Scarlett Johansson: Agent Red Ep. 02


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Scarlett Johansson, Kat Dennings, Salma Hayak, or Sofia Vergara, or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: Teen, m/F, M+/F, FF, MC

Scarlett Johansson: Agent Red Ep. 02, Spring break. . . Of Terror
By Muhabba

(Best when read in the voice of the guy that used to do the intro to the G. I. Joe cartoon:)Scarlett Johansson is Agent Red, working undercover as a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the President of the United States 18 year old son Thad, for B. R. E.

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  A. S. T. S. , the Bureaucratic Response and Engagement Action Squad and Tactical Strikeforce. When not protecting Thad, who has learned her secret, Agent Red protects the world from the evil organization S. L. U. T. , the Sexually Liberated Unification Taskforce, led by their evil overlord Christina Hendricks. Following the orders of Director Linda Carter, Agent Red and B. R. E. A. S.

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  TS. do whatever is necessary to stop S. L. U. T. from seducing their way to power and control of the world!

-6:50 AM, The White House, bedroom of Thad, the son of the President of the United States

"Oh Jesus," Thad grunted, "Seriously, these feel amazing. "

Scarlett looked up at him and blew a stray strand of her blonde hair out of her eye. She would have used one of her hands but they were currently busy holding her large, firm, silky smooth breasts around Thad's throbbing cock shaft. "Thanks," she said flatly up at him, "I've switched body washes. "

Thad groaned in pleasure as he fucked the sexy secret agent's heavenly tits. "Fuck, I'll wash your body. Anytime you want just let me know,"And he meant it. In her usual tight, plain, dark skirt and functional blouse and dark suit jacket she looked amazing but with her bare breasts out she looked like a sex goddess.

Scarlett chucked and rolled her eyes up at the horny teen. "Now, Thad, let's remember to keep our relationship professional.

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  As a undercover secret agent it's my job to protect you. Nothing else. "

"Yes, ma'am," Thad grunted as he thrust faster between Scarlett's jiggling cleavage. "Can you spit on my cock?I need more lube. "

"Eww, gross," Scarlett gasped. "That's disgusting. I am not spitting on my breasts, you pervert. Use some lotion. I know how much you keep in your bedside table. "

Not wanting to stop his rhythm, Thad leaned over towards his night stand and grabbed his favorite bottle of lotion. "You know, there are faster ways to get this done," he said with a lecherous grin as he squirted lotion on Scarlett's amazing orbs.

Scarlett sighed in frustration. "I'm not blowing you, Thad. This is just my way of paying you back for covering for me on my last assignment. And furthermore, blackmailing secret agents for sexual favors when they are trying to save the world is.

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  . . " she started before being interrupted by the buzzing of her cell phone. "Crap. Grab these for me," she asked Thad.

"Gladly," Thad said as he eagerly replaced Scarlett's hands with his own, squeezing the unbelievably firm tits and pressing them harder around his aching cock as he thrust faster.

Scarlett looked at the view screen before answer. "This is Agent Red, go ahead Director," she said using her undercover code name. She looked up at Thad and whispered harshly, "And don't cum in my eyes again. "

He nodded dumbly as Director Carter's tinny voice came through the phone. "Agent Red, our operative inside of S. L. U. T. has just reported in. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  "Thad began moaning louder and she tried to shoosh him as the Director continued, "Christina Hendricks has developed a new party drug she's calling, ‘Mumble’. This drug will allow S. L. U. T. to corner the market on college party drugs and make them millions over the course of Spring break. "Thad was groaning and panting in lust as he continued to jack-hammer away between her breasts and she glared up at him evilly as she tried to listen to the Director. "Report to HQ for your physical and gear, you'll be flying down to Cancun immediately to meet with our South American operative. "

Scarlett recognized the look on Thad's face, having seen it to many times to count, and tried to pull away but his feverish grip on her breasts had her trapped. "Yes, Director," she managed to say as she tried to move her face away from Thad's throbbing cock-head but is was to late. The call clicked off just as Thad erupted, his sticky load arcing through the air and splashing on her phone. "Oh my God!This is my work phone, Thad," she said angrily.

Thad stumbled back as he tried to catch his breath. He looked down sheepishly for a moment at the mess he had made before regaining his usual over-confident composure. "Well, you said not to cum in your eye.

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-8:05 AM, The Headquarters of B. R. E. A. S. T. S. , Tech Division

Scarlett ran her hands through her blonde hair to turn it into it's natural red color before punching in the access code and entering the Tech Division science facility. "Kat, what are you doing here?" she asked the Director's busty assistant suspiciously. She knew the overly endowed young woman had a huge crush on her and never missed a chance to see her naked and she was never more naked than in here.

