Sexual Positions Mistakes Do You Make In Bed?


If you listen to a group of women talking to each other over drinks, the topic will always turn to sex. And if you pay attention, you’ll realize these girls always brag (or complain) about their various sexual partners.

So it’s a warning for you…

… If you’re not “rolling his world, your lack of skills of love could end up being the next topic.

The idea that sexy women speak at length about your sexual prowess can be a scary thought.

But there are ways you can stand out and become the best lover she’s ever been with.

Now guys do is a mistake to focus on finding the best sexual positions. They think that sex with his incredible start putting in a certain position, then start typing away.

But this is not the solution to great sex.

To become a true master at sex, you must first understand the mistakes you made in the room and how to correct them.

So if you want to improve your love life, to look closely at some common errors “best sexual position” which are often made by guys.

Best Sexual Positions Mistake # 1 – Thinking faster and stronger is the best way

The most common mistake that many single guy do is slam into a young girl as soon as humanly possible.

Because of the growing influence of porn, many men think the only way to please a woman is hitting away and not pay attention to the appearance boredom in his eyes.
Sexual Positions Mistakes Do You Make In Bed?

While you might be times when you have sex fast, you should take your time and concentrate on pleasing her. Try to replicate things that you see in a porn does make you look like an idiot.

Best Sexual Positions Mistake # 2 – Sticking to the same old position

A quick way to pierce a woman is put in the same position every time you have sex. While you might enjoy a certain position, it will quickly grow tired of sex if you do the same thing again and again.

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The guys who know the secrets of the mind-blowing sex are those who know the importance of transition in different positions.

Best Sexual Positions Mistake # 3 – Trying to get fancy

Hey, we’ve all seen the Kama Sutra. Although this guide is filled with tricky sex positions, this is not the best place to learn about love. What I mean is that you should not try to bend it in every conceivable position thinking this will make you a better lover.

You do not want to try everything to become a big fan. Stick to the standard position and focus on pleasing him.

Best Sexual Positions Mistake # 4 – Lying there like a dead fish when she is on top

There are certain times when a woman will be at the top in what is considered the dominant position. You might think it’s an ideal time to “pause” you have to do some work while she is on top.

For example, you can use this opportunity to stimulate her in sex dating erogenous areas and run your hands along her body. While you’re touch, it will be love above.

Best Sexual Positions Mistake # 5 – Being afraid to be dominant

A lot of guys watch sex with fear and nervousness. If you’re afraid of saying or doing something wrong, it will be immediately laid off.

For example, if you constantly ask a woman if she is having fun, or if she likes a certain position, she will probably think you’re acting like a wimp. And if you act like a wimp in bed, she’ll start treating you like a wimp.

While we are attracted to women who act like women, the same applies to the fairer sex.

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   They like guys who act like men. So if you act like a supplicating wimp, she’ll end up hating sex with you.

To become a better lover, you need to know the best sexual positions and avoid common mistakes that make a lot of guys. Knowing how to please him and meet his needs, you become kind of man that woman all say about his friends. .