Jack and I knew each other for years, since we both traveled from different cities to our home office in Philly for company meetings. The folks travelling to the meetings always go out to dinner in small groups afterward and that is basically where we really get to know each other. About two years ago, who knows why -- maybe it was fate -- only Jack and I were able to go out that night. I always liked Jack and didn't think twice about going to a tapas place with him. We each ordered a selection of appetizer sized plates -- cheeses, fruits, meats -- and a bottle of rioja wine. Dinner went swimmingly and we were really hitting it off. We talked about our children -- mine a boy and girl 3 and 5, his two boys about a year older -- and our common interest in running. You always share your portions at a tapas place, and at one point, jack said try this -- a chocolate dipped strawberry. He stabbed it with a fork and put it in my mouth. I gave him a piece of melon the same way. We continued like that while drinking the wine and just enjoying the feeling of intimacy that was growing. I realized that we were the last people in the restaurant and the staff was politely hoping we would leave. I don't know what came over me, but I touched my foot to his leg and said, barely in a whisper, "Don't you think we should be going?"He looked at me, shocked I guess, and hoarsely said, "Yes, you're right. " He signaled for the check, we settled up on our separate American Express cards, and went out to the rented Taurus he had driven us in from the hotel. In the car, I looked over at him expectantly and he responded with a deep passionate kiss. The lot was almost empty, so it wasn't long before he had unbuttoned my blouse and his hand was inside my bra.

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   I soon found the hard place in his trousers and was rubbing him there as his hand pushed up under my skirt and began rubbing my panty hose between my legs. Then he was awkwardly sliding his hand under the waistband trying to reach my pussy. "Here, just a minute, " I said. I slipped off my panty hose and stuffed them in my handbag. I laid across the bench seat -- I never appreciated this feature of the Taurus's I had rented so many times --  and relaxed as his hand gently rubbed me. I was so wet, and the aroma of my own sex was strong. His hands were gentle yet insistant as he first rubbed my lips, then found the sweet spots between the folds. I was cumming as his fingers started to make love to me inside. I was nibbling at the bulge in his pants but couldn't reach there to unzip him. He had to take his cock out for me. I was so happy licking his balls and his shaft as his fingers plunged deeper inside me. Finally, I took him in my mouth and made slurping sounds between my moans as my lips slid up and down over him and my tongue rubbed against his helmet. He tasted so good when his sperm came shooting out into my mouth. He must have been looking out because, just then, he said, "Don't sit up. Someone's coming out.

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   We'd better go. " I quickly swallowed everything my mouth and tried to pull myself together as he sped out of the parking lot. He managed to tuck himself back in and zip up, and I was finally able to sit up. I made him circle the hotel twice as I brushed my hair, wiped the drool that wasn't drool off my chin and got my buttons right. The panty hose stayed in my purse. As we pulled up to the hotel lot, I asked him, "I wish you could you come up to my room tonight?""Oh God, he said. I've never done anything like this before. ""Me neither," I replied truthfully, and looked down at my feet. "I need some time to call home, first OK. " As I walked through the lobby, I was concious of wetness leaking down my inner thighs. I called home, spoke to two very sleepy kids already in bed and told my husband, truthfully again, how  much I loved him. Dinner had ended late, I said, and I was sorry the kids would probably not even remember my call. I did feel guilty. He's a wonderful husband and father and a great lover, but this thing was happening anyway. I answered Jack's knock in my nightgown. 

   It was one I use travelling and not particularly sexy, but I don't think that mattered. He slipped through the door and immediately we fell into each other's arms kissing. He needed more undressing than I did, and I enjoyed revealing his hairy, muscular chest and his strong legs, and the bulge in his jockeys. I knelt on the floor, pulled his shorts off and gave him a little bj, but this time I wanted him to finish up elsewhere. He slipped my nightie down over my shoulders and I wriggled it over my hips. I had pulled down the covers and we slid into bed. His kisses started on my neck and wandered to the tops of my breasts. He had kissed around them in a complete circle before he took my nipple in his mouth. I was in ecstasy as his hand cupped my pussy and he sucked on my tit. Soon he was licking me between the legs and I was cumming from fingers on my g-spot and his tongue on my clit. God God God. Finally he climbed over me and lay with his cock on my belly and kissed me. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to," he said. I bit gently into his  shoulder and dug my fingers into his back. Soon this wonderful man's cock was sliding up up inside me.

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   I wrapped my legs around him and felt him pressing against my cervix. I couldn't control my moaning as he stroked deep inside me over and over again. It took him longer to cum than it had in the car and I was in heaven every second. I don't know how many times I came but I was cumming again when he released inside me. We hadn't been able to get condoms and I was on the pill anyway. He groaned deeply as he came. We lay there, with him still inside me as his cock lost its firmness. He was kissing me and stroking my breasts. I started to bawl as I realized what I had just done. Jack said, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll go. "But I said, between sobs, "No. I needed you. Please stay.

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   I don't want to be alone. I want you to make love to me again when you are ready. " And he did. We made love three more times that evening and I saw what a virile, skilled and innovative lover he was.   One time he even had me lie in fetal position on my side and he stood and entered me sideways, like that. We set the alarm for 5:00 and took a shower together to clean off. We soaped and cleaned each other and for a while he just stood with me in his arms and his cock going from front to back between my legs. Oh that felt good. Then he turned me around and I held onto the faucets while he made wonderful love to me from behind. Jack snuck back to his room and we both went to our meeting that day. It was hard not acknowledging what had happened in our looks and gestures, but I don't think anyone suspected. We manage to see each other every few months and I do love him. But I love my family more and hope beyond hope that this will never be known. .



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