Sitting My Niece Ch. 02


*** Friday: Morning ***

The next morning, I woke up early and got in the shower. The stream of hot water massaged my back, and my senses slowly re-engaged. I didn't feel as guilty about the night before as I thought I would, and I feared that I was becoming too accustomed to the way the two of us were blurring our moral boundaries. Maybe now that Mary-Kate had found sexual relief, the pressure would be off to go any further.

I wondered if perhaps . . . Wait! What was that? I thought for a second that I heard the bathroom door open, but when I stopped scrubbing and focused my hearing, the room beyond the shower curtain sounded empty. I returned to soaping myself.

I wondered if perhaps last night had been the first time she had been so intimate with a guy. The way she talked, she seemed pretty naive, and she hadn't mentioned to me that she had a boyfriend. I can't imagine that my sister would encourage her to date, although Mary-Kate was 18 and certainly old enough to do her own thing. Maybe I was now the first guy to have brought her to orgasm. For a moment, that thought made me feel strangely proud, but then I got scared. I would have to remind her of the importance of discretion.

There! That sounded like water drizzling.

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   I hooked aside a small portion of the shower curtain and saw my niece sitting naked on the toilet. Her legs were splayed slightly, and a thin stream of pee flowed from beneath her soft tuft of hair into the bowl below. A sharp tinkling sound cut through the dull beat of the shower's flow on my head.

She pulled some sheets off the toilet paper roll and gave her pussy a few gentle wipes. Then she rose, flushed and moved over to the sink to wash. Her soft, supple body flitted around the bathroom, naked and unguarded, like a little pixie.

I marvelled at the pertness of her cheeks as she soaped her hands, and I drew back the curtain even more to watch. In the mirror, I stared at her perky breasts that wobbled lightly as she bent over the sink. Then scanning over the rest of her body, I admired her young and unspoiled proportions. I let my eyes wander up her back to her shoulders and neck and . . . In the mirror, I all of a sudden noticed that she was staring directly at me. I dropped my hold on the curtain and pressed back against the shower wall.

"Good morning, Unc," she called out to me.

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"Good morning, Mary-Kate," I replied, trying to sound casual. "You shouldn't be in here when I'm taking a shower. Didn't you hear the water running?"

Suddenly, the curtain at the far end of the tub drew to the side, the shower rings screeching on the metal rod. "Well, I didn't think you would be peeping at me, you perv," she said, leaning her head in.

I quickly clasped my hands in front of me. "Mary-Kate! Close the curtain! You need to leave right now. "

She stepped into the shower and drew the curtain closed behind her. "Why, Uncle Perv? You were peeking at my titties, so I should be able to peek at your wiener. " She took a swipe at my hands, but I had a firm grip.

"Mary-Kate, get out!" I insisted.

She grabbed the soap from the side tray and squeezed her body around me to get closer to the showerhead. "Oh relax, Unc. I have to shower too. " She started to suds her front. Her hands pressed and plied against her soft skin.

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"Look at you covering yourself," she said, flicking a hand out again to try and dislodge my hold unsuccessfully. "You know, I've seen your wiener already. Why are you being so shy?" She massaged her breasts with her soapy hands, pushing and kneading the fleshy lumps around her chest. Then, she handed the bar to me and twirled around. "Here, do my back. "

I hesitated for a moment but then decided to give her a hurried wash in order to get us out of this situation as quickly as possible. As I let go of my cover to grab the soap, my erection dropped in front of me like a weapon being aimed, and I shifted my hips back to keep it from touching her. I rubbed the wet bar superficially across her upper back, trying not to let my hand touch her skin, but I soon ran out of safe places to clean.

"My bum gets dirty too, you know," she said.

I touched the soap to one of her cheeks, and it yielded to my touch. I moved the bar over her bottom, which squished and mushed under my pressure. She reached around and grabbed the bar out of my hand. "You're not doing a good job. Use your hand. "


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   I . . . ," I protested, but she grabbed my hand and pressed it onto a cheek. My fingers melted into its softness, and when I swiped, my hand glided slickly over the smooth, wet surface. I wiped around and around on the one side and then moved over to the other. I lost myself in the feeling, and she pushed back against my ministrations. My erection wavered out in front of me, and I used the pressure from my cleaning hand to stop her from shifting into it.

"Unc!" she said in exasperation, "You're not cleaning me!" She grabbed my wrist and forced my hand into her bum crack. I tried to pull it back, but her grip was firm. My hand slid down between her cheeks. She turned her head and glanced at me. Her eyes were partly closed in concentration. "I think I need a lot of cleaning there," she purred.

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   Along the groove, I felt the pucker of her anus, and each time I swiped past it, she shivered. She leaned back into me until her head rested on my shoulder. She sighed and then brought my soapy hands around to her front, sliding them up to her chest. I closed them over her pudding breasts; her slick skin slipped between my fingers. "Ohhhh, Unc!!" she breathed.

I kneaded and rolled her breasts as if to soap them, but my manipulations were too deep, too luxuriating and too deliberate to be mistaken for cleaning. "Ohhhh!!" she purred again and leaned back further. Her ass cheek slid along the underside of my stiff cock and pushed it up against her lower back. "Mmmm!" she murmured, "What's that?"

She reached behind and grabbed my erection. I tried to jerk my hips away, but she had it in her grasp. She slid her closed hand up its length. "Oh Unc!" she exclaimed, "Your wiener is hard again!"

I broke free and shoved my back up against the shower wall. "Mary-Kate, that's enough! You need to leave right now," I insisted.

She spun around and glared at me with sparkling eyes. Some suds flew off her nipples as her breasts whipped over.

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   "But Unc, I'm all soapy," she said, pouting. "I can't get out yet. " She advanced towards me.

I tried to flatten my body against the wall tiles but couldn't avoid her approach. She pressed her soapy body against mine to prevent my escape. Her breasts deformed softly into my chest, and underneath them, her slippery hands closed around my balls and hard-on.

"Mary-Kate, back up," I demanded, "I have to leave. " But she had me pinned.

She stared at me coyly through the tops of her eyes. The corners of her mouth curved up. She began to massage my entire groin with her hands. "Unc?" she asked, "Last night, what were you telling me would happen if I rubbed your wiener like this?" Her soapy hands slipped up and down on my shaft. Up and down. Up and down.

I looked down but could only see her face and compressed bosom.

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   Underneath, her hands worked in a slow rhythm. Up and down. Up and down. "It would . . . It would . . . ," I tried to reply.

Up and down. Up and down. "Uh huh?" she mused.

It felt so good. It was wrong to let her do it, but I didn't want her to stop now.

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   "It would sp-p-p-purt . . . " I was on the edge.

Up and down. Up and down. "Oh, then maybe I should stop. " She continued to lean against me, but she ceased stroking.

I couldn't believe it. Her slippery hands grasped my cock but stayed still. I was frantic; I was almost there. I shifted my hips and moved my shaft in her grip. It slurped in and out. She smiled.

