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Hi my name is Sarah, when i look at myself, especially in the mirror it is hard to believe I have changed so much in the past two years. This past summer after getting out of high school I feel like I have finally found myself and know exactly what I want and more importantly what I enjoy doing. In high school I was the bratty always wanted to succeed nerdy type of teenager. I had to be into everything and most importantly (I thought) wanted to be popular. To be popular I had thought meant being in all the right gatherings and in our school that was all about sports. So between swimming, volleyball and baseball I had the athletic side covered. Then with all popular cliques there had to be a certain type of look. Looking at my picture and myself in the mirror I had the looks down as well. I am 5’ 6” weighing in at 125, I wear a 34C bra, size 4 panties when I wear them at all, have blue eyes and yes long blonde hair as well. I was also a perfect straight A student all four years and graduated first in my class, so I also had the brains. Having the smarts immediately excluded me from certain chic cliques as some of those bleach blonde were dumber than literally a box of rocks. So when I look back through those torturous years I found the only thing I did not have in high school was the popularity. Sure I had friends but not the type where guys would drool at me or girls envy me. So what was wrong I kept asking myself and found the answer to be simply sex. I was a virgin up until the summer after graduation so most of the hot guys would ignore me and the girls were just plain bitches that’s looked t me with their noses high in the air. I found that all high school guys immature and were only after one thing which was scoring with as many bitches as they could, sorry not for me.

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   So the lessons I learned throughout all of this in high school was if you aren’t willing to put out well then you are not part of the clique. So was life in and during high school. When I did finally graduate I did however found my sexuality but were on my own terms and under my own conditions. I wanted to tell my sexual awakening story after graduation so this is what this is about.

Now I did say I found my sexuality but that didn’t happen until the first summer after high school when I was 18. I found out quickly that I like sex, well maybe love it.


The one thing that I am most proud of is that it was on my own terms and what I wanted, not some boy’s wet dream. Also when I reflect back I am sure people would think me weird or even a pervert but honestly I don't care what they think. I love my sex life with no regrets in what I have done or the fact that I am sharing it with anyone who cares to read it.

So how did this all get started? I guess I need to explain about my parents, well my mom and step dad. My mom divorced my dad when I was very young so I really didn’t grow up with him, more without him as the relationship with my mom was shaky at the best of times. My mom dated this real jerk for a little bit after the divorce but then met my step dad, David when I was 18 and soon married after. He is the only real dad I knew but he was more than a dad to me, he was a friend if that makes any sense.

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   A few years ago I had noticed something about my mom and was worried that they too were headed for a divorce. She seem to be always gone even on weekends blaming it on her job, i thought she was having an affair. I remember being upset about it one night when my mom was out of town on one of her supposed business trip. I couldn’t sleep and could not stop crying about it because the one thing I did not want to go through was another split family. I got out of bed and walked into my step dad’s bedroom which is down the hall from mine. He woke up and asked me what was wrong. I told him I couldn’t sleep worrying about him and mom. He pulled the covers back and told me to lie down next to him. I have on occasion slept with both of them and had no problem crawling under the covers next to him. As he held me close and comforting me I began to cry, that’s when I told him what I was upset about. I told him I knew mom was seeing someone else as I had saw some text messages on her phone and notice at times mom would have these unexpected business trips. He told me there was nothing to worry about and that the two of them were fine with nothing being wrong. I wasn’t convinced and told him he was only saying that to me feel good. He assured me he wasn’t just saying that and him and mom were doing great. He then asked if he shared something with me that I had to promise not to say anything to no one including my mom.

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   I made promised to him and that’s when he told me he knew she was sleeping with other guys and that he was ok with it. He called it an alternate life style and explained the whole thing to me. He explained the various websites that support swingers and finding partners. I wasn’t sure I believed him and asked how do I know this is true and he wasn’t making something up. Although I have never known and still don’t to this day remember him ever lying to me. I turned to faced him looking him straight in the eyes and told him I wasn’t sure I believed him. He told me to reach for his phone which was on the night stand. I did and handed it to him. He texted mom and asked if she could call him to make sure she was alright. Within a few minutes she did instructing me to be quiet and not say a word. When he answered he had her on speaker phone asking her if she was free to chat a bit which she said she was. He asked how things were going and she told him that she meet this guy and they were getting along great. She then asked him if he was good if she stayed the night with him. He told her she knew he was good with it and to have fun then click the off button. I was shocked but somewhat relieved at the same time not knowing what to say.

