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I sat and watched for the rest of the day, as the three of them continued to move in. The comedic performance that the two guys put off every time they had a piece of furniture to move was a blast, but not half as entertaining as watching her make her trips to and from the moving truck. Her tan pants were skin-tight across her long legs, giving me a perfect image of her gorgeous round ass, for my imagination to play with. The sight of her every movement intoxicated me. I found myself staring at her, taking in the view with extreme detail. From the way her hair bounced with every step, to the body language she gave off when she spoke to her husband. Finally, I decided to get back to what I was doing, before I got myself in trouble. "Hi, I’m moving in across from you, and was wondering if I could use your phone to order some pizza?" She said, standing in my doorway. When the knock came, she was the last person I’d expected it to be. Her smile was incredibly seductive, working like a cauldron with everything else about her, to catch me completely off guard. "Uh, yeah, sure. Come on in. " I said, finally managing to stutter out a response. Carefully, she brushed the hair from her face and stepped inside, smirking. As she passed me, her perfume began to fill the air. I closed the door and guided her to the phone.

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   "Do me a favor and don’t look directly into the mess. It might cause severe eye damage. " I joked, as I led her into the kitchen. She giggled, quietly, as she followed along, not too far behind. "Here you go. You want a soda or something?" I said. "That would be great, thanks. " She answered, before picking up the phone and dialing. I walked to the cabinet and pulled out a couple of glasses, before reaching in the fridge and grabbing the soda. I listened to the simple grace of her soft voice, as she placed her order and hung up, soon afterwards. "They said it would be about thirty minutes. " She commented, before I handed her the soda I had poured. "Here, drink this. I wouldn’t want to be moving anything, in this heat. " "Yeah, it is getting pretty hot, outside.

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   Tony and his friend drove back to pick up another load of furniture, so I’m taking a break before they get back. They’re working me to death. " She said, jokingly, before taking a long sip. "Well, if you want, you can come hang out in the living room, until they get back. I’ve got satellite television, and a nice hard-working air conditioner. " She agreed, and the two of us made our way into the living room before finding a spot to sit, on the couch. It was the first time I’ve ever really felt out of place in my own living room, but I never was in much of the habit of having girls over. After a few minutes, she finally spoke again. "So, you live alone?" "Yeah, for a couple of years, now. The last woman I lived with turned out to have a few issues that she never bothered telling me about. " I answered. "Like what?" "Like the fact that she was really only living with me to perform research on humans, until her mother ship came to retrieve her. " I smiled. This had her giggling. "By the way, my name’s Darrell, what’s yours?" "I’m Mona.

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   Nice to meet you. " She said, smiling, before extending her hand to mine. I shook her hand, before taking another sip of soda. "So it’s been two years since your last alien encounter?" She giggled. "Yeah, I’m afraid so. I guess nobody thinks I’m that great of a candidate for anal probing. " I replied, making her laugh once again. After a moment, she bit her bottom lip and started to blush. "You alright?" I asked. "Yeah, I just couldn’t help but wonder. Tell me if I’m out of line, but do you mean to tell me that it’s been two years since you’ve gotten laid?" She asked, her eyes locking on mine. I was stunned by her question. After an awkward second or two, I shrugged. "Afraid so. " I responded.

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   "God… I can’t believe that. Doesn’t it just drive you crazy?" "Yeah, from time to time. It’s been known to cause a very overactive imagination. " After I said that, she got quiet. She smiled, softly, before putting her hand on my knee and looking into my eyes. I couldn’t begin to explain what led me to do what I did next, as it was very surreal. I leaned forward and kissed her, passionately. I didn’t even realize what I was doing until it was too late. When I finally came to my senses, my lips were pressed against hers, and my tongue was going into her mouth. I thought for sure that she would back away and slap me, but she kissed me back with just as much passion. Without a word, we broke our kiss. She lifted her shirt to reveal her perfect breasts, leaving me shocked that she wasn’t even wearing a bra. I couldn’t help it, I leaned down and wrapped my lips around her nipple, kissing and sucking like a starved infant. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair, holding my head against her chest. I licked and sucked at her tit, savoring the feel of the soft skin against my lips.