I rocked my hips and slipped my cock in and out of her handhold.

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   In and out. In and out. "Mmmm, Unc, what are you doing?" she asked teasingly.

I sped up my rocking, and my cock became a greased piston. In, out. In, out. In, out. She gripped me tighter and began to push against my motion. I felt the tell-tale twinges. "Aaahh! Aaahh!" I warned, but she continued to bear down on my thrusting rod.

I let fly. "Nnngghhh!!" Thick spurts of cum spewed through my cock and splashed against the underside of her breasts. "Eeee!!!" she screamed at being sprayed, but she maintained her hold and position. "Nnngghhh!! Nnngghhh!! Nnngghhh!!" I shot and shot into her chest before subsiding.

Finally, I went limp against the wall, and she leaned away from me.


   Long strings of goo dripped off her abdomen and breasts. She held her slimy hands away from her body and flicked them down towards the tub. "Oooo!! Uncle Harvey, you made me all messy!" she complained and wiped her palms on my cheeks in retaliation. The cum oozed down my face. "Yuck!" she said, "You got your gunk all over me. "

She turned into the stream of water and scraped herself off, while I leaned exhaustedly against the shower wall. What just happened couldn't have just happened. I was stunned. A gob of cum dripped off my cheek and landed on top of my foot.

Mary-Kate turned around and giggled at my stupor. "You have to clean up, or we're going to be late," she advised and stepped out of the shower to dry off. I washed off and then emerged.

She stood in the middle of the room with a towel wrapped around her body. She threw me a towel and then kneeled in front of me with another one in her hands. I dried my face and hair, while she wiped up my legs.


   She pressed higher and higher until she cupped my balls. The rough terrycloth and her attention aroused me. "I can do that part," I said.

She pouted and got me to turn around. As I hurriedly tried to finish my front, I felt her towelling move up the back of my legs to my bum. She pushed and squeezed my cheeks, and then she sneaked her towel-covered hand between my legs, landing it on my groin.

"Oap!" I yelled and snapped my legs together, trapping her arm.

"Aiyeee!" she screamed, and then I released her. I fastened the towel around my waist, and we exited.

In the hall, she stopped. "Uncle Harvey?" she asked as she turned towards me.


Suddenly, she swiped the towel off me and ran down the hall. "Hey!" I shouted and bolted after her.

"Eeeee!!" she screamed and ducked into her room. She tried to close the door, but I leaned up against it.

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   Through the closing crack, we glared wildly at each other. Her eyes betrayed her nervous excitement. Suddenly, she abandoned her pushing and leaped to the bed. I stumbled into the room, my penis waggling in front of me.

She stood awkwardly on top of the mattress with one hand holding her towel on and the other shielding my towel behind her back. Her eyes glinted as she panted to catch her breath. Her leg muscles tensed, ready to spring.

I stalked the bed cautiously and countered her moves as she fidgeted from my approach. I could hear her breathing heavily through her nose. I neared the bed, and she leaped off to my side, but I caught her in mid-flight and threw her back on the bed. She bounced as she landed, and her towel flew apart on contact. I fell forward onto her with our momentum.

My face hovered over hers. I got caught up in the moment and kissed her on the mouth. She kissed back and threw her arms around my neck.

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   I felt her breasts mush into my chest and my firming penis stretch over top of her thigh. Our lips opened and closed in rhythm, and I felt excitement growing in my chest.

Then I came to my senses and pushed myself off. She tried to hold her arms around my neck, but I snaked my head out under the loop. "Don't go," she pleaded, flopping her arms onto the bed.

I moved towards the door. "You have to get ready for school. "

She shook her head. "Unh unh. You have to help me get dressed. "

I turned back to scold her but melted as I saw her lying vulnerably on the bed. I wanted nothing more than to run over and complete what we had started. But, I had to get her moving, and I knew that, if I didn't play her game, she would find some way to defy me.

I sighed and opened her underwear drawer. Stirring through her delicate underthings, I spotted a conventional pair of white panties and held them up for approval but didn't expect to receive it.

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"Yep, those will do," she said, completely shocking me. She sat over the side of the bed, and I brought them over and kneeled between her legs. I fiddled with the panties to distinguish between their front and back.

She bent forward and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Uncle Harvey?" she said softly.

"Yes, my sweet," I replied, still trying to figure out her panties' orientation.

"Uncle Harvey?" she whispered, "I'm all tingly again. "

I swallowed. This was not a good sign. I looked up into her eyes. She seemed pained and anxious. "Sweetie," I said haltingly, "You have to get ready. "

She kissed me on the mouth and then drew my head down to her groin. I resisted, but she pulled me down again with surprising strength. The tip of my nose touched her hair, and I could smell her tangy odour.

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   I tried to pull back and get up, but she lifted up her hips and planted her pussy on my mouth. Her juices smeared over my lips. "Ohhh!" she exclaimed.

I dropped my mouth onto her wet fur and gave her pussy a long lap with my tongue. "Mmmmumph!!" she groaned. I couldn't stop. I kissed her lips and licked all around them. Her scent invaded my nose and spurred me on. I vibrated my tongue and aimed it at various targets, trying to find her little knob. "Ohhhh!!" she exclaimed again.

Bringing my hand around, I smoothed back her light hair and spread her folds of skin. Her clit peeked into view helplessly, and I dropped my waggling tongue onto it without mercy. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" she yelled out.

I brought my other hand up and slid a finger into her wet tunnel. She was extremely tight, and the more I penetrated, the more she squirmed. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   "Oh my gawd!! That feels so good!! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!"

I licked and slid as fast as I could. Her juices poured out of her. Her wriggling gave over to a sudden seizure, and she impaled her fingernails into the back of my scalp. "Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! Urppp unnngghhh!!" Her whole body clenched.

After a few seconds of rigidity, she grabbed my hair roughly and pulled my head up. With her eyes closed, she kissed my mouth ravenously, licking up her pussy juices. Then she collapsed back on the bed.

I watched her chest move up and down, as she recovered her breathing. Little droplets of liquid hung off her pussy hair like dew. Her intimate smell lingered on my nose and mouth.

Eventually, she rose onto her elbows and stared at me still kneeling between her legs. "What are you thinking about?" she asked dreamily.

"I don't know," I replied. I was mesmerized. "I guess I was thinking how wrong this is but how natural it feels.

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   I was thinking about how mixed up I am and how I'm letting you down as your guardian," I offered. "Why? What are you thinking about?"

She reached over and combed her fingers through my hair. "I was thinking that, if you don't leave right now, I'll be late for school. "

So much for sharing. I stood up and went to leave. My semi-firm penis wobbled in front of me, but I didn't bother recovering my towel. I was still stunned. As I reached the door, she called out to me, "Unc, Unc. "

I turned back, and she blew me a big, smoochie, air kiss. I grinned and exited her room.

