Story one. A visit to my Ex.


Today was the day that I was to "surprise" him. I've flown all the way to America, to try and cheer him up and maybe stop him from making more mistakes. So here I stand, staring at his door. Thinking. Should I? Or shouldn't I. . ? I stand here, In my stupid skirt and corset. Its the only thing that fits me now. This is a me that Jeremy has never seen. I knock on his door. No one answers. I yell out, "Hello? Anyone home?" as I knock again. Still no answer. I go for the door handle and with one twist, it opens. Worried to why they would leave the door unlocked if no one was home I walked in and closed the door behind me. I walk to a room.

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   I know its his for it has his name on it. Then I hear the strangest thing. A moan. I knock on his door. I think I startled him. When he opens the door, he seems shocked. "I'm so sorry, I knocked a few times but no one answered and the door wasn't locked so I was worried. " I say nervously looking down constantly. "W-Who are you?" he stuttered. I look up at him shocked and reply, "Y-You don't recognize me?"
He just stands there confused and shakes his head as to say no. "Maybe I shouldn't have come," I say to myself. "It's me. . . Natalie.

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   I told you that I'd visit. You didn't believe me. . did you?" I say to him. I wait nervously for his reply and all he said was "Oh, well then come in. " I walk into his room behind him and I say "Thanks, but what were you doing? I heard a moan. " He sits back down at the computer and I sit next to him on his bed. "Uh. . . Masturbating. . . " My face goes completely red as he takes his hard throbbing cock BACK out and continues. I watch for a sec as he strokes his shaft, but I quickly turn away.

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   "I don't care if you watch or join. " he says and looks at me. "And why?" I say confused. "Cause I don't. Whats it matter at this point?"he says "I see" was all that I could think of saying as I turn back around to look at him. He grabbed his hard hot cock within his hands as he slowly jerked his firm grip up and down his shaft. I stare and blush when I notice that I've started to drool. He released his dick and wiped off the drool from my lips and let it smere on his palm as he then used it as lubricant as he went back to jerking his hard on. He turns around and faces me in his chair. My expression was shocked and he said, "What?" and stared at me for a while. "Noth. . . " I was interrupted when he suddenly said "You're a bad liar. .


  " and he stopped jerking off. "Honest its nothing, do continue" I say as his cock throbbed in his hand as he leaned back slightly, his free hand supported him as he moaned softly. His hand mainly concentrating on the head of his manhood as he rubbed it teasingly. He slightly cummed from the drool he had used but I could tell he was far from finishing.

I stare at his manhood still drooling when he says, "If you want some come and get it. " I say nothing. "Well its why you were drooling isn't it? I'm offering now. Take it or leave it. " He tells me. I push him back and fall to my knees and with a smile I place one hand on his and the other at the base of his hard cock and let some saliva fall onto the tip of his cock and I smear it lubricating his shaft and I kiss the tip of his manhood. He looks down as he lets out a slight gasp escape his lips. He leaned forward and bit down on his lower lip as his dick flinched a bit getter harder as I kissed the tip of it. So I place both hand around the base of his cock pumping away while I sucked on the tip. I caress his inner thighs. He made out a muffled moan as he then started to make out words, "I wont kiss those lips if that's where they're going to be.

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  . . you know. . " I just nod and start to caress the shaft of his penis. He looked down at me, his hands gripping onto his sheets as he felt the warmth of my hands on his cock. I watch his expressions change and I go back to sucking on the tip and caressing his inner thighs going deeper and deeper down his shaft. He let out a moan as he thrusted his dick inside my mouth, making me gag some. He placed his hand on the back of my head, gripping onto a lock of my hair as he then clenched tighter onto the sheets. I blushed as I gagged on his cock, my eyes water a little, but I continues to suck his cock sliding my tongue around the tip and I begins to moan and buck in with delight. Not soon after he came inside my mouth. His hot warm juices slid down the tip of his still hard cock as he pulled it out of my mouth. I sit back and wipe my mouth with my hand. "Go ahead and spit it out. " I shake my head saying no and I swallow his bitter hot cum.

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   He grasped onto his dick and continued his movements from before. He slid his hand up and down his hard hot shaft. I tilt my head slightly to the left and to watch him again. He blushes and says, "I can still cum one more time. " So I slide my hand up my skirt and say "I wet. "

"Then slide off those panties and take a seat I suppose" He tells me as his face goes bright red, I slide off my soaked panties and nervously stand in front of him, blushing again. "Something wrong?" he asks me. "N-No. " I reply, my voice had gotten all shaky. He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me onto him. He sat me on his lap but his dick wasn't inside me yet the shaft of his cock was grinding up against my wet cunt. I moan slightly as he thrusted his hips up as his dick slid up against the lips of my moist pussy. He bit his lower lip as he looked down to observe my pink wet womanhood as he persistently teased me with grinding. I moan some more as I feel his hard cock rub against me.
    I move my arms around his neck but he placed one hand on my shoulder and added pressure to keep me at a certain distance as not to kiss him as his other hand grasped onto his dick.

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       He pushed me a bit and stuffed his full cock inside me all at once. The sensation was amazing, my tight wet pussy ate his manhood. He continued to thrust inside my. His hips meeting mine as his hard cock was lubricated from my juices making it easier to penetrate through my tight twat. He grabbed onto my breasts as he leaned forward to kiss the nape of my neck. His heavy warm breath softly beat onto my delicate pale skin as he motioned deeper into me, he leaned into me so much he made me fall over as he was now atop of me now. I bit my bottom lip clinging to him, moaning as my hips automatically thrusted back He wraps my legs around his waist as he placed his hands on the floor. He thrusted into me rigorously. His cock pounded into me, sliding against my clit stimulating my flow and pussy drooled as I did before all over the shaft of his warm flesh. He pressed up against me. His chest up against my breasts. No later than that, he came deep inside me. Not caring about any risks at all. He bit his lower lip and let out a wicked loud moan. His body tensed and shivering as he did so.

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       His warm body no later became cold and pale. Not to mention weak. I moaned back loudly and I orgasm at the warmth of his cum inside me.