Swinging And The Swinging Lifestyle


Swinging is growing and quickly becoming more mainstream, once taboo of regarded as something that took place in the dark, more and more couples are turning to the lifestyle. What its not is a way for the guy to have sex with other women, its more about the mutual appreciation of being involved with the satisfaction of both parties.
The female in the relationship should feel absolutely no pressure to get involved in swinging and the relationship has to be based on trust and mutual respect.
Many individuals have fantasies and sharing these fantasies with your partner can be a great way to share some of the more intimate sensual experiences.
Take some time and write down your top 5 or top 18 fantasies and spend time sharing these one night. It can be an awaking experience to discuss some of your most intimate thoughts with your partner and you may be pleasantly surprised, you may even find yourself living out some of those fantasies.
Many women have common sexual fantasies and these can be incorporated into the swinging lifestyle. Swinging has grown from the back room and seedy club past into an open nightclub environment with people from all walks of life, professionals to tradespeople, young to old. And don’t just think its for people who cant socialize, in fact the lifestyle is suited to people who feel more at home socialising with others, are attractive and naturally open minded.
From those initial fantasy discussions, a couple can venture to a swingers club and meet and chat to other people there, no guarantees that anything will happen and for most, a visit to a club may result in some of your most sensual sexual experiences on the way home.

For others, and for subsequent visits a little play will often excite both partners and watching each other experience a level of pleasure not previously known will bring both of you together provided your relationship is based on trust. Jealousy is the one emotion that has to be checked and if you have any pretence in this direction then this lifestyle is not for you.
Getting involved with an swingers website that incorporates sections or groups for swingers is a great way to start to discover the lifestyle and learn from those already involved. They offer a place to communicate with and discuss options, events and you may even get an invite to attend. Many swinger clubs are welcoming and staffed with great people who understand the first time, after all we have all been there.
Their are also a few adult social networking sites like facebook or myspace but allowing over 18 content and age restriction for registration, these are great places to learn about the lifestyle.

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Remember that if you’re going to stand in the corner, you will find yourself their all night, so pluck up some courage and go and make some new friends.
Above all have fun