Some Things About Me


Hey Folks,I get a lot of email and so, I thought I would write some things about me to the people that ask. First, Yes, I really am 4'8" and really do have tits that are 42 to 44 EEE. My nipples are 5 and a half inches across and when hard the nipples get as big as a man's thumb. I have gained weight and so my waist is about a 32 to 34 and my hips a nice curvy 44. My thighs are firm even though I am a plump plus size woman.

The most sensative part of me, when done right are my nipples. I can have orgasms from just the touch of them and when they are biten, twisted, pulled and some torture they make my pussy spray orgasms all over. I love to show offand am a nudist and exhibitionist. I have orgasms from just being watched. Some have questioned my sex drive or appatite as one woman said. Hunny, just because you only like it twice a week does not mean that some of us like and need lots more. My husband fucks me at least once a day. He has nine inches and it is nice and thick. I have been diagnosed as what in street language a nymphomaniac. I don't know the official name and really don't care. I have spent time in mental institutions from my ex husband telling people I had a problem.

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   The problem was that he fucked me and rolled over and went to sleep. So I got out dildos and did myself until I fell asleep. I began taking Mirapex for restless leg syndrom and like the commercial says, It increased my sex needs. I did not care since I love sex. So a normal day for me, if I have my way is that hubby does me, I do myself and then in the day or evening I find several others to do me, men or women or animal, no matter to me. Just so I get taken care of. My experiences are in the stories and only a couple are not real. All the others are real. I like gang bangs, water sports, degradation, being tied up and left after and lots of other things that I have written about. I have always loved older women that are les, over 60, and that wanna dominate me.
    Don't know why, just do. I like seducing men and women no matter where I am and I love being seduced. Now, if you are a man, esp. one that thinks he is god's gift, fuck of. I need more than one, you will never take care of my needs so don't write or call or follow me thinking you can "give me what I need".

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       My huband has a huge 9 inch cock that is think and makes me crazy and he and I knew that I would always need more. I get crazy when I get going and it is a frenzy, I need more and more until I pass out. Now, that is about it so if you write please remember that I don't really care about your needs, it is just nice that you wanna get off and it happens to be that you do it with me. So. . . any questions. . . . email me. . see yateresaP. S. we do have gang bangs every week for me, you can be invited.

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       The problem I find is that most guys do not want to be one of about twenet of so men that fuck me, they want me to remember them. Not going to happen. .



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