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I work in Constitution and loved it up till the last week. My boss died and his wife took over. She was a bitch. It felt like she would go out of her way to mess with me. Like say that I messed something up and would had to redo it. No matter how long it took. The did not get home till after ten each night seance she took over. The worst thing is that she would let every one else go. I came in on Saturday to get overtime even tho I all ready had more then any one. I worked on doing all wood hand made trim in a bed room. Just when I thought I was done she came in and told me it was the wrong shade. I had to redo it. But it had to be done by Monday. I could not quit and she knew it. I just got stuck with a house that I bought for another women. She left and I have a big bill.

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   Just after every one left I was surprised to see her pull in. She came to me to And said You really need this Job don't you. I said yes. She told me she has been testing me. to take over the foremen job. I was blown away. She said that the other foremen sucks and won't do what she wanted. But She still had a test for me. I need to know You will do what I say when I say. I needed the job and I would be the best foremen. What is the test? I say. Do what I say when I say it how I say it for the rest of the weekend and the job is yours. I was confused but I still said yes. Then go to my car and bring up the black bag in the back. I stuttered.

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   If you what that job then do it or walk out and I'll fuck with you for as long as you can stand it. I will make shore you won't be able to get a job again. So I went and got the bag and went back. She had a long coat even thou it was not even cool out. What is the worst she could do to me in a night and day. As I walked back in and what I saw. Last chance you are in or out. AS she stood there wearing a black leather corset and thong with black boots knee high. I could not say a word all I could do was stair. If your in then shut the fucking door and get those clothes off. I thought hell yea. She was in her 40ttys but very well built. I was single and Had not had sex for mouths. With her standing at five five usually she stood five eight with the heels. She looked like I have never seen her.

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   with her hair tied back with a statistic look in her eye. I undressed and stood there with a proud hard on of eight inches long. I sighted to move closer to her but she saidI only told you to undress nothing more. You are not here to fuck me. Keep that off your mind. Go to the bathroom. And get in the tub. I went to turn the water on but she slapped my hand away. Sit down. I did She picked her foot up and pressed her heel in my chest to the point I had to lay down. I will see if your really going to do what I want. Close your eyes and open your mouth. I did then but picked a little. she ground her heel in to my chest It hurt. Close your fucking eyes.


   Then I felt her feet settle at my sides. She was startling me. Don't move your testing my nerve's. Then I felt the trickles of warm liquid dip on my chest. Then it turned into a stream. I open my eyes to see what the hell. She had her thong pulled to the side and was pissing on me from the most beautiful slit I had ever seen It really did not bother me to being peed on. She saw that I was watching. She quickly went from my chest to my face. I was surprised but it actually did not taste bad. Very salty but sweet. I kept my mouth open witch surprised my self to do that. Oh yea take it in. she said with a smile. My hubby love the taste of my piss.

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   As the stream got weaker she moved it from my mouth down my body to my prick. The warm splashing sensation was a hell of a turn on. Before you clean up You need to roll over. I did. I had to get on my knees. Stay right there. She left the returned with a red bag and a tube. This won't hurt just relax. I felt onehandspreed my cheeks the I felt a cold wet plastic round tip at my hole. She did not hesitate to push it in. It was a lot larger then I thought at first. All I could feel was pressure like when your constipated. Then with out warning The pressure got worse as I was being filled with a warm watery solution. It did not take long before I felt full. then she pushed even more into me.

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   Don't let any of that out she said. She gave a quick pull and popped the tip out. then inserted a plug. stay there for at lest a half an hour. Tell me when you cant stand it. And keep that ass in the air and the head down. I did It was not long at all before I told her. She said I was full of it stay there. I try-ed to relax but nothing would help. The presser was to much. I cried again. She laughed then told me to wait. I was whimpering like a dog. I started to get the idea that she was liking it. It had to be the full half hour till she came in and said to use the toilet and let it out.

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   When I sat down I was just as tuned on as much as I could. With the release i never felt better. Jump in the shower and clean you self off. Do not jack off. I want that to stay were it is. I jumped in and could see she was watching me Even tho I would never do this before I was loving this. As I got out there were no towels so she grabbed me and pulled me to the floor in the bedroom. Just lick. As she sat on my face. My tongue fell right into her ass hole. I licked and sucked like it was the best tasting thing I ever had, I could feel her cum dip on to my nose. She turned around on my face. So I was eating he lovely pussy. She took a hold of my prick and took her other hand and starting fucking my ass. I was overwhelmed.

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   She could feel that I was on the eager before she gr abed my cock. She just fucked my ass till she got off huge. She filled my mouth. Then she let me cum. When she was done she grabbed my clothes and threw me my boots and told me to get in the car. I did and kept my head between her legs all the way to her house. That is were the real fun started. till next time Get off well. .


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There are a number of establishments in Madrid where you may purchase putas, giving visitors plenty of options. Clubs and brothels may be found all across the city, and they are by far the most frequented establishments. These businesses provide their customers and putas with a risk-free and protected atmosphere to do their business in. Putas may also be purchased on the streets of Madrid, notably in neighbourhoods like Gran Via and Calle Montera.If you're searching for a prostitute in Madrid, you'll discover a plethora of possibilities. Street prostitutes may be found in specific locations of the city, such as the Calle Montera, which is well-known for its streetwalkers. There are also several brothels and clubs that provide sexual services across the city.

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Madrid's swinger culture is alive and well for those seeking a little extra excitement in their lives. Couples and individuals of all sexes might feel comfortable experimenting with their sexuality at a swinging club. These clubs provide a wide range of services, from private rooms to group sex to BDSM playrooms. In Madrid, Oops! is among the most well-known swinger clubs. the Ring, and.The Prado Museum has one of the world's best collections of European art and is another must-see while in Madrid. The museum's collection includes works by such illustrious painters as Goya, Velázquez, and El Greco.
The Casa de Campo, a large park located on the fringes of Madrid, is also a popular prostitution hotspot. Here, women offer services to males driving through the park from their vehicles. Even though this location is more discreet than the Calle Montera, there have been reports of violence against sex workers in the region.The capital of Spain, Madrid, is a lively, international city known for its rich history, culture, and art. It's a city with something for everyone, from beautiful buildings and world-class museums to tasty food and a busy nightlife.