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This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Feed back will be accepted at the E-Mail address given above. Any requests that you have will be taken into consideration for any future writings. Thank You and Enjoy.


Chapter 1

Angel's at the dog shelter, and is about to pick out a dog. Her parents decided to bring her to the dog pound to pick out her present for her 16th birthday. They decided to teach her some responsibility by taking care of a dog.

As Angel is walking down the cages, she spots a dog in particular. It's a breed she's never seen before. She recognizes that it has a vague resemblance to a wolf.

"That's an odd one" the Animal Control worker says, standing behind her. Angel turns her head to see a woman, about in her fifties. She has on glasses, and looks like she is fairly overweight, with a uniform on. "We picked that one up a few days ago.

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   He was wandering around the trash dumps, probably getting something to eat. When we tried to get him, he was too quick for us, and we had to dart him. "

"Dart him?" Angel replies with a puzzled look.

"A tranquilizer dart. It took two of them, but he finally got knocked out after the second one. Aside from that, he has an ID number on his head. It looks like a tattoo or something. I've never really heard of a tattoo like that on a dog before though. "

Angel responds, "Do you know what breed he is?"

The woman responds, "If I could guess, there is definitely some wolf in him, but, beyond that is anyone's guess. He doesn't seem very aggressive. All he did was run from us when we tried to catch him. "

Angel stands there for a moment. The dog perks up, and looks straight at Angel. It gets up, and walks over to her, and sticks his nose through the cage. Angel reaches out and rubs his nose, which he enjoys.

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"I think he likes you”, the woman comments.

"Daddy”, Angel calls out. "I think I'll take this one. " Angel's father settles up with animal control. Angels decides to call the dog Shadow. Shadow gets all his shots, but they don't get him neutered, thinking they might want to breed him with somebody later on. They have no idea how soon that would happen. . . . . .


As soon as they got Shadow home, Angel called her boyfriend, Adam. Angel and Adam had been going out for almost a year now. Adam is on the swim team, just like Angel.

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   Adam has the typical swimmer's physique. He is almost 6 ft tall. Adam has brown eyes, and dirty blonde hair, which he keeps short. Angel, has a different physique. She has C-cup breasts, instead of the small ones a person would expect from a swimmer. She is 5ft 2in tall with dark brown hair that hangs down to her waist. Her eyes are colored a very dark shade of green.

Adam was over to Angel's house pretty quick. Angel introduced Shadow to Adam, and vice versa. Shadow liked Adam as well. In fact, it seemed that there wasn't anybody Shadow didn't like.

As Adam walked in the house, Shadow walked over to Adam, and sniffed his rear.

"He sure treats me like one of his own" Adam remarked.

Angel replies, "He does that to everybody I noticed. "

That night, Adam took Angel out to dinner and a movie afterwards.

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   Surprisingly enough, Adam didn't try anything this time, like usual. Angel and Adam had been fooling around for a few months now, but no sex yet, but that would change soon.

When Adam took Angel back to her house, he walked her to her door, like a true gentleman. Angel gives Adam a long, passionate kiss goodbye.

Before he turns around, Angel stops him, and asks him, "Do you want to come over later?" with a wink. Before Adam can reply, Angel follows up, "My window will be open all night. I expect you over at 1am.

Adam walks back up to Angel, and returns the kiss she gave him earlier.

"Is that enough of an answer" Adam says.

Later that night. . . . .

Adam knocks on Angel's window.

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   She gets up out of bed, and opens it. Adam crawls in the first-floor window, right into her bedroom. Adam doesn’t even get through the window before Angel locks lips with him. Angel, being aggressive, sticks her tongue in Adam's mouth. Adam, not wanting to be outdone, fights back, fighting for his tongue to get in her mouth. Angel feels this, and lets Adam massage her tongue. The stand there, frenching each other right in front of the open window.

"That was good" Angel says, breaking the kiss.

"I've had a good teacher" Adam replies. Angel can't help but to chuckle at that. Adam reaches for the window, and closes it, then closes the blinds.

When he turns around, Angel is sitting on her bed. She has on typical loose-fitting pajamas. She is lying on her back.

"Like what you see" Angel asks.

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"How couldn't I" Adam replies.

Adam lies down on the bed with Angel. They lock lips again. Adam puts his hands on Angel's face and sticks his tongue in her mouth. Angel caresses her tongue against his. While the both of them are making out, Angel uses her hands to feel under Adam's shirt. Adam takes the hint, and breaks the kiss to take his shirt off to reveal his near-perfect six-pack abs.

