Soccer Mom part 1


The day was a dark, soggy gray, with thick clouds and showers, as Linda Harmon carefully steered her Cadillac Escalade down the street. She had just dropped her 18 year old son Luke and her 8 year old daughter Carrie off at school. She saw the red light, and applied the brakes. While waiting out the light, her mind ran through what she had to do today. Stop by the bakers, order a birthday cake for Luke's 11th birthday party. . . then her train of thought was rudely interrupted by the sound of someone opening the front passenger door, and jumping in. It grabbed her attention, and she turned to see a man holding a gun on her. She froze, didn't even breathe. All she could see was the barrel of that gun, thinking about the deadly cargo it could hurl at her, with one brief pull of a trigger finger.

"Relax lady, I ain't gonna kill you, not if you do exactly as I tell you, " he growled. "The light's green, get this crate moving, lest a cop comes by, and gets curious. It wouldn't be good for you to have that happen. "

That broke the spell, she started breathing, and started driving.

"What's your name, baby?"

Linda was jolted by being called "baby", she was a 35 year old mother, a soccer Mom, and she hadn't been called such a term since her husband called her that when they were dating.

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"Linda, Linda Harmon," she said, her voice quivering. "What's yours?"

She realized what a dumb thing that was to say, this was no social occasion, but he replied, "You can call me Ted. "

Ted looked her profile up and done. She was a real Hottie, long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, big, sexy melons, he loved a big rack, her hips looked well formed, not fat and spreading out over the seat. He had merely planned to rob her, driving a Cadillac Escalade, she was probably well off, or her husband was, and take off, but from sizing her up, his cock started to stir, and let him know that there was something else this hottie was good for. He was glad he had the handcuffs in his pocket, if she fucked as good as she looked, he wanted her body, and he wanted to ram his cock deep inside her until she screamed his name in orgasm.

Linda was almost on autopilot, just drive, don't think about the gun. That god damn door lock on the passenger side was twitchy, it should lock itself when she put the van back into gear, but it had been missing more times than it caught. She'd been meaning to take it in, and get the door lock fixed, and well, here's a prime example of why she should have got the damn thing repaired.

Ted realized he needed to get control, get her out of the driver's seat, restrain her, his cock started to throb as her imagined her stripped naked, tied up and being opened by his hard cock.

"Okay Linda, turn right here. "

The road now led down a row of abandoned warehouses, the area was slated for demolition and redevelopment.

"Now, take that driveway, and follow it around to the back. "

With a sinking feeling, Linda saw that she would be totally isolated. The driveway led around to an old loading dock, empty, abandoned buildings surrounded the area on all sides, and the road was no longer visible, which meant that she was no longer visible from the road.

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"Ok, this is far enough, stop here, turn off the engine, and give me the keys. "

Doing as she was told, her voice quivering, Linda said, "Wh. . . Wha. . . What are you going to do to me?"

He produced a set of handcuffs, and said, "Grip the steering wheel", as she did so, he threaded the chain through the wheel spoke, and locked her hands together. "Well Linda, you stay right where you are, for now. "

Ted got out of the van, and went around to the back. He saw the stick figures on the back window, a Dad, a Mom, a boy and a girl, and a dog. There was also a soccer ball sticker, with the words, "Lincoln Storm FC. " He knew that must refer to the local high school soccer team. Well, he had an honest to goodness soccer Mom. He grinned as he imagined the feel of sinking his cock into her, he was steel hard, and soccer Mom was going to get a balling she wouldn't soon forget.

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   He opened the tailgate, and the third row seats folded down at the touch of a button. Perfect, the open cargo space was huge, it was a nice, large open space for cargo. . . or fucking. He saw several anchor points, one was shaped in an open hook design, perfect, he could hook the chain through there, and soccer Mommy was going to take it doggy style. He went to the front door, opened it, and unlocked Linda, and led her around to the back.

Keeping the gun in sight, he growled, "Okay baby, strip, get your ass naked. " When she stared at him, he growled, "That wasn't a request, that's an order, DO IT. "

As the significance of his order sank in, she surrendered. She was going to get raped, and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. She unbuttoned her blouse, slid it off, and tossed it in the back, her skirt quickly followed. She realized with a flush, that she was wearing one of her sexiest bra and panty set, fire engine red, the bra a scoop neck, trimmed with lace, just barely containing her breasts, and her panty a thong set, that nestled right between the cheeks of her ass. She'd worn it with the express purpose of getting hot and bothered, then getting home and masturbating wildly, cumming like crazy by her fingers, then jumping into the hot tub and planting her pussy against one of the jets, letting the pulsing of the water pummel her clit, making her cum over and over. She unhooked her bra, yanked it off and tossed it in the back, and her panties quickly joined the clothes in the back, she looked down, she couldn't handle seeing his expression.

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Ted was thinking he must have hit the jackpot, full, swollen milk jugs, she had to be at least a solid 38, huge, cherry red nipples, a sexy curvy waist, a nicely trimmed muff as blonde as the hair on her head, hips that gave him something to hold on to, without being too much to handle, and long, sleek legs.

