Summer Passion


Emma entered the great hall of the academy and admired the scene, she was attending the summer soirée with her new boyfriend Yuma shadesand she was pleased to have the chance to dance with him and display him as taken. It wasn't a very sure relationship, he was always nervous, shy and embarrassed where as she was proud, open and forward, there were very few times that he took charge in any occasion, in and out of the bedroom. None of that mattered to her of course, she loved him for what he was and she though that he looked cute when he was shy and embarrassed. She found him talking to another girl and her mood dampened at bit, he was supposed to be with her not some other bitch; she was Yuma’s girl and she was going to make that clear to her.

“YUMA!” She called as she jumped on him, almost knocking him over

“E-Emma” he said, a little shocked “you surprised me” he said pulling away from her

She wasn't done yet, she leaned in and whispered in the girls ear “Yuma’s mine, now run before I kill you for flirting with him”it didn't really sound like her, but she needed to get her point across.

The girl looked shocked and quickly ran off. “Emma, wha-?” He started before she silenced him with a kiss, she pulled away and said “your mine, I couldn’t have any other girls trying to take you away now could I?” She said, revealing her bare neck just to tease him. “She… She wasn't… Actually come to think of it she did seem like she was flirting with me, but I'm yours Emma, as long as you love me” he said, revealing that the bitch was in fact flirting with Yuma. “Yuma, I will always love you, as long as YOU love me, I will be yours, forever” she said, kissing him again, more passionately this time.

Yuma kissed back slowly leading her to the wall where he pushed her against it and started making out with her fully. She moaned slightly from his kissing as his tongue started to slide inside her mouth, she obliged and let him moaning softlyand doing the same to him. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer, putting her tongue farther in as she started to move it around, getting in the mood from the erotic French kiss. He moaned softly as he picked her leg up and held it there, putting her in the position to grind on him. She did not disappoint him as she swirled his tongue around in his mouth more and moved her hips, grinning along his erect member making it pulse and twitch with pleasure. He kissed her deeper and moaned, slowly becoming more assertive as his eyes begin to glow red and his instincts began to take over. She pressed harder against his member, moving her hips faster as her panties began to become wet and from how aroused she was.

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   She stopped grinding on himas he reached out and grabbed her tail, shattering the invisibility spell she placed on her wings and tail, and started sucking on it, sending waves of pleasure rolling through her as she moaned and came almost instantly.

“Why don't we take this to somewhere a bit more private?” She asked gasping and moaning

“mmhmm” he replied still sucking on her tail as he swallowed the clear sweet fluid that had come out of it.

She led him into a backroad of the great hall and instantly shed her short sexy dress and stood in just her black lacy bra and her soaked black lace panties. She started unzipping his pants greedily to get at his dick be he stopped her and pulled her on to the nearby box.

“I want to make you feel good today, you are always doing it for me so I though I would return the favor. ” He said as he removed her drenched panties and started licking at her pussy with the all skill he had developed while dating her. She moaned as wave after wave of pleasure flowed over her and she came a coupletimes, one when he had worked over and softly bitten her clit and the other when his tongue had entered her, stirring up her insides and leaving her breathless.

“Yu-ma” she managed, still moaning and breathless from coming “it felt so-“ she topped as he teased her tail and clit at the same time, drawing her into another orgasm. She lay there for a second, moaning heavily before finishing “-good, it feels so amazing”

“Now that you have been satisfied, for now, how about having a meal?” He asked displaying his rock hard dick. She got off the box and greedily started sucking his dick, careful to use technique and skill, swirling her tongue around the tip, deep throating it, and finally, giving him a tit-job with her massive breasts that he loved so much. She moaned louder until he came, shoving his massive member fully into her mouth and spraying his delicious cum straight down her throat. She swallowed and pulled away letting him drip the last remanence of his load on to her face. He pulled away,still very much erect and asked her “you ready for the main event?“

“I've been ready since we started kissing Yuma, I will always be your toy, whenever you want too, I will be ready to receive you” she said getting on to a low box a leaning back, spreading her pussy for him. He smirked and admired the scene for a moment, Emma ready to receive his dick really turned him on and her stepped forwards and went inside her with one thrust. Emma moaned and came from him entering her so quickly, she didn't have time to savor the orgasm because he started thrusting into her, slowly at first but picking up speed and power until he was pounding her insides frantically.

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   She could never get used to this, once they had gotten into the phase where he was more or less used to sex, he started to pound her harder and harder, she never had the problem of most couples, the problem was her having too many orgasms before he came, not the other way around. She moaned as he slid in and out of her pussy quick and hard, pounding the entrance to her womb with his large dick. It only for better when he grabbed her tail and started sucking on it, sending shocks of pleasure through her body and making her head spin as she got lost in the pleasure until all she could think about was Yuma, his dick and the pleasure he gave her. She moaned and tightened up even more then she already was as he came again and Yuma’s dick tarted to twitch and pulsate as he slammed it deep inside her and released his seed, filling her up until it gushed out of her pussy and ran down the side of the box.

“E-Emma” he said, moaning softly as he kissed her intensely.

“Yewma” she managed through his kiss.

After giving her a brief period to recover he told her “turn your sexy ass towards meand go against a wall” she obliged showing him her plump ass and pussy that was still dripping with his cum. He slapped her ass making large ripples and jiggles in the flesh before pushing his rock hard dick against her pussy and slowly entering from behind trying to get into her extra tight entrance. She moaned as he made it inside of her, she was plenty ready after what they had just done, she felt his dick proving inside her and moaned louder; this was absolutely her favorite position. He started moving suddenly, making her cum almost immediately as he slammed her from behind, her ass bouncing wildly and her breasts pressing hard against the wall. She moaned at his unexpected movement,she turned her head around and pulled him into an erotic kiss while he pounded her, her tongue swirling around his, all this making her head swim. She moaned and came again, still kissing him as she started rubbing her tail, making her become more sensitive and making the pounding feel so much better. She came so many times she lost count, easilyover ten, but possibly as high as 20; when he finally came again she had never loved the feeling of his warm seed filling her womb more, she felt so full of his love that she wanted to stay like that forever, but eventually he drew away and unplugged her hole so the cum gushed out of her, but she could never get the love and passion she experienced during the soirée out of her head for years to come.