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Hi friends, I am going to describe about myself i m from Delhi, my email id is raonaman@gmail. com i'm telling u my real story my experience with a girl who has been dumped and ditched by her earlier boyfriend. A few years ago, I was lunching in a decent restaurant after finishing up my job in the city. There were three people dining adjacent to my table – a gentleman, his wife and a girl possibly the younger sister of the man or his wife. They seemed belonging to well-to-do family.

They finished up their lunch a few minutes before me. As the waiter came with the bill, I found the man fumbling in all pockets of his shirt and pants. It did not take much time for him to realize his wallet containing money and credit card has been stolen by a pickpocket perhaps in a cinema hall or shopping centre they might have gone earlier.

He was obviously not a cheat. Total embarrassment following his inability to pay clearly reflected on his face I saw him look around helplessly for any known face for help but there was none. As I asked him, he told me about his predicament. I asked the waiter to add the amount of their bill to my bill. The gentleman could not believe what I told. He thanked me immensely for saving him and family from possible loss of prestige.

He wanted my visiting card, so I took one from my wallet. As he said he would soon send the money to my address, in a refusing gesture, I kept the card back in my pocket.

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   I said to him with a smile this could have happened to me also. After a friendly argument, he yielded to my pressure but took one card promising not to send the money but to have a friendship. He even called me on phone a few times later to express his profuse thanks and obligations.

A week later, I found an e-mail from a girl delivered to my ID. As I read, I knew it was the same girl with the couple, and I knew she was the lady's younger sister. She thanked me profusely for the nice gesture of helping them out in the restaurant and offered her friendship. I replied affirmatively. We exchanged mails but she flooded my mailbox with as many as three mails a day. She was 24 years, a postgraduate.

As she wrote to me once about my view on love-affairs, I had an inkling this girl was romantically inclined towards me. So, I made my position very clear to her that I did not believe in having an affair with any girl at that stage of my life. Our admiration for each other went exponential as she too clarified she was not feeling any sort of love towards me, but all the same she appreciated my frankness.

She added she had been in love with a boy but he ditched her after eight months of their relationship. Three and half months passed, yet we never met. And it all happened on a hot summer day! In a mail, she expressed her desire that we should meet on following Friday, as it was nearly four months ago we met first.

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   She suggested having lunch at another restaurant and later we could go to a water park about twenty kilometres away. I agreed. As Friday was a working day for me, I took leave.

She looked gorgeous in her blue jeans and a lemon color T-shirt. After lunch over talk, we took a cab to the water-park. As it was a working day in general, there was less rush in that hour of the afternoon. She opted to take an a/c room for changing clothes, etc. Such rooms were available there on rent mainly used by families, honeymoon couples, love-birds or a group for a few hours. The Park authorities did not ask any questions but took exorbitant rent amount in advance. We took the swimsuits available with the park as well the key and went to the room.

It was a nice room on the first floor in the end of the alley with a double-bed, attached bath and toilet. As we relaxed on the bed, she told me she had informed her family members that she was going to a friend's place and would be back around (eight) in the evening. She asked me if I minded her changing dress in the room itself or should she go to the bathroom. Though I said I did not mind, but I was a little embarrassed with her frankness.

She removed her pants and T-shirt and stood with her bras and panties on.

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   My goodness! What a beautiful sight I got! I could never imagine a girl could look so sensual and captivating in her inner garments. Though I did not want to look at her while she changed, yet I could not resist my temptation to ogle at her secretly. Yet, she noticed it. Rather, she was looking at me to catch me looking at her. She said with a meaningful smile on her lips: "Hey, didn't you know you should not look at a girl while she changed her dress"? Frankly speaking, I failed to make any guess of her intentions.

Her look and behaviour were enough to set a man on fire of passion, yet she was sending out tantalizing signals only. Also, she was unperturbed knowing fully she could not help herself if I outraged her modesty. She put on her swimsuit. In the swimsuit she looked a nymph showing off her beautifully shaped and waxed legs and thighs. Her well-developed and protruding breasts threatened to tear off the thin cloth of swimsuit.

