Studying Abroad


100% true only the names have change

My name is Cindy i am 23 years old, 5'2 115lbs long wavy black hair, brown eyes and light skin, along with that i have a nice size booty for my body and a 36b bra size. I went to Brazil to study abroad there for about 4 months, leaving behind my boyfriend. Now let me tell you this, i have never cheated on my boyfriend and by me going to Brazil i had no intention on cheating on him.
I was in Brazil for about a month now, made a couple of friends and have gone out from time to time but nothing big. I would talk to my boyfriend on a regular basis and everything seem to be going good. My friend Raquel invited me to a club and i had nothing better to do that night, i tagged along. After a couple of drinks i was feeling pretty good and dancing with Raquel, after a while two guys started dancing with us they were about mid 20's as well handsome looking, but i didnt want to dance with no other guy. I notice Raquel and the other guy started dancing together so i figure what the hell its just a dance. After we stop dancing he got me a drink, his name was Alberto, anyways as i was having more and more drinks i started felling really good and honry, especially since i havent gotten laid since my boyfriend. he asked to dance again,
I said "i should find my friend"
He said "your friend left with my friend about an hour ago, back to my place. We can go for you could get your friend. "
As we were walking back to his apartment, Alberto kept helping me walk straight. When we go to his door he pulled me aside and kissed me, i kissed him back. As we started making out like crazy and went inside his apartment, to which we find his two other roommates, Nikolai and Christian.
"Well well well, what do we have here?" Christian asked, with Nikolai smiling.
"They are going to join us tonight, alright!" Alberto said.

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All i did was shake my head in the yes position, i didnt care i was really horny and really out of it but was up for anything. I have never been with more than one guy while having sex but it was always a fantasy to have more than one guy. They led me to the bed and told me to get down and open my mouth. As they took off their pants i could see that they were already hard. Alberto had a 7in uncut, Nikolai also had a 7in but was cut and thick, Christian had a 10in really thick dick. And i thought my boyfriend was big with his 8in a half, I couldnt wait to get my mouth around Christian jucy dick. As i started sucking on his dick the other two made me jack them off, i felt my pussy getting really wet having their dicks around me knowing i was making them happy, i felt like a dirty little slut and wanted more. They picked me up and had me get on top of Alberto, as soon as i got on top he started sucking on my tits and was pumping my pussy hard with his dick
"AHH fuck yeah, you like fucking my tight little pussy baby?!"
"Damn this slut likes getting fucked like a fucking whore!" was what i heard while Alberto fucked me, then i started to feel a couple of fingers in my ass, it hurt a lilttle but i didnt want it to stop.
"Fuck this little bitch's ass is fuckin tight, good thing she's wet to lube her up"
"You want my dick in your ass, dont you slut!" Christian said while fingering my ass, I let out the dick in my mouth to answer him but Nikolai shoved it back in
"I'll take that as a yes" He said as he started to push his thick dick all the way in my ass
"OH MY GOD, YES YES, DONT STOP, DONT YOU FUCKING STOP" was all i could say as he started to pump his dick in my ass while Alberto rode my pussy. I felt my 1st orgasm coming, and with that i spread my legs wider
"FUUUUUCCCCCK, YES FUCK IM DIRTY LITTLE SLUT! DONT STOP, BEAT THAT PUSSY AND ASS UP, YES YES YES YES, IM GOING CUM!!!!!!!" As i came, they kept on fucking my, Nikolai kept on fucking my mouth and i could feel he was about to cum, so i started to suck on his dick faster and faster till he came, it was so much that i couldnt swallow him all and started gagging on his dick
"Yeah, thats right bitch choke on my dick" As Nikolai finished cumming, Christian and Alberto kept ramming my both holes, i was already having my 4th orgasm and i was in full ecstasy, I've never had a feeling like this in my life. I just laid on top of Alberto while they were both still fucking me, having me moan and there was no tomorrow. As i felt their dicks get thicker i knew they were about to cum
"I want your cum all over my body like a little whore, please!" as i moan, they pulled their dicks out and had me lay on the bed having them jacking off over my body. As i was fingering my pussy Alberto came all over my tits, then Christian followed by cumming all over my face, i was in heaven by feeling their hot cum all over my body. The nex morning i woked up next to Alberto, thinking about what happened that night and just smiled to myself, got out of bed to find my friend asleep in the living room. I walked back into the room to find Alberto awake to say i was going to be his lilttle fuck toy till i go back to the states.

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So for the next 3months Alberto and his friends would take turns filling my holes up and loved every bit of it. Now im back in the states and still with my boyfriend. I ever told him about it and i dont think i ever will, but I will never forget the fun time i had in Brazil, Its been 6months since Brazil, and while my boyfriend and i have sex, i still picture Alberto and his friends taking turns on me. A week ago i got an email saying I've accepted to study abroad in spain, cant wait to see what happens there. .