Serena Assaulted


Serena was new to the school and she was unaware of the dangers that would ensue from this deadly organization.

Dressed in knee high socks, her golden man unraveled down her back like a spiraling waterfall. Her gleaming turquoise eyes penetrated through her dark bambi lashes. Her 36C breasts were hidden under her Ralph Lauren lavender lace bra. A tiny cleavage perking up from her solid breasts. Walking into class unaware the eyes following her, she sat down in her designated spot and pulled out her school books. The teacher seemed to have a secret in his eye as he glanced in her direction. He couldn't wait to make roll call to find out what this girl's name was.

"Here. " A chubby Mexican girl in the back called out.
"Hilary. "
"Here. " Just the biggest whore of this catholic school.
"Serena. "
"Here," came the most melodious sound the teacher had ever heard. -- Serena, he thought.

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   His member started to grow as blood was quickly sent down his balls.

In a frenzy, he calmed his senses and began the lesson.

"My name is Mr. Jackson. I will be your business teacher for this semester. "
The lesson continued for some time and he couldn't help but stare longingly at Serena as she gazed out the window. her foxy lips pursed in pleasure. He had to have her.
When the class commenced, he called for her to stay behind after school. Her eyes confused, she asked him why she was asked to hang back.
"You are a subject of interest to me. "
"W-what are you talking about?"
"You're a little cock tease aren't you?"
"Please let me go. "

Pinning her down on his desk he stuck his middle finger up her tight, virgin slit. In a fit of pain, Serena screamed as he furiously pumped his finger in and out of her vagina, penetrating her deepest and darkest places. After a while she started to enjoy this feeling as his finger thrusted in and out of her hole.

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   She started to moan a little.

"You like that don't you bitch?" he screamed.
"No!! Please stop. You're hurting me. "
"You like it you little whore. Take what you deserve up that tight snatch of yours. "
He placed her flat on the table. Her legs on his shoulders. He slowly opened her hole. Sliding in the head of his cock, Serena began to shudder and scream. "AHHHHH. . PLEASE NO! ITS TOO BIG. YOU'RE GOING TO HURT ME!"
"Oh god baby, you're so tight. Thats right.

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   I'm going to ravage your little pussy. "

He held a firm grip on his 9 inches of cock and managed to fit the head of his enormous length into her slit. He began to stretch into her inch by inch. his width of 3 inches was starting to have a toll on her vagina as she began to scream even louder.


Shoving his shaft in even harder, he began to break through her hymen. Taking her virginity from her. Her blood dribbled down the side and splattered on the walls as continued to piston and out of her pussy.

"I'm going to destroy your vagina! I'm going to fucking screw you over so bad you won't walk straight for a week. " He whispered menacingly into her ear as his dick pumped in and out of her raw pussy. Serena was feeling mixtures of pain and pleasure and his dick disappeared into her hole.
Suddenly, he stopped.

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   He pulled out his hand phone and made a phone call. Within a few minutes, one more man was in the class room. He was tall blonde, and had a rugged feel to his look. He took one look at me on the table, completely ravished and smirked.
"Couldn't wait for me?" he smiled.
"No one likes sloppy second bro. " He retorted.

Taking her by the hips, he slammed his cock into her without warning. He was thrashing her like a ragged doll as she moaned and yelled in pleasure. His cock was even bigger than Jacksons. It was almost 18 inches. He continued to pump into her until he was about to come. Then he pulled out. He placed me on top of him where I began to ride on him. "AHHHHH OHHHH.

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   YOU'RE SO GOOD" she moaned. "YOU'RE SO BIG. "
"You're a whore aren't you!"

With that, Jackson lubed his cock up and tried to shove it down Serena's ass hole. He slowly got his head in and the rest of his shaft went in painfully slowly.


Jackson began to push it in and out. Forcing his dick to stretch her ass hole to lengths that she could not cope with. The other man's dick still pumping away into her vagina. This simultaneous penises suspending her between the two poles penetrating both her holes, ravaging her whole. Her pussy was leaking with cum and juice as she continued to receive continual pleasures from the assault of these two grown men. Her sweet 18 year old pussy completely torn by the two cocks pistoning their ways in and out of her holes.

When they had both come in her. They took her and threw her into a bag which they proceeded to carry into their van. They had injected her with a tranquilizer so she was unable to resist their kidnap. When she awoke, she found herself in a basement tied spread eagle to a bed.

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   Her hands and feet were tied to this four poster bed.
    There was a camera on the right and bright lights on the other side. When her vision improved she saw seven men surrounding her. All their dicks hard as rock. Standing up in the pure nakedness of it all. She could feel a vibrator in her vagina get switched on. A moan uttered out through her lips. The men fucked her pussy taking turns. Shoving her dicks roughly up her vagina as she showed no sense of moral and moaned like an animal. Taking all the cocks in, feeling the intense raw pain of the pussy as the dicks showed no remorse for her sore pussy. They quickly untied her and proceeded to fuck her doggy style on all fours. The stuck their fingers, lips, tongues, and dicks in and out of her holes. Playing with her tits, sucking hard on the nipples and tugging at her hair. Violating her ass hole with various objects and the occasional but plug.

    One of the guys with a 18 inch dick said "Hey bitch, lets see how you do with two dicks in your vag.

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       I bet we can stretch you that much further. You're so fucking hot and tight I want to just fucking fuck you so hard you scream like you've never had before.

    Fitting one dick into her vagina he proceeded to fit his in. "UHHHHH NOOOO. THAT WILL - OHHHHHH- HURT ME TOO MUCH. IM GOING TO DIE! UHGHHH ITS TOO PAINFUL NOOO UHHH!"

    His penis rock solid pumping in and out with the other dick lodged in her vagina. This assault continued until 4 hours later when all the guys were spent and Serena was asleep on the bed. Cum dripping from her pussy, mouth, tangled in her hair. She was fully ravished.

    Little did she know he had her sister too. And she had plans with Tyrone. The monster dick.
    She was introduced into a spot light and this huge black man stood in front of her. She was auditioning for a role in a play.

    She was given a skimpy little bikini and was told it was a beach scene.

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       This man however, stood in all nakedness. She was told he was fully exposing him to her and this was a way of showing it. She was also told to get close to him. As they got closer she felt his monstrous cock grow beneath her vagina. It was rubbing it self gently across her moist labia. Her vagina started to get wet and she was embarrassed. A little bit of the head of this 12 inch cock went into her. A little more of it went in. Her body shook vigorously. She was experiencing an orgasm. . .


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