Kat stomped her foot, which sent a great wave of jiggling breasts underneath her tight work blouse. Even plain, functional clothing did nothing to hide her dramatic curves. "She's 'interviewing' a potential new agent. They've been locked in the Director's office for hours already. " she said in a jealous tone.

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  She put her hands on her hips and pouted at the sexy agent in front of her. "Oh well, I guess it just means I can help you get out of that Secret Service get up," she added with a wicked smile.

"I told you before, Kat, I can get out of my clothes just fine on my own," Scarlett said as she began to strip nude in preparation for her Atomic Physical.

"You sure are fine," Kat added before turning around and heading into the lead lined control cubicle.

"Why are you heading in there?" Scarlett asked as she stepped up onto the scanning platform.

"The Director is to busy so I'm doing the directing today," Kat said matter of factly as she stepped into the cubicle and powered on the device.

Scarlett sighed in frustration as she placed her feet shoulder width apart and stretched her arms up, pulling her large breasts up high and tight on her chest. "The Director doesn't direct my physical, the head tech does," she said as the lights around her dimmed and the glow of the platform surrounded her.

"Head Tech," Kat chuckled, "Appropriate title. "She dropped her skirt and immediately a pair of hands reached out from below the console and pulled down her panties. "The Head Tech is gonna be a bit busy for the next little bit," she said through the microphone so Scarlett could hear her outside the cubicle. The Head Tech sank his hands into her fleshy ass and held her pussy to his face as he licked up her juicy slit and she moaned in pleasure. "No. . .

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   no need for str. . . stretches today Re. . . Red. Just. . . Just look to. . . to your right," she groaned into the mic.

Scarlett put her arms down, her breasts swaying gently, and looked over and groaned at what she saw.


  "Is that a jump rope?"

"It is indeed," Kat said through a cheeky grin as she squeezed at her large tits, pinching her nipple through her top as the Tech taught the alphabet with his tongue around her sizzling clit. "I thought. . . I mean the techs, the techs thought you were getting to used to your stretches and so for they weren't getting accurate readings," she said, trying to sound as knowledgeable as she could.

The Head Tech pulled his tongue out of the horny executive assistant’s tasty cunt and looked up at her, most of her face obscured by her mammoth mammories. "You are recording this, right?"

"Shh, back to work, you," Kat ordered, ". . . and yes. Now be a good boy and make mama happy. "She squealed in delight as the Tech redoubled his efforts and she began happily humping his face.

Scarlett held the jump rope in her hands for a moment and sighed in frustration at Kat's obvious attempt to oogle her. She began swing the rope up and down, her firm tits and thick ass moving in a synchronized rhythm as they jiggled enticingly. She heard grunts and groans coming over the speakers and looked over at the cubicle but the lights obscured the inside.


  "Are you o. k. , Kat?Is there somebody in there with you?"

"Just us gym enthusiasts," Kat groaned as she rode the science tech's face to sexual bliss while staring at the stunning secret agent's amazing body pistoning up and down. Agent Red's spectacular body gleamed in the light, dazzling specks of sweat jumping from her breasts and ass, twinkling like jewels in the air as they arced to the platform. Her beautiful breasts bounces up and down, almost in slow motion she thought as her eyes traveled from the secret agent's renowned chest to her equally heavenly buttocks. She licked her lips hungrily as she imagined herself playfully biting Red's firm flesh. "God bless fitness!" she yelled out as she came, soaking the Head Tech's face with her juices. "

When Kat regained the ability to stand on her own she looked out one last time at Agent Red's beautiful, bouncing body. "That's enough for today, Red," she gasped, "Collect your gear and head on out. "She smiled widely at the Tech as he wiped her cum off his chin and then patted him affectionately on the head. "Good boy. You made mama proud. "

-5:00 PM, Cancun International Airport

Scarlett departed the plane at the Cancun airport already dressed for the hot weather, not because she wanted to be ready for her mission right from the start but because Kat and Tech Division had only packed her beach wear. She couldn't be seen in her Secret Service outfit in public with her red hair because her cover might be blown and so, with no other choice she had been forced to change in the car from B. R.


  E. A. S. T. S. headquarters to the airport. She had changed rather quickly due to the fact her little red bikini was little more than some scraps of fabric barely held together by some string picked out, no doubt, by Kat. Visiting the airport gift shop she had bought a loose, gauzy button-up shirt and a transparent wrap to cover her eye turning body as much as she could before boarding the airplane. Of course she had bared more than her fair amount of skin walking from the car to the shop first.

