Scarlett Johansson: Agent Red Ep. 01


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Scarlett Johansson, Kat Dennings, Christina Hendricks, Lindsay Lohan, Linda Carter, or Katy Perry, or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: Exhibition, Voyeur, F/F, MMM/F, Teen, MC

Scarlett Johansson: Agent Red Ep. 01, I Caught a Spy and I Liked It
By Muhabba

(Best when read in the voice of the guy that used to do the intro to the G. I. Joe cartoon:)Scarlett Johansson is Agent Red, working undercover as a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the President of the United States 18 year old son Thad, for B. R. E. A. S. T.

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  S. , the Bureaucratic Response and Engagement Action Squad and Tactical Strikeforce. When not protecting Thad, who has learned her secret, Agent Red protects the world from the evil organization S. L. U. T. , the Sexually Liberated Unification Taskforce, led by their evil overlord Christina Hendricks. Following the orders of Director Linda Carter, Agent Red and B. R. E. A. S. TS. do whatever is necessary to stop S. L.

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  U. T. from seducing their way to power and control of the world!

-9:35 PM, The White House, bedroom of Thad, the son of the President of the United States

“’I found myself strangely drawn to his hard, throbbing manhood’,” Scarlett said in her deep, husky voice, never losing the light rhythm of her hand. “’My hand wasn’t my own as it slowly reached out and began to deftly stroke the thick shaft pulsing before me’,” she continued as she non-nonchalantly straightened up her position on the chair, the act made more difficult by the fact that both of her hands were occupied: her left by a found copy of a 20 year old stroke magazine and her right with the hard cock of the President’s son.

Scarlett looked over at Thad’s hard prick in her hand and then up at his face. “How have you not orgasmed yet?I haven’t ever known you to last longer than five minutes before. ”

“I jacked off in the bathroom before bed,” Thad answered as he reclined in bed with his hands behind his head, staring at Agent Johansson’s pale thighs while she sat next to him, jacking him off, “I wanted to last longer. ”She wore the same suit-jacket, blouse, modest length skirt, and functional pumps that every other female agent wore but the outfit looked so much better on her.

“Oh brother,” Scarlett muttered to herself as she rolled her eyes in frustration, added a small twist of her wrist to the hand stroking Thad’s prick and got back to the dirty story. “’I lost all feeling in my legs and fell to my knees, the strange erection pointing to my gaping mouth’,” she said as she held the President’s son’s penis more firmly in her hand. She squeezed the base of the hard tube of flesh before slowly working her hand up to the tip, rubbing her palm around the head before sliding it back down to the base.

“Mmm, yeah,” Thad groaned in satisfaction as he slowly raised his hips up and down, fucking Agent Johansson’s talented hand.

“’I leaned forward, grasping the veiny tool in my shaking hand’,” Scarlett continued, slowly increasing her pace. “’I held the mighty pleasure shaft in my dainty hand as I slowly extended my tongue and. .

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  . ”

“Oh, Scarlett,” Thad moaned, interrupting the busty agent.

“Now, now, now, let’s keep this professional. It’s ‘Agent Johansson,” Scarlett chided Thad as she gave short, firm strokes to the base of his throbbing penis.

“Oh, Agent Johansson,” Thad moaned in appreciation.

“Very good,” Scarlett said before resuming her story. “’I moaned at the taste of his manhood as I caressed it with my tongue. . . ”

-10:00PM, The secret headquarters of S. L. U. T. , inside the executive office of Christina Hendricks, Evil Overlord

Christina Hendricks reclined in her office chair, her pale legs spread wide, her giant breasts stretching the material of her white blouse as her chest heaved while she moaned in pleasure. “Use your tongue, Lindsay.

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  By my command you will tongue-fuck me!” she ordered.

“Murmph, ahur, murph,” Lindsay Lohan mumbled into Christina’s wet, red-haired pussy. Her head was trapped inside of the Evil Overlord’s tight skirt as she drove her tongue into the Master’s dripping cunt. She wrapped her arms around Christina’s trembling thighs draped over her shoulders, bracing herself as she shoved her tongue between the evil mastermind’s dewy labia and into her tight pussy. She used her enhanced lips to roll her tongue into a tube and thrust it in and out of Christina’s tight hole while she nuzzled the would-be planet conqueror's clit with her nose.

“Fuck yes!” Christina gasped in pleasure as she threw her head back, her red hair dangling half-way down the back of her chair. “I’m going to cum. . . ” she hissed as she gripped Lindsay’s own red hair and wrapped her thighs around her assistant’s head and began humping her face.

“About time,” Lindsay thought as she pushed her tongue as deep into Christina’s gushing pussy as she could.

“Yesss. . . ” Christina groaned out in lust as she came, her pussy gushing her warm fluids into Lindsay’s obediently lapping mouth.

