Sex with Ex-Girlfriend\'s Mom


This is my first ever sex story so I\'m open to constructive criticism and things like that.
I\'ll start off by describing myself.   I\'m 19 years old, under 6 foot tall, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, average weight.   The woman in this story is about 45 but doesn\'t look it, she looks about 40 at most.   She is short (about 5\' 5"), has dark brown hair, brown eyes, gorgeous looking. . . . her chest is probably 36D or maybe DD and has a nice round ass.
It all started back when I was standing in line at the local supermarket trying to buy some pizza rolls and Mt. Dew when I see in the next aisle my ex-girlfriend\\\'s mom.   She catches my glance and comes over to talk to me when she\'s paid.
"Hi Jared," she says, she\\\'s wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a green buttondown shirt.   "Long time no see. "  I had broken up with her daughter about six months ago, our relationship was going nowhere.  
"Hi Jan, yes it has been a while," I reply.

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    My eyes are quickly glancing up and down her body, all of a sudden noticing her nice curves.   I try to act cool.   "So how are things going?"  She rolls her eyes indicating that things have been going pretty shitty.
"Where to start? Katie\'s away at school, Tommy is failing out of his classes and to top it all off, Kelly and I are having problems with our marriage. " 
"What kind of problems?" I ask and then realize I am being rude.   "If you don\'t mind me asking. "  Jan smiles and then shrugs.
"Tell you what, I could use your help moving things at the house and if you help, I\'ll tell you all about it. "  I smile back at her and agree.
An hour later, I\'ve helped move an entertainment center and a couch.   I\'ve also learned that her husband isn\\\'t having sex with her as often as they were (which wasn\'t very much to begin with) and she thinks he might be having an affair with another man he works with.   That\'s when I ask her what she\\\'s going to do about it.
"Well, that\'s where I think you can help me," she says, a smile creeping across her face.   "I want you to help. "
"Help with what? Like talk to him?" She took a step closer to me and shook her head, her hanfd went to my stomach.

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"I would like it if you were to show me what my daughter kept talking about. "  I looked down to my crotch and then into her eyes.   "Yes, that. " She must be making a mistake I was thinking.   I never had sex with her daughter, although Katie may have told her about my dick.   I decided to go for it and unbuttoned my jeans.   The zipper came next but I held up my pants in case this was a joke.
"Wait, I want to see you remove some clothing first," I said, praying that this was for real.   Jan smiled a Chesire Cat grin and began unbuttoning her shirt.   Soon I saw her large breasts almost popping out of the black bra.   Her hands unhooked the bra and I saw the greatest tits I have ever seen in my life.   Knowing this was for real, I dropped my pants and boxer-briefs (they offer comfort and support) to the floor.   My penis almost fully hard just seeing her breasts.   "Like what you see?"
"Oh yes I do," she said as she took off her pants and underwear.   We were both naked soon enough and on the couch I had moved not too long ago.

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    I sat and she lay facedown with her head facing my dick.   "Wow, this is a nice dick you have.   It\\\'s nice and long. . . . just what I\'ve always wanted. "  Her lips kissed the head of my dick and she wrapped them around my dick.   She was giving me the best blowjob of my life.   My hand went across her back, down her amazing ass and two fingers slipped into her already wet pussy.  
After a few minutes of great cock sucking, she took it out of her mouth and smiled at me.   My dick was shiny with her siliva and she was slowing stroking it.   I wanted her pussy so bad, I wanted to fuck her all night long.   My mind was gone to lust, the most basic of human instincts was taking control.   I stood up and laid her on the couch on her back.

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    I could see she trimmed her pubic hairs because it looked good enough to eat.
I put my head to her crotch and inserted my long tongue into her pussy.   It tasted so good it is indescribable.   I wriggled my tongue inside her and then licked and gently bit her clit.   Her soft screams and moans mean I was doing a good job.   It tasted so good I wanted to keep eating but my dick won that fight.   I crawled up so we were face to face and she guided my dick into her wet pussy.   Her eyes closed and she exhaled deeply.   She grabbed my hips and pushed me farther into her.
"Oh my god, that\\\'s it. . . . . .

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  . it feels soooooo good," she said.   "It\\\'s hitting the right spot everytime. "  I laughed and drove my dick deeper into her.   She moaned heavily.   I began thrusting in and out and in and out faster and faster.   Her tits bounced up and down and all over the place.   I kept grabbing and sucking on them and gently bitting the nipples.   She was pushing back into my thrusts making my balls hit her ass.   She was moaning heavily and repeating the phrases: "OH GOD", "Fuck" and "Ohhhhhh. . . . . ".

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    I felt her muscles tighten and then a surge of wetness came from inside her, orgasm number 1.  
I grabbed her hips and flipped her over to fuck her doggy-style.   This time, she was doing most of the fucking, her body was rocking back and forth into my dick.   I was grabbing her round, firm ass and slamming into her hard, heaing her ass slap my body.   "Oh god Jared, oh god, fuckkkkkk. "  I slapped her ass and she loved it.   "Do it again, please. "  My balls were hitting her clit as our fucking speed increased.   She orgasmed again and I felt my cum coming.  
"Shit, where do you want my cum?" I asked, slowing our pace down.   She wanted it on her tits this time she said, with emphasis on \'this time\'.   She laid on her back and we got back to fucking.   I never wanted to stop fucking this sweet pussy on this gorgeous older woman.   I held it back as long as I could, I pulled my dick out and groaned as the biggest load of my life exploded from my dick.   The load was all over her chest and she was rubbing it around her tits.

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    "How was that?"
"That was amazing, the best sex I have ever had," she replied, a big smile on her face.  
"Oh for sure mine too. . . . that was my biggest load ever. " 
"Next time, I wanted it inside me, I want you to keep cumming inside me," she said.   She kissed me hard on the lips and said: "It was great catching up with you, I\'ll call you soon. "



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