I threw on a t-shirt and my boxers and waited at the front window. The bus turned the corner, and I yelled up for Mary-Kate to hurry. Almost as soon as I called, she bounded into the room and gave me a flying hug. She was dressed much like yesterday, but she had braided a couple of ponytails over her ears. She gave me a quick kiss on the mouth, grabbed her books and flew out the door.

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   "Bye, Unc," she called out as she ran.

Partway across the lawn, one of her textbooks slid off her pile onto the grass, but she kept going. Great! I wasn't dressed for this, but I didn't want to risk her missing it. I ran outside and called out to her. She didn't hear me at first, so I scrambled over to grab the book and called out again. The people on the bus stared at me through their windows.

She heard me the second time and retraced her steps. She had a strange look on her face, as if she were trying hard not to grin. When she finally approached me, she yielded to a wide, knowing smile. "Nice outfit," she said, grabbing the book away from me. Then she leaned forward and gave me a huge, open-mouth kiss with lots of tongue. I tried to ease her off me, but she resisted. Glancing nervously over her head, I could see the kids from the far side of the bus craning over their peers to look out the near-side windows.

She finished her kiss and smiled at me broadly. "Thanks," she said, stuffing her book back into her pile.

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   "I forgot to tell you, but I'm going on a date tonight. Bye. "

She spun about and skipped towards the bus. As she rounded the front, I noticed the bus driver grimacing at me disapprovingly. I turned and retreated back into the house. Behind me, a girl gave me a wolf whistle from her window.

*** Friday: After School ***

I stewed for most of the day. Date?!! Not if I had the final say! She had been very clever telling me about her date when I was outside, vulnerable and unable to argue, but when she gets home, she would find that the discussion isn't over. Date?!!

However, she is 18 after all. If she wanted to go out, who was I to stop her? As much as I hated to admit it, I may actually be a little jealous. No. No, that couldn't be it. It was because . . .

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   um . . . because her mother had put me in charge and had told me not to let her go out. Yeah, that was the reason. . . . Oh, why did I have to deal with this, and why did I care so much? My stomach was in knots.

The bus pulled up to the curb. Mary-Kate scooted around the front bumper and charged up the lawn. She waved to someone over her shoulder and then burst into the house. "Eeeee!!" she squealed as she entered, "Uncle Harvey! You were waiting for me again!" She bounded across the room, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on the mouth.

When she pulled back, she noticed that I wasn't smiling. I admit that I was cheered by her enthusiastic greeting, but it didn't erase the day-long funk I had been in.


   Leaning back, she mocked my sour mood by sticking out her lower lip. "You're a Mr Grumpy-puss, Unc. What's wrong?"

"We need to talk, Mary-Kate. This morning, you said something about going on a date tonight, and I . . . "

"Ohhhwuh! We always need to talk!" she interrupted me, "Okay, c'mere. Let's talk. " She led me by the hand over to the couch and gestured for me to sit. Then she plopped on my lap and leaned against my chest. "Okay, Mr Meany, what are you going to tell me?"

I was softening. I had built up a head of steam all day and had even practised a few different speeches, but now I was succumbing to her cuteness. "Well, I don't want to seem unreasonable, Mary-Kate, but your mother did say that you weren't to go out. "

"Uh huh," she whimpered, her head on my shoulder.

"I mean I realize that you're 18, but I would just prefer that you wait until after your parents get home.



"Uh huh. " She gave me a little peck on the neck.

"Well, that's all. I just think it would be better if you didn't go out tonight. "

She sat up and looked at me. "Uncle Harvey? Are you jealous about me going on a date?"

I coughed. "No. No! No, of course not. "

She smiled and squinted her eyes. "I think you are. Look at you; you're blushing. "

"Mary-Kate, don't be silly. I'm not the least bit jealous. I'm only thinking about . .

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  . "

"So, if you're not jealous, then you don't mind me telling you that I've got a crush on this guy and that I like to kiss him and snuggle with him. "

"N-n-n-no. Why should I be jealous? You're . . . I mean if you . . . "

"And that tonight, I was hoping that we might both get naked and that he might kiss me all over and that I might get to play with his wiener and . . . "

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stop right there!" My stomach fell. "Way too much information! You're not helping your case here. " For some reason, I felt betrayed and angry.

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   I got hot under the collar. "You know Mary-Kate, on second thought, I'm going to have to be firm here. I think that it would be best if you just stayed home tonight. "

She looked at me with wide-eyes and started laughing. "You are just so adorable, Unc," she giggled, "You are jealous!"

"No I'm not. "

"Yes you are. " She kissed me and gave me a big hug. "Mmm-mmm-mmm, you are just the sweetest thing. " She bounced off my lap and walked towards the hall. "I have to get ready now. You better find something nice to put on. "

I jumped up to follow her. "Mary-Kate! I don't want to have to put my foot down, but . . .

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  " I paused to reconsider her words. She ducked into her room and closed the door. "What do you mean that I have to get dressed?"

I opened her door to continue the conversation. "Aaaa!!" she screamed, "Get out! I'm dressing. " I recoiled into the hall.

Sticking her head out the door, she grinned from ear to ear and had a twinkle in her eye. "You have to get ready because I'm going on the date with you, silly. " She receded and closed the door.

Well, that made my head spin. I stood in the hall for a moment pondering the reversal. Then I knocked quietly on the door. "Sweetie, could you come out and talk to me? Because I'm not sure what you're saying. . . .

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   It might not be good for us to be seen together in public, and if . . . "

She pulled back on the door dramatically. She had taken off her blouse and was standing in her bra and skirt. She posed impatiently with one arm extended upwardly on the door's edge and the other arm hooked onto her hip. She puckered her lips together in a show of mock annoyance. "Uncle Harvey, relax," she huffed, "I'm going to make us a nice dinner here. We're going to eat it over wine and candlelight. And then we're going to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. . . . Questions?"

"No," I said sheepishly as she closed the door. My grief and anger turned into elation and excitement, but when I came back to Earth, I realized that this whole thing was a bad idea. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   I knocked again. "Sweetie, I really appreciate the thought that you're putting into this, but you know that it might not be . . . "

She drew open the door and leaned against it again, this time in her bra and panties. She smacked her mouth open and then chomped her teeth closed. "Unc!" she said testily, "Dinner, wine, candlelight, movies, cuddling. Got it?"

"Yes," I replied meekly.

"Good. Now put something nice on. " She closed the door.

Oh yeah, about that. Reluctantly, I knocked again. "Sweetie. Sorry to bother you again, but I didn't really bring any nice clothes.

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She flung open the door and burst out of her room wearing a silky kimono. As she puffed by me, she grabbed my hand and took me into my room. Rummaging through the closet, she pulled out a dress shirt, a dark blue business suit and a boldly coloured tie. Then she hustled out of the room. "I'm going to start dinner," she called out from the hall, "You should shower first. "

I looked over at my brother-in-law's suit lying on the bed and thought about how inappropriate it would be to wear it. Well, how inappropriate it would be to go on a date with his daughter. Well, how inappropriate the whole week had turned out.

I sighed and started taking off my clothes. Why stop now? At least, she'd be at home tonight where I could keep an eye on her.

