Sister watching sister part 1


Chloe Pederson opened the front door, and closed it quickly against the brutal summer heat. Icky and sticky, it was another one of those god awful summer days, 100 degrees, and humidity of 90 percent. How in the hell were people supposed to do anything outside? If it wasn't for air conditioning, this land would still belong to the Indians. Maybe we should just give it back to them, and she'd be happy to get the hell to a better climate.

Her Dad had needed the job, and it just had to be in Baton Rouge. She had been born in Minneapolis, and they'd had to move for his job when she was just 18 years old, 6 years ago. It couldn't be in San Francisco, or Seattle, or some other city where the temperatures were livable all year, oh no, that would be too easy, it just had to be in sweat land, USA. Her skin was prickly, and she headed upstairs, she wanted a nice, cool shower. At the top of the stairs, she heard her 18 year old sister Julie, damn, she could hear the bathtub faucet going, hell, she beat me to it. Hope she doesn't take too damn long.

She turned down the hallway, and was about to enter her room when she heard a moan coming from the bathroom, what the hell was that? She crept closer, and heard it again, more moans, followed by panting, what the hell, is there a dog in there? She had to see what was going on. She eased open the bathroom door, and peeked her eyes around, and she got an eyeful.

Julie was lying naked in the tub, her legs stretched up, and spread apart, her pubic region was right under the faucet. A stream of water was gushing out of the tap, and pouring right down over her pussy. Chloe started, fascinated, transfixed by the sight, her sister evidently liked the bare pussy look, her mound was freshly waxed, as the water poured down. Chloe could feel her own pussy start that tingling, prickles of hot, wet need coursing through her, as she listened to her sister's pants and moans of pleasure.


   Julie reached down and spread her lips, and moaned louder as the water was now coursing directly over her stiff, eager clit.

Chloe's pussy was tingling like mad, oh god, that looked so good, she wanted to try that. She watched as her sister's body writhed beneath the stream of water, letting it pummel her clit and her pussy lips from different angles.

"Oh, annh, annh, annnhhh, AWWWWWWW!"

Chloe saw Julie's head turn towards her, eyes closed, mouth open in ecstasy, Julie gasped out a "YES, OH GOD YES!", and her body started to shake. Chloe watched, open mouthed, she'd never seen anything so freaking hot.

Julie growled with pleasure, the pummeling of the water made her clit throb and pulse as her orgasm spread through her, that blissful release spreading all through her body, ummm, there was nothing like it, Julie thought, as she drifted into the afterglow, her body tingling with contentment.

Chloe eased the door shut, looked like her sister was done, oh god, was she ever done, and Chloe quickly retreated downstairs. It was obvious that with Julie having the house to herself, she'd had her bath tub fun when no one else was home, and Chloe didn't want her to suspect that she'd been in the house, and aware of what Julie was up to. Chloe slipped out the back door, and took a walk around the block, and went back in, this time making enough noise for her sister to hear.

Julie was coming downstairs, a bath towel around her body. Her eyes had a post sex gleam in them, and her face was flushed.

"Hey sis," Chloe said.

"Hey Chloe, what's it like outside? Still a damn sauna?"

Chloe replied, "Yeah, it's still a sweat box. Ick, I need a nice, cool shower. "

Julie said, "It's all yours Chloe.

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   Ummm, I feel so fresh, so clean, it's amazing how refreshing the water can make me feel, when it hits the right spots!"

Chloe thought, 'Yeah, no shit, I saw for myself just how good it made you feel, and I need to feel that too. '

Julie grinned to herself, she'd noticed the door easing open, and her peripheral vision had caught her sister peeking in at her. It had sent a bolt through her, the idea that her sister was watching her as she got herself off, turned her on like mad. The tub created great orgasms, but this one had been extra special, being watched while she enjoyed a rocking orgasm had made her explode like never before. She had a feeling that Chloe needed the tub just as much as she had, and she wanted to watch her sister, she wondered what Chloe looked like in the throes of orgasm, her sexy 18 year old body writhing and bucking in climatic ecstasy.

Julie said, "I'm gonna head out in about 5 minutes, just need to dry myself off, then the house is yours. "

She smiled to herself again as she saw Chloe get the green light. Five minutes later, she left the house and hopped into her Ford Mustang. Julie drove it down to the end of the street, parked it there, and scurried back. She knew that Chloe was gonna put on a show, and she could feel her pussy moisten up, the idea of watching her sister masturbating just like she had been was making her hot.

As soon as Julie drove away, Chloe was making for the stairs. She was so turned on, her heart was thumping, her pussy was tingling like crazy, oh god, it was gonna be so good.

Julie silently eased open the front door, she heard Chloe upstairs, and crept up. At the top of the stairs, you had to turn right, a hallway went down to the bedrooms, and the bathroom, so she could peek from the top of the stairs, and see when Chloe went into the bathroom. The door to Chloe's bedroom opened, and she saw her sister step into the hallway, totally naked, and start walking away from her towards the bathroom.