After Adam takes his shirt off, he reaches for Angel’s pajama top.

"No no no, let me" Angel replies.

Angel gets off of the bad, and stands in the middle of the room, and turns around, so her back is toward him. She looks back with a sexy look on her face. She smiles, and starts to dance. She moves her well-toned ass, and shakes it up and down. In between dancing, Angel starts to unbutton her pajamas. First the top one, then the middle one.

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   Adam can clearly see she's wearing no bra, and likes all the cleavage he's seeing. She stops unbuttoning, and dances over to Adam.

"Would the lucky boyfriend like to undo the ladies last button" Angel says.

"Hell yea" Adam replies. Angel giggles as Adam undoes the last button on her top.

As Angel lets her pajama top fall to the floor, Adam gets up, and locks lips with her again. She cocks her head right, as does Adam, and start frenching each other some more. Adam takes his hands, and fondles Angel’s perfect, C-cup breasts. Angel moans into his mouth. He fills each on of his hands with soft skin, and then moves to the nipples. He grabs the tips, and tugs on them, making Angel squeal a bit into his mouth.

Angel takes hold of his hands, never breaking the kiss, and moves them from her chest, to her back, then down to her waist. Adam needs no other invitation, and slides his hands over her ass, and takes a hold of her round, curvy ass cheeks. He grabs them hard, and slaps them a little bit.

Angel breaks the kiss, and pushes him onto the bed.

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   She lands on his chest, squeezing her boobs between them. Adam moves to keep the make-out session up, but Angel puts her finger over his mouth.

"I had something else in mind" Angel says.

"Oh?" Adam replies.

Without another word, Angel moves down to Adam's waist, and grabs the top of his jeans, and pulls. They come off almost effortlessly. Angel rubs Adam's hard cock through his boxers. Adam starts to hump against Angel's hand, wanting to get off.

"A little anxious aren't we?" Angel asks.

Adam replies, "Why wouldn't I. The most beautiful woman a man could have is right here with me. "

Angel smiles at that. "Just for that, you get a reward. "

"A reward?" Adam replies.

"That’s right, a reward.

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  " Angel takes off his boxers, and his clean shaven, hard 6-inch cock slaps his belly.

"My, my. It looks like little Adam here is a little tense. Let’s help that problem as best we can, shall we. "

Angel grabs Adams cock by the base, and licks the shaft, starting at the base, and then working her way to the head. She does this a couple of times, licking it like you would an ice-cream cone. On her last licking stroke, Angel moves down to his balls. She licks the left testicle, and takes it into her mouth, letting her tongue caress it.

"Good god Angel!! When did you get so good at this?"

Smiling, and repeating what Adam said before, "I had a good teacher. "

She moves to the right ball, and gives it the same treatment as well. She sticks her tongue out, and guides Adam's testicle into her mouth. As she caresses it inside her mouth, she uses her hand, and starts to give Adam a hand job.

"OH Angel, don't stop, PLEASSEEE" Adam groans.

Angel, never stopping the hand job, pulls her mouth away from his ball, and stretches the ball away from the skin, until it pops out. It makes a very sexy sound when it does pop out.

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   Angel lifts her head up to his cock-head. She starts to lick the head like a lollipop. She licks it from different angles, all of which just makes Adam want to cum so bad. Angel's almost expert skills keep Adam on the edge of an orgasm.

Finally, after a lot of fun on Angel's part, she puts his cock-head in her mouth. She tastes the copius amount of pre-cum she has caused Adam to spill. It's a salty taste, but she enjoys it. She feels Adam's hands on her head, playing with her long, brown hair. She takes pleasure in the fact that he is under her control, for now. Angel goes past the head, and gets most of it in her mouth. There's only a slight bit she can't get in due to her gag reflex. She wraps her lips around his shaft, and swirls her tongue around it, feeling the raised veins all along it.

"OH Angel. You're so good at giving me blow jobs. " Adam says.



Taking the compliment, Angel, keeping her lips around his shaft, starts to bob her head up and down. Her tongue swirls all over the entire shaft as she moves her head. Angel knows it won't take very long for him to cum, especially with the all the teasing she did beforehand. As her head bobs up and down, Adam continues to play with her hair.

