steam room 1


I walked in and paid my entry fee.
The door buzzed, I pulled the door open and entered into the dimly lit locker room. As I slowly took my clothes off, aware of other men walking by checking out the new ass, putting them into the locker, I pulled the towel about my waist. The speakers were pounding tecno and new wave music. Several men of various ages and fitness wandered about.

I'd never been to a male club before. I've never been with a male before.
I'm not a 'looker,' just an average face, maybe you'd say 'ruggedly handsome,' perhaps just rugged. I enter the darkened hallway making my way to the other end to see what was there. Halfway there is an open doorway and no lights. Curiously, I step into the darkness slowly allowing to adjust to the filtered light. Everything is painted black. There are panels raised a foot off the floor and at a height of six feet forming a maze. As I move through the room, I can tell that an entrance (or exit) is on the other side. The dim light coming in from this opening reveals holes all across the maze panels at various heights and sizes. I have heard of glory holes and that must be what these are.

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  At the other end of the maze I exited and found I was in another hallway. Walking to the end, I was at the locker room again. I headed the other way back down past the glory hole maze to the other end of the hall and turned the corner. To the other side I supposed was the other hallway, to my left was a set of stairs leading into a dark room. A laser light show danced and strobes to the music outside the room sending streaks of colored light in through the six foot wide doorway.

Climbing the stairs to look in revealed only darkness. Entering a couple of steps I could see the ends of a low bench. Bending to examine the bench to my right, it was covered with a carpeting, as were the walls and floor. There was nobody sitting there so I sat to adjust to the darkness. It was a fairly large room of about eight foot deep and twelve wide. At first I could see the wall opposite the entry as the lasers bounced about but the sides and walls to either side were still in a dark shadow. I moved around the bench to find the room empty. As I was about to leave, two men entered and went to the bench opposite the laser. I was still in the shadow, so I sat back down to see what they were going to do.

They sat next to each other and began to slide their hands over their chests and stomachs.

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  The taller of the them then leaned over to suck the others nipple. The slender blonde tilted his head back and I could hear a soft moan, or maybe it just sounded soft over the hard music, as the other started to work on his abs. Lower he went towards the towel. As he got to the fold, he loosened it and pulled it to the side revealing a half hard, thick cock. His fingers gripped the blondes hanging ball sack as he licked across the top of the stiffening cock making it jump.
My cock started to thicken as I watched him take the head into his mouth.
Now, I'm not real naive, but I'm still not sure what to do at this point as he takes the now 7 inch fat cock to the back of his throat.
I sit fascinated as the tall man works the cock before him. He slowly sucks the head into his mouth, licking it, sliding his lips and tongue down the shaft then back up to take it back in; fast then slow, just the head then suck it to the back of his throut.
The blonde guy starts moving his hips, thrusting his cock, meeting the suction of the mouth servicing him. His balls glisten from saliva being pulled down to them by the tall mans hand pumping his cock as he sucks on the blondes throbbing pole.
I could tell he was very good at this and was a bit jealous that he wasn't doing me.
"AAAAHHhhhhh," the blonde pushes his cock up shooting his hot load into the tall mans mouth and onto his face as he pulls off and pumps it fast.

Something is said that I cannot hear, but the blonde man slides off the bench to the floor onto his hands and knees as the tall man moves up behind him. I could see the head of the tall man's cock slick with precum when he was stroking it while he took the blondes cock.

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He rubbed his swollen cock in the crack of the blondes ass then pushed forward, his fat cock head entering his ass. The blonde stiffened then seemed to relax.
The tall man thrust into the blonde deeper.

"OOOhhhhhhh," the blonde rocked forward from the impact.

"OOoohhhh, yyaaaa," hissed the tall man.

He pulled almost out then thrust back in hard, "YYESSS," he cried out.

My own cock was now standing at it's full 8 inches and aching from the pressure.
Watching as the tall man slowly fucked the blondes ass, I found my hand stroking a throbbing cock and feeling good.
I had seen others fuck, but never two men.
As the tall man picked up the speed, so did I.
The blondes cock was slapping his stomach with each stroke being banged into his ass.

"OOOooo, fuck me, FUCK ME!!BANG MY ASS!!" The blonde yelled.

The tall man grabs him by the hips and starts driving his engorged fuck poll into the blonde making his now hard cock, reddened from banging against his abdomen, swing violently back and forth.

"OOOhhh, FUCK. "The tall man pushes his cock as deep as he can and lets loose his hot cum deep in the blondes ass making the blondes cock blow cum all over the floor between his hands, then pulls out spraying more cum on his back before slipping it back in to slowly fuck into him some more.

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"AAAggghhh. "My balls tighten up as cum shoots onto my stomach. I didn't think I would get this hot watching two guys fuck.

The tall man pulls back out and sits on the bench for a moment, watching as the blonde lays on the floor, chest heaving from the intense fuck session, then stands and walks out wrapping his towel around him.

The other man then stands and also leaves.

I wipe the cum from my chest snd somach and set about to see what else is here. .