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Soon, the dildo and harness were around Lisa's waist, and the thought that I was going to be fucked by the same dildo that had just fucked my sister, and had my sister's cream smeared all over it, gave me an erotic boost! I didn't care if it hurt like hell, my pussy was throbbing, aching, I needed to be fucked, NOW!

I lay back, spreading my legs, watching with lust glazed eyes as my sister got between my thighs. She positioned the dildo against my horny opening, and I felt it nudge against my lips.

"Susie baby, if it gets too painful, tell me to stop, okay baby?" Lisa asked.

At my smiling nod, she pushed in, and I could feel that hard, smooth thickness spread apart my folds, inch by inch. The dildo was spreading me open to the limit of my comfort zone, I could feel a twinge of pain but I ignored it. I inhaled sharply as I could feel the dildo pressing against my maidenhead and shutting my eyes.

I felt Angie's hands caressing my face, and Lisa's voice whispering to me, "Open
your eyes. "

I opened my eyes, saw Lisa and Angie gazing at me with a look of tender concern as Angie continued to stroke my face, and Lisa got ready to pop my cherry!

With a hard thrust, I felt my maidenhead rupture! I was stretched beyond my comfort zone, and I let out a pained cry as I was deflowered, but I urged Lisa on to keep going! She saw in my eyes that I was okay, and the dildo surged into me, spreading open the walls of my tight cunt, penetrating me until 6 inches were stuffed snugly between the quivering folds of my cunt.

Lisa paused and held steady at 6 inches, so my cunt could adjust to the stretch. After a minute, I could feel the pain of my deflowering start to fade away, I wrapped my hands around my sister's sexy ass, and told her to ride me! The feeling of having my virginity out of the way, and knowing my sister was the lucky one who got to pop my cherry made me hot! Gently, gently, she started to fuck me, the dildo surged in and out, and very soon Lisa started to ram my cunt harder and faster, when she saw my pleasure was quickly replacing the pain of my deflowering. I was so wet, the dildo slid in and out of my no longer virgin pussy easily. I wrapped my legs around my sister's waist and urged her to go deep! She started to pump in 7, then 8, then 9, and finally, she buried that big pussy splitter in right to the hilt, I squealed with pleasure as my cunt walls got split open to the full 18 inch extension! I could feel my clit throbbing madly, the dildo was stroking at the underside of it, and my orgasm raced at me! My cunt exploded, I saw stars as I came harder than I ever had before! I let out a loud scream of pleasure, it was like a giant sunburst of pleasure exploding dead center in my cunt! I writhed, shook, uttered unintelligible cries of pleasure as came hard, my cunt clamping tightly around the pleasing fullness of the 18 inch pussy splitter that had split me open so enjoyably!

When I came back down to earth, Lisa and Angie were gazing at me, and they told me that now that I was no longer a virgin, that I should strap on the dildo, and fuck Angie! That idea got my horny heat going again, and they helped me put on the harness, and fit in the dildo. I looked down, saw a 18 inch "cock" protruding from between my legs, and felt a heady rush! No wonder guys like their pricks so much, having a towering cock standing straight up would give anyone a sense of power! Angie lay back, parting her legs, spreading open her smooth, hairless pussy lips, and urged me on!

"Come on little sis, give me that cock! Ram my cunt, and fuck my ass off!!" she growled.

The inner pinkness of her smooth parted lips beckoned, and I notched the cock head against her, and started to thrust! I pushed in slowly, Angie's squeal of pleasure filled the room as I impaled her! She clung to me, uttering wordless cries of pleasure as I impaled her completely on the 18 inch dildo! She wrapped her legs around my waist, and urged me on! The idea that Angie's horny pussy was stretched wide around the big shaft that I was powering into her drove me on, I pulled back slightly, and rammed it back in! Angie's cries of pleasure spurred me on, my lust was raging, and I wanted to fuck her ass off! I jackhammered her tightness, driving the full 18 inches into her again and again, power fucking her tight cleft, reaming open her tight cunt! I could feel her legs start to spasm, locking tightly around me!

"Oh fuck, yeah, fuck my cunt, let me have it, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck yeah, cum, cum, cum, yes, yes YES!!" Angie howled.

Her voice rose to a shriek as she exploded, and my cunt was pulsing with a horny heat of its own! Riding her, and having her sexy body underneath me, writhing and shaking as her orgasm slammed into her, had turned my pussy into a lust fueled volcano of heat! I pulled out, stripped off the dildo, and told my sister what I needed!!

"Fuck, I am so hot my cunt feels like it's on fire! Lissie, get down there, and lick my cunt, finger fuck me, and lick my burning clit, until I cum all over your face!" I growled!

Lisa was down on me in a few seconds, as her tongue made contact with me, I saw Angie presenting her swollen cunt to my face! Her smooth cunt was swollen with desire, soaked with the juices our fucking had churned up, and I wasted no time in pulling her cunt to my mouth!

I hear Lisa grunt, "Yes, fuck yes, right there Angie, lick my cunt you little sexy bitch, make me cum!"

We had formed a triangle of cunt licking lust, and we licked and sucked each others throbbing cunts and twitching clits almost in unison! I could feel my orgasm building, when Lisa shoved two fingers up my cunt, finger fucking me expertly as her mouth surrounded my throbbing clit! Lisa's fingers hit my g spot, working over it, and my cunt convulsed and squirted wildly as I came, washing down my sister's face as I experienced a g spot orgasm!

Dimly I heard Lisa howl, "Yes, lick me you hot little bitch, fuck YES!!!"

She howled as her pussy exploded, and I drove two fingers up Angie's cunt! Locating her g spot, I started to work it over, I wanted a face full of juice, and I was rewarded when Angie howled with pleasure, and her cunt squirted wildly, drenching my face with her juices as she came hard!

We still had several hours before Angie's parents were home, so we spent the time in a haze of lust, a circle jerk on the bed, fingering each other wildly under the shower, another cunt licking triangle of lust, so I could lick Lisa's fiery cunt while Angie could lick out my horny hole.

I then strapped on the dildo, so I could fuck my sister! It looked and felt incredible, my sister's sexy, writhing body underneath mine, her legs wrapped around my waist so I could ram every last inch deep inside her churning cunt, reaming out her burning fuck-hole until the bedroom filled with her cries and howls of orgasm, as she came hard, her cunt wrenching hard against the dildo I was ramming into her burning cunt!

Lisa then strapped on the dildo, and as Angie lay back, Lisa mounted her, Angie letting out a squeal of pleasure as her cunt was penetrated! They weren't just fucking, they were making love, their lips locked together in burning, passion filled kisses, Lisa giving Angie a gentle, loving fuck, it was so erotic my cunt became a horny cauldron, and I grabbed the pillow and stuffed it between my legs, so I could hump it while I was watching! While Lisa was lovingly fucking Angie, I was humping madly, my ass going up and down, driving my burning cunt down hard on the plushy pleasure mound between my thighs! Angie howled as she came, and that gave me the final push, I started squealing with pleasure as I went over the edge, my cunt spasming wildly as I came!.

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