"Oh please Angel, don't stop. " Adam moans.

Angel, knowing the control she has over him at this moment, does something she knows he will like. With her right hand, she uses her middle finger, and sticks it up his asshole. Her finger curls around so that the edges of her finger puts pressure on his prostate, or as some call it, the male g-spot. This sends Adam far over the edge.

"OHHH GOOOODDDDD!" Adam moans.

Adams cock pulses copious amounts of cum straight into Angel's mouth. Like a greedy child looking for dinner, she sucks it down just as quick as it comes out. Adam's entire body shakes from the orgasm, and he closes his eyes from the intense pleasure of the release.

Adam's cock shoots 8 spurts of cum down Angel's throat, straight into her belly before the orgasm subsides.

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"That was incredible. I think it was the most intense cum I've ever had, beautiful" Adam says, complimenting Angel.

Angel blushes at the compliment. "I thought you would like me messing with your asshole. Maybe I should do it more often. "

"I certainly do hope so. But now it’s my turn to make you moan" Adam replies.

Angel, taking the hint, gets off her knees, and locks her lips with Adam's, both of them frenching each other. Adam takes hold of Angel's waist, and lays her on the bed in the same position he was just in. Adam uses his left hand, and moves it to her left breasts. He grabs the entire mound of flesh, and gropes it. Adam's hand moves toward her nipple, pulling at it. As his left hand is working on her breasts, his right hand moves elsewhere. His right hand slides from her face, down her right breasts, down her belly, and finally, slides under her pajama bottoms. Angel is wet from the blowjob earlier.

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   She likes giving them almost as he likes getting them. Adam takes his fingers, and slides them into her slit. He feels the heat of her love canal.

Angel breaks the kiss, "Is that all I'm going to get for that world-class blowjob?" Angel asks seductively.

"Just you wait Angel" Adam replies.

Adam takes his tongue, and drags it. The dragging starts at Angel's neck, and slowly moves down her body. He makes a stop at her breasts. He takes the left nipple in his mouth, and squeezes the right nipple with his now free right hand. Knowing what Angel likes, Adam take his free hand, and puts it in her mouth, which she eagerly sucks on, finger by finger.

Adam moves from her breasts, down her belly, until he reaches the waistline of the pajama bottoms.

He frees his left hand from Angel's mouth, to take off her bottoms. After they're off, Adam continues his tongue dragging instead of stopping at her cunt, he moves to her thighs. He grabs her thighs, one in each arm, and starts to lick them up and down.

"You do know what to do, don't you lover boy" Angel says.

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"With you it’s not hard to figure out. " Adam replies

"Well then, figure out this" Angel says, grabbing Adam's head, and forcibly making him to start to work on her cunt.

Taking the OBVIOUS hint, Adam goes to work on Angel's cunt. His tongue sticks out, and starts to lap up all her love juices. His tongue traces the outside of her cunt, before he goes for the clit. He starts to flick it at first, and then moves to sucking on it, like she did his cockhead. Angel, feeling intense pleasure, grabs the bed covers in a fist.

"Oh yes! Oh Yes!! OH YESS!!!!" Angel cries out as her first orgasm of the night hits her, and hits her hard. Her entire body convulses, and her cunt shakes wildly. Adam's mouth gladly sucks down all the love juices she has to offer.

Adam doesn't stop there however. While Angel is in the midst of her orgasm, Adam keeps using his expert mouth to eat her out. As a result, Angel's orgasms don’t stop.

"OHH GOODDDD YYYEEEEESSSSS" Angel moans. In the midst of Angel's moaning and screaming, her entire body is thrashing and bucking.

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   Adam has to put his arms around her thighs to keep a good vantage point for eating her out.

Angel shakes wildly. Her back arches, and she tries to turn on her right side. She does, but Adam moves with herm so he can keep up the work. Angel can't help but to close her legs on Adam's head to try to get more of his fabulous mouth in her.

As Adam gives her cunt a rest, Angel comes down off her multiple orgasms, and relaxes her legs around Adam's head.

"Why'd you stop?" Angel asks, disappointed that he's stopped.

Adam pops his head up from between her legs. His face is practically soaked with her juices, and his face is a shade of blue. "I couldn't breathe down there. "

Angel practically laughs her ass off, before she reaches out and grabs his hand. She pulls him back onto the bed.

"It's a testament to how good a lover you are" Angel replies.

