Snowed in at the Rest stop


It’s been snowing no stop for the past 2 hours with no sign of letting up. I decided to play it safe and pull in to a rest stop to take a break for awhile. With any luck this show will clear up a little too. I grabbed my laptop bag a bottle of sprite and headed inside. I walked through the small lobby to the café at the end and sat down at a table against the wall. Besides the café attendant there were 5 other men, probably truckers, hanging around in attempt to wait out the storm.

I kept to myself browsing the internet with the free wireless access. It wasn’t long before I wandered into my porn folder and put on a few videos to help pass the time. I had been away from home for over a week, not getting any action while I was away, and desperately needed a release. Had I been anywhere else in the café other than squirreled away in the back my raging hard on would have been visible to everyone.

Out of boredom I start reading through Craig’s list personals for the area. The local m4m page loads displaying only 4 ads for the area today. The first two are the usual “No-recip” cocksuckers. The second ad seemed extremely hot. Two roommates on the nearby military base are looking for a “young and eager boy, early twenties ” to serve as a personal assistant to the two Top drill instructors for the weekend. The post was accompanied by a picture of two very muscular men standing side by side and shirtless.

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   The image was cropped at the neck and again right above the groin, perfectly showing of the V shaped muscle below the waist. Both men had smooth tan skin drawn tightly over their chiseled stomachs, ripped bulging pecks , and thick strong arms.

I moaned to myself as I felt my asshole quiver with excitement. Knowing both of these men were quite out of my league, not to mention miles away in a blizzard, I sent an e-mail in reply introducing myself as a young eager and well motivated assistant, ready and willing to go above ,or below, and beyond the call of duty to satisfy any
requirement. I attached a list and brief description of my top abilities including a mastery of oral exercises, expert riding technique, and deep love and passion for treats, tips or rewards that would cum my way in return. The thought of being worked over by two military hunks had me intensely aroused, even if it were just in my head. I sent the e-mail not expecting any kind of reply and moved on to the last.

A trucker had posted from a rest area along the highway. He was stranded in the lobby and wanted mouth to keep him company. The last line read “This is one of the few rest areas I’ve seen with a glory hole in the bathroom, and with my luck no one on the other side. Come in off the road to rest and service the area. Lord knows the kid at the café wouldn’t know what to do with a stiff cock. ” My eyes opened wide as I realized he was posting about the rest area I was in. While reading the article my “Dicksucking All-stars” video played through pulling me into a trance. A man three tables over cleared his throat loudly bringing me back from space.

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   Apparently I had taken the neck of the soda bottle into my cheek and began to swirl my tongue around the bottle cap.

I can be pretty sure he isn't the author of the post, and also isn't fond of seeing a grown man perform fallacious on a soda bottle. I nonchalantly peeked around the cafe and lobby trying to figure out who it was that is in need of a warm mouth this evening. I decided to just go for it and hope someone notices. I unscrewed the cap from the bottle as I walked toward the Men's room held it up over my head letting the last few drops of soda trickle into my mouth before swirling my tongue around the opening. "Hopefully that will send the right message" I thought to myself as I walked through the bathroom. I continued to the last stall in the row, but didn't see any holes connected any of them. Just before giving up I spotted a suspicious looking metal panel on the wall of the bathroom in the last stall. With a firm tug it swung away from the wall on a hinge revealing a nice size opening in the wall to the Janitors closet.

This is it! I cheered as I walked through the closet door pulling it shut behind me. There wasn't much in the closet, but I managed to find an overturned bucket to pull up and sit on in front of the hole. I sat with anticipation waiting for a visitor.

About three to four minutes later I hear a set of footsteps enter the bathroom and the stall door open then latch shut. I was getting nervous for a minute after hearing a belt buckle unlatch and zipper being pulled down. I sat on the edge of the bucket peeking through the hole curious as to what is happening on the other side of the hole.

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Just as I leaned forward to spy through the hole a semi erect cock poked its way through stopping inches from my face. "That's incredible" I whispered barely audible to my visitor through the wall, before scooting closer to the wall. I paused to inspect his thick plump cock before leaning forward to wrap my lips around the head of his cock. The man let out a sigh of approval the moment my lips locked around his shaft. I held his cock in my mouth as I applied pressure with my lips while tonguing the underside of his plump cock head. I continued to suck slowly and run my tongue around the head of his cock and down the shaft until every millimeter of his rod was fully engorged.

He grew impatient with my taunting sucking and began to thrust into the wall pushing his cock further into my mouth. I welcomed every inch as it pumped back and forth through the wall into my mouth. I opened my mouth wider and held my head closer to the hole taking more of his ridged cock into my mouth. His pace grew faster, feeling the benefit of his effort, pushing and pulling the shaft of his cock through my pursed lips. I hold my head even closer to the wall just an inch or soaway. The man started to groan as he pumped his dick through the hole and into the back of my throat. I felt ridge of is well defined tip scrape the sides of my throat as it fills the back of my mouth.

His solid cock pumped faster and faster into my throat while I slurped on the dickhead as more and more precum leaked from his balls. I pressed my lips against the hole allowing him to fuck my throat as hard and fast as he wished.

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   A mixture of saliva and precum ran from my mouth down the shaft of his cock as he fucked my mouth. The head of his cock began to swell as his shaft throbbed uncontrollably in my throat. I wrapped my lips around his dick as tight as I could and clenched my hand around the base of his cock pulling him to me so I could suck him deeper down my throat. He threw his body against the wall as every muscle in his body grew tight.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum down your throat!" he groaned as his dick pulsed wildly shoothis thick load into my mouth. I pushed his dick all the way into the back of my mouth as he continued to shoot load after load of thick creamy cum directly down my throat. I gulped down a mouthful of jizz while holding is dick in my mouth to milk out every last drop. I continued to suck and swallow cum from his dick until it was empty. His dick twitched in my mouth one last time before slowly drawing out. I sat up licking my lips and savoring the taste of his rich warm cum. He spent no time waiting around zipping his pants as he left the stall.

"I wonder if any of the other truckers stranded here knew about this glory hole" I thought to myself as I caught my breath still sitting in the closet.

To be continued. . .

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