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   Suddenly, and without warning, she pushed me off of her. I thought that she had come to her senses, and was ready to apologize, when she leaned over to me and started tugging at my shirt. Within seconds, it was unbuttoned and pushed off of my shoulders, and she was grabbing at my belt. She hooked her fingers around the belt, and pulled me up, on the couch, until I was on my knees, right beside her. I stared down at the look on her face, and an expression of pure need could be seen. She began tugging and pulling at my belt, unbuckling it and pulling out of the belt loops. She looked up at me and began whispering. "I want to suck your dick, Darrell. Let me suck it. " Those words coming from her beautiful lips were enough to make me lose control. I turned her around and sat her on the couch so that her back was facing me. I grabbed her shirt, and pulled it completely off of her, exposing the upper portion of her body to me. I was amazed. In fact, I was in utter shock. Mona’s body was even more beautiful than I could’ve imagined.

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   Once I saw her, I instantly knew that I had to see the rest of her. She was like a piece of artwork that had to be admired. I tossed her shirt down, across the room, before standing up and forcing her onto her knees. I bent her over the couch and kissed her neck and shoulders, furiously. This was it. I had to see the rest. "Oh, God, yes!" She moaned, as my lips danced across her skin. In a matter of seconds, I was reaching around her waist, and undoing the button and zipper of her tight pants. I hooked my fingers inside the fabric, and pulled down with as much force as I could muster. She leaned upward, balancing her weight on her knees, and used her hands to help me. Her pants fell, exposing her round ass to me, which left me in awe. It looked even better out of those pants, than it did in them! The sight drove me wild! "Jesus Christ, you are fucking beautiful. You don’t deserve that fucking dork of a husband. " I told her. She turned to me and smiled wickedly, before I put my hand on the small of her back and pushed her back into her bent-over position.

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   "Really, Darrell? Are you going to give me what I really deserve?" She said, in a sultry tone. She was driving me crazy! I rubbed my hand between her nude thighs, pressing my thumb against her swollen clit. I couldn’t believe it, she was already soaking wet! This girl was a complete tramp! I bent down and used my fingers to spread her pussy, making room for me to begin my oral assault. She began moaning, and starting pushing her hips back at me. I was tasting every drop of juice she had, while my tongue fluttered across her button. "Oh, fuck! Yes! Show me what it’s like to be fucked by a real man, Darrell. Show me what it’s like, baby. Make my pussy yours!" I couldn’t take anymore. I rolled her over, onto her back, and rammed my finger deep into her pussy. It was amazing! She was so tight! Her husband’s dick had to be less than half the size of mine! "Oh, shit! Oh, yes! Fuck, me, baby! Please? Make me beg?" Mona pleased, as my finger pushed deep inside her tight cunt. I pulled my finger out, and sucked on it, savoring every drop of juice. Then I grabbed her legs and pushed them into the air, admiring them while I finished removing her clothes. I tossed her capri pants and panties down, and went back to sucking on her tight, shaven womanhood. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was, much less how tight she was for being so beautiful. I sat on the couch and made her straddle my face, before pushing my tongue up against her swollen clit.

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   She gasped and instantly began riding my mouth against her. Her moans filled the room, and before I knew it, she had exploded in orgasm. Her juices were dripping into my mouth, and down her thighs, and her moans had turned to excited squeals. She was breathing so heavily that she had trouble finding the air to speak. In a moment, when her orgasm subsided, she climbed off of me and begged me to unzip my pants. When I did, her hands pushed mine out of the way and fought to free my dick from it’s bindings. Finally, it sprung forth, and her eyes grew wide. "Holy shit! Yours is a lot fucking bigger than Tony’s! Oh, God!" With that said, she opened her mouth wide and started impaling her face on it. She fucked dick like a fucking professional, man. "Jesus Christ, you’re so fucking hot!" I told her, as I looked down at her. I could’ve cum, right then. Her mouth was wrapped tightly around my dick, and the heat of her mouth felt absolutely amazing. She took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, sweetly. "Does this feel good, Darrell? Do you like having your cock in my mouth?" She whispered to me, before grinning and burying my dick back into her pretty face. "Oh, fuck yes! You’re fucking unbelievable, baby.

