Teenage Sexual Encounters: Episode 1


Greetings to you in whichever part of the world you're in. My name is Liam and in this series of erotic literature, I will be taking you through some rather phenomenal sexual experiences that occurred during the course of my teen years, each one of them based off real happenings (let's hope my memory serves me right).

My first sexual experience dates back many a year, shortly before my thirteenth birthday. Before we dive right in with the gritty details, some back story.

As a child, I was quite the timid one. I was never particularly popular and despite having female friends, never an actual girl I could call my own in contrast to my acquaintances who would often boast of their experiences. In the last year at my first school, I was never particularly attractive. I was lonely, longing for female partnership. I put on quite a bit of weight that year and came to the realization that girls would show more interest if I shed some pounds and got into a good condition. So I began hitting the gym and in no time, I reached my goal.

By the time I had changed school I was in great physical condition. This however, didn't solve my problems. I was helplessly shy, unable to talk to half the people at my new school and I was short, which was a huge blow to the sexual credentials. The only two girls I ever talked with in my first year where called Linzi and Eleanor. The two of them were utterly inseparable friends that would every lesson be seen in the corner of the room giggling amongst each other. Their friendship was a circle in isolation from the remainder of the school and they'd rarely be seen apart or talking with others.

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   Then something happened and in a sense, they let me into their circle.

In my first year of secondary school, my tutor group including the two girls was sent on a hillwalking trip in The Pennines, which is a low mountain range in Northern England for those unaware.

We were told to choose partners and since my best friend had moved tutor group, the girls said they'd keep me company on the trip. They were both of equal height, slightly taller than me. Both were dressed in skirts, flaunting their gorgeous long legs and bubble butts. I remember purposely lagging behind to get a good stare. It was quite a view. Eleanor had long, blond hair and big blue eyes. Linzi was a slightly more confident one, a brunette with a flirtatious, cheeky smile she'd often send my way. Both with incredible bodies to boot. I found them both very cute but I just couldn't out that into words. Eleanor felt the same back, I could tell. Linzi would often tease her by telling me she 'fancied me' causing her to blush massively. I figured that if there was one of the two I had a shot with, it was Elle.

I had overheard her saying during a game of truth or dare on the bus home if she was trapped on a desert island with one boy in our year, it'd be me because I was 'the nicest'.

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   These were all green lights to me, so I caught a moment alone with her, I summoned to courage to ask her on a date of sorts. The plan was we'd be going to a local swimming pool. I'd originally asked to go to the cinema with her because it's more intimate, but since she already had plans to go to the pool with Linzi, the two plans merged.

And with that, I had sealed the deal. I felt like bursting into a celebratory dance. I was ecstatic and I didn't hide it very well. I thought finally, I would have someone. But I was also heavily worried. You see, this was before I had first masturbated. I didn't even know how to do it properly at the time and because of this, I would get random erections constantly throughout the day at the most inconvenient of times. And I do hate to boast but despite not even realizing it at the time, I was quite well hung for someone of my age. Out of curiosity, I measured it every so often. I remember the night before I went swimming, it was a full 9 inches when I saw Heather Graham in Austin Powers 2. Good times.

The next day, after a long day of attempting to concealing my hyperactive cock during classes, it was finally time to go swimming.

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   The two of them had already arrived there before me, so I went straight in.

Elle was lifting herself out of the pool as I entered. I watched as the water drizzled down her hair and all over the body. Our eyes met and she smiled at me as I removed my shirt. I knew I'd get an erection if eye contact had remained, so I looked the other way and put my belongings on a sun bed, before jumping in.

It was quite deep, so I kept myself afloat by paddling until Linzi crept up behind me and got on my back. She ran her arms along mine and whispered to me 'Nice guns'. I felt a boner coming on down below, so as Elle was diving in, I moved to the side to cool off and tucked the tip of my dick into the elastic on my shorts.

Before long, I was pretty much engrossed in the childlike antics of the two girls, so much so that my 'lower horn' never even entered my head. It was getting late and soon it would be closing time. It was just the three of us left in the pool apart from a life guard monitoring us and an elderly gentlemen on his way out. We were in the shallow end of the pool and the two girls were trying to coax me into revealing my crush to which I insisted 'I have no crush!'. Linzi was lying down on the floor of the pool relaxing while Eleanor was being carried by me. It was just general tomfoolery until Elle slipped from my grasp slightly, causing her left ass cheek to rub up against my member. I tried to maneuver her into the previous position, but she told me to 'stop shaking' her.