*** Friday: Evening ***

I showered, shaved and got dressed. I even put on some cologne that I had in my shaving kit. Mary-Kate's scurrying made me feel like I was going in slow motion. A few times, I had to press up against a wall to avoid being bowled over. Then eventually, she retreated to her room for the final stages of her preparation.

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I tapped lightly on her door. "Do you want me to do anything?"

"No," she responded through the door. "Dinner is warming in the oven. Maybe you could open the wine. "

"Okay," I agreed and wandered into the kitchen. On the counter was a bottle of merlot and a couple of goblets. The kitchen smelled wonderfully of garlic and tomato sauce, and through the partially open oven door, I could see a couple of plates of pasta and garlic toast warming inside.

I opened the wine, scooped up the glasses and carried them all into the dining room. There, I saw a pair of candles on the table. Surrendering to events, I lit them and dimmed the lights. Finally, I brought in cutlery, napkins and the dinners.

In the distance, I heard the clicking of little heels on the floor. I turned and couldn't believe what I saw. Through the door strolled a beautiful, alluring, sophisticated woman.

Mary-Kate had on a little, black, halter dress that was tailored in at the waist and barely long enough to reach to mid-thigh.

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   The inner curves of her bosom showed prominently through the plunging neckline. On her legs, she wore black, sheer hose, and on her feet, she had on a pair of black, strappy, high heels. Her hair was slightly wavy and tousled, and her make-up featured dark eyebrows, long lashes and thick, burnt-red lips.

"My, haven't you been a little helper," she said as she looked at the set table. Then she glanced up at my disbelieving stare and smirked in embarrassment. "What?" she asked.

"You're gorgeous," I observed.

She giggled. Placing a hand lightly on my chest, she kissed me on the cheek and then rubbed the lipstick smudge off with her thumb. Her spicy perfume raised goosebumps on my skin.

I scurried around to hold out her chair, and she sat down, crossing her stockinged legs. Then I poured the wine and sat near her at the end of the table.

I lost track of who she was. She no longer seemed like my niece and no longer acted like the giddy, peevish girl with whom I had spent the week. Instead, she seemed like some young model or actress with whom I had won a dinner date.

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   But then, every once and a while, she said some naive thing or gestured in some teenage way that brought her real identity racing back to me. I was so mixed up; I was excited and alarmed at the same time.

I talked to her about things that had happened in my life, and she fed me an endless stream of questions. It was all very pleasant, and every so often, I would catch myself staring at her glistening lips or animated eyes or curvy breasts.

We finally finished eating, and she stood up to clear the dishes. "I didn't make a dessert," she explained, "I thought it would be better if we finished with some cheese and crackers. " She carried the plates into the kitchen and called out over her shoulder, "Why don't you take the wine in, and I'll meet you there. "

I watched her little bum wiggle under her short, slinky dress, and I sighed. I gathered the wine and glasses and retired to the living room. There, I found a room full of candles and the coffee table strewn with DVDs. I scanned the titles – My Best Friends Wedding, Sabrina, Ghost, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, The Way We Were. Suddenly, my blood ran cold. I felt like I had entered her lair.

She came into the room carrying a cheese tray and, dangerously, another bottle of wine. "You get comfortable," she suggested, setting down our after-dinner refreshments.


   Then she picked up a movie. "You don't mind 'Sleepless in Seattle', do you?" she asked, "We can watch another one if you'd prefer. "

I threw my jacket over the back of the chair and tucked my shoes under the coffee table. "No," I replied, "Unless you've got 'Die Hard' or 'The Terminator' somewhere in the pile that I didn't see. "

"Oh you!" she said, loading the DVD. "You're such a guy!"

I flopped into the corner of the couch, and Mary-Kate scampered around the room lighting candles and turning off lights. Then, as the DVD cued up, she scurried over to the couch and scrunched up against my side, lying on my chest and tucking her legs up on the cushion. "Mmmm," she murmured, "You smell nice. "

"Mary-Kate," I said in a cautionary tone as she reached up to my tie knot, "Maybe I should just say something before we . . . " Suddenly, she snugged the tie into my throat. "Ga-a-a-ack!" I choked, "What are you doing?"

"Sorry," she giggled, "Wrong direction!" Then she slipped my tie off. "I thought I told you to get comfortable. " She unbuttoned my shirt and kept going until she reached my belt.


   "Mary-Kate," I interjected again, "Don't you think that . . . "

"Shhh," she stopped me, "The movie's starting. " She cuddled into my side and slid her hand under my shirt. "Cover us up," she requested from my chest.

I grabbed the chenille throw off the back of the couch and, hampered by her dead weight on my chest, tried to fluff it out over her reclining body. After a few awkward attempts, she slapped my chest. "You're moving too much," she complained, so I tucked us in as best as I could and settled back against the cushions.

I can't say that I had anything against the movie, but it didn't hold my full attention. I watched parts of it, especially if she giggled or cried, but mostly, my mind wandered to the events of the week and to my thoughts of her appearance tonight. I was ashamed to admit to myself how much she was affecting me.

Suddenly, something must have happened in the movie because Mary-Kate was full of tears. I felt a wet stain on my shirt, and her breathing was punctuated by sniffles. "Sad, isn't it?" I said supportively, guessing.

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"Ye-ye-ye-yes," she blubbered and crawled up my chest to hug my neck. I felt a tear cross her cheek to mine and then run down my face to dribble off my chin. Her broken breathing beat against my ear. "Ohhhh," she whined as she prepared for another cry.

"There, there," I said softly and rubbed her back.

She lifted her head and looked helplessly into my eyes. Then she floated onto my lips, kissing them softly at first and then building in intensity. I followed her lead, and soon our kissing sounded in the room. Over and over, she smushed and slurped my mouth, her waxy lipstick rubbing over my lips.

My penis became fully erect, and when she cuddled into me, her hip pressed it into my abdomen. We kissed and licked and sucked and nibbled for a long time. Eventually, she looked over her shoulder at the TV. "You're making me miss the movie," she complained.

She snuggled back into position on my chest and hunkered under the throw. I slid my hand under the cover to her thigh and felt the slippery nylon under my fingers.

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   When I slid my hand up, I detected that she was wearing thigh-high stockings and not pantyhose. I ran my fingertips intriguingly over top of the lacy stay-up band.

She dropped her hand to my lap and manipulated the contents beneath. "Mmmm," she purred when she realized my state of arousal. I probably should have moved her hand away, but her massaging was gentle and seemingly harmless. Occasionally, she gripped onto my penis or curled around my balls, but just as I would take notice of it, her hand would go still.

When the movie ended, Mary-Kate became overcome with emotion again. She got up on her knees and grabbed onto the sides of my head. She kissed my mouth over and over again. Time disappeared. Finally, she sighed, "Hmmmm. Don't you just love a good movie?"

"Uh huh," I replied, savouring her attention.