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   I turned over and snuggled back up to him with his arms holding me. I finally asked him how long has this been happening also if he was sleeping with other women. He told me that this had been going on for over eight years but he didn’t answer the second part right away. He told me that mom was ok with him sleeping with others but he was very picky on who he wanted to sleep with. I asked him what he meant and he told me he likes a certain type of women, pursuing only them and he would not just jump into bed with anyone. He also said it was always easier for women to find friends but much harder for a guy with certain tastes to find female companions. He told me he likes petite younger women describing them more in detail to me. I asked him if he has found any and he told me he had but that has been a while with nothing recent. I wanted to know more and wanted to ask all kinds of questions so we laid there all nite talking about it. He opened up to me and told me everything I wanted to know. At times the conversation became very explicit and the more it did the more inquisitive I became. I actually found myself being aroused by this conversation. We eventually fell asleep and the next morning got up and went about our day. My mind was filled with more questions and occasionally I would ask him another question and they started to become more and more graphic. I started to ask him about his lady friends which he seem a little more reluctant to talk about.

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   I kept pushing as I usually do when I want something and won’t let it go. I asked him to describe his perfect women that he would be willing to sleep with. He told me she has to be in shape with what he called a hard body. He doesn’t like anything fake including make up or any enhancements to their body. He prefers small to medium size breasts and always prefer blondes and she has to have a good personality. I asked if he has been with anyone recently and he told that he hasn’t but the last time was about a year or so ago. I asked if mom knew and he told me that she is okay with it but doesn’t really like the details as much he likes the details of her friends. I wanted to know if he would share the details with me if I wanted to know and he said he would. So I started to ask questions about how he finds these women, actually young girls since he told me his age preference is between 18 and 25. He showed me all the various websites he and mom had belonged to. I wasn’t sure about sharing that information on any website so I asked how does he know they can trust the people they meet. He told me they keeps all emails and texts so if anything went wrong he had proof of the other person’s involvement. He also told me it is a good idea to hide your true identity even after the first face to face. I asked him if he would share with me his first experience with a younger girl. He told me as much as I wanted to hear.

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   The juicer it got the better I liked it. He would tell me how good it feels the first time you are with someone and having sex with her. I admitted that I would have no idea of what to do sexually and I didn’t feel attractive let alone feel sexy. When he looked at me he told me I had the looks and that I should be proud of how I look along with complimenting me on how I dressed. I knew, well I hope I knew he was right but I still didn’t feel sexy. He assured me I was very sexy so all we needed to work on was how I felt about myself. For no apparent reason I asked about mom and if she was coming home tonight. He laughed and said not unless she is not having great sex with her new friend. Eventually we feel asleep during some part of our conversations.

After lunch that next day he asked me if I wanted to go shopping with him at the mall. Now seriously what girl would say no to that question. When we got there he seemed to be on a mission as I followed him throughout the mall without much more then the occasional window shopping. We soon stopped at one particular store which took me by surprise, honestly, Victoria Secrets. I felt a bit embarrassed and stared at him while he told me the first thing in feeling sexy is how you start off getting dressed. He handed me a credit card and told me he would wait outside.

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   I walked in and proceeded to walk around. It seemed such a long time of wandering around looking when I finally walked out, empty handed. He looked puzzled when I walked up to him and handed out the card, surprised he seemed to be and asked if the credit card didn’t work. I told him I didn’t know what to buy and just wanted to leave. He could tell I was frustrated and held out his hand to me. I grabbed his hand and he walked right back into the store. We walked around looking at various bras, panties and other things. He didn’t seem to mind at all talking to me about intimate apparel and oddly I didn’t mind it either. He asked me what size I wore and I told him my bra size and panty size. He picked up one of their baskets and started walking around picking out various things. He gave me the basket telling me go try these on. I walked in a fitting room and took all my clothes off. It seem to take such a long time as I tried each thing one. I was amazed at how they felt on my skin and the sensations they gave me. I finished trying everything on and put my regular clothes back on.

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   As I walked out to the store I saw Dave walking towards me with yet another basket. He smiled and asked if everything fit and felt god. I told him most everything and pointed to the ones that didn’t fit or felt comfortable. We exchanged baskets and I walked back in taking off my clothes again. As I tried each thing on I looked at myself in the mirror and started to understand what Dave was telling me about it all starts underneath. This went on several more times until I felt as if I had tried everything in the store on. We went to check out and there on the counter was everything from the first two baskets, well almost everything. I looked at him to see if he was embarrassed buying me all this but he looked perfectly normal. I nearly fainted when I heard what the bill was, but not a word was spoken as we walked out the store.

When we got home that afternoon all I wanted to do was try on all my new stuff again. I laid it all out in the bed and started sorting it by type and colors, bras from panties. I then rearranged my dresser drawers so I would have one for my bras and two for my panties. I gathered all my older underwear, which were ragged, holes and all cotton and tossed them in the waste can. When I slipped on a pair of my panties it made me feel not only sexy but special in a way that is hard to describe. I pulled my pants upput on a sweater and walked out into the other room.

