Shopping w/ mom & dad


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"Ryan, hurry up it's time to go. "

Dad yells up the stairs as I pull on my socks getting ready to go on a family shopping trip. My feet barely touch the steps as a fly down the stairs and step into my shoes that I never bother untying.

The door to the garage is open and I can hear the van running. I open thesliding door and drop into the 2nd row seat and pull the door shut in one quick motion. Mom's perfume is overwhelming in the closed cabin. Dad backs out of the garage and we're soon cruising toward the mall.

The familiar drive goes quickly without any talking. As soon as dad pulls into a parking spot at Target all three of our doors open and mom and dad lead the way walking to the entrance.

Once we're the store I tell them that I'm gonna go look at video games and mom, "Ok sweetie, come find us when you're done. "

After a few minutes of browsing the new games I get bored and decide to go look for my parents. Walking down the main aisle I see dad standing just inside the women's clothes section. I get close to dad and he doesn't notice me and is just grinning looking towards the clothes racks. Once I get up behind him I can see what he is looking at. Mom is holding a pair of red silk panties against her big round butt. I freeze for second and am transfixed by the sight.

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There is a definite surge of blood to my penis as mom turns around and sees me. My face must have been as red as a tomato, but she just smiles and says "Hey Ryan, did you find anything you liked?"Dad turns around and sees me and simply smirks. Mom then holds up the panties and says to both me and dad,
"Do you guys like these?I think they show off my curvy butt nicely. "

Dad walked up to mom saying, "They will definitly do that. "
He hugged her and his hands quickly fell to mom's ass. Getting himself two handful and jiggling them.

I felt like myface was on fire, but no longer from embarassment. Now it was lust. I couldnt help but imagine my hands jiggling that ass and how it would look in the panties. "Ooh, I think Ryan likes them too. " Mom said with a grin as her eyes were fixed on my crotch. Mycock was clearly showing what I was thinking and there was no hiding it. I stood in shock not knowing how to react. Mom continued like it was a normal shopping trip and browsed another rack of underwear and pulled out a pair of boy shorts that were black with red hearts. "These are cute too, but my butt might be a bit to big, they'd bebetter on a nice littlebubble butt.

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Dad agreed and said, "Iknow just the ass that they would be perfect for. "Mom and dad looked at me and shared a smile and it took me a minute to realize they were talking about me and stammered out "no, I dont wanna wear girls clothes. "

Mom replied "I think I'll still get them. "She tossed them in the basket dad was holding and walked towards a wall of camisoles. She pulled down a large pink one with black frills and held it up to herself. She pulled at the cups and said "I think the twins might be spilling out of this" and tossed it in the basket. Meanwhile dad had a couple small black ones and holding them up while looking at me. He looked to mom and she pointed at the one with a corset lace in the back and in the basket it went. Dad said how about we head to Applebees. I'm getting hungry. " Mom agreed and suggested we check out as she walked past me toward the aisle. As she walked passed she lightly pressed me out of the way with a hand to my chest.

But as she got past her hand dropped and gave a light rub to the tent in my pants. My mind was racing with fantasies and wonder of what. was happening and barely noticed dad was close to me until his strong hand firmly grabbed my stiff cock through my pants.

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  I looked in his eyes and saw the same lust I had for mom. In that instant my view on sex changed, no longer was a penis just a side object in porn, but now it was my dad's cock and I couldnt stop thinking about it. My eyes followed my desires and saw to bulge in dads pants. As we walked to the register my eyes ran over moms hips and ass, then to the strong legs and firm butt of dad. We got to the checkout and notice mom and dad had done some shopping without me.

There was a tube of lube and 2 boxes of condoms on the conveyor belt. Dad has his arm around mom's waist as he swipes the credit card and the cute girl working the register can't help but smile as she slides the sexy clothes, condoms and personal lubricant across the scanner. It's a quiet walk to the car and we all get back in the van and dad throws the bag in the back with me. Dad backs out of the parking spot and heads to the mall exit. The light turns yellow just as we approach the exit back on to the main road and dad pulls the van to a stop. Dad's arm reaches across to the passenger seat and he rubs mom's leg saying, "I'm still all hot from you're little fasion show. "

Mom's arm crosses his as she explores his lap and I see a smile grow on her face as she says, "Oh, you are excited!"Sitting behind dad in the driver's seat all I hear is the definite sound of a zipper being pulled down. I'm watching mom and now I see the same lustful look in her big brown eyesas she leans closer to dad and I hear the light slapping of skin on skin. My brain is telling me this is wrong, but my cock is at full attention and soon takes over. I can't help my curiosity any longer, I'm pretty sure what is happening, but I have to check.

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I unbuckle, grab the sides of the driver seat to pull myself up and forward til my head is between my dad's head and the door. I turn my head down and am greeted by the sight of my dad's thick veiny cock sticking out of his pants and mymom's hand sliding up and down. I hadn't even noticed that we were moving again and dad is focused on driving as I am wholly transfixed by his impressive member. It hardly even resembles my own, mine is a thin 5" of soft pink skin, but dad's is as thick as a Red Bull can and must be pushing 9".

And it was throbbing hard, I could see his pulse as the protruding veins running up his cock pulsed rhythmically. It was a deep red along the shaft, but the tip, the tip was a glistening purple. It was an explosion at the end of his cock. Mine had a little ridge between the shaft and head, but dad's head was another thing. Its overhand of the shaft was nearly and inch. It was actively stopping mom's and from sliding up over it unless she were to loosen her grip. My arms are getting tired of holding myself up and fall back into my seat. Mom is looking at me with a gentle smile and with the hand not wrapped around dads cock moves her purse and other odds and ends out of the way from between the driver and passenger seat. She give the now clear area a little pat inviting me to take the now clear spot. All thought is gone from my head and all I know is I'm enjoying this and scoot on my knees til I'm kneeling between mom and dad. Now my eyes are even closer to dads cock and it is more impressive.

