Sexy Time With Aunty Neha


Hi, my name is Aman . I am from London UK but my parents are from India. I wanted to tell you about the True Experience I had when i was at the age of 18 (2 years ago). This sexual incident occurred with my neighbour, who my mother told me to call aunty out of respect. The neighbour name is aunty Neha, she was 37 years old at the time. she was  a chubby lady at medium height, she dresses in a tradtional asian dress known as salwar kameez (as I later found out). she had very large boobs aswell as a very big ass, which moves side to side as she walked.     This incident took place on a Friday night, as my parents where gone out of town to another city, I was going out a lot at night and partying. One Friday night I went to my friends birthday party at a club, there I had daru (alcohol) to drink. I was walking home a little drunk and could not open the door to my house, at the same time Neha aunty was watching me through the window, she opened the window and said to me "Aman you are too drunk please come to mine I will make you a coffee, wait by the door I will open it okay". Neha aunty finally opened the door to her house, she was looking very sexy as she was wearing a see through nightie. she then let me in and told me to sit down a watch TV while she got me a hot drink. I was going through the channels until I came to a Indian blue film, in which a women was having a bath naked.

2 mins later Neha aunty came into the room and placed the hot drink on the table in front of me. she looked at the TV and said to me "Why are you watching this?" I replied "I love watching it", so she decided to leave it on. she told me to drink my coffee as it was getting cold, so I picked up the cup and started to drink it, but as I was still a little drunk I spilt some on my pants.

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    Neha aunty quickly got a towel and started from pressing the towel against my pants, she started to press the towel on my dick, as she was doing this my dick kept getting bigger and bigger. As she saw my dick growing she stood up and turned around and said "I'm Sorry" and then I replied "it's okay I enjoyed it". she turned around and gave me a smile, she then threw the towel down and held my hand and said "lets go upstairs on bed". she pulled me up the stairs by the hand, with one hand I slapped her hard on the ass as we were walking up the stairs.   When we got to the bedroom we hugged each other very closely as I could feel her boobs pressing against me, we started to kiss while licking each others tongue, she then started to suck on my mouth, as we was standing while kissing we both fell on the bed. we were still kissing for 5 mins, as we was kissing I moved my hands to feel her body first my hand was on her boobs and then her stomach area, and it finally reached her pussy, as I was touching her pussy with her salwar she was slowly groaning. she told me to remove her nightie, which I did slowly. As I removed her nightie her big boobs where jumping up and down. I grabbed both boobs with my hands and started to squeeze them tightly together, as she enjoyed it I pulled out my tongue and started to lick her nipples which were going hard then I started to suck her left boob nipple while playing with the other nipple. After enjoying this for 18 mins she said "Now I want to suck your nipples?", so she took of my t-shirt and started to lick them, after she had licked and sucked them she started to kiss my upper body from my neck to my belly button.   Finally  I said to her "please suck my dick now, sexy? so she wasted no time and pulled down my pants. I was standing, while she was on her knees holding my dick in her hand. she started to rub my penis hard while she sucked on my balls, this was an awesome feeling. she kissed the top of my dick and then started to slowly suck on it. after a while she had the whole 7" inch dick in her mouth.

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   I suddenly felt the need to cum, so she let me cum in her mouth which she then swalload. Now I wanted to suck her pussy, but she enjoyed sucking dick so much she wanted to carry on sucking it. So I told her we can do both at same time. she replied "that's even better". so we got into a 69 position, with her vagina near my mouth and her mouth near my penis  we got to it. I started to lick her vagina as it was warm and wet, I even had the chance to stick my fingers up her pussy, so I put two fingers in her pussy, while my other hand I played with her ass hole, this carried on for 20 mins.   My dick was fully erect, we could start fucking each other, so I slowly put my penis in her pussy and started to hump her, she replied "Harder and Faster"  I kept going until we changed position where now she was on top of me. we were fucking for good 20 mins and kissing at the same time. I said to her "want me to fuck you up the ass" as she replied "I never have done that", so I said "you will enjoy it" so I got her to do it and she enjoyed it every minute of it.   We slept together in the same bed that night and we continued having more sex as you will know how in future stories. If you liked this story please contact me on gangsta2000@hotmail. co. uk. If you liked this story and and there are good comments i will write the story about how we had sex on a airplane. .

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