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   Dave was sitting on the couch watching tv when I plucked right down next to him leaned over and gave him a kiss on the check. I told him how much I appreciated everything and I enjoyed shopping with him. We were startled a bit when his phone rang. After a short conversation, which I really didn’t pay attention to hung up and sat back down. He looked over at me and said mom would not be home tonight as he smiled then me. We sat there and continued our conversation we had been working on for the past day.

When it was time for bed that night I got into the shower and just stood there thinking about what had happened to me in the past day. I felt excited and more curious than I ever can remember. I finished up threw on a bathrobe and headed into my bedroom. I sat on my bed thinking about mostly the sex we had been talking about and my sexy new lingerie. I took the robe off found a shear camisole, a pair of silk white lace cheekies and put them on. I loved how they felt against my skin especially around my ass and my crotch. I laid in bed just staring at the ceiling for a while until I decided I could not sleep anymore. I got up and was going to take my special stuff off and put my pajamas on but I loved the way I was feeling so I just threw on a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts. I walked down the hall and opened his bedroom door.

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   He seem to be a sleep so I just slipped in quietly under the covers next to him. He soon rolled over reached out pulling me next to him. He asked if I wanted to talk more and of course I did. I wanted to know how and more important who he was fucking. He told me he had two that he had seen. He was very descriptive on how he would undress them slowly seducing, making sure they were satisfied. The more he told me the hotter I was getting and also the wetter my panties were becoming. We talked all through the night as I became more inquisitive and became more relaxed talking about sex. I wanted to know what made women cum. I wanted to know who he was fucking. He finally told me who one of the two were, how their relationship developed and grew. He showed a picture of her and I thought that she was really cute. I think she was around 19 from what I remember him telling me. He would not however tell me his second mysterious lover. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.



The next morning was also a turning point for me. I had just gotten out of the shower and had dried myself off. I dried my hair and put on a bra and panty combination from the day before. I loved the way it felt against my cool skin. Now I must tell you I have a dog. As I was finishing my makeup he bursts in to the bathroom as the door wasn’t fully closed. I turned to close the door and I saw my step dad walking down the hall. He looked up at me and smile but continued on his way, I was embarrassed being half naked in front of him. I casually closed the door as he walked past me without taking his eyes off of me. As I stood there looking in the mirror the embarrassment subsided and a new feeling enveloped me. I thought of how I had slept with him last night being so close to him. I thought of how open we were and how it was so easy talking to him and nothing seemed to be off limits during our conversations. Why was it so embarrassing for me to be in my intimates in front of him, after all wearing my bikini at the pool is not much different, is it? I stood there thinking as I looked in the mirror admiring not only the way I looked but on the way I was feeling. I looked directly in my reflection, smiled and walked out to the kitchen asking him what was for breakfast. I sat down at the table wearing only my bra and panties.

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   Our breakfast was as what might appear to be normal. We drank coffee, had idle chit chat and ate our breakfast.

Over the summer I was very comfortable being around Dave when I was just wearing my lingerie, as long as mom wasn’t home. We continued to have our intimate conversations throughout the day or evening if permitted. Each time I would be either sitting next to or cuddled up in his arms. I have to admit as each time we were together without mom I found myself getting more and more excited. I wasn’t sure if it was because our conversations became more in depth or me sitting in a pair of white lace thongs. I had also, at more than one time thought the excitement came from me being an exhibitionist in front of him. When mom was away I would riffle through my stuff finding an item or a set that I would pretend to model for him. I would then greet him at the door as he walked in from work. The smile on his face was rewarding for me as I knew he was getting pleasure from being with me. We had become very close through our talks, sleeping together when we could and of course when he took me shopping.

During that summer we had the master bathroom remodeled. In it they had installed on of this fancy showers the kind that has water spraying from all different angles. I used it shortly after it was completed and immediately fell in love with it.

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   I could stand in there for hours and let that hot water just soothe me taking my mind anywhere but here. But that place was becoming more and more sexual.

I was in the shower one afternoon feeling extra special and naughty. Had spent most of the afternoon out at the pool with him just chatting about mostly sex. With the hot weather and steamy conversations I was already excited even before stepping into the shower. My mind starting wandering and usual was focused on sex as I stood under the shower. After a long time I shut the water off just standing there as the water dripped from my body. The steam from the shower was thick and soon started making me sweat. Without hesitation or even a second thought I called out for David.

He came to the bathroom door knocking asking if everything thing was alright but I didn’t answer. He knocked again and I still kept quiet hoping he would just open the door. He finally walked in after knocking again and caught a full view of me in the shower. He looked at me and wanted to know what I needed, I told him I forgot gotto get a towel. He got one from the cabinet as I opened the shower he handed it to me and then walked out.

I was so excited, that was the first time a man saw me totally naked.

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   Speaking of which my skin was not the only thing wet,.