She made her way to the TV and put the DVD back in its case. Then she walked over to the bookshelf and extracted a movie from behind a pile of books. She slipped it into the machine.

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I was intrigued that she hadn't made her selection from the choices on the coffee table, but before I could puzzle it out, she reached behind her neck, undid the strap to her dress and let it fall to the floor. The candles cast artistic light and shadows against her pouty breasts, darkly stockinged legs and thong-covered pussy. She returned to the end of the couch and crawled on her hands and knees towards me.

"Mary-Kate!" I warned her as she approached, "Put your dress back on!"

She just smiled and unfastened my pants. "Unh unh," she said.

I moved to counter her actions, but then grunting noises drew my attention to the TV. Flash shots of blowjob scenes intermingled with credits, as the movie progressed toward its menu page. In no time, my pants were around my ankles.

"Mary-Kate!" I exclaimed, securing my boxers with my hand, "Get some clothes on and turn that movie off!"

"Unc, relax," she said, as she curled up on my lap and used the remote to cursor through the scene selections, "I have some questions to ask you. "

I was shocked. "Enough! Give that to me!" I insisted and tried to grab the remote.

She pressed the play button and then slapped my stomach. "I have questions!!" she insisted.

She laid her face on my stomach and watched the screen intently. Directly in front of her, my hard-on pressed my shorts into a large bulge.

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   On the TV, a young Asian girl was kneeling in front of a man and pulling off his pants.

"Where did you get this?" I asked.

"I found it," she replied, "It's my dad's. Shhh, watch. "

The Asian girl began kissing and then licking the man's flaccid penis, which slowly rose with the attention. "So sometimes they kiss it and sometimes they lick it and sometimes they put it in their mouths to start. Which way do guys like it best?"

"Mary-Kate, I feel very, very uncomfortable about this. Let's just put it away and pick another movie, or maybe we should just call it a night. "

She looked up at me to see how serious I was. I glared back at her. Disappointment crossed her face. "You're right," she said, standing up. "I'll just have to ask the guys at school. " She sighed and padded over to the TV. Her little bum squinched as she walked, framed nicely by the outline of the thong. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   Her stockinged legs seemed to glide with her step.

She popped out the movie and clicked it back into its case. Then she sneaked it back into its hiding place.

"Um. Mary-Kate," I said, "It . . . uh . . . It might not be such a good idea to ask guys at school for advice on sex. "

She sauntered back to the couch and flopped down beside me. "I dunno," she responded, "I know some guys who would be happy to explain a blowjob to me. " She interlaced her fingers and placed them over my shoulder, and then rested her chin on her knuckles. "You don't need to worry about it anymore, Unc," she said, "I don't want you to be uncomfortable.

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I swallowed. "Okay, you win," I replied, "Ask your questions. "

"Really?!" She perked up immediately. "Okay," she said, moving her hands to my shorts and fiddling the fly open.

"Oh hey!" I scooched my hips away and gathered my fly closed. "No you don't. You can ask, but no demonstrations. "

She pouted. "But I have to show you some things with your wiener in order to ask you. "

"Well, my wiener is off limits," I insisted. I thought for a moment and then held up an index finger. "This will have to do. "

She giggled. "Oh Uncle Harvey," she exclaimed, "It's so small. " She rubbed it with her hand.

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   "Look. Look. It's pointing up," she laughed.

"All right, let's go with the questions. "

She settled down and curled her hands around my partially closed fist, pulling it towards her. "Okay. Do guys like it better like this?" She brought my finger up to her mouth and flicked her tongue slowly along its side and then all over it. "Or like this?" She changed to licking with long, wet strokes. Even though it was just my finger, I was surprised at how erotic it felt. A shiver went down my back.

I swallowed. "They . . . uh .

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  . . both are good," I observed.

She continued licking and hummed, "Uhmmm hummm?" Then she began kissing my finger with little smacky pecks. "And is this good?" She kissed all over its surface, and as she went, she changed to nibbling on the skin.

"Oh that . . . ," I coughed. "That would . . . uh . . .

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   would be good, yes. " My erection stretched up, frantically trying to press against something firm.

She moved my hand between our faces and looked at me through my extended finger as she made a slow run of kisses up its length. "Good, huh?"

"Uh huh," I whimpered.

"And how about this?" she asked, as she sucked my fingertip into her mouth. Then she slowly bobbed up and down on it, inserting it more and more with each bob.

"Ohhhh . . . the . . . um . . .


   well, that . . . ohhh," I searched for something coherent to say. My groin was burning. "Just don't touch it with your teeth. "

In and out, my finger slipped. In and out. "No?" she murmured. In and out. In and out.

"No. " I gulped.

She lifted her head off. Her eyes looked soft and yielding.


   "And do I just let it slip in and out, or do I suck on it?" she asked, dreamily. "Like this?"

"Okay!" I exclaimed, jumping off the couch. "That's enough of that!" I hurriedly did up my pants.

She looked up at me with a pout, but surprisingly, she didn't press the point. She stood up, gathered up her dress off the ground and hooked her arm around my elbow. "Well," she sighed, "I guess the date's over. " She nestled her cheek against my shoulder and hugged in against my arm.

She was being unusually cooperative, but I wasn't going to argue. I glanced down at her leaning against me, her compliant eyes staring adoringly back. My eyes travelled down her body, over her exquisitely shaped breasts, along her exotically shaded legs.

"Will you escort me to my room, good sir?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied and led the way, but I couldn't shake the feeling that she was plotting something.

We walked arm in arm down the hall and turned into her room. "Why don't you get ready for bed, and then I'll come back to tuck you in," I suggested.

She slipped her thong over her hips and let it fall to the floor.

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   Then she sat on the edge of the bed. "No," she replied, leaning back and pointing her feet up at me, "I'm ready now if you'll just help me with my stockings. "

I was lured by her slinky legs kicking slowly up towards my face. They beckoned me forward, towards her naked pussy, towards her trustingly bare breasts, towards her innocent face. I fortified myself and kneeled in front of her. As I carefully rolled the nylons down her legs, I readied myself for some kind of advance or assault, but she simply let me bare her legs and then slipped under her sheets.

I draped her stockings over the back of her chair and returned to sit on the bed. She seemed cheery enough.

"Thanks for the date," she said.

"No. Thank you," I replied, "You did all the work. The dinner was great, and I . . . uh .

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  . . I really enjoyed . . . um . . . watching the movie with you. "

She grinned back at me knowingly. "Really? Did you enjoy the cuddling part?"

"Yes. "

"Uh huh, and did you enjoy the kissing part?"

"Y-y-yes. "

"Uh-huh, and did you . . .

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"All right," I interjected, "I enjoyed all of it. Time to go to sleep now. "

"You know who didn't have any fun tonight?"


"Uncle Harvey's wiener. Maybe I should . . . "

"All right, all right. Bed time. "

"Ohhh," she whined, "Uncle Harvey?"

"Yes, my pet. "

"Do I have to be-e-e-eg you for a good-night kiss?"

