Soldier on the Roof


It was Thursday night. I had a day off from the army. Mostly I got off once every second weekend, but this week I got off early. I was in central Jerusalem, and I was pretty drunk. Wearing my green uniform like I owned the world. But I didn’t.
I was struggling, I had just recently joined the army, and the lack of free time, as well as the lack of sex was driving me crazy. Slowly but surely my life was spiraling down. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and I was starting to miss her. I wasn’t going to go back to her though, I broke up for a reason, to have some new sexual experiences. I did miss her. I missed having sex with her skinny supple young body. I was 18 at the time, and she was 17, skinny and tall, not much breasts, but a nice smile, and the best part, I was her first. Its too bad it lasted such a short time. The relationship, that is, not the sex.

It was about midnight, I was downtown, hunting for something to fuck.

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   Anything. People I knew were around, and feeling depressed like I did that night, I was looking for anything. Then I see her looking at me. She wasn’t the most attractive girl, but she had nice large tits, and I knew she was easy. I heard about it from everyone, as well as once in the past getting a blowjob from her. I just never fucked her. She was 18 at the time, if I remember correctly, being much younger at the time of the blowjob, 18 or so.
I look at her back, walk up towards her, and kiss her. We start making out passionately, tongues swirling around each others mouths, grasping each other closer and closer with a mad desperation. The desperation of knowing your alone, and seeking a way to delay the feeling a bit longer. Any way.

After a few minutes, I grab her arm and tell her in short crisp Hebrew “come. ” she obediently follows, knowing whats about to happen. It was common practice back then, you want to fuck, you find a rooftop or a park. I knew a rooftop, and that’s where I brought her.


   We sneaked up the stairs and when we hit the roof I looked around for a place to do it, I leaned back on the roofs heater system and started making out with her again. With her tongue in my mouth I started fingering her, and through my drunken haze started figuring out how I was going to get this to work. She started moaning softly and I felt her mouth stop at certain moments to breath. I didn’t let her, I just kept making out and fingering her. Two minutes later I whipped my dick out and put on a condom, but we were not in the position to have sex.
I told her “lie on the floor” she did. I got on top of her and plunged my dick into her pussy, it was wet and large, thankfully. I have a wide dick, about the size of most girl’s wrists, and 6 inches in length. Most of the girls I have sex with I have trouble fitting it in. but not her. It went in smoothly and I felt her wet juices through the condom in the weird way that you do. The slapping noises of my savage thrusts were resounding in my ear. I couldn’t focus on anything but getting my release. I didn’t care about her, not at all, she was just a way to feel good. I kept slamming in and out of her with her moaning.

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   During this part there were no kisses, just sex, savage bestial sex.
    I was still wearing my entire army uniform, with my cock ramming into her pussy and my pants pulled down to my feet.
    Half an hour later I realized this wasn’t going to work. I always have trouble finishing with a condom on. Being drunk like I was a slipped my dick out, pulled the condom of, and she said “what are you doing?” and I said “don’t worry”. She seemed to understand and I rammed back in, this time feeling fully her wetness, and the slimy feeling of her warm vagina. Every thrust meant so much more now that I could experience it fully, I started grunting with my thrusts and I grabbed her head to stop it from hitting the hard cement ground with each thrust. Five minutes of this and I was about to burst. I ripped my dick out of her pussy and came on the roof. Breathing heavily, I got up, and said “get dressed” she did, and I buttoned my pants. We went back downstairs. I kissed her goodbye, but we both knew it was just a courtesy. There were no feelings here. And then I left. Went home.

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    The next day I regretted what I had done. And since then that regret has left, but I’ve never been checked for STDs, and I prolly never will be. Based on a true story.
    To contact me send emails to jewmantheone@hotmail. com



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