"Or, how good a swimmer you are" Adam shoots back.

Angel giggles at that comment, and starts to lick her juices off his face.

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   After she's done, she frenches him some more. She trails her finger up and down his chest.

Breaking the kiss, she asks Adam, "Is Mr. virgin lover boy ready to feel what a virgin cunt feels like?"

"I think I've been ready for about 18 years now. " Adam replies.

"Good. Because I want to feel your rock-hard cock inside me. Not only that, I've got another little surprise for you. "

"Oh? And what's that?" Adam replies.

"My parents put me on birth control pills so you can even cum inside me" Angel says, with a smile.

"Well, that is a surprise. I think it's almost as good as you sticking your finger up my ass. " Adam replies.

"Good, because I think little Adam is ready to go again. " Angel says, noticing Adam's renewed hardness.

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With Adam's response, Angel rolls over onto her back, and moves up the bed so her head is resting on the pillows. Adam rolls over onto his belly, and moves up to her. Angel has her leads spread wide open, ready for her lover. Adam kneels down so his rock-hard cock has an easy entry into her love tunnel. He grabs the base of it, and aims it in. He starts to enter her.

"Hold on, mister happy. Let me do the aiming for you. I want your arms up here with me. " Angel says.

Doing as he's told, he lets Angel take hold of his shaft, and puts his arms up with Angel. Angel aims for him, and he moves his cock to the entrance of her cunt. Adam can barely hold back as the head of his cock enters her. He continues to move slowly into her, trying his best not to hurt her. It's not long before Adam cane feel the base of his shaft resting on the outside of Angel's cunt.

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"You still doing ok beautiful?" Adam asks.

"Wow! That didn't hurt at all. I guess all the playing we've already done stretched me out enough. " Angel replies. "Well, are you just going to sit still all day, or are you ready to fuck your first pussy?"

"My Pleasure!" Adam replies.

Adam pulls his shaft out of her, and slowly pushes it back in. They both slurp as Adam starts to slowly pump Angel. As Adam gets a slow rhythm going, Angel uses her arms, and grabs the back of his head, encouraging him to lay down, chest against chest on her. Adam continues to slowly fuck her, while he obliges, and lays on top of her, squeezing her breasts between the two of them. Angel, enjoying the fucking, moves her face toward his, and locks lips with him, frenching him while he fucks her. Angel is in complete control of the kiss, while Adam is busy. Angel uses her tongue, and massages his. A little drool escapes her lips.

Angel breaks the kiss, and uses her arms to wrap them around Adam's back, best that she can. At the same time, she wraps her legs around his thighs.

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"Come on lover, is that really the fastest you can go. " Angel says, in a seductive fashion.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet. " Adam replies.

The strength of his thrusts increase, as does the speed in which they come.

"That's BEETTTTEERRRRR" Angel says, moaning as the last word escapes her lips.

Adam keeps rapidly fucking his beautiful woman. He feels her legs around his ass, trying to get more of him in her. Adam bends his face down to hers, and its his turn to french her. He opens his mouth, put his lips to hers, and starts going to work on her tongue like she did his. They both french each other, with Angel moaning every now and then.

"OHH GOODDD!! I FEEEL IITTT!" Adam moans, breaking the kiss.

"Give it all to me lover. Give me every ounce of baby-making juice you've got. " Angel replies back.

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"OH! I'M CUMMIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!!!" Adam, practically screaming.

"CUM IN ME ADAM, MAKE ME A WOMAN!!" Angel moans back.

Adam slams his hard cock in Angel, and stops his thrusts. He holds his dick in her cunt while he pumps globs of sperm up into her. Angel wraps her legs around Adam's ass to hold him inside her. She feels his cock spurting his juice up inside her. Were it not for the birth control pills she was on, she would get pregnant right now without a doubt. They stay in each others arms as both of them ride out their orgasms together.

As both of their orgasms subside, Angel takes hold of Adam's face, and starts some after-sex tongue action.

"That was wonderful, lover" Angel says.

"It's all because you're so beautiful" Adam replies.

Angel replies with a simple deep, long french kiss.

Suddenly Adam pulls back from the kiss.

"Oh God! With all that noise, there's no way that your parents didn't hear us. " Adam says, just now realizing.

