Seling My Stuff.


Selling My Stuff.

I’d just finished drying the body beautiful and was about to pop a tee over my head when the back door bell rang. Fuck!9 o’clock in the morning, who calls that early?I shrugged into my dressing gown and slouched to the door.
It was a woman, mid forties, well rugged up against the cold morning.
‘I’ve come for the bedside dresser’
Damn woman was supposed to come at nine in the evening, I had it in my notes.
‘Oh’, I said, ‘I thought you were coming tonight. Never mind, come in, sorry, I’ve only just got up. ’
‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ she said ‘shall I come back?’
‘No, you can have it now, I’ll just have to empty the drawers, I was gonna do it this afternoon. Come in’
We trekked thru to the bedroom, me apologising for the mess.
She looked about as we moved thru the house.
‘You selling everything?’
‘Yes, I’m off to the North island, costs way more to get a truck on the Ferry than it will to sell my stuff here and buy again up there. ’

I had empty boxes strewn about the bedroom floor.
‘I’ll just empty my stuff out of the dresser into the boxes, and it’s yours’.
She examined the set of draws as if they were a priceless antique rather than the op-shop junk they really were.
‘Yes, I’ll take them’ she said, ‘I’ll help you empty them. ’
We began emptying, sox and hankies into one box, underpants and my tee-shirt collection into the next.

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  Suddenly she halted and held up a tiny packet. She read the label.
Whoops, I’d forgotten they were in that corner.
She stared at me ‘Do they work?’
I looked at her and grinned.
‘Do they!Flighty to mighty in half an hour. ’
‘Oh,’ she said, ‘I don’t know if I believe you’
What could I loose?She was quite fit in a middle-aged way, and not worried by the pills. I didn’t know her, and all I could lose was the sale of a $20. 00 set of drawers. I decided. I pulled my dressing gown apart, showing her old Willie hanging limp and pink from the shower, then pulled it shut again before her gaze could wake him up.
‘Before’ I announced.
I popped a pill out of it’s plastic sheath and swallowed it.
‘Would you like a coffee?’
‘That would be nice’ She said, I swear she grinned at me.
I lead her back to the living room, dragged a box of books off a chair and switched on the jug. I drank a glass of water at the sink, mindful of the directions on the pill box. 

We chatted about my house-shift, and she told me the clothing of her entire family was still in boxes at her home. She, with her husband and little boy had only been in their new home for two months, and wasn’t shifting a major chore?
I make a good pot of coffee, and we were drinking our second cup before Willie transmitted to my brain the slight tingle and heavy feeling that shows Viagra is working it’s magic.
I’d turned the electric fire on before my shower, and the room was now nicely warm. Just as well because I was still in my dressing gown.
She looked at her watch.
‘I can’t tell if it’s working’ I said’ ‘Umm . . . are you warm enough?Would you like to take your coat off?’
She smiled at me.
‘Would that help?’
‘definitely. ’
She stood up and unbuttoned her overcoat slowly, looking at me as she did. Then she pushed it off one shoulder and shrugged it off, catching it as it slid down. She had a cardigan on underneath, and jeans. She raised her hands to the top button of the cardigan and looked at me quizzically
‘Yes, it’s nice an warm in here now, shall I take this off too?’
I nodded.
Slowly she undid the buttons on the cardigan and pulled it open.

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  The green tee-shirt she had underneath stretched tight over her tits and Willie surged to life. I stood up so she could see my dressing gown bulging if she cared to look. She did. Her eyes flashed down, then up again. She had a wide grin on her face.
‘So it works then?’
‘Actually, with you doing that I don’t think I even needed it. ’
I undid the cloth belt of my dressing gown and the sides fell apart. Willie poked out and twitched at her.
‘After’ I announced.
‘Well, I’m convinced!’ she said. She took half a pace towards me and I thought she was going to reach out, but she stopped. I opened my dressing gown wider, not knowing what the hell to do next.
‘Is it hot?’ she said, ‘It looks hot’
Good woman, she’d given me my cue.
‘You can touch it if you want’ I said, my mouth dry.
‘I think I will’She said.

