kissed me deep. I pulled her skirt off and then her shirt and she stood naked in front of me except for her thong. Then I took her and kissed her pulling her thong up like a wedggie so that it went between her cheeks and her pussy lips making her moan loud. Oh yes, this is going to be a good brithday, I can tell. Okay I told her and took a bag with some things in it I had brought with me. There was a love seat kind of two person couch and I led her to it leaning her over the back so that her legs were spread to the legs and I tied her ankles to them so her legs were wide apart. I lean her over and tied her wrists to the legs in front so that she was totally helpless and her titties were neaing over on the other side. Now what she said getting excited.

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   Well, the birthday girl needs a birthday spanking. She moaned and got a dreamy look in her eyes. I pulled off my belt and stepped behind her. I carresed her bottom with it slowly letting her feel the leather slide around on her bottom then brought the belt down across her ass with a slap. Ouch. . . Oh my. . she moaned. I let that one take affect then another across her cheeks. Oh, oh that feels good she moaned again. How many do I get she said. Well, you are 40. .

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  . yes? BUt you can't make too much noise I said as I took a clothe gag and put it around her making sure she could not make a lot of noice. She was helpless and I was hard. A third slapping on the belt and a red stripe appeared across her bottom. She seemed to puch her ass in the air to make it a better target and her pussy lips were swollen dripping with juices. Another slap and the belt came down acros her pussy lips as she struggled some against the ropes. After ten she had a squirting orgasm shaking all over and moaning loud. Her bottom was a nice rosy pink now and I kept going. . . she had several orgasm as I got closer to the 40ith and on the 40ith she squirted again. I untied her and she jumped into my arms, Oh fuck me fuck me now hard she begged. I did as we fell on the bed and her pussy gripped my hard cock not letting it go for two great orgasms for me and several for her. I then took her and laid her on the bed and tied her spread out in the shape of an "X" and blindfolded her good so she could not see anything. I looked at my watch and 18 exactley a knock was at the door.

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   She said, who is that? The next part of your birthday I told her. I opened the door and 5 men came in the I had arranged to be there at 18 Damn, check it out, she is hot. Get set guys, she is ready. I set up 3 cameras and they got ready. Hey, I know her, she is the teacher at the school my kids go to, look man, isn't that her. Yeh, that is her said another. Oh fuck steve who have you gotten? Peole that know you dear I said, they have thought you were little miss goody, a sweet school teacher so proper, well, now they are all going to do as they want with yu and they will always know who you really are but you will not see them and will always wonder who had you. GUys, nothing is off limits. She will stay blindfolded al lthe time. You can fuck her, suck her, kiss her, eat her pussy, fuck her ass and tits al you wanna do.  ONe man was between her legs his cock at her pussy entrance, I just wanna fuck her, I always have, since my kid was in her class. Oh shit she moaned as he slipped into her pussy grabbing her huge titties. Oh yeh, great pussy teacher. She moaned as she rammed her fast. Filling her pussy he slipped out.

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   Nice pussy Teresa, very nice, I am gonna recommend you to other guys and maybe girls too. She began to speak but a cock found her mouth and she sucked it in, her pussy squirting instantly. As he probed her throat another was in her pussy fucking her slowly. After a couple hours they had all had her in several ways, there was cum on her titties and dripping from her pussy and ass, she moaned the moans of a woman well fucked. Okay guys, now I want yu to go find two men wach and bring them back her so we can continue with Teresa's birthday party. They got dressed and I moved the her head letting her suck me slowly. . making me cum as the first knock was on the door with one guy and his two her brought.
    Clothes came off fast and one man jumped on top of her and drove into her pussy hard, he fucked her fast and had a load of cum in her in a couple min. He did not move off though but kept fucking her as his cock did not get soft and after a while filled her again. It was as if she were riding a lot of roller coasters, each better than the last one taking her higher and higher and faster and faster. After these were though I told htem, Okay now, it is about 4, I want everyone to go out and get two more men or women and bring them back her to fuck her, the day is young and this is an all night party. THe 18 men left and Teresa called to me to untie her while they were gone. Even better leave me untied but leave on the blindfold and let me do them really good. A half hour passed and a knock came on the door, 3 men walked in, two black guys with the one that had brought them back.

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       Damn man, I do know the lady, she is the teacher. Told you one the the original ones had said. Their clothes were off in a second and one stood in front of her. Get on yur knees Teresa and take this black cock in your throat. She sat up and got on her knees and reached out taking it into her hands, she gasped at the size. Take it Teresa he said again. Not a problem she moaned as it sanki deep into her mouth then her throat. Soon it fill her throat and we could see how far it was going in all the way to the guys balls. He filled her throat and let his cock slip out, the room was filling now with others that had come back. Lets do three holes at one time another guy said and they moved her on top of a lap and sank a cock into her then leaned her back to slip in another into her ass and then put one in her face so she sucked it to her mouth and swallowed. After several orgasms and soaking squirts she fell full of cum on the bed only to be turned over and filled again the same way so that there were 3 men at one time always in her. She kept taking all the men gave her never having any problems at all in swallowing their loads. About 4 in the morning she began to doze off in between fuckers and we got her up on the love seat and again she was leand over and spanked again making her orgasm again and again. One of the men sat on a chair and they lowered her onto his cock in her ass, then another stepped in front of her and gave her cock to suck again. After him two more took their places and this time in her pussy and her mouth.

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       We soon found that we needed more so I sent out 5 again to bring back two each again and it began all over again. The room filed again and again the men drove into her all that they could, all sizes, shapes and colors fucked her all night long. The sun came up and they had left and the two men that owned the hotel came, can we have her do us again? I looked at her, moving slowly from the love seat she took them in her hands and led them to her mouth sucking them one at a time and finally swallowing their loads. Almost right at 18 the next day we left the hotel, Teresa satisfied and still dripping cum from every hole but she really was still sexy and horney. we drove back to her house and she left. That all began friday morning and ended this saturday morning in Madison Georgia.