"Okay baby, in the back of the van, hands and knees, crawl over to the side door. "

As she did so, Ted saw the heart shaped ass, the tattoo on her right ass cheek, a small butterfly perched on a carnation. The sight of that fabulous rump, and the ink, oh god, his cock was steel hard. He went over to the side door, and opened it up. He was able to thread the handcuff chain through the anchor point, and gave her a look. She lowered her upper body down, extending her wrists, and he quickly had them cuffed together again. Ted closed the side door, and went around to the back.

Doggy style, her mind kept repeating, doggy style, I'm going to be raped doggy style.

Ted stripped quickly, this was going to be his first rape, and he relished the idea, his cock did also, his 9 inches was almost painfully erect. He crawled into the back, and pulled the liftgate shut, taking position, nudging her legs apart as he placed himself. He spit into his palm, and rubbed it over the head of his cock. His fingers probed at her hole, and he led himself up to the entrance.

"Oh yeah Linda, just move how you like to move when you're fucking, and we'll both have a great time! You'll love it!"

He brought a hand down, smacking her left ass cheek, just as he leaned in and drove his cock in. Linda let out a cry of pain as she felt her ass get hit, then a shriek of pain, as her dry, unready pussy was violated.

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   Ted grabbed her hips and pushed hard, impaling this hottie soccer Mom on his cock, spreading her walls apart forcefully, and his 9 inches buried itself balls deep. He pulled back, and thrust it in again, hard, Linda letting out another pained cry. She hadn't been fucked for over 3 months, and her cunt was so dry, oh that hurt. Ted was feeling the throbs of her pussy around his cock, she felt virgin tight, after several deep, pussy splitting thrusts that Linda bore with grunts of discomfort, he slowed down, and started to fuck her, gently, slowly, as her pussy adjusted to the stretch.

Ted continued, the slow, gentle in and out, and Linda could feel her hips start moving, almost of their own volition, humping back against his thrusts. What the hell, I'm being raped, and I'm starting to enjoy it? Stop it, stop it, her mind yelled, then she felt the gush, her hot juices flowing, coating his cock. Her body had betrayed her, the sexual drought, the need to have a hard, eager cock pumping her, her cunt wanted it, and wasn't going to let her mind spoil it for her. She gave up her body to the lust, the yearning need to get fucked properly, just let her body enjoy it. She started to hump back harder, now eager to get every bit of his cock inside her. The fullness of Ted's 9 inches, her walls split apart, now open to this most welcome intruder, she could feel his balls smacking against her pussy as her drove into her, over and over. Fuck, it felt so good, her moans and soft cries of pleasure started to fill the van.

Ted grunted with approval as he felt her wetness coating his cock with her hot flowing juices. Oh yeah, she was into it, those cries of pleasure, and she was humping back against him, eager to get more of his cock inside.

As he rode her, Ted grunted, "Why are you so tight baby? Old man doesn't give a damn anymore?"

Linda gasped, "Yeah, he just doesn't care, After the kids, he didn't want sex anymore. I have to beg him to fuck me, and after a 1 minute ride, he dumps his load into me, rolls over and goes to sleep.

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   I have to finish what he started, every time. "

Ted growled, "He's a jerk, I'd never let you go to bed without making sure you were satisfied sexually. Oh yeah, I knew you'd like it baby, tell me how much you like it".

"Oh fuck, feels so good, I haven't been fucked for so long, and your cock feels glorious, fuck me hard, I want to feel the hard throbs of a cock that wants me, wants to explode inside my cunt, ram my cunt, and give me every drop!"

Ted was eager to do so, and his cock ramming into her made Linda moan with pleasure. Oh god, it had been so long, then she felt his hands leave her hips, body molding against her, and her started to tug and pull on her stiff, straining nipples. Her nipples were rock hard, reddened and aching.

"Cum all over my cock baby, cum for me, scream my name when you cum!"

The zings of pure sensation shooting right into her pussy took her over, she could feel her cunt clamp tightly around his cock, and she felt the tsunami roaring at her.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, feels so fucking good, oh god, gonna cum, gonna cum so fucking hard, oh yes, Ted, Ted, TEDDDDDDD!"

Her voice rose up to a shreik, and her pussy exploded with a surge of juices, as his cock continued to ram her. Ted was close, but he had learned control, and he held off his orgasm, Linda needed more fucking, god, what a bonehead her husband must be.

"Do you want more baby?"

"Oh god, yes, I need more, fuck me again! Let me ride your cock, I want cowgirl style, I love that, but my husband doesn't!"

Ted knew he was taking a chance, but, he decided to risk it. He pulled out, unlocked the handcuffs, and let her get up. He lay down, and watched as she swung into position. Linda looked down, he had steel gray eyes, a smile that was a little lopsided but very sexy, and her pussy was revving up again, oh fuck, she needed to make up for lost time.

She gently grasped his cock, still bone hard, still ready, and oh god, was she ready. Eveready, just like the bunny, she thought, and giggled.