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  ‘Don’t move. ’
She came to me and dropped to her knees. Her hands reached out and she gripped my cock firmly, her face inches away from it. I moaned.
‘You smell so clean’ she said and she planted a small kiss on the end of it. I moaned again. On her knees she was just the right height to take it in her mouth. I thrust my hips a little so Willie touched her lips again. She looked up at me and laughed.
‘Men are all the same’ She said. Her eyes were dark and large.
She took her eyes off my face and very slowly leaned forward, shaping her lips into an ‘O’ that just touched my cock. She looked up at me and slowly brought out her tongue. She licked it. I think I moaned again.

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  She leaned forward and the knob of my cock entered her mouth. Her lips pushed my foreskin, the head of my cock sat on her tongue. She licked again and the wetness was wonderful. Then she pulled back and I felt cold air as I slipped away from her. I pushed forward and she took me back inside her. This time she pushed forward too, and my cock knob went past her tongue and felt her throat tighten round it. She moved her head back and forward on me three times, each one slightly deeper than the last. God it was good. Then without warning she pulled away and stood up. She was still smiling but I was horrified. Was she gonna take her chest of drawers are leave me here horny as atotem pole?
‘That stuff certainly does work’, She said, ‘That’s a lovely cock you’ve got there, really firm and strong. I like it. How long does the pill last?’
I told her about four hours.
‘Oh,’ She said, ‘What happens after you cum? Does it stay up?’
I explained that yes, it did for a while, but one of the beauties I’d found was that I went for much longer before I had my climax, it somehow helps me not to lose control and cum too soon.
She arched her eyebrows at me and made a little hmm sound.

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‘I’ve always wanted to try deep throat, but I’m always worried the guy will cum in my throat and drown me. ’
I shook my head, ‘No, won’t happen, not with my system full of Viagra’
‘Ok’, she said ‘If you promise not to cum, we’ll do it. ’
I’d have promised her my entire fortune, if I’d had one.
She looked round my room and saw my table, for sale like everything else and cleared of all it’s usual clutter. She walked over to it, hopped up and lay down facing up. She wriggled until her head was hanging over the edge and looked at me, her head upside down and her mouth just at the same level as my throbbing cock.
‘Ready?’ she said.
‘You wanna take your tee-shirt off?’ I said, ‘and maybe your jeans too?’ She laughed.
‘Take what you can get, big boy. ’
But she reached down all the same and undid the belt on her jeans belt, then she popped the dome and pulled the zipper down.
I moved to the table and held my cock out to her waiting mouth. With her head back there was a perfect straight line from her lips to her chest, I could see the lovely smoothness of her neck stretched out before me.
She reached and caught hold of my hips each side. She pulled me gently to her as she opened her sweet mouth to me again. My cock slipped into her mouth easily and my knob got to where her throat touched it all round.

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  She pushed me back a little and I slid out.
‘Now go a bit further’ She said, ‘but please don’t push hard, let me guide you. I’ll breathe in, and when I need to breathe out again I’ll push your hips. OK?’
Was it ever!
She took a deep breathe and pulled me towards her. My cock slid into her mouth, I felt the sides of her throat again and she kept pulling me in, her throat a tight but slippery ring round my knob. Her fingers dug into my buttocks both sides and she pulled me harder. Then suddenly she was pushing me back and my cock left that amazing place and popped right out of her mouth. She let out a hard breath and said
That’s what I thought too.
‘Was that alright?’ I said. Lame, eh?
‘Alright? ‘ she echoed, ‘It was strange, I didn’t gag,that’s amazing . . . will you cum if I do it again?’I told her I wouldn’t, tho I wasn’t too sure.
‘Ok’ she said, ‘let’s go.

