Some like it rough


Some like it rough

I was looking forward to this coming up weekend.   No kids no work just me and my baby. She kept telling me that she wanted it rough and to not hold back. Of course I wouldn't hurt her but I wanted too please her. I knew that too get the most out of the weekend then it needed to start right as soon as she got through that door. He pulled her into him and kissed her passionately. She thought this isn't rough maybe he doesn't have it in him. Then suddenly he ripped off her shirt tearing it to pieces. She tried to cover her breasts but he pushed her arms to the side and tore off her bra. She was feeling scared and excited all at once. He put one of her arms behind her back and lead her forcefully to the bed room. He hand cuffed her and put her arms over her head and attached them to a hook in the wall. He went to the dresser and grabbed a blind fold. He put it on her and told her to not make a sound or he would gag her.
  He unzipped her pants but only pulled them down just enough too expose her nice pussy. Open your legs he told her.


   She opened them up and felt his mouth shoved into your snatch. You tried to move but he pushed her against the wall so she was pinned between the wall and his mouth. He was nice like he always was. He was more direct then she remembered. But the exhilarating feeling she was experiencing was beyond words. She couldn't help herself but cum. It wasn't a relaxing cum it's was more of a release. It felt great still but different. He never took off her panties so they were soaked and she told him that she had too pee. He told her that was her problem.

  She begged to let her use the restroom. He refused. She couldn't hold it in any longer she she started too pee. He noticed that she was peeing and told her to stop. She stopped mid stream and then he placed his mouth on her wet panties and told her to start again.

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   She didn't want to but didn't have a choice. He caught some of it while the rest went dripping down her leg.
  He turned her around and pulled down her jeans and panties exposing her Pretty ass. He pushed her against the wall and entered her from behind. He thrust and thrust into too perfect pussy. He groped her bare breast and made her feel like she was being used. Her mind wanted to scream but her heart told her this was her Phillip.
    He unhooked her from the wall and laid her on the bed. He told her now you can scream. She still had her wet pants on but they were to her knees. Her boots were a little wet but her pants caught most of it. He pulled out a knife and cut her pants off from the side. All she had on was her wet panties and her long black boots. He flipped her over and strattled her from the back. He rode her for awhile.

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   She did cum but it wasn't her usual cum it seemed rushed. There wasn't no emotion from her capture. Just a sort of animal need. She wanted to relax and enjoy herself but was hard to do with her situation. He turned her over and continue to be rough with her tits. Hitting them and kissing her roughly on the neck and check. He thrust into her over and over again. She tried to say something but he would choke her cutting offany attempts at communicate. He told her this is what you wanted right. She nodded. Hey saw that she wasn't enjoying herself that much. Then he finally said are you ok babe. She said not really. He took off the blindfold and told her things will better. She said ok.

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   He removed her wet panties and towel dried her off. He put New panties on her and told her to relax. She closed her eyes and felt his mouth close in on her pussy. Now that she felt the situation was different she came quickly. Not just cum but squirted all over his face and beard. She felt relieved and excited knowing she squirted for the first time. Have tasted her pee earlier and know having her squirt all over his face all he could do was grin. He said let's try that again and planted his face into her love juices. She groaned and moaned the night away. She fell asleep with her pussy and thighs cover in cum and they were sticky. She noticed that he fell asleep with her pussy in his mouth. She could feel his warm breath and it felt great. She vowed that next time that it was gonna be her turn to be in charge. .