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Angel just giggled, "Why do you think they put me on birth control, silly. "

It took a minute for Adam to catch on to the fact, but he eventually got it. Seeing the idea clicking within Adam's eyes, Angel brought his face back to hers, and re-started the after-sex frenching.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the house. . . . . .

Angel's parents are sitting on their bed under the covers.

"Do you think it was a good idea to put Angel on birth control?" Steve, Angel’s father asks.

Steve is 50 years old, 5 ft 18 in tall with brown eyes and brown hair.

"We know that her and Adam's been going out for over a year. Remember, it only took us 6 months to get our pants off" replies Sara, Angel's mother.

Sara is 48 years old, 5 ft 2 in tall with green eyes and brown hair.



"I know, but it just seems like we're basically giving her a green light for the two of them to have sex" Steve answers back.

"We've had this discussion before. We both don't trust Adam to wear a condom, the only thing we do trust is for the both of them to screw each other silly. If we hadn't put Angel on birth control, we would probably end up with a pregnant Angel. "

Before Steve can give his rebuttal, they both hear the familiar sounds of sex coming from the other side of the house.

Sara speaks up, "You see, there's my point. The both of them are going at it like rabbits. "

Steve moves to get up, intending to give Adam a piece of his mind, and possibly more, about having sex with his daughter in his own house.

Sara grabs his hand, stopping him.

"Why should I stop? That boy is fucking my Angel, and not quietly I might add. " Steve barks.

Sara replies, "First of all, that's HER making all that noise, not Adam. Second, it was inevitable. The two of them are in love. The first time should always be with a person you love.

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   Besides, Adam does treat her like the Angel she is. "

Steve sighs, and turns around and gets back into bed.

"I suppose you're right, as usual. Although, I wish she would be a little quieter about it. "

"Remember our first time. Practically the whole neighborhood knew when we first fucked each other. " Sara comments.

Steve replies, giggling, "Yeah. There wasn't a soul on the street that didn't know what we were doing. We even had the dogs barking. "

"By the way, speaking of dogs, why did you get Angel one?" Sara replies.

"Well, I was kind of hoping that he; I mean Shadow would take her mind off having sex with Adam. Kind of stupid I know. " Steve replies.

"You're right; It was kind of a stupid thought.

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   But there in lies the problem. You're not stupid, far from it, you're very smart. So the the question becomes, what was the real reason you got Shadow?" Sara asks.

Steve, just starting to turn red, "No. That's the real reason why I got Shadow. "

Sara replies, "Your face is beet red my dear. SOOOO, if you didn't get Shadow to keep Angel occupied, why would you get him I wonder?"

Before Steve can issue his rebuttal, Sara interrupts him, and keeps talking. "It wouldn't have anything to do with that little conversation we had, oh,say about a month ago about spicing up our sex life would it?"

Steve takes a long, hard look at Sara's face, and replies, "It can get slightly annoying when I can't even surprise things like that on you. "

Sara, makes a quick motion to Steve's face, and gives him a little peck on the lips.

"Who says I wasn't surprised?" Sara says, pulling back from the light kiss.

Steve replies, after the peck, "Speaking of which, where is Shadow?"

"I saw him on the couch earlier. I think he's been there most of the day, having such a busy day and all. " Sarah replies.

"I'd imagine he's pretty rested now though. " Steve replies.

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"I'd imagine so. Maybe he just needs to feel welcomed here. I tell you what, I'll go get him, and bring him in here. Maybe that'll help his disposition. " Sarah says.

She gets out of bed, and walks down stairs into the living room, where Shadow is still laying on the couch.

"Come here boy!" Sara says, motioning Shadow to come up stairs. Shadow lifts his head up, with his ears perked up high. He gets up on his feet, and starts to move toward Sara, but makes a detour to the back door.

"Need to go outside boy?" Sara asks.

Shadow just wags his tail upon hearing the question. Taking that as a yes, Sara opens the back sliding door, and lets Shadow do his business. When Shadow's ready to go back in, Sara lets him in, and locks the door. Sara goes back to the bedroom, with Shadow following faithfully. Shadow follows Sara into the bedroom, and Sara latches the door closed behind her.

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   Steve motions for Shadow to get up onto the bed, which he does. Sara gets into the bed in the same place she was at before, and Shadow sits down on the bed spread.

"He's such a good dog, you know. It hard to believe that nobody would pick him up. " Sara remarks, as she's petting him.

"I know. It is hard to believe" Steve replies.

