Strip For me?


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 SetzerAvarit [11:36 PM]:  mmm, strip for me?XSeductiveVampyr [11:43 PM]:  *smiles and turns up the volume of a near by radio playing a combined version of dance and rave. As i contain the musics beat within my body my clothing begins to simply disapear. I turn around my back facing you, I slowly lift up my shirt dancing all in the mean while, giving yout easing glances as i push the shirt back down again. I bring the brim of my boxers within my fingers slowly pushing them down as my hips move giving you a small peak of my cute ass before bringing them back up again. I turn to faceXSeductiveVampyr [11:46 PM]:  you to do the same except this time i liefted my shirt all the way off and throwing it to you leaving my round breasts for all to see as i continue to dance; i go down to my pants and slowly take them off inch by agonizing inch leaving a clean soft shaven pussy. I twirl around in a halk circle, shwping off my rythmic body to you. XSeductiveVampyr [11:46 PM]:  half* showing* SetzerAvarit [11:46 PM]:  omgXSeductiveVampyr [11:49 PM]:  i then make a complete circle and begin to walk away from you before turning around again and seductivly dance my way reletivly close to you. I turn my back on you once more and continue to move my body like a winding snake slightly bending down showing off that ass of mine SetzerAvarit [11:50 PM]:  *has a raging hard on*XSeductiveVampyr [11:52 PM]:  the music changes as i face you again, i rest one knee on the bed you happen to be sitting on, while i hold your shoulders firmly so i could bend my upper body as far back as i can allowing you to veiw my  flexibility before moving my hips back and forth with the new songs upcomming beats before bending forward again, my hair loose framing my face beautifully as my breasts barely touch your own XSeductiveVampyr [11:53 PM]:  i feel you wanting yo grab me so i get up and walk a few steps away from you XSeductiveVampyr [11:54 PM]:  i bring my own hands up and down my own naked  body, carresing my own breasts, brushing against my naked pussy XSeductiveVampyr [11:55 PM]:  and up into my hair bundling it and letting it fall once more in a sexy manner XSeductiveVampyr [11:58 PM]:  i then go  back to you and rub the out side of my hips on you before bringing my hands up your very own shirt to feel your chest hungrily, my legs then positioned on eather side of yours as i slowly lean you back on the bed so that i am slightly sitting ontop of you, i bring my hands out from under your shirt and delibertly stand up so that you are under my legs, moving up a bit more so you have a perfect vision of a combination of my ass and pussy and continue to dance, lowering myself everyonce in a whileXSeductiveVampyr [11:59 PM]:  so low infact that if you wanted to, you could have just extended your tongue from your mouth and you could taste me. XSeductiveVampyr [11:59 PM]:  i look down at you still a smile on my lips as i go and grab on of my breasts with one hand and my pussy with the other XSeductiveVampyr [12:01 AM]:  i make a small little moan before saying sweetly "mmmm this feels good" i bite my lower lip as i begin to play with myself toweing over you giving you a full explicit veiw XSeductiveVampyr [12:02 AM]:  the glossy appeaerence of my hairless cat obviously tell you how wet i am XSeductiveVampyr [12:03 AM]:  as i enter a finger every now and then inside, thorwing my head a back once or twice along with small moans as i finger myself above you XSeductiveVampyr [12:05 AM]:  before i reach my peak i take my fingers and run them up my body and into my mouth, licking and sucking on them, tasting my own juices before i go back down on my knees to kiss you, giving you a small flavorable sample of my tasty pussy lips XSeductiveVampyr [12:07 AM]:  i pull away from the kiss and begin to kiss your neck softly before looking at you.   SetzerAvarit [12:07 AM]:  I wrap my arms around you and pull you close to me with a fierce kissXSeductiveVampyr [12:09 AM]:  i hook my leg around yours to flip you over ontop of my during the kiss SetzerAvarit [12:11 AM]:  mmmSetzerAvarit [12:11 AM]:  I rip at my pants with reckless abandonment, eager to slide into you after the display I witnessedSetzerAvarit [12:13 AM]:  With them gone I begin to eagerly suck at your breasts
XSeductiveVampyr [12:15 AM]:  mmmm * i begin to moan, my hands running through your hair as you suck my breasts like hungry child. . My back a little tence from  the teasing waves of pleasure it seems to give me . .

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{sorry its so short. . . i had to log off off after this post. . ah well maybe next time}