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  Her blouse popped a button, shooting it across the room, as her chest heaved and she began trying to fight for breath, her sexy body spasming and her blue eyes clamped shut as she rode out her orgasm. “Oh, oh, oh. . . ” she panted as she came down from her sexual high just as a knock came from the door to her inner sanctum.

Christina pushed Lindsay back and then began straightening her clothes, unaware of the great deal of pale cleavage poking out from where her button had popped. “Get the door, Lindsay,” she said off-handedly as she sat up straighter in her executive chair.

Lindsay wiped the mixture of her drool and mad-woman’s cum from her chin and stood up, straightening her own, non-descript, clothes. “She never reciprocates,” she groaned inwardly in frustration, “I haven’t gotten laid since I took this job. ”She readjusted her large, bra-less tits beneath her pale business suit and then opened the door. “It’s Katy, Your Evilness,” she announced to Christina.

“See her in,” Christina said. “And bring some paper towels, my seat is wet. ”

“Yea me,” Lindsay thought sarcastically as she opened the door. “Katy Perry to see you, oh Lady of Evil,” she announced without a note of convection.

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“She may enter,” Christina announced as she stood up from behind her desk, her large tits swaying bra-less beneath her blouse.

Katy did what she always did after entering a room, stop and let everybody see what she was wearing. Tonight she was wearing a Lycra one piece corset and skirt, skin tight and splashed with every color of the neon rainbow. The corset pushed her already admirable tits up and out like a jiggling shelf of flesh and her tight skirt barely covered her well-rounded ass. Her dark hair fell around her face and shoulders in curling waves and her sparkling eyes took in Lindsay’s damp chin and her boss’s wide expanse of pale cleavage. “My evil Mistress,” she said as she bowed, her wobbling tits nearly falling out of her top.

Christina gave a curt nod as she waved at the chair opposite her desk. “You may sit,” she said, barely acknowledging that Katy had said anything. “Do you know what tomorrow is?” she asked.

“Er, Friday my Queen of Wickedness,” Katy answered as she sat down and crossed her legs, absentmindedly flashing her shaven pussy.

“That’s right, tomorrow is the Senators Ball,” Christina said, not even hearing Katy’s answer. “Tomorrow you are to infiltrate the Senators Ball and. . . make S.

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  L. U. T. some new friends,” she said as she wrung her hands. “There are some very important Bills coming up on the Senate Floor, many of which will benefit S. L. U. T. greatly. ”

“Yes, my Mistress of Mayhem,” Katy agreed as she waited as patiently as possible for Christina to make her point.

Christina continued with her rant, once again oblivious to Katy having said anything. “You are to use your ample charms to procure as many Senators as possible so that they will pass these Bills and secure S. L. U. T.

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  ’s eventual world domination. ”The Evil Overlord of S. L. U. T. was nearly manic with glee as her nipples hardened and her bare pussy gushed with sexual excitement. “You will have no problems gaining entrance to the party as they have forgone inviting their wives and will be bringing their mistresses instead. ”

Katy knowingly nodded her head. “Ah, the yearly Pot-Luck. I understand. ”

“Yes!Muw ah ha ha ha. . . ” Christina cackled with glee as her hands began to wander over her chest in feverish need.

Katy stood up and bowed again, one of her nipples escaping from the top of her tight closes.

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  “By your command, my Lusty Liege. ”

Christina continued cackling and pawing at her overheated body. “Friday you shall take the Senators and Saturday. . . I shall take the world!”

Lindsay cocked an eyebrow at the cackling, lusty fiend. “Does she even know how the Senate works?” she wondered.

“Lindsay!” Christina barked at her assistant. “Where are those paper towels?” she asked as she stared at her executive assistant’s over sized lips. “Also, I think you are going to need some knee pads. ”

A phantom kink was already beginning to form in Lindsay’s neck as she bowed and then scurried off to find some paper towels, knee pads, and a private place to make a quick phone call.

-2:00 PM The day of the Senators Ball, Headquarters of B. R. E. A.

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  S. T. S. , outside the Director’s Office

Scarlett ran her fingers through her hair, her wavy locks turning from blonde to her natural red color, before knocking on the Director’s door. “Director Carter,” she announced. “It’s Agent Red. You asked to see me?”She heard a strange grunt and a shuffling sound before the Director finally answered.

“Come in, come in,” Director Linda Carter said as the door to her office opened by itself.

“If this is a bad time I could come back later,” Scarlett said, noting the Director’s slightly disheveled appearance as she sat behind her desk.

Director Carter began nervously shuffling paperwork on her desk with one hand and straightening her raven hair with the other. “No need, no need,” she stammered. “Just finishing some, ah. . . ”

“Dictation!” Kat Dennings chirped as her head shot up from behind the Director’s desk.