After 3 pat downs and a x-Ray scan of her body she had finally boarded the plane and landed only a few hours later. In the crowded airport she looked around for the agent she was supposed to meet before being startled by a sudden hand on her shoulder. Her battle instincts kicked in and she spin around, prepared to fight.

The startled Latina beauty held up her hands and tried not to look threatening. "Whoa, whoa there chica. I'm Salma Hayak, jour contact.

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  Didn't mean to startle jew. "

Embarrassed, Scarlett let her hands relax and took a deep, calming breath, her breasts threatening to snap her tiny bikini top. "I am so sorry," she said on embarrassment, "I didn't hear you. "She looked over the stunning brown skinned agent. The picture in her file didn't do her justice. She had long, raven black hair, a strong jaw, an impressive chest, small waist and flaring hips.

"It's o. k. ," Salma said as she smiled widely, "The change in air pressure while flying can do that. "

"Air pressure. Sure," Scarlett agreed. "So we have this assignment together. "

Salma nodded her head as she spoke, "Jes. And since we're supposed to be friends I think we should greet each other as such. "She held her arms open wide and embraced the beautiful agent.

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"Yes, yes. Of course," Scarlett agreed as she wrapped her arms around Salma's body, their impressive chests pressing firmly against one another, bulging out at their sides. They held each other in their arms for a few moments before breaking the hug.

"Excellent," Salma said as she held Scarlett's wrist. "No one will doubt our cover now. Let me show you the beach. "

Twenty minutes later Scarlett looked out across the crowded beach. "Any idea where we should start?" she asked as she began removing her blouse and wrap. Her bikini top kept her nipples covered bit left most of her firm breasts exposed, lifting up the large orbs high on her chest and her bikini bottoms barely covered her shaved pubic mound and the string in the back sank between her luscious cheeks leaving most of her thick ass fully exposed.

Salma looked around at all the college co-eds walking around drinking and having a good time as she removed her own clothes. Her bikini top was a bit more conservative than the other agent's, her heavy breasts more tightly restrained to press the golden globes together to create a deep valley of jiggling cleavage. "I think the best and fastest course of action is to find the loudest, biggest party we can and join in. Somebody there will probably have some Mumble on them or some other illicit substance that we can track back to the dealer. "Her bikini bottoms were far more sparse than her top, barely more than a collection of string and cotton to hug against her vagina and one simple string splitting her tan rear-end.

"Good idea,” Scarlett said in agreement, "Let's go.

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It took them less than five minutes to find the largest, loudest party on the beach and a momentary jiggle of their well endowed chests to get invited to participate. They split up to cover more ground, each woman searching through the throng of nubile partiers to find those that looked as if they could be holding. Drink after cheap, exotic drink was pressed into their hands and they began to feel the effects as they danced and laughed along with the hormonal college students. Curious hands slid across their barely concealed bodies so often that after awhile they became used to it and began encouraging it.

Scarlett caught site of Salma an hour later with her tongue down a college boy's throat while he pawed at her chest. A voice behind her caught her attention as it shouted out, "Your friend is quite the partier. How 'bout you?""I can hold my own,” she said and grabbed someone, maybe the owner of the voice or not, she didn't know, and kissed them deeply. A exuberant shout went out and somebody new pressed themselves against her and she kissed them as well. She wasn't paying attention to who she was kissing but when she felt something warm and soft press against her chest she knew it was a girl but, right now, it didn't matter to her.

Salma grounded her groin against the college kid kissing her and felt someone grinding themselves against her ass, pressing themselves against her heated body. Two pairs of hands slid over her heated body and she began moaning in drunken lust as she began groping anyone near her.

The boys and the girl's hands groped at her chest as Scarlett took turns kissing them deeply. Another pair of hands began squeezing her taunt ass and she began gasping in lust and pleasure. The familiar voice from behind her whispered into her ear, "It's getting late, wanna get out of here?"Without even thinking about it she shouted back, "Not without my friend. "

The voice yelled out happily, "Hell yeah!"

Scarlett had no idea how long the car ride to the hotel was, the hands pawing at her chest and the cocks in her hands kept distracting her.

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  The hotel room was barely large enough for the queen sized bed at it's center so there was even less room for her, Salma, and all the college students. She was thrown to the bed and when she found Selma laying down next to her, already topless. She bent down and sucked one of the Latina agent's hard dark nipples into her mouth, lashing it with her tongue. As she nursed at Agent Hayak's large tit her own top was removed and two hungry mouths latched on, licking and sucking hard at her.

