Teasing Her


Callum led Gemma into the dark hotel room, flicking on only a single softly lit lamp as he went. They stared into each others eyes deeply, finding a deep need for each other in them, Callum pulled Gemma into a languid, passionate kiss, he gently pushed open her mouth with his tongue, tracing her bottom teeth slowly. Their tongues fell into an erotic dance, exploring the others mouth.

He pulled her silky blouse out from her skirt as she unbuttoned his dress shirt without haste, they had the whole night to enjoy each other. Her blouse fell to the floor at the same time as his shirt. He trailed hot wet butterfly kisses down her neck, paying special attention to the pulse point under her soft skin. He reached the edge of her black satin bra and moved his tongue along it, before taking the nipple underneath it into his mouth, tracing hot circles around it.
Her breath hitched slightly at the pleasure and reached down to stroke his crotch teasingly slow, and was surprised and pleasured to find it was already bulging, eager for release from its confines.

He paid the same attention to her other breast before undoing the bra clasp at the back, letting it fall to the floor. He enjoyed the sight of her 34DD breasts jigging up and down slightly as they were set free.
Moving back into tease them further, he was all too aware of the hand rhythmically stroking his hard member through his trousers, he smiled as he palmed her considerable breasts, taking the areola of her right breast fully into his mouth, suckling like a child and teasing the hard rosy buds with his tongue and teeth gently, then did the same to the neglected one, encouraged by her soft moans for him to continue his tantalizingly slow assault on her hard bulletlike buds.

Her hand continued its gentle journey up and down the crotch of his trousers, until she'd had enough and undone the button and fly, pulling down his boxers too. He stepped up of them and undone her skirt as well.

He came up from her nipples to kiss her on the lips again and stood like this, they collapsed onto the bed, both naked, only lit by the one lamp. This time it was her turn to tease him some more.

She trailed a finger down his hard, toned six pack, watching him with seductive eyes all the time, until her hand met his throbbing 7 inch erection.

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   She grasped it, and started pumping slowly up and down it, groans emitted from deep in his chest as she plesured him by hand. Her head then went down to his thick member, taking the tip between her lips, the feeling of her warm mouth around his shaft was amazing. She sucked and pumped her mouth up and down, while rubbing his ball sac with her soft hand.

He was on the edge of cumming in her mouth, he realized as she licked his member and took his balls into her mouth, sucking on them too. She seemed to realize this at the same time as him and stopped her attack on his rock hard penis. She crawled to the head of the bed and lay, legs spread, and her hairless outer lips glistened in the soft light, the smell of her aroused juices permeating the room.

Her following words were simple but her voice was so dripping in need, lust and pure sex that he couldn't have resisted even if he'd wanted to: "Put it in me. "

Needing no more encouragment, he followed her to the end of the bed and sat in between her open legs, his erection pointing to where it was desperate to go; right into her core. He rubbed up and down her outer lips, wanting to tease her just a little more. Her following moans and the insistant bucking of her hips, trying to get him to move into her were enough for Callum.

He lay down, leaning on his elbows to prop him up. He pushed into her wet sex slowly, she was tight around his thick shaft. They both groaned too loudly, enough to let the neighbouring rooms know what they were doing.

Callum's long member throbbed inside her, she had never felt anything as pleasurable as having him deep inside her sex, he was so long and thick.

He began to slowly spear her in and out with his member, deep, loud groans of ultimate satisfaction elliciting from both of them.

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   The friction inside her was like nothing he ever felt before, making him want more and more of her around him. His member pushed in and out at a rhythmic pace, sexual sounds and smells filling the room as their bodies tangled gracefully into one on the soft bedding. They kissed passionately at short interval and he sucked on her hard buds every so often, just to bring her pleasure to the maximum.

Once they both felt their orgasms start to build inside of them, their pace sped up, bucking into each other.

She came first, her shouts of pure unadulterated bliss sounded and her walls clenched around his shaft, so erotically, his hot load shot into her, filling her to the hilt and further. Her walls squeezed every last drop of it out of his penis and into her.

They kissed languidly as his penis went limp again, he pulled out of her and they fell asleep in each others arms, while some of his cum leaked out of her sex. .