“From the floor?” Scarlett asked.

“Yes, well, ah. . . ” The Director stammered.

“Dropped m’pen,” Kat said helpfully as she held up a pen with one hand and wiped her chin with the back of her other hand.

“Yes. Pen, yes,” Director Carter agreed. “Thank you, Kat. That will be all. ”

Kat stood up, her plain white blouse and plain black skirt doing nothing to hide her dramatic hourglass figure. “No problemo, boss. Yell if you need anymore, y’know, dic-tation,” she said with a knowing wink before beginning to walk out of the Director’s office. “Hiya, Red,” she said cheekily as she passed Scarlett, not even pretending to not check out the secret agent’s ass on her way out.

“She is both strange and off-putting,” Scarlett said as she said opposite from the Director.

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  Director Carter’s red blouse appeared slightly rumpled and her sizable breasts seemed to be straining the material as she tried to catch her breath.

Director Carter finished straightening her hair as she answered, “Perhaps, but she is fantastic at giving. . . ” before her voice trailed off dreamily.

“’Dictation',?” Scarlett finished for the Director. “She’s ‘fantastic’ at taking dictation?”

“That too,” Director Carter agreed languidly. Suddenly her ice blue eyes refocused. “Now, onto your next mission. ”

“Yes, ma’am,” Scarlett said.

Director Carter stood, further straightening out her clothes, finishing with her blue, knee length skirt. “Our operative inside of S. L. U. T.

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   has reported in with Christina Hendricks’ next diabolical scheme. ”

“That fiend,” Scarlett growled.

“I haven’t told you what it is yet,” Director Carter said before continuing. “Christina’s henchman, Katy Perry, will be infiltrating the Senator’s Ball tonight with a plan to get the Senators to vote on several Bills that will benefit S. L. U. T. and help them achieve their goal of world domination. ”

“That fiend,” Scarlett growled.

“Quiet right,” Director Carter agreed. “Your job is to also infiltrate the Senators Ball and stop Katy Perry and S. L. U. T. by any means necessary.

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  You should have no problems sneaking into the party since the Senators’ wives will not be attending. ”

Scarlett knowingly nodded her head. “Ah, the yearly Pot-Luck. ”

“Exactly,” Director Carter said as she handed Scarlett a manila envelope. “This is all the information our undercover operative supplied us. Take care, Agent Red. Now report to Tech Division for supplies. ”

Scarlett stood up and saluted the Director. “Yes, ma’am. ”

-2:36 PM, 5 1/2 hours before the start of the Senators Ball, outside B. R. E. A. S. T.

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  S. Tech Division

“I don’t see why you have to go with me,” Scarlett said over her shoulder as she walked down the hall. “I’ve been to Tech Division a hundred times on my own. ”

“I’m a Junior Agent,” Kat said, her eyes never leaving Agent Red’s hypnotically swaying ass. “I learn by observing. ”

Scarlett stopped at the door to Tech Division and entered her key-code, the door automatically opening. “No, you’re the Director’s Assistant,” she said as she entered the warehouse sized room.

“And I’m assisting,” Kat said, sneaking into the room a moment before the door closed. “Now, can I assist you in taking your clothes off?” she asked as she hungrily licked her lips.

Scarlett rolled her eyes in frustration at Kat’s unabashed crush on her. “I can manage fine on my own,” she said as she began unbuttoning her tight blouse. A male tech appeared seemingly from out of nowhere, his eyes glued to her chest as she shrugged off her blouse and gave it to him before starting to unfasten her skirt. As her skirt slid to the floor another tech suddenly appeared and helped her step out of it, quickly gathering the discarded garment in his hands.

Kat’s eyes wandered greedily over Agent Red’s body, the secret agent’s breasts straining against her plain, functional, white bra and her panties hugging against her well-rounded ass. “You sure you don’t need a hand?Those bras can be tricky?”

Scarlett sighed in frustration as she reached behind her back and began unfastening her bra.

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  “No, Kat. I’m fine. ”

“You got that right,” Kat said under her breath as her nipples hardened and began to tingle and she felt herself start to become wet.

As Scarlett removed her bra her breasts swelled forth like a wave and a third Tech appeared, taking her bra from her. She slid her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and bent at the waist, pulling her panties down her legs to reveal her pale ass and pink pussy lips.

“Ohhh. . . ” Kat moaned before whispering to a fourth Tech, “I think I just came. ”

“Me too,” the fourth Tech agreed.

Scarlett stepped out of her panties as the fourth Tech swiped her them from the floor. Behind her back he sniffed the delicate material, his eyes fluttering in pleasure before he shoved the delicate material into his lab coat and ran off.