As Scarlett mouthed Salma's heaving breasts the Hispanic Secret Agent began moaning out in pleasure, groaning in Spanish as the red haired agent switched between breasts. Salma’s barely there in the first place bikini bottoms were yanked off and a warm, wet tongues dove into her wet pussy. She began yelling out in pleasure before a thick cock plugged her mouth. Her lips snapped shut around it's girth and she immediately began rubbing her tongue along the thick shaft.

Moaning and panting in lust, Scarlett felt her bottoms pulled unceremoniously down her legs and instinctively spread her thighs. One of the college students, she didn't care which, moved between her thighs and shoved himself into her hot, wet pussy. She gasped out and a tongue thrust itself into her mouth. Some unknown sixth sense told her it was female as she kissed back passionately, hold the young co-ed to her as she explored her warm mouth. Her warm, silky tits were roughly grabbed and she felt a ridged cock begin to thrust itself between her large tits and she moaned in appreciation into the young girl's mouth as her tits were fucked.

Salma felt the cock inside her greedy cunt explode, filling her with it's thick seed. As the softening prick slid out of her wet hole she felt a wet tongue slid into her and looked down at the horny face of one of the college girls slurping the mixed fluids from her greedy cunt and triggering her own orgasm. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  She wrapped her tan legs around the girl's head, grinding against her cute face as the cock in her mouth spammed, choking her with it's hot cum.

A tremor ran through Scarlett as she felt her own orgasm begin to rise. She wrapped her thighs around the collage student fucking her and broke the kiss with the co-ed. Using her strength she held the boy between her thighs tightly as she rubbed her heated groin against him and pulled up on the girl. The girl's small, firm tits now dangled. above her face and she quickly latched on to a hard nipple as she continued groaning. Suddenly the dam broke and she came, her juices gushing out, soaking the bed as she rode her orgasm, moaning in lust through her face full of co-ed tit.

Panting, Scarlett and Salma looked at each other, naked, their bodies gleaming with sweat, and smiled wickedly at each other. Throwing the college students off of them they sat up on their knees and embraced, their large tits smashed together as they kissed and moaned into each other's mouths. Their hands wandered over each other's bodies until they each slipped an arm between them, their fingers quickly delving into each other's dripping cunts. They began hurriedly humping up against one another’s hands as the hands of the equally horny college students began pawing at their heavenly bodies while they furiously fingered each other.

Scarlett felt something warm, spongy, and slick press up against her firm back side and wasn't surprised that there had been some lube laying around the room. As the hard, college cock slid slowly into her ass she looked past Salma and say a young boy behind her grunting in pleasure, fucking the Mexican agent's ass as well. Her and Salma's fingers never lost their rhythm as they were each ass-fucked, moaning in lust into one another’s mouths. They humped themselves in sync back and forth between their hands and the hard cocks in their asses as they moaned louder and louder until their orgasms crashed over them, their juices gushing from their cunts and the boy's cocks exploding in their asses.

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  All around them the party goers cheered as they tried to find room to join in.

-11:00 AM, The cum soaked hotel party room

"Kill me please," Scarlett groaned in pain as her head throbbed from her hangover.

"Not jess yet," Salma groaned as she tried to sit up from the floor. It was hard to get up since she was covered in three college students and her entire body ached. "We still have a mission to complete," she finished as she began digging herself out from the passed out co-eds.

"I quit," Scarlett said as she began trying to unwrap her self from the crusty beg sheets, "Christina can have this one, I stop her next time. And why do I feel sticky?"

Salma finally managed to stand up to reveal her naked, cum stained, tan body. "College boys," she said.

"That would explain it," Scarlett agreed as she finally freed herself. "What happened last night?"

"I think we were drugged, possibly with Mumble," Salma said as she looked around, "Help me search for it. "

"Not without aspirin first," Scarlett said.

After helping themselves to aspirin and several sports drinks, the sexy, naked, cum splattered secret agent's began going through the college student's clothes until Salma yelled, "Euricka!"

Scarlett winced in pain as the Latina secret agent's voice sent electronic pain through her head. "Do that again and I'll shoot you," She said halfheartedly.

"Your hangover should be getting better by now," Salma said as she held up a plastic baggie with several white pills inside.

"Not in my ears yet," Scarlett said as she tugged on her ears trying to find relief, "What'd you find?"

"Mumble," Salma said triumphantly.

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"I. . . said. . . what. . . did. . . you. . .

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   find," Scarlett repeated slowly.