I snickered. "No. " I leaned down and gave her a long kiss on her lips. As I pulled away, we smiled warmly at each other. "Good night, pumpkin. "

"Good night, Uncle Harvey.

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I made my way to the door and turned out the light.

"If you want to play with your wiener tonight, Uncle Harvey," she said, "Come and get me up. I know how to do it now. "

I laughed and left the room.

*** Friday: Night ***

I sauntered into the bathroom and sighed. Denying myself of her was unquestionably the right thing to do, but I felt such anguish doing it. I didn't know whether it was love, lust or lechery that was making me feel that way, but I suspected that it was a motivation that was rather low on the virtue scale.

I went to the toilet and washed up. Splashing cold water on my face did little more than to wake me up.

I returned to the living room, but seeing the flickering candles and rumpled throw made me miss not having Mary-Kate there with me, so I blew out the little mood-setters, picked up my clothes and scuffed back to my room.

What a mess! Clothes were strewn everywhere. The bed was unmade and had a big lump in it where I must have stashed even more clothes. I would really have to clean the house up tomorrow before my sister came home. The thought of having to straighten up put me into an even deeper funk.

I dropped my handful of clothes on the floor and followed them with the ones I was wearing. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   Then I turned out the light and stood at the doorway, staring across the hall. It might be my last chance to be intimate with her. Tonight, I could blame it on her beguiling attention and my wine-muddled thinking. Tomorrow, the stark light of day would make the impropriety of it all too clear. I sighed and slid into bed.

The dark room seemed to echo with my loneliness and despair. I closed my eyes and pictured Mary-Kate entering the dining room, letting her dress drop to the floor in the living room and staring up at me from her bed. Why was she so bewitching? Why was I letting her get to me? "Why, Mary-Kate?" I said out loud, "Why?"

"Why what?"

I startled. "Mary-Kate?" I called out, bewildered.

Suddenly, the lump in the bed moved. "Why what?" the lump asked, as it moved towards me. Smooth skin contacted my side and slid up my body. I lifted the sheet and was confronted with her smirking face.

"Did you know I was hiding?" she asked.

"No," I replied, "What are you doing here?"

"Rats! I shouldn't have said anything.

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   Pretend I'm not here. " She grabbed the sheet, pressed it back down on my chest and slid back down my body.

"Mary-Kate," I called out.

"Shhhh, you're supposed to be sleeping. " Then I felt a pair of lips caress the skin on my hip. The next kiss was closer to my groin, and the next one was even closer. Suddenly, a tongue flicked over my erection, and I exhaled loudly.

Mary-Kate licked all over my shaft, which waggled in response to her flicking. Then she focused on my tip, first bathing it with her tongue and then smooching it with her lips. Grabbing the base with her hand, she slid her mouth over my cock to about half-way.

"Ohhhh!!" I exclaimed and lifted the sheet to make sure this was really happening. I was thrilled by the sight of her little cherub face impaled on my erection. She grabbed the sheet out of my hand and slapped it back down on my chest.

In and out, my cock slipped. In and out of her wet mouth.

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   In and out. In and out.

A warm twinge shot from my groin to the small of my back. I reached under the sheet, pressed lightly on the side of her head and tried gently to speed her up. She complied, and my cock began to buzz. In, out. In, out. In, out.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. "Mary-Kate," I gasped, "Stop. Stop. "

She lifted up with a slurp. "Why?" she asked, "Am I doing something wrong?" A string of saliva drooped from her lips to the end of my cock.

"Because I'm going to . .

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  . ohhh! . . . going to cum. "

She threw back the covers. "I wanna see!"

I was right on the edge. I grabbed her hand and clasped it around my hard-on, and then I guided it up and down. She got the message. She laid her head on my stomach and continued the stroking. Then, becoming impatient, she let fly with her jerking.

"Ohhh!! Mary-Kate, you don't have to . . . Oh gawd! .

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  . . you don't have to . . . Oh my gawd!! . . . " Her hand flew up and down my cock, and my hips rocked. Suddenly, my balls clenched and thick ropes of cum pushed out. "OHHH!! OHHH!! OHHHUHHH!!!" My body shuddered and spasmed.

Cum spurt over her head, landed on her hair and splashed off of her cheek, but she didn't cry out. As my spurting abated, her jerking subsided. Then, when it all appeared to have ended, she raised up on her elbow and spun her head towards me. "WOW!" she exclaimed.


   "That was amazing!"

I was breathing heavily, and I chuckled at her commentary. "You think so?"

She nodded her head and then turned her attention back to my groin. Scooping up a glob of cum, she brought it to her mouth and licked it off her fingers. "Hmmm," she murmured discerningly and then leaned down and licked along my deflating penis. She slurped it into her mouth and washed it with her tongue. It felt incredible.

"That was wonderful, Mary-Kate. Thank you," I sighed.

She giggled. "You're welcome, Unc," she chirped and jumped off the bed, "But you're a messy boy. " She hustled out of the room and returned with a wet washcloth.

She mashed her hair playfully into my face, getting cum all over my nose and mouth, and then wiped us both clean with the cloth, discarding it over the side of the bed with a plop when she was done. She curled up beside me and drew the covers over both of us. I was absolutely filled with warmth and contentment.

I rolled onto my side and held her in my arms.


   Her face was beaming and angelic. I kissed her as if I was never going to see her again. Then I leaned back to speak to her. "Mary-Kate, I . . . uh . . . I just want to . . . "

She sealed her hand over my mouth. "Go to sleep, Unc. It's getting late.

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I pulled her hand away and smiled. Then I lay back on the bed and stretched out my body. My legs quivered with delight as I stretched. Mary-Kate snuggled into my armpit and laid her face on my chest. Everything was bliss, and we both drifted off to sleep.

*** Saturday: Morning ***

In the morning, I woke up to find myself spooning with my bedmate. Entwined around her small, soft body, I whimsically hoped that we could lie there all day. I listened to her light breathing, which made the hair dewy on my arm near her face.

My penis pressed up against her ass cheek and became firm as I took notice of it. I shifted it to lie along the crease of her bum, and as I hugged her closer, I let it burrow shamelessly between her cheeks.

Suddenly, she stirred. She rolled over to face me and snaked her arms around my body. With her eyes still closed, she greeted me with a throaty whisper, "It feels like you're awake. "

"Sorry," I apologized, "I didn't mean to wake you. "

"It's okay," she breathed, keeping her eyes closed.

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   She leaned towards the sound of my voice and kissed me blindly. She lingered with the kiss and played with my lips. The hollow sound of our smooching excited me, and I pressed my erection into the soft muscle of her upper thigh.

Eventually, she pulled back and looked at me. "Unc? I want to ask you for a favour. "

"What do you want, sweetie?"

She paused. "You know what I'm going to ask you. "

"No, I don't. What is it?"

She sighed and started flicking my lower lip playfully with her finger. "Don't make me ask. Just say 'yes'. "

"Yes to what? What are you asking?"