The first Tech took in Scarlett’s naked body from her red hair to her piercing blue eyes, her pouty lips and graceful neck, her large, unbelievably firm tits to her small waist, her wide hips and thick thighs, and her shaved pussy with just a small strip of red pubic hair just above her slit. “Right. .

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  . right. . . right this. . . this way. . . Ma. . . Ma’am,” he finally managed to choke out.

Kat began unconsciously stroking her fingertips over her chest as she followed Agent Red’s thick, swaying ass to the raised platform set against one wall.

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  Her wide eyes took in the jiggle of the Agent’s tits as she stepped up on the platform and kicked her shoes off. Suddenly her attention was broken as another Tech shoved her to the side to grab Scarlett’s shoes before running off while sniffing them.

Once again Scarlett rolled her eyes at the way Kat was leering at her. “Unless you like the idea of getting blasted by radiation I suggest you head into the observation room. ”

“I’m thinking it over,” Kat said with a smirk as she took one last, lingering look at the secret agent’s naked body before heading into the observation room. “Move out of the way,” she said as she shoved Techs out of the way until she had a front row view out of the large window over looking the Medical Platform that Agent Red was standing nude on. Suddenly she felt a large, hard lump grinding between her ass-cheeks. “Hey!Who’s dry-humping me?” she barked behind her before the grinding ceased. “I didn’t say stop, I was just gonna ask you out for drinks later,” she said with a smirk as the grinding began again. “That’s better. ”

Knowing what to expect by going through the Micro-Laser Scanning Physical many times before, Scarlett closed her eyes as the room went dark and the platform began to hum and light up. She raised her arms above her head, her tits pulling up high and tight on her impressive chest, and began her usual stretching routine. She placed her feet shoulder length apart, the light from the machine highlighting her between her legs, and leaned first on one side and then the other, her breasts sliding slowly to and fro on her chest. She bent backwards, arching her back with her firm globes and pink nipples pointed straight up as she took a deep breath, further accentuating her spectacular chest. She released her breath slowly as she bent forward, stretching her arms out, the glow of the machine making her tight ass glow in the darkness as her jiggling tits dangled beneath her.

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As the machine began to power down and the lights came up, Kat released a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding. She looked down at her chest and realized that she’d been squeezing her own mountainous breasts and toying with her hard nipples. “Oh wow. Good job, guys,” she said as she released her tits and looked around at all of the silent Techs. “What say we convince her she needs to do some yoga next time?”

All the Techs nodded eagerly in agreement.

With the machine powered down Scarlett quickly became surrounded by the Techs as she stood extremely naked in the room and they stared hungrily at all of her bare flesh. “And you’re sure this is all I’ll need?” she asked as the head Science Tech handed her a small equipment packet. He nodded slightly, his eyes never leaving her chest. She’d grown accustomed to casual nudity since joining B. R. E. A. S. T. S.

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   and was now completely oblivious to the greedy stares of all the men surrounding her as their eyes crawled over her body. “Alright then, wish me luck. ”

“Uh huh,” the Tech mumbled as he stared at Agent Red’s tits jiggling past him and her flexing ass as she walked away from him on her way to the dressing rooms.

-9:00PM, Inside the White House, Fashionably late for the Senators Ball

Before entering the ballroom Scarlett took a moment to make sure she was presentable. Her red hair flowed around her beautiful face, her make-up was artfully done, her slinky black dress fit her like a second skin and made it obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her stiletto heels stretched her legs up and pushed her ass out. “Perfect,” she thought as she entered the crowed ballroom. “Now to find and stop Katy Perry from carrying out her dastardly plan. ”

Entering the crowded ballroom Scarlett was immediately assaulted by wandering hands. The creeping appendages crawled over her body, caressing her silky skin, cupping her thick ass-cheeks, groping at her chest. She sighed and rolled her eyes in frustration as she tried to make her way through the sea of horny Senators. “I have to find a better vantage point to spot Katy,” she thought as she forced her way through the crowd of molesting men. “At this rate she’ll spot me before I spot her. ”

Katy and her bountiful breasts were used to being the center of attention so she noticed immediately as the attention shifted from away from her and them. She was in the middle of the large, ornate room flirting shamelessly with any man in a tux and as they turned away she followed their eyes as they stared past her. “Agent Red!” she hissed angrily as she spotted the B.

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  R. E. A. S. T. S. agent trying to fight her way though the crowd. “Curses!”She had picked her strapless re evening gown specifically to accent her breasts, as she chose all her outfits, and because of her love of Jessica Rabbit, but her shoulder length purple gloves were also for function as well as fashion. Pulling a small communications device from the top of her glove she hurriedly clicked it on. “Agent Red is here. Stop her!” she ordered.