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   I was trapped. I helplessly attempted to take my mind off it, but it was no use.

I then saw Linzi on the other side of the pool diving in and Elle told me to head over there. So, I moved in her direction going I slowly as to not provoke a hard-on but Eleanor just told me to move faster. Her ars was so firm and every step I took, made her behind rub against my cock . We were almost at Linzi but I couldn't help it and my cock had grown to an enormous size. It was peaking out the top of my shorts, so I pulled them up a tad. This didn't help at all. My member thrust under the waste band and pointed straight forward, in Linzi's direction.

'Hello again' Elle said to Linzi.

She turned her eyes to me and said 'Let go, I'm gonna swim towards the side'.

I released her from my arms and she flung her right leg into the water, smacking the head of my erection. It bounced up and down in the water and I let out a faint 'Arghhhh'.

Eleanor surfaced, with a concerned look on her face. I held my two arms around my waste, my cock aching.

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   Her and Linzi approached me. Elle said 'Oh shit, are you okay? Lemme see your arm'.

Elle came in close to me, saw me grasping my waste and before I could say anything, the two of the girls went underwater and caught me. They surfaced, looking at each other looking both terribly embarrassed.

'Sorry. . . about that, it's ok, you know? We've learned all about that in sex ed. We understand, we even stayed behind at break to play with the model. '

'I can't believe you just said that' interrupted Linzi.

'I'm sorry, Err what model?' I replied.

'It's just, they have a plastic model of a cock they use to show you how to put a condom on. ' She explained, her face bright red.

'Jaynie was putting it in her mouth and trying to show us how to give blowjobs'. Elle Continued.

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I watched as Linzi rolled her eyes the other way and her face went bright red as the life guard entered the staff room in the distance.

Everything was out in the open now, the tension was gone so I just came out with 'Oh and how do you do that, Elle?'

She giggled and her eyes flickered between my eyes and my waste before she replied 'Jaynie and me could fit all of it in our mouths but Linzi could only get the top half in'

'Arr- shut up Elle, at least I know how to give one. When I was going out with Jake, I used to give him them all the time. I bet you've never even given one' said Linzi.

'So? I'm just waiting for the right boy, nothing wrong with that' she replied.

'No there's not' I intervened.

'You're too kind' Elle said, smiling.

My erection was still full and I watched as the two girls admired the bulge in my shorts.

'Can I feel it Liam?' Asked Elle nervously.

'Go ahead, if that's what you want' I replied.

'Did you really think he'd say no?' remarked Linzi

I watched as Linzi smiled at me and Eleanor slowly wrapped her hand around the tip of my throbbing member threw my shorts, gently stroking it and smirking to herself.

'Woa, it's dead hard' she exclaimed.

'Of course, it is. He's turned on. He wants to have sex with you.

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  ' announced Linzi.

'No, no, it just gets hard randomly. Honest. I can't help it. '. I snapped.

'Oh. . . right, OK then' replied Linzi as she reached out and squeezed the head of my cock gently.

'When does it go down?' Said Elle

'After he's came' interrupted Linzi.

I let out a faint moan as I watched the two girls curiously stroke and run their hands along my shaft, both smiling.

'How long will that take?' inquired Eleanor to the two of us.

'He won't cum if we just stroke it, you have to wait ages or just have sex or give him a blowjob or handjob. ' replied Linzi before saying 'I've got an idea' to Elle.

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She whispered something into Eleanor's ear, pointing towards the changing rooms before the two of them smiled at me.

'Come on, let's sort you out' said Linzi, wrapped her soft hand around my boner around pulling me in the direction of the steps.

'Where are we go-. . . ?' I said hesitantly.

'The staff changing rooms are unlocked and there's nobody around, so we'll go in there'. Replied Linzi.

I glanced at Eleanor as her eyes were still focused on my cock. She looked slightly nervous, but still confident enough to feel my erection.

I lifted myself out of the pool and followed the two of them into the showers.

'Nobody's here'. Said Linzi.

'You take care of him and I'll mind the door. '

'Are you OK?' asked Elle.

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'Yeah, what are you. . ?' I said hesitantly as she pushed me gently against the wall and dropped to her knees.

'Get on with it then' said Linzi.

'Are you gonna give me a-. . . ?' I inquired.

Then without my consent, Eleanor felt my member again, smiling and looking up at me. 'Well, It's still hard' she said.

