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After leaving what I will call the 'laser room,' I find myself back at the 'maze room' and entered another hallway across from it. There I found six TV screens at each end of a long corridor that went to my right with rooms to either side and a couple of padded benches facing the screens, each showing a different movie of men giving long thick cocks some deep ass or throat action.
Watching for a few moments set my cock swelling again.
There is no sound on the screens, just the pounding of the techno.
Damn, this place just keeps you on the edge of horny watching all this sex.
As I said, I'm not into men, but this place is really starting to be a turn on.

I sat and watched, going from one screen to another, but the screen that I found fascinating was where two very young looking men, down by the lake, started stripping and jumped into the water, naked. After several TV minutes of fooling around, they get out of the water and lay out on a blanket, their wet, nude bodies glistening in the hot sun. The taller, older looking boy takes a tube from a bag, squeezes out some of the gel and starts rubbing it into the dark haired boys back. His hands move lower, fingers caressing the firm skin of the boy below him. As the hands slide over the tight ass, the dark haired boys legs part.

The camera angle changes to show his ass getting worked by the tall boy, who kneads the tight flesh with his fingers, pulling the cheeks apart to reveal the prize within. his thumbs slide up the crack and back down, pushing against the tight pink ring of his hole, spreading it open, then down to his thighs. He does this several times, and pushes his thumbs in further with each pass.
The boys ass starts moving up with each caress of the hands.
The picture pans back as the taller boy squeezes out more gel, directly onto the crack of the slender boy below him.

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  The older boy takes his cock in his slippery hand, working it down the shaft of a very impressive 9" cock. He scoots forward placing his knees on the outside of the boys legs, his ankles crossing over the young mans thighs with his feet holding the younger boys legs apart.
Moving forward again, his cock sliding over the young boys ass cheeks, spreading the gel between the firm butt, slowly going deeper, parting them even more. The younger boy is now rocking his ass to meet the thrusts of the cock slipping into his ass crack. The older man reaches down to pull those sweet cheeks apart, sliding his thick cock over the quivering hole below him. Pushing gently into the tight hole and back out. Just an eighth of an inch at a time enters. Almost the hole head is in.
A quick shot to the young boys face shows he is liking what he is getting.
The scene cuts to the young boys ass as the older man pushes into his ass, the big head popping in, the tight ring of his ass squeezing around his cock as his cheeks lock from the sudden penetration.
The cut goes to his face as the big cock enters, his mouth open, his hands clenched, the eyes that just showed pleasure, now shut tight.
Back to the cock as it slowly moves in, back out, pulling the tight, pink ring with it.
The cock moves back in another inch. Back out. The lube is letting the cock slide in easier as the young ass starts to relax, excepting the older mans cock.

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My cock is hard watching this. I can't help stroking it.
In one big thrust, the cock enters the boys ass fully. Involuntarilly, his ass pushes up against the invading thick poll of hot flesh. The older boy starts fucking him slowly, taking his cock deep into the young boys bowels. The boy tries to move away, his body twisting, but the tall boy holds him firm by the hips, his cock going faster.
As he grips the boys hips, digging his fingers in, he pulls up, meeting the downward thrust of his cock.
Damn this is hot!
Hips slap together as cock is pounded into the slender boy below him, sweat running down his body adding to the lubrication.
The older boy no longer has to hold on to the hips that are now bucking up off the blanket.
Eyes that were shut tight are now half open, mouth opening and closing, fingers clutching the blanket. I can tell by the look on the older boys face that he is close to cumming.
I can feel my own balls start to tighten.
He pulls out and the young hole is left gaping as he jacks his cock up the crack of the younger boys ass, a thick jet of cum arches across the ass and back below him, then another.
AAAAAaaaaaaahhhh! SSSHhhiiit, YYyyaaaa!
My cock explodes just as three more thin jets cover those tight mounds of young ass cheeks as the tall boy squeezes them together, trapping his cock between them.
The older boy rolls off and onto the blanket.

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Pulling the towel back around me, I set off to find the steam room.
Rounding the corner at the other end, there are two fat men with little dicks rubbing each other. They are not even 5" with a thin shaft and a little purple head. I smile and walk past.

I feel I shouldn't be thinking like this and getting off over two men fucking.
I don't know how I should feel, but it feels almost like a natural thing for me to do here.
They say, "when in Rome. . . . . or perhaps Athens?"

The hallway led back around to the main corridor, so I went back up to check out the 'maze' again.
I wonder if anybody will be there?.