"I wonder if he'd be up to a little fun tonight" Sara says.

"Are you sure? I mean, we just got him today. " Steve replies in a worried tone.

Sarah puts away his fears, "He had all his shots, and he's obviously good natured. What more could we ask for? Besides, in the worst case scenario, you're here, so there's no problem. "

Steve replies, "I do suppose you're right after all. "

"But, I will need some help getting started. Care to give me that help, Honey?" Sara replies.

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Steve smiles, "There's nothing more that I would like right now. "

Steve moves over to Sara, and locks lips with her. He sticks his tongue in her mouth, and is met with her tongue. Both of their tongues twist and twirl around each other. Steve uses his left hand to fondle Sara's B-cup breasts through her silk nightie. Sara has a typical volleyball player's body, probably because she was a volleyball player in college, and stays in shape. Steve was a wrestler in college, but has kind of let himself go. He's not overweight, but just under due to him not keeping up the wrestler workout routine, and all the muscle turning to flab.

Sara moves her right hand down Steve's back, and starts to rub his ass cheeks. At the same time, Steve, feeling her hand, moves his left hand from her breast down to her pussy. He pulls the hem of the nightie up so he can have easy access. He starts by just rubbing his hand over her mound. Sara moans into Steve's mouth.
    She opens her legs so Steve can have even easier access to her cunt. Her nipples become erect from the attention, and they stick out, like bullets, through her nightie.

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    Steve takes his middle finger, and sticks it up her cunt. Sara moves her hips, trying to get more of his finger inside her, even though its as far in as it'll go. Steve takes a second finger, and puts it inside her. The sounds of a woman getting fingered fill the room. Sara gets very wet from the attention. Normally, this would be the point where Steve moves between Sara's legs and make her squeal, but not this time.

    Steve breaks the long, deep kiss.

    "Is that good enough for you Sara?" Steve asks.

    "More than enough lover. " Sara replies.

    The whole time, Shadow just sits on the bed, watching intently.

    Sara turns to Shadow, and says, "Ready to lick my pussy boy?"

    Shadow perks his ears up, and moves between her legs. Sara opens her legs wide to give him better access. Shadow sticks out his rough tongue, and starts licking her clit.

    "OH GOODDD!" Sara moans, surprised at the incredible feeling of a dog eating her out.

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       Its almost like he's done it before. Sarah grips the sheets in her hands, making fists, trying to deal with the sudden surge of pleasure. She feels his rough tongue focusing on her clit, licking it in every pass.


    Steve, unable to control himself, lowers his face to hers, and starts frenching her some more. Again, he uses his left hand to fondle her breasts. Sara wraps her arms around Steve, while Shadow keeps eating her out.

    She feels the familiar feeling of an orgasm, creep up on her. Between Shadow's tongue, and Steve's hands, she can't hold back the tide, and the orgasm hits her.

    She breaks the passionate kiss, and moans out loud.

    "OH GOODDD! I FEEL IT! ITS COMING! ITS COMING! ITS COMING! I'M COMMIIINNNNGGGGG!" Sara moans out loud as her orgasm racks her body.

    Her pussy gushes as she cums all over Shadows tongue. He laps it all up while he continues licking. Sara digs her nails into Steves back, drawing blood in the process.

    "That was incredible" Sara says, coming down from her orgasm.

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    "Do you think you dug into my back enough" Steve says, pointing to his scratches.

    "I'm sorry honey, but that was one of the most intense cums I've ever had. Besides, your exaggerating. See, the blood's already stopped. "

    "I suppose so" Steve replies back.

    Both of them then turn to look at Shadow, who's since stopped eating out Sara, and now's just looking at them.

    "I think its time for Shadow to have some fun too. What do you think about that boy?" Sara says.

    Shadow stands up on all fours, and starts wagging his tail.

    "I'm glad you approve boy. " Sara says, responding to him.

    She moves toward Shadow, and moves toward his rear end. She gets under Shadows "crotch" and starts to play with his balls.

    "You're right Steve, he does have a set on him. They're about the same size as yours.

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      " Sara remarks.

    "I wonder what his cock'll look like when it gets hard. " Steve replies.

    Sara replies, "It won't take long to find out. "

    She grabs hold of Shadow's little dick, and starts to stroke it.

    "It almost feels like there's a bone in there, somewhere. " Sara remarks.