Salma cocked an eyebrow at her confused partner. "I said I found a baggie of Mumble. Jew should really get your ears checked," she said with a hint of concern.

Scarlett stopped fussing with her ears and slid slowly out of bed, her hair mussed with dry cum. "Right, soon as I get back. Whose pants did you find them in?" Scarlett asked.

Pulling the wallet out of the pants she had found the baggie in, Scarlett and Salma looked at the I. D. and then, still naked, found the owner.

The owner of the pants was a rather skinny young man, as naked as the agents, and Salma had no problem yanking him to his feet and slamming him to the wall. "Where did jew get these!' she demanded.

"Wha?" the bleary college student asked before having his head yanked into the brown cleavage of the hot Mexican woman they had hooked up with last night. With his air cut off he began thrashing weakly against her.

Scarlett stared at her partner for a moment.


  "Are you sure this is the best strategy?" she asked.

"Works every time," Salma assured Scarlett before releasing the boy from her encompassing chest. "Now I'll ask again, where did you get these?"

The college student stared blankly at the baggie of pills. "Some guy?"

Salma slammed the student's head back between her bronzed tits. "The number one criminal in the world, Some Guy. "'It wasn't me officer, it was Some Guy'," Salma mocked before releasing the kid. "I'll ask again, where'd you get these?"

Gasping for air the confused college student held up his hands in surrender. "I swear to God I don't know. It was just some guy. I don't know his name but I know where he hangs out. I'll tell you where, I swear!"

Scarlett smirked. "Must be a poetry student," she giggled.

"See," Salma said, "Works every time. "

"So we're done with him?" Scarlett asked.

"Pretty much," Salma said, patting the student on top of the head.



"Good," Scarlett said as she grabbed the confused young man by the back of his head and yanked him to her chest. "I wanna try that technique and since we can't let him call and warn his dealer. . . " she said letting her sentence trail off.

"Good idea," Salma said as she turned and started looking for her bikini.

As Scarlett kept the college student smothered within her breasts he began struggling weakly before resting his hands on her hips. His hands wandered behind her and began kneading her ass, his fingertips caressing her well fucked asshole. "Hey!" she shouted out as he slid a finger into her tight ass and began sawing it in and out as he licked at her chest, nuzzling at her tits.

Salma looked up from her search at the naked super spy. "What is it?"

"He's groping me," Scarlett said as the young man slid one of his hands up and began squeezing one of her large tits.

"Yeah, they do that sometimes," Salma said as she resumed her search, "No respect for authority figures. I blame the parents. "

After Scarlett finally smothered the kid into unconsciousness and Salma found their bikinis, the barely clothed secret agents ran through the city looking for the Mumble dealer. They kept mostly to the back allies due to the number of traffic accidents their mostly exposed bodies were causing and would have made better time if they didn't have to keep stopping to tuck their large, wildly wobbling breasts back into their tiny tops.



Suddenly Scarlett skidded to a stop, Salma nearly running into her. "There he is," she whispered to the Latina agent as she pointed across the road.

"Jes!" Salma whispered in excitement, "Let's get over there and question him. "

"Not yet," Scarlett said as she peered around the corner. "I think. . . Yes!He's leaving. He must be done selling until tonight. "

"We'll follow him then," Salma said as she tried to peer around Agent Red, their bodies rubbing together. "If we find his lab we can destroy it and end the menace of Mumble once and for all. "

Following the dealer the sexy secret agents quickly found themselves leaving the city and entering a thick, lush, humid jungle. Sweat rolled and dripped from their bodies with every step, their bikinis soaked and their hair matted against their heads. Their chests heaved with exertion as the panted, desperate for water.

"What kind of drug dealer has no car?" Salma asked angrily as she wiped more sweat out of her dark eyes.

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"Maybe he's new," Scarlett said helpfully as she readjusted her top and fixed the string between her taunt ass-cheeks. "Maybe he's, like, saving up or something?"

Salma stopped and wiped the sweat from her tan cleavage with one and and her forehead with the other. "How much farther do jew think we have to go?" she asked.

"Stop right there!" an angry voice demanded from behind the gleaming secret agents.

"Right about here," Scarlett said, answering Salma's question as they both put their hands up.

-18 minutes later, Inside the hidden jungle lair

"Where do you think we are?" Scarlett asked Salma and received a shove from the guard behind her. Her hands were tied behind her back, pushing her chest out, the cooler air of the jungle lair raising goosebumps on her exposed flesh and making her nipples rock hard. As she tried to look around the dark chamber she noticed that the Latina agent was suffering the same as her with goosebumps and hard nipples poking through her top.

