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Hi, readers, i have recently come across this site, I wanted to share some of my finest moments with the readers. Here is my experience with my aunt.

I am 26 age mail id lovelife8214@yahoo. com
it was the month of december & was very cold & pinkish weather. i was living with my uncle & aunt who were not having kids. my uncle was businessman who have to travel alot due to business tour. so, my uncle left for his tour for a week & all in the house me & my aunt were left . It was a Friday and i have to go for my classes, of course, it was a working day for me.

My aunt came to the ground floor with bed coffee to wake me up. I just woke and was thinking about the day. My aunt kept the coffee on the dressing table and starred me for a while and went off. I bent to take the coffee, when i noticed i was fully erect under my jockey. i felt shame that what aunt must be thinking. I went upstairs my aunt was bathing.

I waited for her to come out to apologize. After about 18 minutes, she came out from the bathroom, naked.

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   I was too nervous that she may mistake me, for showing my penis in the morning and now seeing her naked. I ran down immediately.

Now it was time for me to start for my classes, my aunt called me for the breakfast, she was wearing a night gown which was so transparent that i could see her bra and panties, I never seen my aunty wearing such clothes, I could not see her face to face as i was upset about the morning incident.

"Sorry aunty, it was not intentional" - finally i apologized aunt replied no dont be sorry it happenes is this age. &i felt happy that u have grown up from boy to man. and today u dont have to attend the classes. i replied"I can take leave if it is something urgent" - she told "Yes ofcourse it is urgent " - she told and gave me a naughty smile and went to the kitchen.

she brought the breakfast from the kitchen and served me While I was eating the breakfast, she was standing on my right side, now almost I finished my breakfast, she bent across to my left to take the coffee bowl,her boobs almost touching my cheeks and were fully erected nipples, I was becoming hot, but controlled my self as i do not know what my aunt's intention is.

I could not take of my eyes from her big boobs, my penis getting to the tune slowly. I wanted to check her intentions. I went close to her and asked "why you told me to take leave"?, she didn't reply. Now, in the pretext of serving her coffee, i wanted to touch her boobs and see her reaction. As I was giving her coffee due to little nervousness my hands were shaking & the cup of coffee being left by my hand on her gown.

"ajay, wash it immediately, otherwise the stain will not go", - My aunt told me. I was waiting for few minutes to see her body structure.

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  "Hi, why are you not washing the gown"?, Come on wash it for me" she once again told me. I was hesitant, as i was not in me. my mood was totally on her boobs Seeing my hesitation she giving smile told me dont worry i will wash it and in front of me she removed her gown.

My cock was tantalizing, i closed my eyes ,she told"why are you closing the eyes dont u want me look naked in front of u . she told me okwait for a while and went to the room wore another sexy transparent gown and came out.

Now I understood my aunty's position, and went to her and opened eyes and directly started caressing her boobs. "ajay, can you help me out?, from the moment i saw you in the morning, I wanted it, that is why I asked you to take leave. "O. K" I replied while kissing her cheeks, moving towards her lips. While i was kissing her lip to lip, i started removing her transparent gown.

She was now in her baby pink colored bra and panties. The bra was too small for 38 size water melons. She took my cock in her hand and started masturbating it. My 6" cock started erecting further. I came down from the lip to her boobs, the bra was a hinderance.

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With one hand I was unhooking her bra and my other hand was moving around her waist, under her panties. My hand was feeling the pubic hair of my aunt, i caressed it gently. Now I was little more vigorous. She didn't allow me to remove her bra and panties telling "I am shy, I have not been fully naked so far, except while bathing alone".

"Aunty close your eyes, rest i will take care" - I wanted to see her naked and enjoy. Once she closed her eyes, I removed the bra and panties together, now my aunty is fully naked. The sizes were so amazing,

I imagined what would she be in her teens, and took pity, that she wasted her teens as well as as her married life. I could not hide my amazement, i hugged her and now my hands were on her big ass. I moved my hands slowly rubbing and carresing her ass to the front.

she was clean shaved near her love place, that gave me much pleasure, i kneel down to lick her pussy. My tongue went inside the pink lips and the taste of her cunt with little urine smell made me mad, I started licking hard and deep.

My penis was growing hard and thick. Her pussy was becoming wet and I knew that she is sex starving and will not last long. I took her to the bed. She was now laying on the bed.

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   I laid on her in the opposite direction 69 position, to lick her cunt and she could suck my cock.

"ajay, "She started sucking my pink cock top holding with her hand and caressing the testicles. I pushed my cock in to her mouth and bent forward to taste her heavenly abode. her experience proved to be good, my penis become still harder. She started dripping out.

"Aunty I think you are too hot and hungry for a long time, you will not wait till my climax. I Will masturbate and finger fuck you. We have full week to play all the game, we can have lot of fun and sex is that Ok""I want the full Pleasure, do it as you like"

I inserted my index finger in her pussy and started moving front and back, she started moaning "oooh, Ahhhh", mm, nice,
Now i put the midly finger as well, "oh that is fine, wow, m, aahhhh, " she was enjoying.

Now, i know that she is flattened. "Aunty how was that? Next round, i give you my cock" She didn't reply, closed her eyes for few seconds and opened it "Understand?" - she asked The second round was so amazing, we both were in the heaven. we had four continous sessions till i fulfilled her sex desire. Please mail me if you are interested in the second part with my Aunty.