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  " I told her, as I ran my fingers through her hair. Her grip on my dick tightened, as she fluttered her tongue across my skin. I can’t describe how ready to blow I was. I thought for sure that I was going to cum all over her pretty pink lips, and to this day, I can’t tell you how I kept from it. Knowing that I was face-fucking my new dorky-ass neighbor’s wife was incredible. The funny thing is, she seemed to enjoy it even more than I did! The time had come; I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to have her, now. I pulled out of her mouth, and she gave me a pouty look that almost made me cream all over her face. I pulled her to her feet, and sat down on the couch, urging her in front of me. "Ooh! Can’t wait any longer, huh?" She asked, giggling. Without a word, I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her down, so that her back was facing me. Her body tensed, as I worked my dick up and into her, before she let out a gasping moan that almost sounded like I had knocked the wind out of her. "Mmmm…. . God, yes.

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   Stretch my little cunt out. " She gasped, before I pulled her downward, using her weight to push the entirety of my cock deep into her. Her back arched, and her head tilted towards me. She began squealing like mad, before putting both of her feet on the couch, and taking control. Mona sat in my lap, using her grip on the couch to shift her weight. She bounced on and off of my dick like a possessed woman, squealing and talking dirty the entire time. "Fuck yes! Fill that little pussy up! Fuck me, show me what a drity whore I am, show me that I need better than that little prick I’m married to!" She wailed. By now, my cock was so hard that it hurt. I began bucking and thrusting up at her, listening to the sound of her pussy lips as they slapped down at the base of my dick. The more we fucked, the louder she got. I knew at any minute that her husband was going to come home and hear her, from outside the apartment. Something inside me just told me not to care, though. I was determined to fuck this hot little number for everything she was worth! "Please, Darrell! Please! Fuck me! Make me hurt so bad! I don’t deserve Tony’s tiny cock, I want yours pumping in me, day and night! Make it so my cunt only fits you!" She begged, almost in tears. The nest thing I knew, she gasped and squirmed around on my dick, gyrating her hips in a circular motion, almost as if she were using my cock to stir something deep inside of her. Her head turned to me, and I saw her eyes bulge and her mouth gape.


   She was now experiencing her second orgasm. Slowly, she started to regain the air she would need to talk. "Darrell… fuck my ass. Put it deep in my ass. " She pleaded. How could I resist? She stood up and turned to face me, before sitting and straddling me. I positioned my cock, and she lowered herself down onto it. "I won’t let anyone fuck my ass. Not even Tony. But you can have it, Darrell. You can have it, if you’ll make me your slut. " I slammed my dick inside her tight ass, not caring if it hurt her or not. Her mouth opened wide, as she screamed. This was it. I was going to fuck this girl and blow my load so deep inside her, that she’d have to walk around her husband, feeling my seed squirm inside her bowels for the rest of the day.

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   "You want me to fuck your ass? You want to be my little slut? Then tell me how bad that little fuck is in bed, and how much you really need a real man. " I commanded her, honestly not believing that I was saying the shit. "Oh, he’s nothing! He never satisfied me! I want you! I want you to make me yours, so he has to see me with you every fucking day!" She squealed, as I jackhammered my throbbing cock into her ass. I slapped my hand across her round buttock, and told her to tell me more; She was happy to oblige. The things that poured of out this girl’s mouth were unbelievable. I started pulling out of her ass, and slamming it back into her cunt. When she least expected it, I’d go back to her ass, just to keep her off guard. She gasped and squealed on top of me so loud, I was sure the neighbors would think I was killing her. I kept trading off, taking turns pounding both of her tight little holes. She couldn’t get enough, and neither could I. Our bodies slapped together with incredible fury, so much so, that I never even heard Tony pull up, outside. I continued stuffing both of her sweet, tight holes, and listening to her beg me to fuck her into submission, making her my personal cock slave. She shook and quivered, and was thrown into her final orgasm. The muscles in her pussy contracted, and tightened around my dick, and just as Tony kicked in the door and entered my apartment, he got a full view of his beautiful wife screaming in pleasure as my huge cock blasted load after load, deep inside her soaked and swollen pussy. The End All images provided by Karup's Private CollectionDownload The Entire Collection Now!Karup's Private Collection.

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