    Steve replies, "There might be. There's a lot we personally don't know about dog anatomy in general. "

    Shadow wimpers a little.

    Sara giggles, "All right boy, I'll get back to business. "

    Sara uses her right hand to play with Shadows balls, while her left hand, starts some play with his dick. As she slowly starts to play with his equipment, she is rewarded by his red cock coming out of his sheath.

    "A red cock, now that's one I didn't see coming" Sara remarks.

    Sara keeps fondling his balls, while she sticks her tongue out to lick Shadow's dick.

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       It's still only about 3 inches long, but that'll change soon. She takes her tongue, and licks the tip of the dick, and plays with the base of it a little bit. Her tongue plays with the slit on the cock, then she moves down to the base, then back up again. This makes Shadow's cock respond, by lengthening to 5 inches now, but Shadow, who just now started to pant, isn't quite done yet. Sara takes it a step further, and take the head of his cock inside her mouth. She starts to suck on the head slightly, giving it the full treatment. Shadow starts to buck his hips a little, trying to get more of this wonderful feeling he's having. It works as all his entire cock, fills Sara's mouth. She starts to give Shadow a real blowjob now. She bobs her head up and down his cock, with the occasional whimper coming from Shadow. Suddenly, Sara notices that the cock she's now bobbing up and down on, feels a little different. Sara pulls her mouth off of Shadow's cock, only to realize its longer now.

    "Wow. He's almost as big as you are honey, and you're about 7 inches long. Who would have guessed a dog would have a cock like that.



    Steve replies, "Yeah, that is a bit weird though. Oh look, there's the knot at his cock base. "

    Sara takes a closer look, "I didn't even notice that. I must have been so engrossed in his cock to notice. "

    His knot is roughly the size of a small tomato.

    - For those of you who don't know, when dogs breed, the knot of the male "ties" into the bitch, ensuring a successful breeding.

    "Well, I think its time for Shadow here to fuck me silly, what do you think honey?" Sara says, in a seductive manner.

    Steve replies, "I was starting to wonder. It looked like you enjoyed blowing him quite a bit. "

    "I did, didn't I. " Sara replies.

    Sara gets out from under Shadow, and moves up the bed toward Steve. She gets on her knees and elbows, with her ass sticking straight up in the air, her pussy wet & ready to be taken. Shadow needs no hint, and immediately starts to walk over her way. Shadow raises up his front paws, and puts them on Sara's back.

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       Using her back for leverage, he creeps up to her ass, then slowly lowers himself. He's now on her back, with his cock ready for entrance. Shadow starts trying to hit his target, but he's finding it kind of hard to do.

    "He he. Let me help you with that boy. " Sara says.

    She reaches under herself, and grabs hold of his doggie cock, and aims it in for him. She takes hold of it, and brings it forward, coxing him to thrust forward, which he does. She feels the tip of his cock enter her, with ease due to her cunt being dripping wet. Then, with one sudden thrust, he forces all of his seven inches into her, to the point where she can feel his knot at her entrance.

    Sara gasps in surprise, not expecting the all-in-one thrust. Before she can react, Shadow starts to move his hips, like a fucking machine. He only pulls out a few inches then rams it back in, not knowing that his new bitch isn't used to this.

    "OH GODD!" Sara moans as Shadow's knot hit her clit, giving Sara pleasure, over, and over again.

    All of a sudden, Shadow rams his cock into her, particularly hard, and his knot goes inside her.

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    "HOLY SHIT! I THINK HE JUST KNOTTED ME!" Sara says, with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

    Sara reaches down, to confirm that, she has officially been knotted, but only for a short amount of time.

    Sara gasps at Shadow's thrusts, and his knot slips out, but he rams it back in. It only takes a few more thrusts to make the knot stick, and not pop out anymore.

    "I don't think I've been this stretched out since I gave birth to Angel" Sara says.

    Shadow, even though he's tied to Sara, keeps trying to fuck her, with only limited success. Suddenly, Sara feels Shadow's knot getting, ever so slightly bigger. It roughly about the size of an Apple up her cunt.

    "I think Shadow is enjoying this quite a bit. " Sara says to Steve.

    "Really. How can you tell that?" Steve replies.

    "Because, he's finally cumming up my cunt. " Sara replies, feeling the warm feeling in her love tunnel.

    Shadow has stopped his thrusting, and now is holding his position, pumping all his canine cum into his bitch.

