You know. . I was'nt exactly the biggest frequenter of stripclubs. I reminisce, thinking about that night. I could still see the flashing lights, and the naked bodies of all the performers, the most memorable being that of a crocodile girl, her wet, scaled slit, still burned into my mind. That, her small puckered rosebud, and her round, scaled tits. I had been watching her take her clothes off for about ten minutes, and she was finally naked, moaning sexily, and touching herself in all the right places, when a slim sleek, panther girl came up behind me, purring in my ear, and gripped my hard doggy cock through my jeans. "mmmm. . . what have we here?" I turned around and saw one of the performers from earlier, the one I had been watching before the croc chick. She licked her lips like only cats do, and twitched her whiskers, "hi" I stared back. . . but a little lower, at her now covered breasts, hidden behind her tight shirt. I saw her hard nipples pressing against the fabric, realizing she was'nt wearing a bra.

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   "umm. . hi" i said back, now lookng her in her yellow eyes. she laughed, then straddled me, rubbing herself against my hard on through her panties. "mm. . i know where you had your eyes stud. " she said and gripped my shoulders. , "but if you had them on my face you would have seen where MINE were. " she kissed me then, lots of tongue in that, electrifyingly sexy, and even more so when I put my hands on her tits, moulding them, and she moaned, grinding herself against my hardon. She ended the kiss, getting off of me, and she gripped my hand, pulling me out of her seat. She winked, then stuck her hand down my pants and started leading me with it, out onto the streets, down two blocks, up a flight of stairs, and into an apartment room, pleased that I watched her lean, sexy body. She flicked her tail around, tracing it against my chin, then I came up behind her and held her, pulling her round, well shaped ass into me. She wrapped her tail and around my less flexible dog tail, and nipped my arm slightly. I let her go and she pulled my shirt off, revealing my light gray, bristling fur, and she licked my nipple, biting on it slightly, somehow making me feel euphoric.

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   I gripped her panties only to find out they were'nt. It was a thong that slid tothe side easily, so I slid it to the left a little, and sank my fingers into her sopping pussy. feeling her juices trickle down my hand as she moaned. Then she bit into my shoulder, sinking her teeth in slightly, making me stop. "mmm. . no. first we get naked, then we can play. after that I'm going to fuck you so hard the only pussy you'll ever want is me!" she said, and quite literally almost ripped her shirt off. I pushed her to the bed and unbuttoned her short, denim skirt, then unzipped it and pulled it down, savoring the look of her dark fur. Then I busied myself with taking off my pants and boxers, casting them aside as she did the same with her thong. She laid down on the bed, wriggling her perfect ass, and winking at me so I came up behind her and gripped it in my hands. I stuck one of my fingers in my mouth, wetting it, and inserted it into her small, puckered, asshole, and she bucked slightly against it, moaning ever so softly. I fingered her ass slowly, sliding my finger in and out, "mm. .

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  . yeah, does my dirty little kitten like it in her ass?" she bucked her ass against my hand rythmically, "mmm. . yeah, finger my goddamn ass, ohh. . !" she moaned. I fingered her faster till her little rosebud clamped down on my finger, and damn! I think she had an anal orgasm! Well i pulled my finger out off her dripping asshole as she flipped over. I leaned over her and latched my mouth around her hard nipple, sucking and nibbling on it as she moaned again. My seven and a half inch cock, throbbing like mad. I stopped and she straddled my cock and slid her pussy lips right down over my cock ever so slowly. "yeah, you like that don't you? Tired of all the damn bitches are'nt you? you want to fuck a goddamn pussy in the pussy huh doggy?" I moaned as she grinded down on my cock, "No I want to fuck this pussy's pussy!" I said as she kissed me, darting her hot little tongue into my mouth. I gripped her waist as she wrapped her legs around me and crashed down on me, then rose. I swirled my tongue around hers, and she wrestled with it in my mouth, the ambrosiac taste of her spit in my mouth. I pumped into her harder and we moaned into each others mouths. She fucked me relentlessly, slamming her pussy down around my cock, I started smacking her ass with my right hand, and playing with her tit with my left, and she ground down all the harder.

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       My cock stiffened and her walls clamped down around me in orgasm, pounding up and down on me like she was possessed. I lost it and shot fifteen bursts of my hot, creamy seed, deep into her hot little snatch. She broke the kiss and pushed me hard, roughly, onto the bed. "I am not fucking done yet!" she said, a look of crazed lust in her eyes. She switched around into a 69 position, and pushed her pussy into my face and I obliged, rehardening, and thrust my tongue inside her seed filled slit. She wrapped her lips around my now sensitive cock, and cleaned the seed off of it. I flicked my tongue against the hard nub of her clit, making her clamp down on my cock, and she sucked me dry as my cum spilled into her hot little mouth. she switched positions, laying down, and played with my cock, forcing it to harden yet again, then dragged me forcibly to her ass, gripping mine, and pulling me into her, making me push my hard dick deep inside her asshole. "mmmmm. . . . fuck!" she moaned, and yanked my head down into a kiss. She still had loads of cum in her mouth, and she divvied it up, pushing half of my own cum into my mouth. She played with my tongue moaning eagerly into my mouth as I assfucked her without mercy.

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       She raked her claws down my back making me accidently swallow my cum at the same time she did. I pumped a full load into her ass as she orgasmed from both it and her pussy at the same time, "OHHH FUCK YESS!!!" she screamed. she came, squirting liquid out of her pussy and all over my hard stomach, collapsing onto the bed. I was more exhausted and we made out one last time, falling asleep with our tongues in each others mouths.

    I still remember that one night stand fondly, and wondered what happened to her. I'm looking forward to seeing her again. .



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