Sex with Frankie: Jen


Hi, my name is Francis but people call me Frankie, i moved to the U. S from the UK where i lived the first eight years of my life my life and my life was pretty much the, same sure it was a bit difficult at first but thanks to football i soon became someone.

I am seventeen now and in high school and i must say i filled out properly, I`m 6ft2 about 75kg and well cut body but those weren't my pride, the best of it all it was my cock which i admired, though not the biggest it was big enough at8 1/2 inches and about3 inches wide. Being the teams starting quarterback and a British accent means lot of girls and i mean a lot, and a lot of eager young girls ultimately leads to sex and this is just one.

It was after the game and we lost so every one was down, we hit the showers with nobody talking, at least to me because i made a play that cost us the game, i could feel the whole world throwing glances of disgust at me. So i hit the showers last when it was almost empty, as i feltjets of water hit my skin i began to see the game playing in my head and didn't realize how much time had gone by, everywhere was now dim and dull i got out of the shower the dressing room was empty, checked my watch. Oh shit! it well past 10pm i must have spent over an hour in the showers. Trying to get dressed quickly i didn't take notice of my surroundings until i sawlight from the back of the
lockers and a soft moan that echoed in the room, i walked cautiously hoping it was not one of those horror films.

"Wow", was all that came out of my mouth, on the bench as i saw Jen in front of me getting off with a dildo & some porno she was watching of her iPhone. I got an instant hard on with my cock just being strained by the only clothing i had on, She didn't hear me coming cause of her headphones.

Damn she was sexy even better than i had thought she was 5ft7 with her 32DD breast forming an impressive cleavage and her raven black long hair and that sweettattoo above her butt and long legs . Jen wasn't the most sexy girl in school but was on of the most wanted every guy wanted to fuck her, she knew this and made it impossible for any body to get to second base.

Like she wanted to change positions or something she turned around and saw me, in shock she froze and then tried to run with the dildo still stuck in her pussy i reached out grabbed her from behind with my arm around her breast and pulled her back to me, she bucked and tried to go free but i wasn't about to pass on this opportunity. I grabbed the dildo and stuck it hard to full 18 inches up her cunt , She squealed. As it took out her cunt and stuck it back harder again. and again she was soon began to match the dildo pounding of her pussy thus going deeper the she went stiff and screamed "Sid I'MMMMM CUMMMMMMINGGGGG!!!!!!"shaking feverishly & then came all over the dildo with streams of cum running down the dildo.

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I then stuck the dildo inher mouth and made her suck her cum of it then stuck it deeper and it seemed not to stop she had swallowed about 8 inchesand began to gag, i pulled it out and then with her eyes closed , i saw a tear drop and she said "Thank you" in sweetest of all voices "Sid".

Beforei could say another word she grabbed my now fully erect dick now oozing with pre-cum and stuck it in her mouth i had gotten Blowjobs before but this was the best she was hard on the lips holding my cock firm and gently tugging my dick, then she got faster and deep throated me it was amazing to see my cock disappear like that and she stuck out her tongue and licked my balls pulled out for air sucked gently then faster then deep throated. it wasn't before long i felt my orgasm and when i went past the point of no return pulled her head on my dick and shot my load in her mouth she swallowed and some spilled out then she cleaned my dick.

Then she pushed me to the bench and straddled me and she put her lips on mine i and i returned the kiss with my tongue and she let me in then i could taste my cum in her mouth. she started grinding on me and with her juices dripping out of her and on my torso lubricating her every movement i got hard again but i had to rest because after the game i was kind of spent and if she kept this up i would lose valuable sperm, so i carried her with our lips still jammed together and her legs around my waist. i laid her down on the bench, spread her legs apart and saw a cleanly shaved pussy with puffy lips that covered her clit i then started to kiss her lips and worked my way up her belly and then her breast her nipples pointing for attention i took one in my mouth and bit it with my lip she moaned i took the second and did the same with my hands on the other pinching and twisting them the she moaned more and arched her back, she was enjoying this.

Crawling back down to her pussy, i licked the outer lips then found the clitoris i licked the sensitive top and she was moaning loudly and it echoed i the stuck my two fingers in her pussy and moved in and out with my other hand on her boobs i took her nipple and began using it as a control knob, anytime i wanted her to moan i'd twist it now i was just teasing her then she said "Stop teasing me Sid make me cum", then it hit me she didn't know my name.

"Whats my name bitch", i said as i brought her closer to her orgasm she said "Sid", "wrong answer"then i threw her to the ground and without any warning i was on top of her, and asked her again"Whats my name bitch".
She saw it in my eyes and said "John?", then all the anger of losing the game came back to me as ii thrust i full 8 1/2 inches into her wet pussy at that she had her first orgasm, not allowing her to rest i thrust away harder and faster every time and asked "Whats my name bitch?", she said "Cody" "Indeed",i said ,overcome but madness and lust i kept banging at her she came again i could feel her pussy milking me but i wasn't going to give in. Her body spasmed rapidly and she said "Sonny", "Sonny!" i said i wouldn't lie i was beginning to enjoy this so was she.

I flipped her over i and made her get on all fours i then took her from the back and plunged into her then she screamed and i pounded away just when i thought i was punishing her enough i saw the dildo on the floor stretched for it removed my dick and plunged it into her pussy maybe she thought i needed a break and said smiling "I Dont still know your name","Dont worry you would soon find out " after working her pussy with the dildo for some minutes i removed it and put my dick back and started pounding away "Whats my name bitch?" i said "Who wants to know "she said smiling, "You do" i said"You would".

With that i plunged the dildo into her ass crack and she screamed trying to pull outbut the locker in front of her there was no place to go i pushed deeper and she screamed "NOOOooooo!, James ,Andy!","No!" i pounded away with the dildo and my dick "Collins!" "Not even close " with every name she called i plunged harder , she started moaning loudly and was soon cumming "Freddy",laughing i said "You cant remember can U?" "Please i cant take anymore please stop please I'mmmmm cummmming" she screamed so loudly that it almost got me deaf"Pleeeeeease stop "she said with little sobs"The only thing that i going to make me stopis if u make me cum or you get my Name", i said

Then she understood that she was just going to have to enjoy this so it could stop or get my name she then Started bucking my hips and started matching my dick and the dildo, then i had lost i was about to come when she shouted "Frankie you bastard ,fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee Frankeeeeeee" and came once more with that i could not hold back if i wanted toany longer and shot jets of hot white seeds in her pussy.

Then She collapsed on the floor the i on her i blacked out hearing her say my name came back to my senses and she told me how she had been working late at the stadium to raise her college fund and that she didnt let boys touch her because she had been with men who paid her for sex, and that i completely caught her off guard and how she enjoyed it, with that i checked my watch it was well PastMid-night so we showered together and told her she could stay the night at my place since my dad wasn't around and my mom was on call we drove to my house a slept both of us totally exhausted.

The next day was even better"Leave your comments". .

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