Stepmom Has A Dick


Dave had the hots for his beautiful new stepmother. His dad's new wife had a body that was driving him wild and he was masturbating like crazy over her.

Mr Jones was going on a business trip for the weekend and he wanted Dave and Susan to get to know each other and become good friends. It was Friday afternoon and they stood by the door as they watched the man drive down the street.

"How about a swim in the pool?" suggested the gorgeous well-built brunette. Dave was ready to do anything she wanted and five minutes later they were enjoying themselves in the water. They started playing tag and chasing each other and before long they were grabbing at each other playfully. The skimpy bikini Susan was wearing didn't hide much of her bare flesh and either did Dave's tight nylon swim trunks.

There was a large bulge in the front of the young woman's bikini panties that was causing Dave a lot of confusion. He would have sworn that his stepmother had a dick and balls hidden inside the material. But how could that be possible?

They stood and looked at each other for a minute, then moved slowly toward one another. They didn't stop until their crotches rubbed together. The boy's eyes opened wide as two raging hard-ons met. Susan gave Dave a warm smile and rubbed her crotch against his suggestively.

"You're horny father wants the best of both worlds. He loves men and women and I'm perfect for satisfying both of his needs.

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Dave didn't find it hard to believe. His father had brought plenty of males and females home to spend the night since the divorce, and the grunts and groans coming from the master bedroom were loud as hell whether he was in there with a man or a woman.

Susan led the cute boy to the shallow end of the pool, then removed her bikini. Full firm tits stood out on her chest and a huge fully erected dick stood up from her crotch, with a pair of large cum-filled balls hanging below.

"Kneel down, honey, and have some fun with them. Your dad can't get enough. "

Dave couldn't believe how aroused he was by the male equipment between his gorgeous stepmom's legs. The boy had never messed around with another male before but this was totally different. The grown adult standing in front of him was both male and female, an animal that had only one purpose for existence - pleasure. He found himself moving into a kneeling position, a posture of worship, then placing his hands on each of the shapely legs. He moved his mouth directly to the balls and began licking and kissing them all over.

"That's a good boy. I knew you couldn't resist. Let yourself go and enjoy yourself all you want. "

After spending several minutes on the balls, Dave turned his loving attention to the
rock-hard tower of flesh.

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   He started at the bottom of the shaft and worked his way slowly and methodically upward, covering every square inch of the warm throbbing fuck pole. Cum started leaking from the head of the dick and running down the shaft.

"Don't let the cum reach my balls, baby. Keep it licked up. Don't waste it. "

He followed the trail of cum all the way to the head of the shaft, swallowing it as he went. Then he opened his mouth and began sliding his lips down over the shaft, keeping them tight, and heading back down toward the balls.

"You're dad can take every inch of my horse dick all the way down his throat. Let's see how his son does. "

Dave wasn't about to be outdone by his father. He was going to deep throat his stepmother's huge dick if it was the last thing he ever did. It took him a while, but he finally had his nose buried in the pubic hair and his chin rubbing against the balls. All the time he was swallowing the dick, he was running his tongue all around the steel-hard shaft, teasing it and pleasing it and driving Susan right up a wall with pleasure. The boy's own dick was about as hard as it could get, throbbing with some of the most intense lust he had ever felt.

The cute muscular boy was falling in love with his stepmother's dick.

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   He began fucking it with his mouth and throat, bobbing his blonde head up and down and deep throating it over and over. Dave wanted the cum to spurt out from those big balls and drink it all down. He wanted to find out what cum tasted like and he wondered how his dad's cum would taste. He was hornier than he'd ever been in his life.

Susan took her stepson's face in her hands and pulled his head up, freeing her dick from his wet warm mouth and throat. Dave didn't understand what was happening. He was on the verge of an ejaculation while giving his beautiful stepmom a blowjob and she was interrupting one of his most enjoyable experiences ever.

"Let's head into the bedroom, honey. I'll let you finish the blowjob later. There's something else I want to check out. Don't worry, you were doing a good job, even better than your hot dad. "

A few minutes later Susan had her naked stepson on his hands and knees in the middle of the king size bed. She had several pillows propped up beneath his stomach to make sure his firm rounded ass stayed nice and high. The gorgeous stacked shemale crouched behind him, grabbed an asscheek in each hand to spread them wide apart, and moved her ass forward until the head of her enormous dick was positioned firmly against the boy's asshole.

"Just relax your ass muscles, son, and this will be really good for both of us.

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   Better than you could ever imagine. I'm going to take you into a world that you're never going to want to leave. You should be even tighter than your dad, and I bet you can take every inch of my dick just like he does. "

Dave wasn't about to be outdone by his father.