Shopping trip


He arrived at my work half an hour early, and set up for our "shopping trip". A pillow and two blankets lined the back seat of his evergreen van. Six o'clock rolled around and i shivered as i hurried through the frigid parking lot, towards my love. It was just before Christmas and we had only been dating for around 3 months, although neither of us really knew our anniversary, but we were in love. As I entered the van, I was greeted with a blast of warm air, heated further by the kiss he bestowed on me. I looked at him and smiled, although it had only been 2 days since our last meeting, we had missed each other intensely. We sat for a moment captivated by each others mirrored gazes, the unspoken words flowing through our eyes. Anticipation grew and we kissed again, this time more passionately, our tongues dancing with one another. His hands traced the small of my back up to my neck, pulling me closer with each passing second. Practically on top of him, i was so horny and so ready to begin what was to be a most amazing night. Just as i was about to give myself over completely to him, a light in the car next to us went on and a nosey (and obviously horny) co-worker stood outside the window, his hand buried in the confines of his jeans and his eyes fixated on our supposedly private display of affection. Mortified, my boyfriend and I set off on our way to the mall.
As we drove along, the heat in the van turned it into a sort of mobile sauna eventually becoming oppressive enough for me to strip off my sweatshirt, revealing a black tee shirt, moist with sweat.

I untethered my hair from its pony tail and reached for my brush, tossing the unruly locks out of my face so that I could see. Unperceived by me as i did this my boyfriend's eye's left the road and instead become glued to my unplanned striptease. Suddenly the breaks screeched, as the car in front of us stopped short, and I his siren passenger was jolted by the near collision.

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   The rest of the ride i giggled staring at the tent his pants had pitched as he struggled to stare straight forward fearing the accident that would surely ensue if he was distracted by .
We arrived at the mall and as soon as the van was in park,we were in the back seat kissing tumultuously. His hand ran up and down my neck, pausing momentarily only to brush the hair from my face. He pulled me closer and closer to him until i felt as if i would be suffocated by the moist air we shared. Struggling to unlatch my bra, i assisted, tossing it to the side with his shirt. Pouncing on me like a hungry tiger his lips caressed my neck followed by his teeth. As the passion intensified my moans erupted into screams of ecstasy. At this, his hand surreptitiously slunk down into my pants and after hearing no complaint, he removed my them and his own leaving me only in my socks and black lace crotchless panties. His hands then slid up to my breasts kneading them in rhythm with our bodies as we melted into one another, moving up and down with increasing urgency as one. We no longer wanted each other; we now needed each other!
My back arched and i began to shake in orgasm as my screams became piercing. I began to come and noticing this, my boyfriend ripped off my panties and began to feast. His tongue swirled around and up and down my clit only making my moans and screams get louder!His fingers plunged into my vagina as i nearly died with pleasure. My mother had always told me to have fun but not too much fun, now i understood "too much fun". My breaths became gasps as he inserted another finger and dug deeply in and out and in and out, while i screamed and moaned and came and came! He began kissing my naval, his fingers still permeating my vagina, faster and faster! I could not wait to repay him for this!
As he finished, he kissed me all the way up to my lips as we traded places. I fell to my knees and began kissing him down his smooth chest, I pulled down his boxers and unveiled his hard penis.

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  I felt like a kid in a candy store. I slowly kissed down the sides of the shaft then engulfed a good 3/4 of it into my mouth, sucking in and out and in and out, i built up a good rhythm them was met by his aching hips. My tongue swirled around the head and up and down and around the shaft each time it entered. His hand rested on my head, keeping my hair from interrupting me. Pushing gently, he held my head down each time i took his penis into my mouth, indicating that he liked this slowed pace. I continued until my neck began to get sore from the unfamiliar exercise finishing the same way as he did by kissing him all the way up to his lips.
I rolled on top of him, not completely naked, as he pulled up his boxers, we had already decided that sex this soon was not an option (we had 2 pregnant friends and were unwilling to risk this disaster in any way). He slowed down and told me to look at him. I obeyed. Staring deeply into my eyes he said the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever told me. . .
"I love you so much, don't ever forget that. If i ever do anything to hurt you i hope to God that someone hurts me 1000 times worse because i will deserve it. You are perfect, and beautiful, so beautiful and i am so lucky to have you.

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I was speechless. I lay naked safe in his arms as he ran his fingers through my hair. I was captivated by his words, because they were so raw and so selfless. I turned to him after a few seconds of contemplation and pulled him close to me, so close that our bodies made a suction noise and whispered in his ear. . .
"I love you too, don't you ever forget that. I am truly the lucky one to be laying here in your arms so safe. I trust you more than anyone i know and beyond a shadow of a doubt i believe that you will never hurt me. I will always be here for you and i will always love you. "
I lay my head back against his chest and listen to his heat beat. I wish that that moment could have lasted forever. I love my boyfriend more than words can express and i would say "The End" but that would not be appropriate for our love continues and will have no end. .