Changing ourselves, we went to various pools in the park. There were very few people around, mostly couples or love-birds. They were engaged themselves in merry-making and love play in their own way and no one even cared to look at us for once. Staring at her drenched body in the pool, with the wet swimsuit glued to her like a second skin, I knew it was impossible for any man on earth to check his hot desires.

It would not make even the God wonder if her companion sprang on her and fucked her out in the open.

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   In the swimming pool, she wanted me to help her learn swimming. So she lay on my hands on the surface of water while I took small steps in the pool while she made swimming movements with her hands and legs splashing water merrily.

She did not bother to adjust her swimsuit when three-fourth of her big firm breasts came bulging out and were pressing hard on my hand. Once, she toppled out of my hands and she suddenly clung to my body circling her hands around my neck as if to save herself from drowning (though no one could drown in that swimming pool as it had waist-deep water only). In the melee apparently created by her purposely, she pressed her breasts hard to my chest, mouth brushed my lips and her pussy area pressed to my crotch.

I had difficulty to control myself not to cause erection of my cock out of these sensual touches and caress, by giving a quick autosuggestion to my mind. It was at this time I had a hunch. I knew for sure she was making all out efforts for me to make the first move. But my ego did not allow to. Instead, I wanted her to cry out what she wanted for. I was looking over my shoulders occasionally at the spot of waterfall a little distance away. When I noticed the last pair of couple left the spot, I took her to the waterfall.

It was a wonderful experience to stand under the steady stream of water falling from a height. We stood face to face nearly hugging each other under the steep fall of water on our bodies. She giggled out of pleasures when the waters fell on to her boobs.

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   Then I looked around to make sure nobody was approaching. I went at her back and hugged her tightly. Then I lifted her and leaned by body backward. This made her lay on my chest with her legs and thighs separated. I purposely did this so that the water fell steeply on to her pussy area.

She yelled and giggled as she felt pleasure and pains both. She got released herself from my tight hold and faced me. She said: "Hey, you are very naughty. I knew your intentions". I smiled back but did not say anything. So far we had spent nearly two hours in various water pools. And finally, it was in the wave-pool, she expressed her mind. Initially, we sat on the tile-floor of the pool in waist-deep water level in sitting position.

It was a beautiful sight to watch her breasts with nipples thrusting out through the swimsuit, when waves with lesser height there hit her breasts repeatedly. Seeing my looking at her breasts and waves, she asked me: "Didn't you want to become these waves and caress my.

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  . my. . "? She did not complete the sentence. I did not reply.

After some time, she wanted me to lift her in my hands and to take her to a little deep area of the pool where waves were of a little higher. So we went there. I took her holding in my hands while she hung keeping her hands around my neck. Though her breasts were close to my face, yet I kept my face a few inches away from them.

When we reached waist-level water, suddenly it happened! Unable to resist herself anymore, she pressed her breasts hard to my face and mouth. When I looked at her enquiringly, she whispered in my ear: "Hey, are you an incarnation of Saint Vishwamitra"? In reply, suddenly I gave her my reserved and most peculiar smile which would make any girl mesmerized. I replied "Yeah, but not to this willing Menaka".

No sooner my words came out than my mouth covered her right breast and my right hand went between her thighs holding her pussy for support of her body. The touch of my mouth on her breast and the hand on her pussy made her release a soft moan and she closed her eyes. I told her to take a deep breath and I took her inside the water fully immersed with a dip.

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   When we went inside I inserted my hand through her swimsuit and pressed her nude pussy. She made a squirm inside the water and we both came up. She wanted us to go back to our room soon as she was anxiously waiting for this minute! As we walked to our room, she held my hand leaning her head on my shoulder.

I knew she became immensely hot and horny. Back in the room with the door bolted, we stood looking at each other hungrily. Both of us were burning with the desire for sex. If our looks could be translated into words it would mean we wanted to eat each other. The sight of each other's body in the wet swimsuits was pouring fuel to our lust.