She dribble my lip some more. "I want you to make love to me. "

"Whoa! What?!!" I shook my head to get her to stop playing. "Do you know what you're asking?"

"Oh, Unc, it's no big deal.

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   I just want to have sex with you while we still have the chance. You know, before my parents come home. It's not like I'm a virgin or anything. "

I was shocked. Her admission stabbed me in the heart. How could she possibly not be a virgin? How is it that she could she be so naive and . . . Then I looked into her eyes. They were darting about and avoiding my stare. "Mary-Kate, you're not telling the truth, are you?"

"Unnnnc!" she whined, "Don't ruin it. Just say 'yes'. "

"Mary-Kate, I . . .

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   I can't. "

She harrumphed. Spinning around, she pushed her back against me and pulled my arms around her front. Then she role-played our two parts sarcastically, " 'Mary-Kate, I can't. ' . . . 'But I want you to. ' . . . 'I shouldn't be your first. It should be someone you really care about. ' . . gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  . 'But I do really care about you. ' . . . 'Mary-Kate, this is serious. ' . . . "

I flung her back onto the mattress and leaned over her. "Mary-Kate, this is serious. You don't know what you're asking. "

We stared into each other's eyes. Our pupils locked and then danced around, trying to look past each other's guard at some truth hiding deeper inside. Suddenly, she smiled widely in recognition.

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   "You do want to make love to me, I can tell," she exclaimed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. "Mmm, mmm, mmm. And your kiss doesn't lie, Unc. You're going to give into me eventually, and you know it!"

She gave me a teasing poke under my arm and caused me to flinch. "You want to give in to me, don't you?" Before I could retort, she bounced up and scooted off the bed. "Let's get cleaned up. I want this to be special. I'm going to shower first. "

"Mary-Kate! Wait a minute!" I demanded, "This discussion isn't over. Come back and talk to me. "

At the door, she curled around the jamb and peered back at me. "And no sneaking in on me when I'm in the shower," she said, "I want you to save yourself. "

"Mary-Kate! Get back in here!"

She blew me an air kiss and walked down the hall. As I sat stunned on the side of the bed, I heard the shower turn on in the distance.

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   What had I gotten myself into?

It must be some kind of karmic payback. I was being forced into a morally untenable situation because I had not been strong all week long. Fate was showing itself to be an unforgiving bitch.

Mary-Kate emerged from the bathroom and scurried down the hall into her room. I walked past her closed door on my way to the shower. I decided to clean up, at least, before confronting her. Besides, I had to think about what to say first.

Unfortunately, all my contemplation on the toilet, at the sink and in the shower brought me no insights. I wrapped a towel around my middle and shuffled dejectedly back to my room. What to do, what to do?

As I entered, I heard Mary-Kate's door open. I spun around and was stunned by the sight. Across the hall appeared a vision from a 1930s Hollywood film. Dressed in a floor-length, ivory-coloured, satin nightgown, she looked like Jean Harlow on her way to pour herself a martini before reclining again on her bedroom settee.

The gown must have been her mother's, but it fit Mary-Kate all too well. It was held up by two micro-straps below which the slinky material hung wetly on her body, curling smoothly over her curves and clinging shamelessly to her feminine details – her pouty breasts, her perky nipples, her tight midriff, her delicate hair tuft.

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She entered the room unsteadily on white, high-heel sandals. Her make-up redone, she bit apprehensively on her painted lower lip and looked at me through unconfident eyes. She stood before me, vulnerable and unguarded.

When I didn't rebuff her immediately, she snuggled her head under my chin and wrapped her arms around my waist. Her hair smelled of lilacs.

I scanned down her soft, flawless back. The teeny straps of her gown crossed delicately over each other and reached down to just snag the hem of the sleek material, keeping it from plunging below her waist. A hint of ass cleavage peeked coyly over the hem.

I let my hands trace down her smooth back and onto her slippery cheeks. My rising erection pushed up against my towel and into her stomach, and I realized that I was succumbing to the situation.

Mary-Kate kissed my shoulder and then leaned back in my arms. She sighed and gazed up at me dreamily. I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't think of what to say. She took advantage of the hesitation to grab the sides of my head and pull my face down to hers. She gave me a long, slow kiss on the mouth and then whispered in my ear, "Make love to me.

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I can't think of anything I wanted to hear more, and yet I was unable to move. Mary-Kate stared back at me softly, receptively, defencelessly, expectantly. She took my hands and slid them up the front of her body, over her doughy breasts, to her shoulders. I hooked the straps off her shoulders and let them slither down her arms, causing her gown to cascade onto the floor into a slick pile at her feet.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the bed, where she lay down on her side. She pulled at the flap of my towel until it unfurled off my waist and dropped to the floor. My hard-on sprang out stiffly in front of me.

Propping herself up on an elbow, she opened her mouth and closed her eyes. When I didn't move, she placed my hand behind her head. I needed no further encouragement. Aiming for her parted lips, I slid my shaft into her her warm, wet mouth, and then I exhaled appreciatively at the sensation.

I slid my hips back and then forward again. Her lips glided over my sensitive skin as she surrendered to my action. I slipped in and out repeatedly, each time penetrating further inside. In and out.


   In and out. I angled her head with my hand and began pushing it back and forth on my cock. In and out. In and out.

She leaned slowly back onto the bed, and I followed, pumping as we reclined. In and out. In and out. Her drool seeped along my shaft, over her lower lip and onto her chin. In and out. In and out. I straddled her chest with my knees and kept the rhythm going.

When her head settled into the pillow, she pressed on my hips to get me to stop and then guided me down her body until my hard-on loomed over her pussy. This was it. I paused to look down at the little scene. My cock pointed anxiously at what was to come next.



Mary-Kate closed her eyes and turned her head sideways on the pillow. She bit her lower lip and whispered, "Go ahead. I'm ready. "

I swallowed . . . I wasn't. I pressed my tip against her slick, wet lips. Well, maybe I was.

I slid forward. Her lips parted, and then her pussy tightened before I entered very far. I pulled back and then slid forward again. Her inner walls allowed me more access but then compressed around me. I felt like I was going to force some bone inside my penis through its outer skin. I had never experienced someone so tight before.

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I withdrew and pressed forward again. This time, I encountered something taut. Mary-Kate whined and clutched my hips with her fingers.

On my next attempt, I hit the same barrier, but she pulled strenuously on my hips, and so I kept bearing down until I broke through. With a gasp and a moan, she whipped her arms around my back and hugged me tightly. I didn't dare move while she constricted my body.

Slowly, she released the tension of her hold, and I began to slide in and out again. My movements were tenuous at first, but soon, I heard her breathing more deeply and so I increased my strokes. Her soaked pussy allowed me to slide easily in and out, and her inner walls began to conform to my pumping.

She turned her head towards me. Her wide eyes looked filled with pleasure. I slid and slid and slid, and she pounced on my mouth. She bit down on my lower lip and almost drew blood, but then she pressed her head back on the pillow. "Oh gawd! Oh gawd! Oh gawd!" she moaned.