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       He cums a huge load before he dismounts Sara. He tries to pull out of her, but the two mates, both bitch and breeding stud, are still knotted together. Shadow swings around so that the two mates are ass to ass. Shadow tries to walk away, dragging Sara along for the ride, but Steve has other plans.

    Sara calls out to Steve, "Steve! Don't let him get off the bed! We're still tied together!"

    Steve quickly moves over to Shadow, and keeps him entertained with regular ear rubbing and such. Steve keeps this up for about 5 minutes before Shadow's knot pops out of Sara. Shadow gets down on the floor, and starts to clean himself.

    "Good God! I had no idea that dogs cum that much. " Sara says, referencing the copious amount of cum leaking from her cunt.

    "I know. Even human beings don't cum that much. " Steve replies.

    Sara responds, noticing Steve's obvious hard-on, "I'm sorry honey. I forgot all about getting you off just then. How about this.

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       My cunt's pretty used right now, so why don't you get some KY jelly out of the drawer, and do my asshole?"

    Steve doesn't even take the time for a reply. He's over to the drawer in a second, with the lubricant in his hands. Sara takes the same position she just had, on her hands and knees on the bedspread. Steve moves over to the bedspread as well. He squeezes out some, and lubes up his rock-hard 7 inch cock, then spreads some on Sara's rosebud. Steve puts the KY jelly to the side, and grabs the base of his cock, and aims for her rear-entrance.

    The tip of his cock is at her opening. He starts to push, and easily gets the head through her anal ring. Now that he doesn't have anymore aiming to do, he grabs the globes of her ass for leverage, and starts to slowly enter her rectal cavity. He watches as his dick slowly disappears into her rear. First, there are 6 inches of cock outside her ass, then 4 inches, next 2 inches, and he takes the last 2 inches slowly, until he is fully buried in Sara's ass.

    "Looks like I've bottomed out Sara. " Steve says.

    "I could tell that without looking. Now, fuck me big boy.

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      " Sara responds.

    Steve needs no further coaxing, and he starts to pump her ass. He starts slowly at first, removing his cock, then easing it back inside. Steve watches as his cock disappears into Sara's rosebud, then slowly peeks back out. As Steve continues to pumpher ass, he reaches around to her front, and starts to fondle her breasts.

    "He he. Let me help you with that, lover. " Sara says.

    She gets off her hands, and sits straight up, but still on her knees. Steve stops for a moment, but quickly resumes his fucking. Steve, with easier access to Sara's B-cup breasts, uses both his hands, and starts to tweak at her nipples. First, he starts with the right nipple, grabbing the soft flesh, and then pulling on the nipple. He quickly moves to do the same with the left as well.

    "I think you've gotten better at that through the years, Steve. " Sara comments.

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    "I think you're right. " Steve replies.

    Sara lies her head back onto Steve's right shoulder, and Steve starts to lick her neck, leaving a trail of saliva every where it goes. Steve moves to her left ear, giving it some loving as well. As Steve is taking car of thing up top, his ass as never stopped moving. He continues to pump Sara's ass with his cock.

    "I think I'm close. " Steve says, stopping the ear action Sara was getting.

    "Go ahead big boy, fill my ass with your cum. Make me shit your baby juice for a week. " Sara responds.

    Steve picks up his ass-fucking pace. Instead of just fucking and cumming, Steve drops his hands to Sara's still dripping cunt, and ravages her clit. He knows exactly how to make her cum, if he wants to.

    "HOLLYYY SHHIIITTTT!!!!!" Sara screams, from having a cock up her ass and her lover's skilled fingers at her clit.

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    Sara's scream pushes Steve over the edge, and his hard prick starts to pulse inside Sara's asshole. Sara cums at the same time as Steve. Steve's cock pulses, over and over again. He shoots a good eight or nine times before he's done.

    Coming down from their orgasm, both of them collapse on the bedspread. Steve's dick pops out of Sara's asshole with a pop, and Steve's baby juice comes trickling out a moment later.

    "That was incredible. Fucked by a dog, and fucked up the ass in one day. I could do it again. " Sara says.

    "I have a feeling you probably will, and sooner than you think. " Steve replies.

    Meanwhile, Shadow is still in the corner of the room, cleaning himself. Aside from the task of cleaning himself, there's one thing that's on his mind. "I'll have to do that again sometime.

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    Chapter 2 will be written if enough feedback is given. .



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