Starting Over


Starting Over (C) October 2001
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Sally woke slowly, stretching languidly on the warm bed. It felt sensual and cool against her naked body. Rolling over to press her body against Bill's warm body, waking him as her hands moved slowly over his body and through his thick dark hair. . . Did I wake you" ask Sally as she looked into his eyes. . . "No" Bill whispered. . . not at all. . I'm quite enjoying your soft, gentle touch.

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   Sally could feel his manhood growing against her. . mmmmmmmm the feeling of his hard cock made her feel warm and shivery. . . butterflies fluttering in her tummy as she lay there wanting to take his cock inside her , at the same time feeling a little uneasy with the situation. . a walk on the beach sounded much better. . Sally and Bill rose from the bed. . . both naked and wanting each other so badly. . Off to the shower they went.

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  . . Sally lavishly covering his body with soap. . paying extra attention to his bottom and cock. . moans coming from both there mouth's. . . The shower ended quickly. . . Sally slipped into a tiny bikini then slipped an elegant see through bathing suit cover over her. . .

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   Bill was in his white boxer swim suit,it looked so sexy on him. . . Off to the beach they went. . . the sand was cool under their bare feet. . . the waves roaring against the shore. . There wasn't anyone on the beach yet. . . off course it was only five AM.

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  . . who would be on the beach that early. . . Hand in hand they walked down the beach. . . the white cover shimmering and blowing behind sally as she walked. . . Bill quickly released Sally hand from his and wrapped his arm around her waist. . . she moaned at his touch.

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  . They walked for what seemed to be miles and miles until they came to a place on the beach surrounded by large rocks. . . it was a beautiful spot on the beach for them to lay a blanket down and just enjoy the quiet. . . After pondering for a couple minutes to figure out if that was the perfect spot for sure ,Sally layed down , Bill layed beside her. . . resting his head on one hand and using the other hand to explore her body. . her eyes gazing deep into his beautiful dark brown eyes as if she were mesmerized at his touch. . or so it would be his thought.

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  . . when really all she could think about at the time was her internet lover and friend , one she had already spent so much time with, dedicated her life to and met for the first time just a short ago. . . to her she had thought he was her life and only true love. . but she knew it could never be. . Rick was married and was just playing with her as he had done with many other women on the net. . even though he vowed he loved her. . she knew she had to move on with her life. .

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  . it had already been way to long with that relationship. . and she knew that if nothing had happened after the five years they had been together then it never would. . Sally heard a voice and felt Bill shaking her. . . she quickly relized she had been day dreaming about Rick. . she apoligized to Bill and explained she was taken in by his touch and the sound of the waves hitting the shore. . . a lie of course. .


  she hated to lie to him but there was no choice. . . she couldn't tell him she was thinking about Rick. . . how would that look and feel for him. . . wishing her past could be erased from her mind forever. She wrapped her arm around Bill. . and kissed him ever so gently. . .

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  trying hard to forget her thoughts. . . he moaned as he lifted the silky cover up and over her body finally getting it over her head . . . tossing it to the side. . . . . bending and kissing her tummy. . . butterflies fluttered in her tummy again.

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  . Sally's hands were starting shake as they touched Bill's cool skin. . . the sound of the waves soon leaving the minds of both of them as they explored and touched each other. . Bill rolled Sally over and undone the clasp on her bikini. . then layed gently on top of her. . . pushing her long brown hair to the side the kissing her neck and nibble her ear. . . Sally could feel his huge cock once against her again.


  . . she knew she had to have it. . . Sally whispered. . asking Bill to let her slip off her bikini bottom . . . he was more then happy to let her do that. . she was beyond excited by this time and quickly forgot about her bikini bottoms and took of his sexy white boxer swim suit. . Kissing all the way down his body from his chin to his toes and making her way back up again.

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  . wrapping her lips around his huge cock for a moment, then releasing it. . her tongue gently circling the tip. . . Bill moaned loud and begged for more. . Sally kissed and nibbling up and down his shaft for just a few more moments. . . then moving up a little further to allow her hard nipples to touch the end of his cock. . pressing harder against him to allow his manhood to rest between her breasts. .

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  . his moist cock sliding easily between her breast. . Sally ask " do you like that Bill" Bill could hardly utter a word. . in a whispering shuttering voice he said "yes yes yes" Sally slid all the way up his body and he rolled her over. . . bending and pulling off her bikini bottom. . . Now it was his turn. . his lips moved slowly down to her breast. .

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  . taking it between his lips and sucking it ever so gently. . squeezing and licking and sucking as Sally squirmed and moaned. . His lips were all over her, from her neck to her breasts, and then down over her stomach. Sally's body tingled, and the heat between her legs begged for satisfaction.
    She felt his hands drawing her bottom down. She raised herself to help, and then moaned in delight as she felt his kisses moving downward. Her mound quivered as she felt his moist tongue glide over it,her legs spead even more to give him room to get to all those sensitive spot's. . "Oh," she cried out in ecstasy as he licked slowly along that tiny shaft. She squirmed uncontrollably as his lips closed around the tip, and she began to shake wildly as he sucked the tiny head into his mouth, letting his lips move up and down over it. Sally could feel herself getting closer and closer to cumming. .

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      and she let Bill know. . Bill's voice seemed to be a whisper as she heard him say "cum for me My Love" Bill licked faster and faster as she lost control, the hard spasms of her orgasm making her buck hard. His tongue followed every movement, licking and sucking as he buried his face deep in that beautiful pussy. He lapped her juices,not missing a drop. . licking along that soft pink flesh, as her body continued to shake. Finally, he slowed the licks as she slowly came back down. " Sally lay quiet for a moment as Bill moved up her body. . his cock still hard and throbbing. . . Sally wanted so much to feel that huge cock penitrate deep inside. .

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      . most of all she wanted to prove to herself that she could cum with another man other then Rick. . . she thought she never ever would be able to. . Bill kissed her neck and nibbled her ear knowing that would almost definately make her juices flow again. . He pushed against her. . . reaching down and lifting her leg up. . . without hesitation she wrapped her legs around him.

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      . his cock found the opening. . he pushed his hard cock in slowly. . . Sally arched forward to take it all in. . . The pace got a little more rapid. . . Bill could feel Sally's pussy tightning around his cock and knew she was close again. . Sally's body thrashed forward.

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      . . her breathing rapid her heart pounding. . . her nails digging into Bill's back. . Panting and moaning she said "now Bill" now. . . a few more hard strokes and together they exploded . . . He kissed her ear, feeling her shudders continue as the orgasm heightened. "Oh, Bill," she whimpered.


       "I can't stop cumming. " Her body wracked with spasms, matched by his hard spurts, until they collapsed together, sated, in each others arms. Sally holding onto Bill for what seemed to be a long time before she released her arms from around him. . She lay there spent. . totally relaxed and at ease as did he. . She did what she thought would never ever be possible again. . she made love to a man she hardly knew and it wasn't Rick. Together they got up both naked and walked into the water together before putting their swim suits back on. . . Bill took Sally into his arms and whispered in his softest voice"I Love you Sally" there was no reply from Sally.

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      . just a grim thought of her so resent past and the thought of starting over again,a challenge harder then no other. Back up the beach they walked hand in hand.



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