I extended my hands and she came running and hugged me tightly. I kissed her on her mouth and we remained like that for a long time. Her breasts were pressing my chest. We needed to take a bath first to clean our bodies from the chemically treated water of the park pools. I took her to the bath room. I removed her swimsuit while she changed mine. I released a soft whistle looking at her nude body.

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She looked a mermaid! My mouth straightaway covered her left breast while my hand converged and squeezed her right breast. Oh. . . the breasts were very firm and protruding! Sucking and squeezing them gave me real pleasure and excitement. In utter ecstasy, she leaned her upper body a little backwards while she pressed my head hard to her breast. We soaped and washed each other's body quickly. I rubbed her pussy with soap leather for a little long time occasionally sending my finger into her hole while she moaned happily.

Then closing the tap partially with my finger, I sprayed water in a jet with a little force to her pussy when she jumped in titillation. We were so throbbing for the sex that we didn't bother to dry our bodies with towel and ran to the bed. She lay half on bed keeping her pussy to the edge of the bed and legs hanging. I sat on the floor between her legs. In utter lust, I buried my face into her cleanly shaven pussy, licking and sucking it madly. She made thrusts with her buttocks and pussy, moaning fiercely.

She separated her vaginal walls with her fingers for my benefit and asked me to shoot my tongue inside and enjoy her warm, sweet pussy juice.

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   Both I and she were in another world when my tongue went inside her vagina searching and licking. She must be hungry for sex for a long time so much that her vagina secreted juice in large quantity almost dripping. Later, she got out from bed, sat on her knees as I stood in front of her on the floor. She caught hold of my hot erect cock and shook it violently. She ran her tongue smearing her saliva on it. Then she took it inside her mouth and jerked her head forward and backward taking my cock in and out of her mouth.

After this play, she began to suck its head hard. In utter libido, she demanded I must pump out at least one litre of my milk into her mouth otherwise she will not stop sucking! I wondered if any man on earth can produce and ejaculate that much of seminal fluid in one shot! I was feeling extreme pleasure. In another minute, I climaxed and filled her mouth with my milk.

Oh. . . . it was a wonderful sight of her eagerly swallowing my milk keeping her eyes closed as if she was getting nectar. As the flow fizzled out she cried for more and more.

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   As I said I was helpless for at least a few minutes more she asked me to urinate into her mouth. When I hesitated not willing to, she became adamant and pleaded me to do it for her sake. I knew the sexual desire has gone too much into her head and she just won't listen to me and kept my cock inside her mouth sucking. I made an effort and then started urinating into her mouth while the head of my cock was still inside her mouth. I deliberately made the flow intermittently so that she could drink it quickly with equal pace without overflowing her mouth. It was an unusual pleasure I experienced for the first time in my life.

I watched curiously the way she consumed my urine, sucking my cock without any repugnance. I imagined she must be really sex-craving for long. The flow of urine over, she took my cock out and her thirst appeared a little quenched. She looked at my deflated cock and planted a hot kiss on it. I told her I was still not satiated with my sucking her pussy. So I lay on bed while she sat on her knees just over my head keeping my head in between her thighs. She lowered her body and buttock to touch her pussy on my mouth.

As I extended my tongue and touched her hole, she raised her body taking her pussy out of the reach of my tongue. Immediately she brought it down again and as I licked it once, she raised her buttock.


   She enjoyed playing it for a long time. One drop of her juice dripped from her vagina on to my mouth which I swallowed. Suddenly I grabbed her buttock and pulled her pussy onto my mouth.

My tongue shot into her hole licking inside. I bit her pussy painlessly at several places. In utmost pleasure, she rubbed her pussy all over my face very hard. In another minute she reached orgasm filling my mouth with a steady flow of her cum. I swallowed all her juices greedily. She asked me: "Darling, are you still thirsty"? I said "Yes". Then she suggested: "Why don't you drink my urine"? Honestly, I have never consumed urine of a lady or girl. It is not because I did not want to do it for any repugnance but I just did not do that. Now, she wanted me to do it as she had already consumed mine. It is obligatory on my part to do it reciprocally. So, I asked her to give me.