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   She was as horny as a bunny, and she told Ted what made her giggle, as she nudged herself against him. She freed her hair from the ponytail, it framed her face like a set of curtains, her green eyes had a feral, hungry glow, and her smile was one of pure lust. Ted's cockhead was running along her opening as Linda slid back and forth, she grinned as he growled, teasing his lust, her lips, syrupy and slick with her juices rubbing over the length of his shaft. Linda couldn't wait anymore, she adjusted herself, and the tip of his cock was pushing against her entrance. With a low moan, Linda thrust herself down hard, letting out a loud gasp of pleasure as his cock speared into her. Ted's grunt joined, as his cock was wrapped in the tight, wet clutching heat. She pushed down, letting his cock surge into her until he was in, balls deep.

"Fuck, oh fuck, feels so good, ummm, god I love it!" Linda growled.

Linda was on fire, she wanted more, and she eagerly started to ride Ted's cock, slamming her pulsing pussy down onto him, her warm wet muscles milking Ted's cock as she drove herself up and down on his cock, lifting up, and impaling herself again and again. Ted's cock was sliding up and down in her like a piston, the van was filled with the wet squelchy sound of her juicy pussy ramming up and down as Linda rode him hard, pumping her hips up and down, grunting passionately, loving the repeated penetration. Ted was enjoying the view, those sexy melons bouncing up and down in time to her thrusts, the way her blonde hair flew around as she threw her head back, picking up speed. Linda could feel the sudden rush, her slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat started quivering wildly.

"Yes, yes, oh fuck, I'm cumming, feels so good, yes, yes, YES!" Linda howled.

    Her orgasm crashed into her, her pussy spasming and twitching, her body shook wildly, as her pussy wrenched, exploding into orgasm, racing through her like a wave of pleasure. As she shuddered in climax above him, Ted was able to hold onto it one more time, the sight of Linda cumming around his cock, and the feel of her spasming tightness, took him to the brink.

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       Linda was gasping, letting the pleasure flow through her. She dropped forward, his arms holding her body close to him as she felt the ebbing.

    Linda said softly, "Ummm, you're still so hard, I can feel it. Use me how you'd like to, I want you to fuck me until you explode, I want every drop of sizzling sperm sprayed into me!"

    "Lay back baby, and let me ride you face to face!" Ted growled.

    Linda was happy to do so, she eagerly spread her thighs, letting Ted see the sexy pink entrance, eager to be be filled again.

    "Yeah, oh yeah, fill me up and kiss me, kiss me a lot, I love being kissed and fucked at the same time!"

    Linda ran her fingers down as she spread her legs, parting her pink lips, displaying her glistening pink hole, needing to be filled, welcoming Ted back in with a smile.

    "Oh yes, slide your hard cock in Ted, then ride me, fuck me until you balls are read to explode, then let me feel your sizzling sperm being pumped into me!"

    Ted eagerly did so, filling Linda with his 9 inches. She felt his balls smack against her ass, and she brought her legs around his waist, tilting her hips up so he could go as deep as possible.

    "Oh yeah, go deep, now, kiss me, kiss me!" Linda demanded.

    She eagerly pulled his head down to hers, and their mouths opened to each other, tongues combining in swirling, tongue filled kisses of passion. Linda could feel the twinges of her orgasm already, she started to hump her hips up to meet his thrusts.

    Her juices were gushing, Ted's cock was stuffed up the tightest, hottest, wettest cunt he had ever had the pleasure of being in. This soccer Mom hottie was the finest piece of ass he'd ever had. The tongue action of her kisses had his cum swirling in his balls, he was reaching the boiling point quickly.

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       He felt his cock jerk, swelling with a massive urgency, Linda let out a loud grunt as he pierced her cervix, his cock head at full extension. The feel of Ted penetrating her so deep shoved Linda over the edge.

    "Cumming, oh fuck,Ted, Ted, TEEEDD!!"

    Her shriek filled the van, burning tingles of pleasure started to race up and down her tunnel, and her pink walls gripped tightly, spasms racing along the length of his cock. He kept his cock buried, the superb milking grip took him roaring over the edge.

    "Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you baby, gonna explode!" Ted grunted.

    "Yes, yes, yes, every drop, flood my womb, cumming again, yes, yes YEEESSSSS!"

    She squealed with joy as she felt her pussy spasming, as another orgasm slammed her pussy, the pulsing of Ted's cock joining in. Ted growled as his cock erupted, pumping wildly. Linda could feel the liquid heat, a rush of wetness being pumped all over her womb. It powered her on, as Ted's cock continued to gush a fountain of cum deep, until Ted's cock finally sprayed out every drop. He slumped down, exhausted, as Linda's pussy give one last milking pull, before her pussy relaxed, and she felt the body on top of her, the slight soreness of her pussy. Ummm, it felt so good to the feel the soreness of a well fucked cunt, she hadn't had that for so long.

    As they drifted in post orgasmic bliss, Linda was thinking. It was Friday, her son was staying over at his friend's house for the weekend, her daughter was gone for the weekend also, out to her friend's beach house. Her husband was on a camping trip, and he wouldn't be back until Sunday. She had the house all to herself, it had been planned to be a long weekend of self love, but with Ted's cock right here, and her desire to get more, more, and more, it was time to use his cock to quench the flaming heat of her lust.

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       She was going to get the payback for all those nights of lonely lust.