Special Delivery


Working for a postal service is really a pretty shitty job. I’ve been driving around this god damn city dropping packages of various sizes off on random people’s doorsteps for nearly two years now. It gets quite monotonous.
This morning when I showed up for work around 8 my boss John had a good sized load of deliveries waiting for me so I got right to it. I noticed one, slightly bigger than most of the other boxes, that was for far out on the edge of my usual territory, so I figured I’d leave it for last.
Around 18 I stopped for a quick smoothie break to cool off from the summer heat, and as I walked into the shop I couldnt help but notice these two young coeds waiting in line in front of me. Their short ass-hugging shorts right in front of me caught my attention right away, as did the tank tops barely holding in their nice young firm tits. My cock’s quick twitch was evidence of my mind’s wandering to various fantasy scenarios with these 2 hotties. Oh well. They laughed and ran off with their drinks and I ordered my own. A few minutes later I was back on the road.
It was around 1 when I finally noticed the larger box was the only one left, so I headed out east on the freeway. The house was in a pretty nice neighborhood and I parked iut front and grabbed the package and walked up to the front door. I figured I’d just ring the bell and drop the package off as usual.
I rang the bell and was about to drop the package and leave when I heard a voice from inside yelling “Hold on! Be right there!” so I held up. Some rustling and footsteps inside were followed in a moment when the front door was opened.

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  I started to say “good afternoon” but almost choked on the words when I saw what opened the door. It was a girl I would have guessed around 18 or 19 wrapped in just a white shower towel, hair clearly damp, tits pronounced clearly, the tops visible above the towel’s protection. My cock twitched as I managed a weak “hello”.
“Hi!” she said. “I’m here to deliver this package to 1542 E Wilton” I told her.
“This is the place” she smiled back, kind of pulling her light brown hair back around her shoulders and leaning on one foot as to leave a nice gap as I imagined what lay underneath the towel. “That looks pretty big, would you ming just bringing it in over here?” she asked me, opening up to point over to a wall about halfway into the foyer.
“oh, sure no problem” I responded and slid past her into the house, sneaking a peek at her nice tits as I moved by. They had to be a big c cup, but based on those sexy legs and the spare room in the towel she was thin and athletic. I could feel my cock getting a little harder inside my jeans. As I walked into the house, I could hear the shower audibly on upstairs, she must have just gotten out to run down to the door. I turned and placed the box over near the wall where she had pointed and I turned to go, but as I turned I see her in one quick motion close the door and remove the towel, revealing a nearly flawless body. I stopped dead, awestruck and stunned by the the turn of events. I could feel my heart beat quicken as she slowly paced over towards me, her beautiful tits moving ever so slightly with her step. “Um, miss.

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  . . ” I stuttered. “What?” she questioned, all sexy. “I figured I’d see just what kind of package you so nicely delivered” and she stood up right in front of me and slowly extended a hand towards the now light bulge in my pants, cupping my cock and giving it a gentle rub up and down through the fabric. I shivered as my cock jumped. “Oh! Wow it’s big!” she said, her other hand now gently massaging her tit. “Well. . . Paul” she read from the namebadge on my shirt, “can a slut get a ride on suck a fine package?” My cock answered for me, squirming beneath her gentle rub. She giggled a little and started unbuttoning my pants. I was still awestruck as she kneeled down and lowered my pants, descending to her knees as she started to rub my now pretty stiff cock in one hand. “Wow, you must be at least 9 or 18 inches!” she said, giving it one or two more full strokes with her hand before licking the full length of my cock, kissing the tip, and then shoving it into her mouth. The pleasure sort of woke me from my trance, and I grabbed her head and guided it farther down my shaft.

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  She moved back and forth on my cock as I felt the orgasm mounting. I got rid of my shirt now. I moaned once or twice, damn she was good. I reached down and grabbed a little of her firm tits as she was working on my cock. I grabbed her head and started shoving it down her throat, and she obliged, taking it further and further, still toying my shaft with her tongue. “My god” I said, “holy shit” and I exploded a full sized load right into the back of her throat. She swallowed it and pulled my swollen cock from her mouth, letting the remnant pulsesof cum flow over her face and neck. “Mmmm. . ” she smiled up at me as she gave my cock a few more quick licks. I grabbed her by the elbow and lifted her back up, pulling her into a wet kiss. She lightly wispered into my ear “The name’s Kate”, again rubbing my cock in her hand. “Well, Kate,” I answered, “I’m officially done with my deliveries for today. . .