She adjusted her sitting position on my face with her urinal hole pressed to my mouth now.

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   I imagined she was trying to stimulate her bladder to bring out her urine. I kept my mouth opened and pressed to her hole. Within few seconds she called out: "Darling, here it comes, drink it". Suddenly I felt a flow of warm, salty liquid filling my mouth.

I knew what was coming and I began to drink it quickly. Her flow was not steady but coming in short intervals. Yet the gush was so thick that sometimes it spilled over my mouth and fell onto the bed. This was the particular moment when I realized that everything was fair in love and war and a man in extreme libido won't stop at anything to please his mate. She bent her head to watching me drinking it merrily.

I went on gulping down her urine for a few more seconds when it stopped completely. She moved her pussy from my mouth, got up and kissed my cock. I became aware my cock erected again. Seeing this, she sat on my thighs near the cock keeping her own thighs separated and legs folded backward. She took a little of her saliva on her fingers and smeared it on my cock for lubrication. It was not necessary as her pussy was fully drenched with her own oily juice.

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With her left hand, she separated her vaginal walls while with the right hand; she caught my cock and guided it into her hole. It went fully inside her the way a big hot iron rod was pierced into a lump of cheese. Once my cock fully inside her, she started making thunderous thrusts with her pussy. In utmost ecstasy, she leaned her upper body a little backward while I squeezed her breasts softly. She wanted me to squeeze them hard so I did so.

Due to my squeezing, the flesh of her breasts seemed to escape through the gaps in between my fingers and some secretions came out through her hard nipples. Then she bent forward, lay on my body pressing my chest with her breasts and kissing me madly while she continued the thrusts with her pussy. My cocked seemed crushing inside her vagina as she sometimes tightened her vaginal muscles. Then I had another idea. I applied a little of my own saliva on the middle finger of my right hand and sent it inside her anus.

With a little pressure, it went fully inside. While she fucked with her pussy, I sent my finger inside and outside her anus in quick succession. In the duel pleasure of getting her pussy and anus being fucked at the same time, she suddenly made a loud shrill out of ecstasy. I quickly shut her mouth with my other hand for fear someone may hear her. Later I removed my hand out of her mouth.

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   But I continued to finger-fuck her anus while she was thrusting her pussy in a bouncing manner. Later, I brought my one free hand up and began to squeeze her hanging boobs.

This continued for nearly ten minutes. Suddenly, she collapsed and went limp obviously reaching climax. I asked her if it would be okay for me to pump my milk inside her. Smilingly she told she was taking contraceptive pills every day since last one month secretly expecting this lovemaking with me soon. So, I made vigorous thrusts with my cock and in no time I too climaxed pumping my milk deep into her. As she was lying on top of me, my milk oozed out of her vagina. After two minutes, we went to the bathroom and washed each other.

Though both of us wanted more rounds of lovemaking, but we were alarmed to see the time on our wristwatches. She did not want to give any chance of doubt in the minds of her relatives. We dressed up and took a cab for our return journey. During our drive, I asked her why she had sex with me. She answered this way.

She was in love with her boyfriend who promised to marry her.

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   On his insistence, believing him fully, she agreed to have sex with him once. But, thereafter, he cheated by ditching her. She had liked me in the very first sight in the restaurant four months ago and she had admitted having felt a little horny. She had also fantasized about me.

She had admired my honesty and integrity when I had told her that I was not in love nor intended to marry her. And I had never expressed a desire to have physical relationship with her. She made a comparison of me in her mind with her earlier lover who turned out to be a cheat. She admired me faor my integrity for not being an opportunist like her ex-boyfriend. So she wanted to put on the gold than rub with the gilt. That's all.




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