She had never had it, damn did she like it!


Dani ran a little country store in our area. The store catered to general farm and ranch needs, feed and the like. Dani was about 5' 5"with brunette hair to her shoulders, a very pretty face (the kind that really does not need makeup), beautiful natural breasts and a plump but nice ass.

When I would go by the store, our conversations were always normal, no teasing or sexual talk of any kind. The one thing that clued me in to her needing more than her home attention was she would take hard looks at my crotch almost every time I was in the store, not gazes, hard inquisitive looks.

Her husband told be one day, just in a BS session that a woman's pussy was made to fuck not eat. I knew she didn't get oral sex at home after this. Second clue was my spouse made a comment one day, she and Dani had been talking and Dani asked if I would do what people did in porn movies. She said she was not sure what Dani was asking but stated she responded, whatever I want he will do.

My mind was racing, thinking Dani had never, or at least not in a long time, experienced oral pleasure. I stopped by the store one day and Dani greeted me as usual. She was dressed as usual, button front shirt and well fitting jeans. Dani asked if I was in a hurry, I wasn't and she excused herself to her house, which is adjacent to the store.

Dani came back out in about ten minutes, having changed into a form fitting knit top, and smelled as if she had freshened up.

I was starting to load feed sacks on the dolly and she sort of blocked my path to the feed sacks, leaning against the sacks in a very suggestive and hungry pose. Dani then looked directly at my crotch, licked her lips and stared into my eyes.

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  I stood there in sort of an alarmed look and she gazed back at my crotch, which was growing by the second. She kept looking at my crotch and started moving her legs back and forth like she was rubbing her clit without doing so with her hands.

I took at step towards her, cautiously, touched her chin and tilted her head upward to make eye contact. Dani told me she wanted me and always thought I was very sexy. I told her this could cause problems, she immediately responded that if I would allow her to satisfy her curiosity it would always stay between us.

She tilted her head back in a heated passionate way and I gently kissed her, she wrapped both arms around me pulled me to her and kissed me very deeply and passionately. She was grinding her pussy against my leg and panting. I slipped her top over her head, removed her bra and started kissing a sucking both nipples, areolas, and all over both breasts. I thought she was going to cum right then. I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, she basically melted against the stack of feed. I started kissing my way down to the top of her panties and she hastily stripped one leg out of her jeans and stood there. I resumed kissing downward and slowly dropping her panties with each kiss. About the time I reached the top of her bush, I pulled the panties down and helper her get the one foot out, layed her over the feed sacks and began slowly devouring her pussy, lips and bush first, then licking below and back up but not touching her clit.
    Dani started to shutter, spread her legs wide and convulsed, she was coming without me touching her clit. After her convulsions subsided, I gave her the best clit licking and sucking I knew how to, she came again and this time it seemed in multiples, she didn't stop bucking and humping my face for several minutes.

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    After she recovered, she said I have never had that and it is all she dreamed. Dani then told me she had fantasized about her and I on several occasions. She also said she had never seen a man cum, except in the porn movies, she wanted to see me cum on her tits and face. I crawled up on top of her and entered her slowly, she gasped and grabbed my ass, pulling me deep inside her and fucked me back hard, she came again, this time just as hard as the second time. I kept pumping in and out until she stopped me, telling me she wanted to take control. She had me stand up, she kneeled down and started slowly stroking my dick, occasionally sucking my head in and out. When she sensed I was getting ready, she pulled her tits upward and told me to jack-off on her. I took control and in a few strokes let out several powerful shots of cum on her face and tits. She started fingering herself and came in seconds. She pulled her pants up, went over to the counter and cleaned her face and tits off and thanked me. She said, "I always wanted that and damn did I like it". I promised we could do this again sometime, loaded my feed and left.

    The next time is another story.




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