"Quiet, you," the guard threatened as he poked the nearly naked secret agent with the barrel of his assault rifle. He couldn't help but stroke the arch of her back with the barrel before realizing that he was supposed to be acting professional. "We've captured two spies, ma'am," he announced, his eyes drawn like magnets to the female spies thick asses.

"Jo I chee, jo I chee," a female voice said from inside the darkness.

Salma cocked an eyebrow and tried to look into the darkness surrounding them. "That accent sounds familiar. "

"I think calling that an 'accent' is taking it pretty far," Scarlett said as she looked around for the source of the voice, "Maybe 'jargon' or 'attempt’ would be a better choice.

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Suddenly a light flared on from the ceiling, blinding the two secret agents. "Perhabps jew should leestin more clowsly," the statuesque beauty said from her seat in the middle of the spot light.

"Of course!" Salma shouted out in surprise. "Who else could make a party drug named Mumble other than. . . "

"Soviea Vegarra," Sophia cackled from her seat set slightly above her captives.

Scarlett studied the evil, beautiful woman as she laughed maniacally at her and Salma's situation. The stunning beauty had mocha colored hair and skin, deep brown eyes, a sizable bosom barely concealed beneath a tight T-shirt with a gun strap sinking cross-ways between her cleavage and helping outline her mammoth breasts. She wore tight, black jeans that were so tight they could have just been a clever tattoo except for the gun clipped to her belt.

"Who?" Scarlett asked.

"Soviea Vegarra," the evil Mumble producer said again.

"I'm sorry, I'm just not getting it," Scarlett said earnestly.

"Sofia Vergara," Salma said helpfully, "As evil as she is blessed in the chest. "

"An jew shoud chee my bockside," Sofia said with pride.

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"True, true," Salma agreed, not noticing the guards nodding behind her.

"I'm sorry, is she even speaking words?" Scarlett asked as she looked around for someone to agree with her. "It sounds like she has a dick in her mouth. "

Sofia stood up and angrily stomped her foot on the floor, her ample cleavage jiggling beneath her tight T-shirt. "An wht cess wrong wth javing a dick in my mouth?" she demanded.

Salma looked over at Scarlett in a sudden panic. "Red, don't let her talk!" she shouted in alarm.

"Talk?I'm still waiting for her to say words. . . " Scarlett began before being interrupted by Sofia.

"Ja, ja, ja. . . " Sofia crackled, drawing the two barely clothed secret agent's attention.

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  "With my drug I jill make more dan enouff monies coo finance S. L. U. T. S. takejover of the world!Jew two wheel never be abel coo schop me. . . " she continued as Scarlett and Salma's eyes began to glaze over, their shoulders slumping as they began to relax while Sofia's thick accent confused them to complacency. "And jinn Senora Christina jill give me jall of Southin Jamerica jew rule! Ja, ja, ja!"

Sofia looked down at the two agents staring around blankly, her massive chest heaving with exertion. "Jat shall give jew no problemas now, mine minions. Take them out jew the jungle and. . . "

"Um, ma'am," one of the guards interrupted meekly. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


"Jes?" Sofia said. "And what jew jew want?"

The guard shuffled his feet for an awkward moment before answering. "Well, seeing as it's Spring break and everything and, uh, we're kinda missing it. . . "

"Jew want jew celebrate," Sofia said with a knowing grin. She walked over to Salma and lovingly stroked her strong chin. "Would jew like to celebrate Spring Break with jus?" she asked knowingly.

Salma looked around in confusion for a moment before her eyes looked up and down Sofia's unbelievable body. "Sure, why not," she said with a simple. shrug.

"And how about jew?" Sofia asked Red.

Scarlett shrugged her shoulder and said, "Don't see why not," and began untying her bikini top. The moment her top touched the floor her pale body was covered with hands, caressing her, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, sneaking into her bikini bottoms and fingering her pussy until it was wet and dripping.

Sofia untied Salma's top, the agent's tits spilling forward like a wave.

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  The evil chemist quickly bent down and began hungrily licking at the woman's heavy tits and bringing her dark nipples to full hardness. She slid her hand down to stroke Salma's pussy through her barely there bottoms and heard the secret agent begin to gasp in pleasure. "Follow me," she ordered as she turned to her chair and began unfastening her tight pants.

On her hands and knees, Scarlett sucked eagerly at the cock in her mouth while the cock pummeling her cunt rocked her back and forth, her large, firm tits dangling below her. The guard behind her slid his thumb into her ass as she kept an eye on Salma and Sofia from around the thrust hip in front of her. The guard pulled his cock out of her mouth and lifted his shaft up and she automatically began licking at his balls while the guard behind her pulled out and came on her up-thrust ass.