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  ” “Good,” she responded “cuz I want your huge cock inside me. ”
I groped her tits and slowly moved my kisses down her neckline, reaching her nipples and licking and kissing each one. She moaned a little and pulled my head in closer. After a little more, I moved my hand down between her legs and found her already getting wet. I rubbed 2 fingers around the edges of her pussy, gently massaging her clit before pushing a finger into her. Oh how she was tight, I pushed in farther. She gasped“ahh!” I knelt down and lifted her right leg and stuck my face into her sweet pussy, now clearly emitting juices. As I licked around her clit and dove in with my finger she started moaning loudly, her orgasm overtaking her. She fell over with one arm against the wall to stabilize herself. “Oh yes! Ah I’m cumming!” she gasped and I quickened the pace of my tongue as she screamed in pleasure. Her juices came running onto my face and down her leg. I stood up and embraced her as she stabilized from her powerful orgasm.
“Ah, let’s go” she said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me over into the next room to a big leisure chair where she laid down and looked up at me, wanting. She rubbed her pussy with ine hand and groped her tits with the other, “ahh, I want you inside me right now. ”I straddled her on the chair, setting my knees in around her hips, directing my cock in towards her sweet pussy.

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  She grabbed me in her hands and gave me a few strokes and pulled me towards her pussy. I waited just outside her, teasing her before plowing into her with full force. She moaned loudly in pleasure “OH!” as I entered her. She moaned and grabbed her tits as I plowed in and out of her, she was plenty tight and I slowly forced all of myself into her until I smacked her ass cheeks. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and quickened the pace, forcing all 18 inches into her. “Ah, yes!That feels soooo good! Ah yes, fuck me hard! Fuck me!” she yelled. I felt her tightening as her orgasm came, I quickened to as fast as I could go, riding her orgasm as she yelled again “AHHHH” and she came, her juices flowing out onto my shaft and the cushions of the chair. I was still a little away and I kept going, changing paces and force, driving her back to another orgasm. Now I was just about ready to cum as well, and when she tightened, I forced in my full length and exploded inside her just as her orgasm peaked. “OHHH MY GOD! OHHHH!” she moaned. I pulled out of her as I shrunk back a little bit. “Ah wow!” she gasped, catching her breath. Now she leaned up and I moved aside as she stood up, turning ad pushing me onto the big cushioned chair. “Now I want to be on top” she told me. “Ok, the view is better from here” I said back.

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  I gave my cock a few quick strokes and waited as she mounted my torso, pulling my cock up and pushing down on top. As she moved up and down on me her tits bobbed up and down, her hair bouncing behind her as well. I reached around and grabbed her ass and helped her up and down. She started gasping and moaning again, cumming once more. She then leaned over and put her knees down, putting her tits right up in my face, my cock still inside her. I grabbed her tits and gave them a little motorboat action before going back to her ass and thrusting up into her, time after time. I smacked into her again and again, thrusting my full length into her as she screamed in pleasure. “AhhHHaHHHA” she screamed as I readied to unload into her once more. I groaned and unleashed another stream of cum inside her and she came again and her eyes rolled back in extreme pleasure. Both out of breath, she collapsed on top of me and we made out passionately for a few minutes.
She stood after a while and started walking towards the stairs again, saying “Oh the shower’s still on!”She climbed the stairs and I watched as her sweet ass went up and turned into the bathroom at the top of the stairs. I thought for a second that this was my cue to leave, but decided instead to follow up the stairs. I slowly opened the bathroom door, walking into the steam-filled room and pulling aside the shower curtain. She smiled at me as she let the water run over her hair and down her back. “Mmmm good for more?” “Oh yeah slut.

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  ” I stepped into the shower and grabbed her. We kissed as the hot water ran over our bodies for several minutes. Then she again got my cock in her hands and got down on her knees in the bottom of the tub. She gave me a few tugs, then moving my cock around on her tits. I tittyfucked her there in the shower, shoving my cock up and down between her fine, firm tits. As I looked down into her face, she smiled back up at me so sexily that I nearly exploded right then. The cum shot up all over her neck and tits. She grabbed one of her tits and licked some of my cum off, smiling back up at me.
I stood her up and we again made out under the flow of water. Then I pushed her up against the back wall of the shower. As I lifted her up and directed my cock at her pussy again, she squealed in surprise and pleasure. I grabbed her legs and wrapped them around my back as I let her down on my cock. I squared myself and rammed into her as hard as I could, slamming her against the wall. I rammed into her again and again, quickening my pace as she moaned louder and louder. “AhaAH!” she screamed.


   “Ahfuck me fuck me fuck me!” Her orgasm climbed, clearly her biggest yet, and her screams got louder and longer. I found her g-spot and kept hitting it until she erupted pussy juices all over. I pulled her head down and we made out as I kept pounding her pussy, both of us soaked under the shower. Finally I said “I’m cumming” and came inside her once more.
“I’m home all summer, why don’t you drop by again”

______ __________ _________ ________ _________ ___________ __________.



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