Scarlett spotted Katy, dressed as Jessica Rabbit oddly enough, an instant before spotting the wicked villainess's henchmen coming towards her. “Oh no,” she thought. “I have to get out of her before a fight breaks out or one of the Senators could get hurt. ”She removed a hand that was slowly creeping up her thigh and tried to make her way to the nearest exit before Katy’s henchmen could reach her.


  The crowed of horny men slowed her down but she managed to find a side door only a few moments before the hulking guards could reach her. The door led to a dark hallway and she ran as fast as her heels would let her, trying to open every door she passed as the men chased after her. She reached the end of the hall, every door locked, and turned around to assess her situation as the evil minions finally reached her.

"Don't move, bitch," the largest goon said as he pointed a finger menacingly at the gorgeous secret agent.

Scarlett looked over Katy's henchmen and ran through her options in her head. There was no doubt that she could take out the three goons in a fight but that could take to long and would possibly be loud enough to draw unwanted attention. That left her only one choice.

Puffing out her chest to show off her unencumbered breasts Scarlett tried to look as frightened of the men as she could. "Oh no," she gasped. "Please don't hurt me. "

One of the other goons began wagging his finger at the undercover agent. "Don't tell us what to do!"

"Chill, Gary," the third goon said.

"Stop calling me that," Gary whined. "I told you, it's 'G-Dog'. "

"Whatever," the first goon said, rolling his eyes.

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  "Listen, bitch," he said to the red-haired woman trembling in front of them. "Do what we say and you won't get hurt. "

Scarlett quickly nodded her head, her purposeful movement causing her abundant cleavage to jiggle around over the low cut top of her revealing dress. "Yes, I'll do whatever you want," she said as fearfully and suggestively as possible.

Gary smirked as he stared at the female spy's quivering cleavage. "Y'know, the boss said we had to stop her. She was rather unspecific as to how. "

"Heh," the third goon chuckled. "Not a bad idea. "

The first goon rolled his eyes again. "Not again. We're supposed to be professionals here. "

Scarlett seized her chance. "Oh no. Are you going.

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  . . going to rape me?" she asked as fearfully as possible while trying to add a sense of wonder to her crystal blue eyes. "You're not going to strip me naked, force me to suck your cocks, ram them down my throat, fuck my every little hole, use my body unashamedly for your own sick pleasures over and over again, are you?"

The first goon thought it over for a moment. "Well, when you put it that way. . . " he began as he reached out and yanked down the front of the sexy agent's dress, snapping the small straps and revealing her large, creamy tits.

"Oh wow," the first goon whispered in wonder.

"Damn," the second goon whispered reverently.

"Mommy," Gary whispered meekly.

Suddenly six hands shot out to grab Scarlett's magnificent tits, squeezing, mashing, pinching, groping, twisting and pulling on her firm orbs. With six hands and only two tits there was a fair amount of pushing and shoving among the goons as they man-handled her chest and fought to touch her warm silky skin. "Oh no, please don't," she murmured mockingly under her breath as the goons pushed and shoved each other in an attempt to get their hands on her exposed flesh. "Ohhhh," she moaned momentarily in pleasure as a pair of lips found one of her hard nipples and began to suck enthusiastically on the rubbery nub.

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  "Got to concentrate," she told herself. "Can't get distracted or I might miss my opportunity to escape. "

While the first goon sucked on the hot agent's large tit the third goon latched onto her free tit leaving Gary with no tit. "Damn it, guys. How come you never share?" he whined. He shrugged his shoulders in defeat and shuffled around the topless agent since her front was otherwise occupied he'd have to make due with her rear. He got on his knees behind her and pulled her slinky dress the rest of the way off of her to reveal her thick ass and skimpy G-string. "Wow. This is almost as good as her front," he thought as he slowly licked down on pale, delicious ass-cheek and up the other. He felt her nearly naked body shiver with appreciation as he shoved his tongue between her cheeks, his tongue sliding beneath the barely there material of her G-string and into her already wet pussy.

Scarlett's eyes fluttered in distracting pleasure as Gary's seemingly thick tongue penetrated her tight pussy. "Concentrate. Concentrate, dammit," she told herself as the three henchmen began to lose themselves in the pleasures of her body. She couldn't stop a moan from escaping past her wet lips as the three goons licked and sucked on her feverish flesh, her nipples hard as pebbles and her pussy dripping wet. "It's.

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  . . it's to bad that. . . that I have to hurry this. . . this along," she thought. "Please, no, stop," she gasped out adding a wanton desperation to her pleas.

The first goon broke the wet seal of his lips on the panting woman's tit and chuckled. "We already told ya, don't tell us what to do," he said as he began unfastening his pants. "On your knees. "

"Oh, please don't," Scarlett said as she dropped obediently to her knees and the first goon presented his rock-hard cock to her. "Now's my chance," she thought as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, using the wet muscle to draw his prick into her wet mouth.