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My hands rest on the edges of the seats helping me keep my balance in the stop and go driving. Mom around reaches around my shoulders and rests on my back and her non occupied hand falls on mine. Even the wholly innocent tough now gets me excited as her soft fingers gently stroke the back of my hand for a few moments until she take a firm hold of my hand and starts to move it. Our hands very slowly move to dads knees, then a painfully slow crawl up to the monolith. It seems to take forever and my heart is about to beat out of my chest as I know I'm about to touch my dads cock. Moms hand guides us to above his cock and then pushes my hand onto the meaty stick.

As soon as soon as I touch him I let out a pleasureful moan and both mom and dad join in with little sounds of their own as they both smile looking down at their boy. Mom hand guides mine up and down for a few strokes before letting go and I'm on my own stroking him. I freeze for a moment before instinct kicks in and I begin stroking him like I would myself. My hand is barely able to fully reach around dad's girth, my middle finger and thumb barely touching. My strokes are much longer on dad's long cock than my own and soon my hand is moving faster. Even without any direct stimulation my cock is ready to explode and I imagine dads cock as my own and my hand is furiously stroking when I hear dad say, "Whoa, slow down tiger. You gotta be gentle if you're not gonna use any lube. And we're here anyway. "I look out the windshield and sure enough, we are parked at Applebees.

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  I hadn't even realized the car had stopped.

I was in a bit of shock, but mom calmly got out of the car and dad struggles a little to get his stiff cock back in his pants before zipping up and getting out. I follow them into the restaurant and we immediately get a quiet booth in back. The waitress is quickly takes our drink order and we all get diet cokes before mom asks where the bathroom is. The waitress points and mom takes off. Me and dad are left alone sitting on the same side of the booth and dad asks me if I enjoyed it.

I simply smile and nod, still a little too ashamed to look at him. "Good, we hoped you would have fun, but the fun is just beginning. We don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with, just says so and we'll stop. "I nod in agreement and he smiles and continues, "Was that the 1st time you touched another man?"I shook my head no and he replied "really I thought all guys did that in school?Me and my friends certainly did back in the day. Have you been with a girl yet?"
"Kinda, me and Christie Hinds fooled around once, but I just fingered her while she jacked me off. "

"Oh, that cute chubby ginger girl?Nice. "

I smile, I had noticed dad would leer at Christie whenever she came over. Soon mom comes back to the table and sits down. She then reaches into her purse and then hands dad what looks like a handful of napkins and he puts them in his pocket.


  The waitress starts setting our drinks down and we put in our food order.

Once the waitress is gone dad grabs a straw from the pile of three and hands it to mom with a mischievous grin. She open it from the paper sleeve and I assume going to put it in her drink, but instead moves her hand down toward her pocket. She closes her eyes as if she's concentrating and I smile grows on her face and stays for a few seconds before she opens her eyes and mirrors the wide grin on dad's face as I remain a little confused. Her hand comes up from under the table and hands dad the straw. He brings it to his nose and runs it under is nostrils, take a deep smell.
He puts it in his drink and takes a sip a I hear the slightest moan. He pushes the cup to me and says,
"Wanna try?"
I ask "Why, I got diet coke too?"

He tells me to try it from this straw with a grin and I go for it. Even just with my one experience with Christie I had licked my fingers clean after fingering her and knew the taste on the straw. It was pussy. Not just any, but my mom's.

Both mom and dad are smiling and mom asks if I liked it and I reply, "Delicious. "She squirms in her seat with the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face. Then the conversation returns to a normal dinner conversation as if nothing odd was happening. We talk about our weeks and occasionally glance up at the Twins game on the TV while we eat.

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Having finished my coke I tell them I'm gonna use the bathroom and dad says he will to. This was normal, but I had a feeling things might not go the same as every other time. I led the way to the bathroom and immediately headed to a urinal. Dad's strong hand went to my waist as he pushed me toward a stall. He went in 1st and pulledme in behind him. I didn't know what to expect but I wanted whatever was to come. Dad turned me around so I was infront of him with us both facing the stall door, then he pulled me back close to him so my butt was against his still solid cock. He then fell back on the toilet and I fell with him so i was sitting on his lap. His hands expertly unbuttoned my pants and before I knew what was going on he had pulled my penis out of the flap in my boxer briefs.

"You were so sweet to me, I think you deserve a treat. " He whispered in my ears as he took me in his hand. His big strong hands were rough, but he was gentle. Each stroke brought me closer to the prize and soon I was whispering "Fuck yeah. "As I was nearing orgasm dad stopped. I was shocked and disappointed thinking that since I wasn't able to make him cum in the van he wasn't gonna help me cum now.

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  But he was just pulling the handful of napkins out of his pocket. He unwrapped the napkin and I saw that inside was a pair of simple black panties. Dad then said to me,

"If you liked that special straw you need to get a load of this,"

he then brought the panties to my face and covered my nose and mouth as a took a deep breath. I was overwhelming smell of vagina. They were soaking wet and dad was rubbing them all over my face and I was immediately back on the doorstep of cumming and resumed my moaning, but now there was no holding back because we were in a public restroom, I was moaning loud.

Dad was equally loud and started moaning into my ear, "Fuck yeah, cum for me boy, cum for daddy. "As soon as he said daddy I was gone, my cock shot streams of hot jizz 3 feet into the air. Shot after shot, I had never cum that much in my life and I could feel dad's cock twitching as it was nuzzled in my butt. .