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   Julie's breath caught, oh god, Chloe had grown up into a wildly sexy teen. Her naked backside was like something that should be on canvas from a famous painter that should be up in a museum. She drank it all in, her high, tight white ass, moving in a harmonious rhythm. Julie was stunned, she's my sister, and I'm getting turned on. Jeez, I'm one point away from full on incest. I should stop this, and get the hell out of her. But her body betrayed her, she could feel her juices start the churning, and she was powerless to resist. It may be damn close to incest, but, she had to see it, or else she'd hate the fact that she missed it.

When the bathroom door closed, Julie crept forward. She stepped into the doorway to her room, ready to hide behind her bedroom door, just in case Chloe came out again, having forgotten her shampoo, or razor, or something like that, and waited for the faucet.

In the bathroom, Chloe cranked on the faucet, water gushed out, and she carefully adjusted the flow until she had the perfect temperature. The getting ready had really warmed her up, she could feel her juices starting to drip down her thighs, as she climbed into the tub. She lay down, stretching her legs up and opening her thighs wide, and scooted her butt down to the end, where the faucet aimed straight down. She could feel the water splashing against her bottom, then she moved her pussy right below the rush of water.

The sound of the faucet starting had urged Julie on.

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   She had eased open the door, and was watching as Chloe adjusted herself. Her pussy was starting to warm up quickly, and she slipped a hand inside her shorts, under her panties, and felt the hot slickness as her juices started to flow. She started to finger herself, pumping two fingers deep inside her creamy slickness, then brining them out and sliding them around her clit, going back and forth. She felt like a perverted, sex crazed slut, watching her sister masturbating, but holy fuck, it made her feel hotter than hell.

Chloe felt the gush of water splashing all over her pubic triangle, and she let out a long, loud moan. Oh god, the feel of the water was like nothing else she felt, and she felt her pussy start that deep down tingling. Her body started the climb to orgasm, as she writhed beneath the faucet, letting the water splash over her from different angles, fuck, it was so fucking good, and she knew that orgasm was closing in fast. She visualized her sister, the way she looked like beneath the faucet, and her orgasm was so, so close. She peeled her lips open, and when the water started to splash directly on her stiff, erect clit, she felt like her head was going to come off.

"Fuck, fuck, so fucking good, cum, fuck yes, fuck, fuck, GLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Chloe's voice rose up to a scream, and she was exploding, god, it felt like her body was going to blow apart.

Watching from the bathroom door, Julie's fingers were covered by a gush of her juices, oh fuck, she was cumming too, the sight of her sister doing what she has done, and the sights and sounds of Chloe cumming hard, made her creamy center pulse and writhe crazily, as she fought back the urge to howl with pleasure as her orgasm churned through her.

In the tub, Chloe's body was shaking with the force of her orgasm, she let the water pummel her throbbing clit a few more times, and another orgasm quickly built, spending its force inside her, making her gasp and cry out anew with pleasure. She pulled herself away from the faucet, her clit was a little too sensitive for more. She lay sprawled in the tub, her legs hanging over the edge, panting like a race horse. Her foot came up, and she was able to twist the taps off with her foot, and she lay there, reveling in the sensation.

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   It had been an orgasm like no other, and she knew that she was going to be keeping herself so clean. She giggled, and climbed to her feet. Julie watched as Chloe turned the water back on, and pushed the button for the shower flow. Watching the water flowing over Chloe's body, and streaming off her, got Julie's motor going again. Her tits were about the same size as her 34D's, looks like we both inherited a nice tit gene. Julie clamped down on the giggle that thought brought up, she checked out her sister's pussy region, Chloe's pubic hair was a neatly trimmed nest of russet. She was getting mesmerized by the sight of her sister's nudity, and she ducked back, lest Chloe catch her staring, and quickly retreated downstairs, and out of the house. At the end of the block, her car awaited her, and she hopped in. With no particular place to go, and her pussy twanging with need again, she drove out to the lake, she knew a secluded spot.

At the end of a sandy road that led down to the water's edge, she felt the tremors of excitement building. Climbing out of the car, she stripped naked. An old wooden pier jutted out into the water, and she walked out on it, taking a blanket with her. This area of the lake was deserted, the old summer cottages that used to be on this part of the beach long since abandoned and then torn down. The summer beach villages were now on the other side of the lake, and she had often been out here, naked and free, with no leering clowns to gawk at her. Naked yes, but now, she felt like a wanton slut, about to masturbate again, to the mental images of Chloe masturbating wildly in the tub, just like she had been.

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   She wondered if Chloe had been thinking of her in the throes of her orgasm while she got herself off, and she felt the gush of juices, she was dripping with lust.

