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A story of when I was a young man. I started puberty at a young age of 18 and from then on I couldn't get enough of sexual release. I'm in between athletic and average build not a six pack but not fat either.

When I was 18 I would masturbate to about anything ranging from Victoria Secret catalogs to pornthat I could get online. I always enjoyed the release. I had a friend who would hangout after school and occasionally stay the night on the couch. One night we were looking at porn and found taboo ranging from incest to gay and bisexual clips. I didn't notice how hard I was until my friend started making fun of me for having a bonner in my shorts. I was at least to say shocked and embarrassed.

I then looked down and saw he too was hard and told him that he couldn't talk shit. but when I looked at his shorts he seemed to be packing quite a bit bigger package. I was shocked at 18 I thought he would be around the same size as me about 6 inches. Later that night my mother went to bed and told us not to stay up too late. We were on the couch playing video games when I told him let's look at some more porn.

Of course being that age he was down for it. I looked up the same stuff as from earlier that day but I focused more on the bisexual stuff, and when I noticed him hard again.

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   I pointed it out first. after a lil bit I got the courage to ask him to see it cuz he seemed to be bigger than me from his outline of his shorts. he was hesitant at first cuz he was acting as if I was pervert. So I made him a deal that I would show him mine and then it was his turn. He hesitantly agreed to the terms I pulled out my dick and he laughed and said yep mine is bigger and pulled it out. I was shocked to say the least. It wasn't only bigger like 8" but it looked different.

It had extra skin and when I pointed it out he laughed and said it was cuz I was circumcised and he wasn't. I said no-homo but let me see what it feels like and of course he joked about it. finally he said go ahead so I reached out with my hand and pinched it with two finger and squeezed it. he hit me and said what the fuck are you doing I was like " I don't know it's my first time seeing it I kinda jealous and want to play with it" he said be careful cuz it is sensitive. he put his hand closer to the top of the head and peeled back the skin as he made a slow jerking motion downward. his head was purplish in color and was covered in thick pre-cum. at this point I wanted to touch it and feel the difference so I told him to stop and let me see. he released his skin and it slowly folded back upwards over the head.

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I was amazed and reached out to do the same. I then got close to it my face was so close I didn't realize it. I slowly got faster and watched the head swell and turn darker, and without knowing it I was breathing heavy on and between me playing with him and breathing my hot and heavyI caused him to blow his load. I caught most of the load on my face and what little didn't hit me directly in the face, dribbled over my hand.

Now I was raised in a strict life style so masturbation was taboo in itself. so when I masturbate I tend to eat my own cum not as to wipe it anywhere like socks or used underwear. So without thinking of it I licked what was off my hand and started scooping it off my face. When I started to eat the second portion from my face my friend saw it and was like "dude what the fuck why are you eating my cum?" I told him " I didn't even think about it that I was so use to eating my own cum when I masturbate that I did it without thinking. " He looked at his dick and saw that there was still cum on his dick and asked "well are you gonna eat that too?"

He said it sarcastically but without even thinking about it again I started to lick it off his dick and put his head in my mouth. I did it without hesitation and without thinking. I sucked all the cum right off. At this point I didn't realize that my mother was watching from the hallway. She screamed loudly at me at came over hitting me and him.

She scolded me saying I was just as bad as my father. I was puzzled and hurting from her hitting me.

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  She then ran off crying. me and my friend thought that this was over at this point. we cleaned up and went back to relaxing on the couch far apart not saying anything. I finally broke the silence and said that everything that happened would stay between us right, he laughed and said dude this is one time you don't even have to ask. I then asked him if he liked it and he said he's especially when I cleaned up. I finally said with a big gulp maybe next time I will start with the clean up. He said next time with a question marked face.

I was like well if we keep it a secret why not. He said that would make us gay. I said technically it would be bisexual cuz I love women but I kinda liked what I just did. Again caught in the crosshairs of my mother she was behind the couch. She said you liked it huh well then I guess yoyour gonna have to finish what you start. I was puzzled. I was scared thinking I was gonna get hit again. she came out of nowhere it seemed.

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   she told my friend to pull off his shorts and for me to position myself between his legs. we were hesitant and she screamed I said pull off your shorts and get between his legs now! at this point we were kinda scared and we did as we were told but slowly. my friend wasn't hard and he was kinda shaking from being scared and nervous so my mother told him to calm down and told me to grab his cock and start rubbing it slowly. well in no time he was back to his thick & hard 8" self. she then instructed me to start slowly licking the head and shaft.

I complied with my mother's commands, shortly after I started to key in on what my friend liked and started doing it more often like when I would slowly go down his shaft and lick his balls or put his dick in my mouth and use my tongue to go around the head as if I was cleaning him off. my mother then instructed me to put as much in my mouth and suck on the way up apply a suction and repeating the process. and after a few times I started getting the hang of it. not too soon after he came in my mouth. I started to choke and my mom yelled at me you better not spit it out. I struggled to swallow his second large loud. to my amazement he was still hard and my mother said now you need to finish him off and puzzled as I was she said hold on and she came back with a small pink dildo and some lube.

I was puzzled even more and she told me to bend over the back of the couch. Again I was hesitant but she instructed me to bend over in a specific way. I did I was instructed and she spread my ass applying lube and started to slowly putting in the pink dildo at first it hurt a little but got use to it.

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   I then let out a small moan and then she said yep ur ready she pulled it out and placed something in my ass. I was shocked and confused but very turned on and didn't know what to think. then she told me to turn around my friend was no longer hard but he was watching with what seemed to be amusement and enjoyment. she said get him hard again and then apply the lube. at this point I knew what was coming and was scared, but I did as I was instructed and began to sucking his dick.

as soon as he was hard she told me to stop. I was enjoying it at this point, and wasn't gonna stop until she grabbed the back of my head by my hair and pulled me off. she pushed me on the couch and told me to get back in the same position and I did as I was instructed. my friend was hesitant when she said go ahead and pull the butt plug out. He finally pulled it out, but he yanked it out not thinking of how much it would hurt. She then instructed him to put his cock in my ass. I freaked out at this point and she pushed me back down. she told him to do it now.

I felt him slowly go behind me and place his head of his dick at my entrance. I was scared he was so big compared to the pink dildo.


   I was shocked and in pain when his whole dick entered my ass all at once. his hand flew beside me and he was off balance and as much as I tried to move I couldn't. apparently my mother had to force him to enter me cuz he was hesitant. while I was in pain she just held him on me and was yelling to stop moving. I froze cuz I was scared. finally the pain started to go away and I started to relax and then my mother was like ok now your good get back into position we slowly moved back into the same position and I winced at the pain I started to feel again. my friend was still rock hard and buried deep in my ass. I started to relax as she started to instruct his movement. I could feel him slowly going in and out, his pace picked up before I could get use to it again. but soon I found myself moaning again and enjoying it.

As he picked up the pace his hands grabbed my waist and I could tell he was enjoying it he started to moan in soft tones, when my mother thought he was getting close she would reach between us and pull his balls and say you can't cum until I say so. I had multiple orgasms over and over again until she finally let him cum. when he came I could feel it inside. it was hot but different from when it hit my face earlier that night. He seemed to cum forever and I could feel it filling my ass and escaping my ass from around his throbbing cock.

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   finally he went limp inside me and pulled out and clumps of cum started to pour out before my mother intervened and stuck another butt plug in my ass. she told me to go get cleaned up and told my friend to use the other bathroom downstairs. and once we were done to come back. I came back to my mom and friend talking about how much they had both enjoyed it. I was shocked and thought what the fuck. My mom told my friend to go to bed and that we would see him in the morning.

To be continued. . . .