Eleanor came in, closer, preparing to pull my shorts down. She placed her soft hands on the waste band, rolling them around hesitantly and brushing my pubic hair with them. She moved her head in closer and pulled them down slowly, catching my cock on the way down. It flung up towards her face and she moved backwards, as it touched her cheek. The two girls were dazed, staring at it with big, full eyes.

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'It's definitely bigger than the model' Elle said, taking my shorts from around my ankles and flinging them across the shower room.

I watched in amazement as she wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking. Her mouth was so soft, warm and moist. She sucked it really hard as well. I couldn't help but moan and fall against the wall in pleasure. I raised my hands behind my head and watched as Linzi stared at her with a jealous look about her.

I began moaning increasingly loud and Eleanor removed her lips from my cock to giggle and gaze up into my eyes.

'Am I doing good?' She said.

'Yeah, just keep doing it'. I replied.

She continued, slurping away down there never losing eye contacting and taking almost the whole thing into her mouth. It was astonishing. I could barely maintain my balance and gripped onto off the pipes on the wall.

I looked up to a confusing sight. Linzi was putting a chair up against the wall.


   Our eyes met and she explained 'I want a better view, OK?'

She dropped to her knees next to Elle, who didn't even hesitate and just kept on sucking.

'Lick the tip as well' advised Linzi.

Eleanor stopped briefly and said 'I know what I'm doing'.

'She does' I added.

Eleanor put it back in her mouth and continued working her way up and down my shaft, sucking hard.

'Can I. . . ?' asked Linzi. 'I won't hurt you, I promise and I'm good at it just ask Jake'.

'If you want. There's plenty to go around' I replied.

'You got that right' said Linzi as she took charge.

She got on with it straight away. First, pushing it upwards against my chest, spitting on the head and watching the hock slide down my dick.

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   She met the spit at the bottom of my shaft with her tongue which she licked up to the top slowly and rolled around the head. She took the whole head into her mouth and I moaned. Eleanor was watching curiously as she sucked me off.

I admired Linzi with my jaw dropped. She was going up and down my cock so fast and each time twirling her tongue around it in her mouth. I moaned even more, gripping the metal on the wall and accidentally activating one of the showers. Linzi removed it from her mouth and gently licked the head, with a joyful, playful look on her face.

I let off a loud groan and Eleanor said 'Can I try that?'.

'Here' replied Linzi, concentrating on the right side of my head as Eleanor moved in.

I began moaning even louder and breathing heavily as I watched the two girls fluttering their tongues on the head of my boner.

'Arghhhhh. . . . ' I shouted.

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'I think he's gonna cum Elle'. said.

'Yeah. . yeah. . . ' I said, panting loudly.

I watched as the two girls kept it up.

'Can I take his cum?' Elle asked.

'Be my guest, it just tastes like salty water'. replied Linzi.

I grasped the pipe above my head with two hands, breathing and moaning as Eleanor starting sucking again. This time she was sucking it even faster and harder, using her tongue a little bit on the way up. My whole body suddenly felt all warm.

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   I felt like was going to faint as I began to cum.

I was enveloped in this enormous sense of pleasure and relief. I couldn't feel my arms and legs. Then, as her lips moved, tightening around the very tip of my cock, I came. She closed her eyes around kept sucking the top. I let off another moan as I witnessed Elle take spurt after spurt after spurt in her mouth, still sucking, without a single flinch. My entire body was twitching. Poor Elle, I could hear her gulping it down in the masses. I was cumming so much.

I had only a few shots left when Elle opened her mouth, gasping for air. She coughed lightly and cum rolled down her chin and onto her legs and chest. Linzi reached out and stroked my cock as Eleanor caught her breath, causing me to shoot the last of my cum on Elle's cheek and on Linzi's arm.

'Jesus, you nearly drown there' said Linzi.

'Sorry, are you OK?' I asked.

'It's fine' assured Elle replied, wiping her chin and licking her lips like a cat.

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Linzi was still busy stroking my cock when Elle revealed 'Mhm it tastes like strawberries or something'.

Cum was still drizzling off the top of my dick when Linzi licked it off and replied 'Yeah, sort of. . . mhmm'.

I couldn't believe it. I had gone from swimming to watching two girls eating my cum off one another.

'Can't believe this' I mumbled.

The two girls looked at each other, then back at me.

Long story short, they told me to keep it secret and I have, before posting it here. The only reason I'm submitting this is because I'm remaining incognito. I have had other experiences with the girls (apart, unfortunately) which I may touch upon in the future.

Until then, good day to you and I hope you had a good time beating off to this (if you did). All feedback is appreciated. .

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