She spread out the blanket, and stretched, loving the feel of the afternoon breeze and the sun on her nudity. She stood, letting her fingers graze her skin in sensuous, caressing circles. She was dripping wet already, but she wanted to tease herself, drag it out until she was almost crazy with the need to cum. She could feel the need of her body, wanting to be pleasured. Sliding her fingertips up and down, then across, Julie's head lolled back and her breaths grew deeper. Her fingertips grazed her belly in a sensuous caress. She looked down, seeing her nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolae reddened and needing her touch. Julie reached up with both hands and cupped her full, firm breasts, fingers stroking and gently tweaking her hard, aching nipples, letting out soft growls of pleasure as pulses of pleasure started to zap at her hot, creamy center. She thought of what she looked like, standing there, totally naked, hands stroking her tits, her body and mind responding fully, pleasuring herself like a wanton little slut, and it set Julie on fire with lust. She knelt down, straddling the blanket, one hand continuing to stroke and tweak her throbbing tits, while the fingertips of her other hand ran over her thighs, hips and belly.

Julie's sex was aching for release, soaked with the slickness of her juices. She could smell her own arousal, she smelled like a wanton little slut. She eased herself down until she was lying on the blanket, and her hands joined forces, and slid down. Her fingers stroked down from her navel over her smooth, bare pubic area, down, down.

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   Her pussy lips were swollen up and fat with sexual excitement, the fingertips now sliding gently over them. Julie gasped and writhed on the blanket, pushing three fingers deep into the creaming wetness, stuffing them in as deep as they could go, then pulling back, she started to pump her cunt rapidly. She was reaching for the brink, the wet, juicy squelch of her pussy filling the air with each plunge of her fingers, while her other fingers rimmed her lips, and sought out her clit. She had to cum or go insane. As soon as she started to strum at her clit, she could feel the convulsions starting, the walls of her womb started that telltale fluttering. They spread upwards, she could feel her inner muscles gripping and releasing on her plunging fingers, then the release hit full force. She felt her girl cum gush all over her hand, then the sound of it splattering on the wooden pier as her pussy wrenched hard and started to spasm wildly, the waves of orgasm came quickly, wonderfully and uncontrollably, and she let out a loud, blissful howl as her orgasm took her, humping her hips up and down, her body squirming and writhing in the grip of climax.

She cupped her sex, closing her legs around her hand and rolling over on her side, she shivered in blissful fulfillment as the climax shook through her body. As her orgasm started to wane, Julie let out a long, exhausted breath and stayed balled up like that for several minutes, delirious and dreamy with contentment.

The sound of a motorboat came to her ears. It was still some distance, but she figured she'd better get herself back to rights. She hopped up, but on an impulse, she cupped her tits, and shook them towards the boat. She bent over, spreading her cheeks and waving her tight, pink ass hole at them, then turned around, and humped her hips at them. Someone had noticed, and the boat started to make a beeline towards her. Julie squealed, grabbed her blanket, and dashed back to the car.

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   She threw the blanket in the back, and still totally naked, jumped behind the wheel, fired up the engine, and peeled rubber as she gunned it, spun the steering wheel, and threw out a rooster tail of sand as the wheels fought for traction, then grabbed on and the powerful car raced forward. She felt a thrill of adrenaline, at the idea of what three horny guys in a boat would do to her, partly fear, but, she had to admit, there was a strong undertone of lust, thinking about what fun three hard cocks could do to her. God, she was feeling more and more like a sex crazed, wanton slut, and she liked the feeling.

A few miles down the road, she realized something. Jeez, I'm driving naked! She imagined a cop stopping her for speeding, what a surprise he'd get! Maybe he'd skip the ticket, if she agreed to suck his cock, and let him fuck her. Her mind could see it, stripped naked, kneeling in front of the cop, giving him a steamy wet blowjob, then her, spread out on the hood of his cruiser, as he rammed his straining prick into her, riding her like a stallion until his cock was pulsing, gushing his built up load deep inside her greedy hole. As good as that sounded, she'd probably get stopped by some law and order dude, and be arrested. She let her speed drop, and saw an abandoned gas station. She took the road to the station, the building was still standing, and she drove her car behind the building. With the view of her blocked by the building, she was again horny as hell. The ideas of three hard cocks aboard that boat, and using her horny, eager holes for pleasure, or some cop making her work out of a ticket by being a horny, live fuck doll for him, had made her wet and horny again. She got busy, she slicked up a finger with her juices, and sliding it down, she felt the tight rim of her ass hole quivering as she stroked at it. She took a deep breath, and gasped with the feeling as she penetrated her tight little ass hole, and started to gently finger fuck her tight, virgin ass, and with three fingers of her other hand pumping in and out of her eager pussy, coming out to slide around her throbbing clit before plunging deep inside her sopping pussy again, Julie's head lolled back, eyes closed, a look of bliss on her face as she felt the gathering storm of another orgasm. Oh god, the feel of both her ass hole and pussy being fucked was like nothing she'd ever felt before, it doubled the pleasure of her masturbation, and she fingered herself wildly, she let out a grunting growl of pleasure as she felt the explosion, then a long, satisfied sigh of contentment as she felt the wave catch her, and make her body light up with another climax. After relaxing in the revel of the after glow, she quickly slipped her panties and shorts back on, slipped her sandals on, and pulled her T shirt over her head.

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She sat behind the wheel for a while, before getting back on the road. Feelings she didn't know existed in her had risen to the surface, and she had lots of things to think about. .