Sex. My point of view...


I push you into the bathroom where the shower is already running.
We’ll get wet and rub our bodies together. You’ll turn me around and kiss me down my neck and then my back, caressing my breasts with one hand and slowly moving your other hand down between my thighs. You touch me, rubbing your fingers through me and into me.
I grab your hard cock and start rubbing it. I want you. And need you. I turn back around and drop down to my knees and put you in my mouth.
The water is pouring down on me and you hold on to the walls because you think your legs might buckle. . . I suck the head of your cock and rub the shaft with my hand, looking straight into your eyes as I do it. You moan.
You can’t help but thrust in and out.

. .

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   I stop you from going too hard and you quiver as my tongue goes around and around your throbbing cock.
You pull me back up to you and lift me up. I wrap my legs around you and your hard cock enters me. You can’t help thrusting yourself deep inside me. You want every last piece of you to feel me.
I kiss your neck and hold your shoulders. . . you look deep into my eyes and. . . cum. You cum so hard you forget everything. You cum so hard you don’t want it to end. You cum so so so hard.

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   You’re done.
And then we do it all over again on the bed. . . except this time you lay me down. I’m naked and you stand at the end of the bed just looking at me, taking me all in with your eyes. You get hard just looking at my perfect nipples, my soft thighs and my perfectly groomed pussy. You just stare at me with your hard cock in your hand, slowly wanking as your eyes dash from my tits to my pussy and back up to my eyes. The thoughts running through your head are explicit and so incredibly sexy. You kneel down on the bed and start by kissing my neck, licking me all the way to my nipples. You suck them hard and move your tongue around and around. You slowly kiss me down my body and move my legs apart, tasting me and moaning as I buck my hips up and writhe in ecstasy. Youwant me. You need me. You put your finger inside me and keep licking me.

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   I moan as you sense what makes me feel good. You go faster and I can’t help but cum. You keep doing what your doing and I call out. . . . yes, yes, yes. Your cock is juicing and so ready to cum again. . . you turn me over and pull my hips in. Your hard cock enters me from behind and you grab both arse cheeks and pound your hard cock into me. You rub your hands up and down my thigh and back up to my bouncing tits. You can’t help but pull out to hold off cumming.
You put your fingers back inside me and make me cum again.

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   Hard. So hard. You put your cock back in and thrust - in and out - cumming together. Sweaty. Hot. And exhausted.
We lay back and drift off. . .