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And she pulled me again, her fingers hard in into my butt, taking a deep breath as my cock slid into her. On her smooth soft neck I could see the lump of my knob move under her skin. She pushed me back, but only a little way, then pulled me in again. My cock was in her mouth so far my balls pushed against her nose. She pushed me back then took me deep again, once, twice, then she gurgled and pushed me right out, blowing air as she did.
‘Oh God’ She said, ‘Give me a minute’.
So I did. Then I saw her jeans, the zip down.
I leaned forward, my cock lying on her chin, and pushed my hands into her jeans.
‘Oh, yes,’ she whispered.
My hands slid under her panties and I realised she was hairless. My cock throbbed on her face. She was licking it’s underside but I wanted to be inside her again. My fingers pushed her pussy open and I leaned further as they slipped in. Inside was incredibly warm.

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  I hooked my finger and rubbed against her soft wet tunnel. This time it was her that groaned. I wished she was naked. But like she said, I’d take what I could get.
She spoke.
‘Can you keep doing that while I suck you?’
‘A man can only try. ’
She reached round and pulled my cock to her mouth, then put the hand back on my buttock, now much closer to her, and pulled me into her mouth once more. It was better than before, the wetness of her spit, the pressure of her tongue, immediately exciting my cock even more. I gripped her pussy tighter and moved my fingers harder against the firm place in the wall that I hoped was her g-spot.
I felt the air rush past my cock as she took a deep breath, then she took me into her throat again. I was bent over her, my bare stomach rubbing her firm breasts through her shirt. I wished she was naked so I could feel her nipples, I knew they’d be hard. I wanted to suck them.
In this position I was so far inside her mouth her nose was pushing into my asshole. I plunged into that woman.

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   I thrust once, twice, harder and harder. Her fingers griped my butt fiercely, I kept on thrusting, she was making little sobbing sounds, my fingers were wet, I was rubbing her pussy and thrusting in her, my foreskin stretching way back with every thrust, her throat the tightest, wettest, place I’d ever wanted to cum in. She started pushing me away, her thumbs digging in my hips. Gasping, I pulled back out of her, my fingers coming away from her pussy as I pulled myself back. Another second, one more thrust, and I’d have exploded in her throat. God how I wanted to. I stood away from her, heaving lungfuls of air, my hands by my sides.
She was gasping too. She rolled over onto her front and looked up at me. Christ she looked beautiful at that moment. I stepped forward and began beating my cock against her face. She reached out and held it. She sat up, her legs swinging off the table.
‘Thanks for stopping when you did.
‘It was a close thing’ I said, and I couldn’t help it, I giggled.


Then she giggled too. She stood up and threw her arms round me, hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips.
‘You’re a good guy. ’
‘I don’t know how good,’ I said, and I hooked my fingers in the top of her jeans and pushed them down.
‘Hey’ She said, ‘What you doing?’But as she said it she reached round and grabbed my cock, still slimy and throbbing from the wetness of her mouth, and pushed it between her legs. I groaned, getting to be a habit with this woman, and kissed her again. But I was way too tall to enter her standing up, and my cock was bend downwards, rubbing on her clit but with no chance of getting inside her from this angle. She ran her hands over my chest then gently broke away.
‘You got a towel?’
What does she want a towel for, I thought.
‘Yes, you want it?” maybe she wanted to dry her pussy, I didn’t want to move away from her.
‘Thanks. ’ he said, giving me a little shove. I scurried off and came back with a good clean towel.
‘There, what do you want me to do with it?’
She laughed,
‘It’s to stop my hips getting bruised’ she said, and she turned to the table, folded the towel and lay it on the table’s edge. Then she bent herself over it, pressed her body to the table, spread her arms and then wriggled her legs apart.