Pantsless, Sofia reclined in her chair and spread her long legs wide. "Luck me," she cooed and moaned in pleasure as Salma got on her hands and knees. The secret agent licked around Sofia's dewy lips, collecting her juices on her tongue before sliding in past her labia and into her gooey hole. "Jess!" Sofia gasped out, "Jesssss!Jews that amazing touong I've herd jo much about!"

Scarlett let the new guard thrusting unto her pussy slowly move her across the floor so as not to raise attention to the fact that Sofia’s confounding voice had no affect on her. The guard whose balls she was licking erupted above her, his sticky seed landing in her hair and dripping over her eyes. Two guards appears before her and began shoving against each other and she used the opportunity that not having a mouth full of evil dick allowed. "Wow, that's hot," she said as she motioned with her head over towards Sofia and Salma.

"Oh wow," one of the guards muttered as they watched Salma eating out Sofia with her thick ass high in the air. He began walking over and Scarlett used the opportunity to let the guard thrusting into her push her closer to the two wildly fucking women.

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  Suddenly the second guard thrust his prick into her mouth and she swallowed it to it's base, massaging the shaft with her talented tongue in an effort to get him to cum as soon as possible. The guard behind her seemed to have more endurance than the others as he pulled his dick out of her pussy and began pushing it into her ass. "Gotta get them to concentrate on Salma and Sofia or I'll never get over there in time," she thought as her naked body was pushed and shoved between the two guards.

The guard who had tried to shove his way into the red haired secret agent knelt behind Salma and grabbed her wide hips as he aimed his cock at her dripping hole. She moaned into his boss's pussy as he pushed into her tightly gripping cunt and he began thrusting in and out as fast as he could, burrowing deeply into the agent's cunt as he reached below her and squeezed her large, dangling tits. He looked up at his sexy boss and immediately came when Sofia pulled off her shirt to reveal her own pair of glorious tan tits, tits that everybody working at the camp lusted over. Her hard nipples were a shade more pale than Salma's and her tits wobbled wildly on her chest seemingly defying gravity.

The guard fucking Salma was quickly pushed to the side and she was filled by the next guard who spent all his attention on Sofia's unencumbered tits as he fucked Salma. He licked his lips hungrily as he watched her tits swaying wildly on her chest and wished he could suck on one for at least a little while.

Both guards fucking Scarlett exploded at the same time the instant Sofia had removed her shirt. "How come the hottest ones. are also the most evil ones," she wondered as she stared lustfully at the criminal chemist's unbelievable body. With both guards finished she used the opportunity to move closer to the two fucking women as new guards joined them. She remained on her knees, her vision filled with bobbing cocks, and began directing the men. She grabbed one prick and began fisting it as she looked up at the owner.

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The guard looked down at Red and ordered, "Suck it," apparently content to just watch Salma and his boss.

Scarlett nodded up at Sofia. "She did ask what was wrong with having a dick in her mouth," she said to the guard. He looked down at her and then back at his boss, shrugged his shoulders and walked over to Sofia.

"Boss, you did ask what was wrong with having a dick in your mouth," he said hopefully as he wagged his prick at her.

Sofia looked at the guard's prick, then up at him, and then back at his prick,"What ja 'ell," she said with a shrug before sucking the cock past her full, plump lips.

Scarlett began directing the rest of the guards until everybody was fucking everybody else. Salma had a guard fucking her from behind and shoving her mouth against Sofia's wet pussy. The sexy Latina secret agent also had a guard on either side of her fondling a large, heavenly tit each with one hand while they jerked themselves off on her gracefully arched back with the other. Sofia had a guard on each side of her head, sucking one guard's cock and then the other while a third guard fucked her large, heaving tits. "Bad guys get all the fun," she thought before darting away from the orgy.

Her eyes had grown accustomed to dark during her bout of sex and she could see that she was in a simple, small conference room with two entrances. She snuck out one of the doors and hid as she heard more guards approaching the conference room to join the orgy. Completely naked and obviously well fucked, she made her way through the more brightly lit halls until she found what she had been looking for, the ammunition room.

Using her secret agent skills, Scarlett quickly made several bombs and secured them in a large knapsack, positioning the strap carefully between her breasts to prevent chafing,Making her way back into the secret base she placed the make-shift bombs where they would make the best impacts, especially the labs where the Mumble was being manufactured, and made her way back to the orgy,She felt bad about leaving Salma alone in the orgy but the mission came first and she had no doubt the the Latin secret agent would do the same for her.