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  Sucking hard she swallowed the thick meat, massaging it with her tongue as she began bobbing her head back and forth, effortlessly deep-throating the long tube of hard cock.

The first goon's eyes fluttered in pleasure as he found himself already fighting the urge to cum. "Oh wow," he groaned in amazement at the sexy female agent's oral technique. His hands were on his hips as he began rocking his hips, feeding the beautiful agent more of his cock.

"She really that good?" the second goon asked as he broke away from the nearly naked agent's impressive chest.

"You have no idea," the first goon gasped out.

The second goon quickly began undoing his pants and pulling out his hard prick. "Only one way to find out. "

Scarlett wrapped her fist around the base of the first goon's dick, jerking on the hard shaft as she pulled it from her mouth and then grasped the base of the second shaft and aimed it at her face. She quickly wrapped her lips around the second shaft, lashing it with her talented tongue as she sucked it into her warm, pink mouth. "Two down one to go," she thought as she jerked one cock and sucked the other before switching back to the first. She began humming deep in her throat, the vibrations dancing across the sensitive skin of the first cock in her mouth before switching to the second prick. And as she concentrated on her double blow-job she began twitching her ass at Gary as he continued licking at her horny pussy.

Gary suddenly broke away from the female agent's thick ass. "Enough of this shit!" he shouted in desperation.

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   "I gotta get in there!"He gripped the flimsy material of her G-string and ripped it away before wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her away from the dicks she was eagerly sucking. He laid down on his back, pulling her on top of him and kept a tight hold on her sexy body as he shoved his pants down and thrust his dick up, burying himself deep inside of the agent's hot, tight, wet cunt. "Oh fuck yes," he grunted as he began thrusting up wildly into her pussy, her juices sliding down his shaft, coating his bloated ball-sack and dripping onto the floor.

"And there's three," Scarlett thought to herself in satisfaction as she began rocking herself up and down on Gary's hard cock. She sat up straighter as Gary's hands began pawing at her jiggling chest while she reached out and pulled the other two goons' pricks back towards her. She started up her double blow-job again and used every oral technique she had been taught at B. R. E. A. S. T. S. boot-camp to try and subdue the men as quickly as possible. As she sucked on the two cocks she used her vaginal muscles to squeeze along the length of Gary's shaft, smirking to herself as the three men all moaned lustfully.

-Still inside the White House, the Senators Ballroom

"Curse that Agent Red," Katy thought as the Senators all continued looking around the room wondering what was happening.

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  She could hear them mumbling about what had happened to the red-haired woman and the three men and why did they run off so quickly as if there had been some kind of unseen emergency and she knew that she had to act quickly before more security was called in. She grabbed the closest senator and spun him around with one hand as she reached behind her back with the other. "Senator, can I ask you a quick question?" she blurted out.

"Wha?I don't know what. . . " the aging senator mumbled.

"What do you think of these?" Katy quickly asked as she undid the latch on the back of her dress to reveal her large, pale tits. Her breasts surged forth like a wave of firm Jello and quickly grabbed the senator's attention as she rocked her shoulders, causing her tits to sway back and forth. "Look deep into my cleavage, Senator. "

The senator was immediately enthralled by the gently swaying orbs as the light glinted off of them. "Oh my. Those are spectacular," he murmured, enraptured by the beautiful woman's impressive chest.

"Yes they are, Senator," Katy agreed matter of factly. "You're feeling very relaxed, Senator.

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  Very, very relaxed. "

The senator's eyes quickly glazed over. "Yes, very relaxed," he agreed.

Katy noticed another senator now looking at her from over the first senator's shoulder. "You too are becoming very relaxed," she said to the second senator as she continued shrugging her shoulders to keep her hypnotic breasts swaying from side to side, her pale nipples hardening in sexual excitement over how easy it was to control men by using her ample endowments. "Soooo very relaxed and so very compliant. "

The second senator nodded enthusiastically as he stared hungrily an the jiggling jugs in front of him. "Oh yes. Very relaxed, little Miss," he agreed in a southern drawl.

Katy's tender pussy throbbed in bliss, the same it always did whenever she used her mesmerizing mammaries to control the men around her. She quickly targeted another senator, grabbing his shoulders and pulling his face down to her bewildering breasts. "You're becoming very relaxed, very compliant," she said softly, even lovingly. "You want to serve me, to make me happy. "

All three senators answered in unison, "We want to serve you. We want to make you happy.

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Katy smiled wickedly. "It would make me really happy if you boys could find me a camera.

-Back in the hallway

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," Gary chanted as he thrust himself up into the red-haired secret agent's impossibly tight cunt. His greedy hands wandered haphazardly over her naked, sweaty body, unsure if they wanted to squeeze her wildly jiggling tits, her flexing ass, or hold on to her slim waist as he fucked himself deep into her. "She's got so much to play with," he thought in amazement of her body.