I took the hint and sped up.

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   Slide, slide, slide, slide, slide, slide, slide, . . . Her pussy gripped onto my shaft, and I knew that I would not last much longer. Slide, slide, slide, slide, slide, slide, slide, . . .

She tensed her neck muscles and furrowed her brow. I pummelled her hips into the mattress. She dug her fingernails into my ass cheeks and grunted. Suddenly, I let go, spewing her interior with spurt after spurt of cum. She grimaced and yelled, "Gaawwwdd!! Nnggghhh!! Oh gaawwwdd!!!" She squeezed her knees against my hips, and sharp pains shot up my sides. Then I collapsed on top of her, and she went limp.

I rolled over and flopped onto my back exhausted, but she snuggled up to my side and coaxed my arms to embrace her. We curled up together for some time.

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   I felt the most exquisite peace.

Eventually, she murmured idly into my chest, "You brute. "

"I'm sorry?"

She lifted her head to look at me. "You hurt me," she said, "You poked yourself into me and ripped me open. I didn't know you were going to do that. "

I smiled at first and then had this sinking feeling that she wasn't kidding. I looked at her poker face and couldn't tell. "Oh my goodness!" I exclaimed. My face went cold. "Didn't you want . . . I mean, I thought you . . .

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   You must have . . . "

She broke out laughing. "Unc, you are so predictable," she declared, "I'm okay, but you did make a mess!" She reached down to her groin and raised two slimy fingers. She pushed them towards my mouth, and I shifted my head away to avoid them.

Undaunted, she straddled my chest and then reached down to her pussy and lubricated her fingers again. She moved her hand towards my mouth, and I had to shift my head from side to side to avoid being smeared. Finally, she succeeded in painting my cheeks and forehead and nose.

I growled and rolled her onto her back. "All right, you," I announced, pinning her shoulders to the mattress.

She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me down for a kiss. "You goof!" she said accusingly, "We could have had fun all week. Why did you have to fight it so much?"

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   I don't feel bad about that; I feel bad about what we just did. "

"What?" She rose on her elbow. "Didn't you like it?"

"Oh, I liked doing it. I just don't like that I did it. "

She slapped my chest. "Well, you better change your attitude, mister. Cause we're going to do it three more times today. "

I choked. "Mary-Kate! Your parents are coming home soon!"

"I know, but not until dinner. Anyway, that's why I only said three times. "

I laughed. "Boy, it's a good thing we didn't start earlier in the week. I don't think I would have survived. "

She crawled up on my chest and played her finger around my chin. "Yes you would have," she giggled, "I know CPR.

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  " We both laughed. "You know what I would have done if you hadn't been such a wuss all week?"


"I would have moved in here with you, so we could have done it five times a night. "

I coughed. "I hate to burst your bubble, princess, but I don't think I could have done it five times a night even when I was your age, let alone now. "

"Mmm," she mused and then kissed the base of my neck. "You might have surprised yourself. " She kissed my upper chest. "I might have inspired you. " She kissed the middle of my chest. "And it would have been fun trying. " She kissed over to my left nipple and bit it playfully, and then she kissed over to my right one and sucked on it for a bit.

"You know what else I would have done?" She began to kiss down my side and stimulated my penis to come to life.

"What?" I replied distractedly.

She kissed towards my bellybutton. "I would have called up my friend, Tanya.

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  " She kissed down my abdomen. "And I would have asked her to stay over all week. " She kissed down to my thigh, past my semi-firm cock, which scraped across her cheek as she descended. "You could have taught her things too. " She touched her tongue to the base of my cock and licked up its side. "Like this. " Then she licked all over one of my balls. "And this. "

I squirmed in enjoyment. "Mmmm hmmm," I agreed.

She kissed my tip and dragged her lips over it. "You could have shown us both at the same time. " She slurped the top part of my cock in and out of her mouth a few times. I sighed appreciatively.

She went down on my cock.

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   "I think you're ready again. "


She crawled up my body on her knees and angled my erection towards her pussy. She had trouble getting the right alignment and keeping her balance, but soon, she leaned forward on her hips and I entered her warm tunnel.

"Ohhh," she gasped, "That was easier. " Then she shifted around to prepare to bounce on top of me. Placing a hand on my chest, she . . . "Drrrringgg . . . " The phone cut through me like a knife.

Mary-Kate leaned over and picked up the receiver, deftly keeping me inserted. "Hello?" she answered, "Hi Mommy!!"

My eyes bugged out. "G-E-T O-F-F," I mouthed, but she raised a finger to her lips and shook her head.

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   Then to emphasize the point, she rocked once on my cock inside of her. "No, Uncle Harvey's not here. He went to the store to get the paper. "

I furled my brow and mouthed, "W-H-A-T?" but she ignored me.

"Uh huh. . . . Uh huh. . . . Really?!!" Her eyes lit up, and she bit her lower lip. "What about Daddy?" She froze to listen for the answer. Then she started smacking my chest excitedly and grinning.


   "No, I understand. Ah, that's too bad. "

I looked at her and arched my eyebrows to indicate my lack of understanding.

"Uh huh. " She looked down at me with a glimmer in her eyes. Then she closed her eyes and started rocking her hips. "Uh huh. No, he already told me that he has next week off. " She moved her body back and forth on my hips, and my shaft slipped along her wet channel.

I pushed on her hips to get her to stop, but she had better leverage. She kept rocking. "Mmm hmm," she murmured. "I understand. " She inhaled sharply.

I pinched her thigh to get her attention.


   "S-T-O-P," I mouthed when I saw her look down.

"I-M G-O-I-N-G T-O C-U-M," she mouthed back to me.

I panicked and tried to lift up on my hips in order to push her off, but she rode me like a bronco. "Okay, I'll get him to call you. " She increased her gyrations. "Ohhh! . . . No, I just hit my elbow. . . . Ohhh!! . . .

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   I better go and put some ice on it. OHHH!! . . . Okay, Mommy. Love you. Bye. "

She slammed down the phone and then bore down on me. She bucked wildly, and I could feel the top of her pussy scraping along my pubic hair. Then suddenly, she tensed, stretched out her neck and collapsed on top of me. She panted into my ear as if she had just returned from a run.

I rolled her roughly onto her back. "What were you thinking?!!" I seethed. "You can't fool around with your parents like that!"

"That . .

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  . Was . . . Amazing!" she replied giddily and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. Then she got up on her knees and reached for the phone.

"Mary-Kate, quit screwing around! What did your mother say?"

"Just a minute, Unc. I gotta make this call. . . . Oh hi, Mrs Thompson, can I speak to Tanya please?" She placed her hand over the mouthpiece. "Dad got called away on a business trip, and Mom has decided to stay next week to close out the estate, so you gotta look after me. " She pulled her hand away. "Hey, Tats, it's me.

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"I can't stay another week. "

"Just a minute, Tats. " She covered up the phone again and moved over my face. She wrapped her lips around my mouth and forced her tongue inside,.