Sister Pratt Takes Pictures Of Her New Companion.


Sister Mauer is a hot young Mormon girl. And she misses her boyfriend. He misses her, too. They write letters to each other every week, and he keeps telling her that it’s really hard for him to wait for her. She worries that he’ll meet someone else and get married before she finishes her mission. And so she wants to do something that will let him know that she’s thinking about him, and also to remind him how beautiful she is and how much he wants to be with her.

One morning, while her companion is reading on the couch, she gets out a disposable camera and nervously enters the room. She feels really silly asking her companion to take pictures of her for her boyfriend, but she’s starting to feel desperate, and she can’t do it by herself.

“I got this camera, and I was hoping to send some pictures home to my boyfriend, because I know he really misses me,” she says. “Do you think you could help me take some pictures?”

Sister Pratt smiles and takes the camera. She has had her eyes on her pretty new companion since they were put together, and she feels like this is her chance to get somewhere with her. “Yeah. Oh, that’s cute! Where do you want to take them? Here?”

Sister breathes a sigh of relief. She was worried that her companion would think she was silly, or worse, that she would think sending pictures to her boyfriend is inappropriate for a missionary. She starts to fix her hair. “How do I look?”

“You look great! You look so beautiful.

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  ” She smiles and poses for the camera with a thumbs up. It’s a little awkward. Sister Pratt takes the picture, but she has to get her companion to relax somehow.

“Maybe the light is a little better here in front of the window? Come here. ” She poses her tall, skinny companion in front of their apartment’s big bank of windows. She giggles as Sister Pratt takes another picture, then smoothes out her shirt. She knows her nerves are ruining these pictures. Maybe if they take a picture together? So she puts her arm around Sister Pratt and the two girls take a selfie. They hold the hug for a few moments, cheeks pressed together and arms wrapped around each other. Sister Mauer is starting to feel looser and she starts to pose a little more suggestively. She spreads her legs as much her skirt allows and leans back against the bannister.

Sister Pratt can see what’s happening. “What if we did something like, like you showed your leg. Pull your skirt up a little bit, just flash your garments a little bit. ” Sister Mauer is surprised that Sister Pratt would even suggest that, but she and her boyfriend did fool around a little before her mission, and she knows he’d like that.

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   She hikes up her skirt and looks at Sister Pratt. Her garments are just peeking out, and Sister Pratt takes a look at her companion’s long, perfect legs. She takes a picture.

Now that they’re pushing boundaries, she knows that each picture she takes should be an escalation, sexually. Sister Pratt helps her take her sweater off. Click. She unbuttons her shirt a little bit. Click. She untucks her shirt. Click.

Sister Mauer giggles. She’s clearly enjoying this little photo shoot. Sister Pratt comes over and starts to unbutton her shirt. “I think you should just take the shirt off. ” Sister Mauer says no, weakly, covering her breasts with her arms.

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   “Didn’t you and your boyfriend ever fool around before your mission?”

Sister Mauer isn’t sure how much to tell her companion, but she feels like she can trust her. “Well, we used to make out a lot. And he would, you know, rub himself against me. ”

“What! Like, dry humping?” Sister Pratt asks. The frank conversation is making Sister Mauer blush, but she wants to say more.

“Once, he came in his pants. He was so embarrassed. It was really…hot. ”

Almost without thinking about it, Sister Mauer has been unbuttoning her shirt, and now she takes it off. Sister Pratt can see her companion’s nipples through the sheer sacred underwear. The sight makes her feel so horny. “That looks really hot,” she says. Click. “Maybe take off the skirt too. ”

Although Sister Mauer continues to resist, Sister Pratt can tell it’s mostly for show.

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   She can talk her innocent companion into anything. Sister Mauer turns away and Sister Pratt unzips her skirt and then slides it off. She can see the freckles on her companion’s ass through the garments, and she touches them with a finger.

“Is this ok?” Sister Mauer asks. “The garments are really see-through. ” Click. “Maybe one from the back,” she says, turning her hot ass to the camera. Click. She pulls her garment bottoms tight against her pussy. Click. She turns around and bends over the railing, spreading her legs, her ass in the air. Sister Pratt fixes the garments, then presses her thumb into her companion’s pussy. Sister Mauer gasps, but she doesn’t fight it. Sister Pratt rubs her thumb around for a moment, then settles back and takes another picture.

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       She pretends to fix the underwear for a second, and then pulls them right off. Sister Pratt immediately puts her hands over her pussy, but she’s laughing. She shows off her ass again, spreading the cheeks so that her companion can see her pussy. Click. How far is this going to go, she wonders?

    “I think it would be really hot if you were touching yourself,” Sister Pratt says. Sister Mauer hesitates for a second, but she wants to touch herself, too. She loves showing off for her companion. She faces Sister Pratt and puts her hands on her pussy. Click. She starts to rub it, spreading the lips and slipping her fingers inside. Click. She lifts her garment top and pinches her nipple. Click. “Spit on your fingers,” says Sister Pratt, and then she puts her companion’s fingers in her mouth. Sister Mauer slides them back into her pussy, which feels wet and warm.

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       She can’t tell if her companion is also getting off on this, but she herself has never been this horny.

    She still has her heels on, and she puts one foot up on the bannister. With her legs spread, Sister Pratt has a perfect view of her hot pussy. Click.

    Sister Pratt asks her, “Did you have an orgasm when your boyfriend came in his pants?”

    “I don’t know. It felt really good. ”

    “Do you think you could do it again?”

    Sister Mauer has several fingers pressed into her pussy. “I can try. ” She rubs her clit and plays with her boob. Click. Then Sister Pratt hikes up her own skirt, wets her hand with spit, and starts to rub her own pussy. The sight turns Sister Mauer on even more. She starts to moan as she rubs her pussy harder, closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling completely. Click. She’s not used to touching herself, and it feels so good.

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       As she massages herself, she gets closer and closer to orgasm. Sister Pratt gets right under her pussy. Click. She’s breathing hard and moaning as she cums. Click. She stops rubbing because her pussy feels really sensitive.

    “There’s one picture left,” Sister Pratt says. “I want to cum. I’m really turned on. ” Sister Pratt puts her mouth on her companion’s tender cunt. She licks it gently, then presses her face in hard. She touches herself while she sucks. “Do you see what I’m doing? I want you to do this to me. ”

    Sister Pratt sits on the bannister and pushes her companion’s head into her cunt. It’s dripping wet and very sensitive.

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       It only takes Sister Mauer a second to really get into eating her cunt. She licks it, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. She can tell from the sounds Sister Pratt makes that she loves it. Sister Pratt pulls Sister Mauer’s hair hard and forces her face in deeper. Sister Mauer is playing with her own pussy with one hand while she forces her companion closer and closer to orgasm. As Sister Pratt gets ready to cum, she takes one last picture of her companion’s face buried in her hot cunt. And then she cums loudly, letting her companion know just how much she likes it.

    When she has recovered, she gets down on the floor and kisses her naked companion. Sister Mauer realizes there’s no way she can send that camera to her boyfriend now!.