The other two goons moaned in lust as the took turns fucking the beautiful agent's gorgeous face. A unspoken agreement had been reached between them, they each got 30 seconds to plunge themselves in and out of her unbelievably talented mouth as she jerked off the other one before switching. "Un-fucking-believable," they both groaned in pleasure before high-fiving each other.

Scarlett rolled her eyes in disbelief. "Men are such boys," she thought. "I do all the work and they high-five each other. If anyone deserves a high-five it's me. Anyway, they should be ready now. "With a practiced ease she pinned Gary down with her hips and used her vaginal muscles to grip his hard shaft as she brought the two pricks in her hands to her mouth and began circling the tips with her talented tongue. Suddenly, thanks to her diligent work, all three men came in unison exactly as planned, their thick cum filling her pussy and mouth at the same time.

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  She lost control of the cocks in her mouth and they slipped out, spewing their hot seed over her gasping face until it ran down and spilled over onto her heaving chest. And then, exactly as also planned, the three goons suddenly went limp as the came down from their orgasms.

In a flash Scarlett went into action, spinning off of Gary's dribbling cock as she quickly went to her feet and with a blur of motion her hands and elbows struck out, connecting with the two standing goons' faces as she kicked down with her heel connecting to Gary's jaw. She swung out with her other foot, tripping the two goons who had fucked her mouth and caused them to fall on top of Gary before going down on one knee and lashing out with the heel of her hand, knocking their heads together and rendering them unconscious. "Sleep tight, boys," she smirked as she gathered up the ripped remains of her slinky dress and stiletto heels. She used the torn remains of her torn G-string to clean the cum off of her the best that she could before redressing as much as possible.

With the straps of her dress ripped Scarlett had to rely on the natural firmness of her breasts to keep the dress up as she made her way back up the hall. "I'd give my career for a wet-nap and some double sided tape right now," she thought as she made her way back into the ballroom. It took her something less than an instant to spot Katy standing topless on a table in front of a over-sized screen showing a real time video of her swaying tits.

Katy stood with her arms up, her voluminous chest thrust out and a maniacal grin on her face. "You will all bow down to me!Mua ha ha ha. . . " she cackled evilly. Obediently everybody in the room bowed down, except for one.


  "You!" she yelled as she pointed to the lone figure. "Agent Red!Grab her!" she ordered and smiled smugly as a half a dozen elderly senators grabbed the sexy secret agent and restrained her.

"Drat!" Scarlett hissed out as a group of aging men grabbed her. "I can't fight back or I might hurt one of the senators," she thought in alarm as she struggled weakly against the elderly men.

Katy squeezed her mountainous mammories in malicious glee as she watched Agent Red struggling against her captors. "Bring her to me!" she ordered.

Even hypnotized the senators took the opportunity to paw and grope the struggling secret agent's barely concealed body as they pushed, pulled and dragged her towards their mesmerizing mistress. Scarlett's dress slipped, nearly falling down her quivering chest with only her hard nipples keeping it from falling down completely but exposing a hint of her areolas as she was taken to the villainess's table. Age spotted hands pushed her up onto the table, several of the senators' fingers crawling underneath the hem of her dress, moving between her firm thighs, squeezing her taunt ass-cheeks and cupping her bare pussy. Two senators already on top of the table helped to pull her up as they restrained her arms, pressing themselves against her struggling body and grinding their obvious erections against her. "You fiend!" she snarled at Katy. "You've hypnotized them!"

"Ha ha ha. . . " Katy cackled.

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  "And they're not the only ones. Behold my power!" she shouted as she hefted her heavy tits up to Agent Red's face.

"Never!" Scarlett cried as she tried to look away from Katy's heaving bosom. The senators holding her gripped her hair and forced her head down until the only things she could see were Katy's voluminous breasts.

"Mua ha ha ha. . . " Katy cackled again. "No one can resist my charms. Peer into my abundant cleavage, Agent Red, and see your doom!"

Scarlett's pitiful struggles continued for a few moments as she was forced to gaze at the pale, evil orbs of Katy's breasts. "Must. . . must resist," she muttered. "For the good.

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  . . the good of all. . . all mankind. . . "Slowly her struggles began to subside until she stood flaccidly in front of the cackling Katy.

Katy licked her lips as she moaned lustfully and pinched her excited nipples. "You now serve me," she said in a husky, hungry voice.

"Yes, Mistress," Scarlett said blankly, never looking up from Katy's chest.

"Ohhhh fuck this is so hot," Katy whispered as she looked up and down Agent Red's barely concealed body. She released her breasts, the sudden lack of support casing them to jiggled up and down for a moment, as she reached over to pull the remains of the agent's sexy dress down to reveal Agent Red's proud tits. "Your tits look soooo good," she whispered almost reverently as she began to caress and fondle the undercover agent's tits.