  She snuck back into the conference room and began sneaking around looking for her and Salma's bikinis but with every footstep it became obvious that no one was paying any attention.

Gathering the small bits of clothing that she and Salma had been caught in, Scarlett held up her detonator and turned the lights on. There were at least a dozen naked bodies in a sweaty, thrusting heap and somewhere at the bottom of it would be Sofia and Salma. ""Excuse me, all villains," she shouted loudly with the detonator in one hand and the clothes in the other, "May I have your attention. "

The guards looked over at the some how free secret agent and then began pulling apart to reveal Sofia 69'ing Salma. "What jew jew want!" Sofia screamed at the interruption.

"To tell you that your base is wired to explode," Scarlett said with a smug smirk. "Now let Salma go. "

Sofia glared at Red before pulling Salma to her feet and pushing her over to the American secret agent. "Now what?" Sofia asked angrily.

Scarlett grabbed Salma by a wrist and then pressed the detonator. "Run for your lives," she called out as she ran for the door, yanking the bewildered Salma behind her.

-Five minutes later, The jungle outside of Sofia's burning compound

Standing naked in the jungle, sweat dripping down their bodies, Salma and Scarlett struggled to untangle their bikinis.

"At this rate we're going to have to walk back to town naked," Scarlett said with a weak chuckle.

Salma looked over at the burning compound.


  "Maybe there's a jeep left?" she asked hopefully.

"Nope," Scarlett said as she threw her hands up in defeat, her firm breasts swaying on her gleaming chest, flinging sweat out, "I was very thorough. "

Salma looked down at the knotted material and shrugged her shoulders, her tan breasts jiggling in her chest. "Well, let's at least start heading back. Hopefully by the time we get close to town we'll have this mess untied. "

"What?" Scarlett asked before crying out in pain. "Ow!" she shouted out as she began digging at her ears.

"Jew've been having troubles with your ears since jew landed," Salma said as she cocked her hips. "What gives?"

"These," Scarlett said as she held a hand out. In the palm of her hand were two small devices just barely smaller than marbles. "They canceled the effects of Sofia's voice on the human nervous system. It was how I was able to sneak away and plant the bombs. "

"And leave me to be fucked every which way possible," Salma said with a frown. "And my mouth still tastes like evil villaness. "

"Sorry about that," Scarlett said as she tried to clean out her ears.



"Don't worry about it," Salma. said as they began making their way through the jungle, "The mission comes first and I would have done the same thing for you. "

"Thanks," Scarlett said sincerely as she kept trying to clean her ears out.

-The next day, Headquarters of B. R. E. A. S. T. S. , Tech Division

Wearing a paper hospital gown that did nothing to his her thick ass, Scarlett listened intently to the doctor.

The doctor tried not to stare at the great amount of side boob the sexy secret agent was showing in her gown as he closed her chart and used all of his will power to look her in the eye. "Good news, Agent Red. Your blood work is clean and you're free to go. "

"What about the Mumble?" Scarlett asked worriedly.

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"No sign of Mumble at all," the doctor said as he placed a reassuring hand on Red's shoulder and stroked it soothingly.

Scarlett looked at the doctor in surprise. "But. . . but the hotel room. All those college kids. . . "

Unconsciously the doctor let his hand drift down Red's bare back. "I can't really say but there was no sign of Mumble in your firm, fit, toned, supple body," the doctor reassured her as his hand drifted lower and lower.

Scarlett shook her head in disbelief. "No. There has to be a reason I'd act like that, Doctor," she pleaded.

"It's just Spring break.

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  It turns everybody into sluts. "

-8:00 AM, The living room of the White House

"Good morning Agent Johansson. How's your aunt?" the President of the United States asked Scarlett as she reported for duty.

"Very good, sir," Scarlett answered as Thad made his way from his bedroom.

"A quick question Agent Johansson," the President asked before Scarlett and Thad could leave for school. "If you were taking care of your aunt, why are you so tan?"

Scarlett and Thad looked at each other in fear for a moment before Thad turned back to his father. "Her aunt lives in Florida, dad. The sun is good for, y'know, old people and stuff. "

"Me and the wife hope to retire there someday," the President said as Scarlett and Thad left for school.

"Thanks, Thad. I guess I owe you one. Again," Scarlett said as they reached the elevator and got in.

Thad stared lecherously up and down Scarlett's amazing body and licked his lips. "You know I'm gonna want to see your bikini, right?" he said as he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"Oh brother," Scarlett said as she rolled her eyes and the elevator closed.

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The End. .