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  Her bum was in the air and her wet pussy was wide open. I moved to her and gently placed my knob at the start of her vagina. I pushed a bit and it slipped in sweetly. She sighed.
I pushed a little bit more and slid right into her. Wet and warm. I started to move, feeling the difference between this and her mouth, easier but not as tight. I moved into her some more, then out and back again. I began to thrust.
‘Can I cum this time?’
‘She spoke to me over her shoulder:
‘I thought Viagra stopped you cuming?’
‘No, it just makes me last longer, I really really wanna cum in you, I’m pretty close now. ’
‘Have you got a condom?’
Oh. Shit.
‘No. ’
What a gentleman. I was kicking myself the moment I said it. 

‘Sorry then’ she said, ‘we’re trying for another baby and I’m not on the pill anymore. ’
This time I groaned.
‘Sorry, I really like you. Hey, got any lube?’
‘You mean, like, KY jelly?’
‘That’s my boy!’ she said. ‘Go get it. ’
I realised what she meant. Jesus this woman was amazing!
So I dashed away and got it.
She hadn’t moved a muscle when I scampered back.
I waved the tube in front of her face.
‘Perfect, go slow big boy. ’
I’d never had an assfuck before, but I wasn’t gonna tell her that.
‘OK’ I said, ‘it may be cold’
I don’t care’ she said, ‘Just get it on there, I want you NOW!’
I squeezed the tube straight onto the cleft in her bottom and smeared the goo round. I slid my slippery finger into her. .
She said.

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   ‘Tongue me. ’
Would I!
I dropped to my knees and licked all round her hole. She sighed.
‘Why don’t you stick your tongue in?’
So I did. She started jiggling against me, trying to work my tongue further in. Started making little noises, little pleased noises,
‘Yes, oh yes. ’
I stood up and smeared jelly all over my cock, still hard and horny, then pushed it’s tip against her tiny hole. ‘Yes, that’s good, that’s very good’ she murmured as I pushed a bit harder. I didn’t think it would go in, her bum was so tight I couldn’t see how it could.
‘I don’t think it’ll go in,’ I said, ‘You’re too tight’
‘Just push a bit harder’ she said, ‘I want it, please, just lean on me’
Slowly my hard cock pushed her bum open and I went into her, out and back, a tiny bit further in with each push. God she was tight, then all at once my knob went past her opening and I was there. Not as wet as her pussy but a lovely soft warmth round my shaft. I pushed more and slid deeper. She moaned. She spoke
‘Now you can cum.

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  Do it now, fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked anyone before, I love it!’
I loved being ordered to do something I was dying to do anyway.
I leaned on her as she’d said and my whole shaft sank inside her tight little bum. I pulled it out almost to the tip and plunged back into her again. Her body pushed against the table edge and I slid my hands up under her tee-shirt then under her bra, and pushed my hands round til they were squeezing her breasts. I was right, her nipples were like Zig-Zag filter tips. I held onto her like that and thrust deep. She gasped then cried out
‘Now you bastard, now you’re fucking me like I want, Harder, go harder. ’
I thrust again, pull back and thrust, going faster and faster and she moaned louder with each push. I went into that woman’s ass as far as I possibly could. I fucked her hard and long, the Viagra giving me the power o stretch her little hole wider than it had ever been. I felt myself boiling up, I’d already come close in her mouth and in her pussy, and now I went for broke, as hard as I could, and the tightness of her ring with the sweetness of the space beyond gave me the greatest feelings I’d ever had. Ten strokes, eleven, twelve, and I was right on the edge.
She yelled
‘Cum, Cum now, fill me up, Oh man I want it!’
And I did. My hot sperm spurted out of my cock and deep inside this wonderful woman, one spurt, two, Christ I’d never shot so much in all my life. The best climax ever.

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I lay on her back, panting. She was moaning under me. The Viagra kept my cock hard, even after my climax, and in a few seconds I began stirring her again. She sighed gently, loving the feeling of my cock in her bum.

And that’s the story of how I sold my dresser for twenty bucks . . . yes, she paid me. But she never did tell me her name.
October 2010