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  She bent forward and began to lick at Agent Red's hard nipples, her own tits dangling beneath her as she drew the agent's erect nubs into her mouth and began sucking on them hungrily. She smiled to herself as she felt the agent shiver with pleasure before releasing the undercover agent's rubbery nubs from her mouth. "Let's see if all those stories I've heard about you are true. Pleasure me," she ordered.

Scarlett leaned forward and pressed her topless chest against Katy's, their large breasts smothered together and spilling out from the sides of their bodies as they kissed. Scarlett slid her tongue past Katy's lips, exploring the inside of the evil hypnotist's mouth thoroughly, caressing the other woman's tongue as Katy moaned into Scarlett's mouth. The secret agent then kissed down the S. L. U. T. operative's jaw and neck, licking and nibbling down to her overly endowed chest. Scarlett kissed over the swell of one tit to Katy's hard nipple, nuzzling it with her nose before drawing it into her warm, sucking mouth and lashing it with her tongue while teasing the other nipple with her fingers.

Katy cooed in pleasure. "Ohhhh, the stories I've heard about you are true," she giggled as she let Agent Red pull her down on the table.

With both of them on their knees Scarlett pulled Katy's tight dress up over her hips, baring the wicked woman's dripping pussy.

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  She pushed Katy onto her back and straddled her thighs as she pulled her own dress up and slid her groin between Katy's legs. She began rocking her hips back and forth, rubbing her cunt against the vile villainess's and drawing lustful moans from her as she scissored her.

"Ohhhh fuck," Katy gasped as her eyes rolled back in her head in complete bliss. She had heard the stories about how good Agent Red's skills were but she was still pleasantly surprised at how dominate the red-haired agent was when it came to sex. "Fuck me and make me cum," she ordered as she humped her drooling pussy against the secret agent.

Scarlett continued humping firmly against Katy's cunt, her own pussy gushing as their hard clits dueledShe held one of the hypnotic villainess's legs over her shoulder and wrapped the other around her waist, bringing Katy to the verge of orgasm. And then she stopped. "No," she said staring down at the evil woman.

Katy's eyes widened in shock. "What?!I order you to fuck me and make me cum!"

"No," Scarlett replied flatly as she smirked at the needy, horny and helpless villain.

Katy grabbed her unencumbered tits and began shaking them fruitlessly up and down at Agent Red. "You're under my control!" she shrieked. "Nobody can resist my hypnotic breasts!"

"Your tricks don't work on me, Katy," Scarlett chuckled. "Release the senators or I'm going to leave you high and dry, you fiend. "

Katy tried to fight the needy urges coursing through her sexy, helplessly spread body.

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  For a moment. But the urge, the need, the all consuming desire for Agent Red to make her cum was too much for her. She didn't know how the secret agent was able to resist her bewitching breasts but it didn't matter now, the undercover agent's scissoring technique had her pussy boiling and all that mattered was that she be allowed to cum. "Fine," she screamed in defeat. She twisted her body as much as she could to the camera and began jiggling her tits at the lens so that all the senators in the room watching her get fucked and defeated by Agent Red could see. "I release you all," she yelled out in desperation and defeat. "Your minds are your own. Now please, Agent Red, please. You promised. "

Scarlett peered around the room and saw that in-deed the confused senators were coming out of their trances. She smiled in triumph and then began humping again at Katy's throbbing, wet cunt. Once again she had to deny herself the pleasure of sexual relief and instead concentrate on making the wicked woman mewling beneath her cum, but if that's what it took to save the world from the evils of S. L. U. T.

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   and their mission then that's what she had to do. With only a few masterful strokes she had made Katy beg her for release and now with only a few more masterful strokes she had the vile villainess cumming, the evil henchwoman's warm juices gushing out and covering both of their groins.

Releasing Katy's twitching legs Scarlett let them drop limply to the floor as she stood up, her now tattered black dress wrapped around her slender waist and exposing her heaving breasts, thick ass and wet pussy. She could feel the sticky mixture of her and Katy's juices sliding down the insides of her thighs and once again wished she had access to some wet-naps as she surveyed the room one last time.

"That was amazing, Agent Red," one of the elderly senators said as he held his hand up to the mostly naked agent. "Let me help you down. "The sexy red-head took his hand and stepped down onto the floor, his eyes crawling over all of her exposed, gleaming flesh. He licked his lips as he stared at her wobbling tits and asked, "How ever did you mange to fight off the villainess's hypnotic, ah, talents?"

"I didn't have to, Senator," Scarlett said as she poked her finger around her eyes and then held her hand up. "Thanks to these. "

"Contact lenses?" the senator chuckled as he playfully patted Agent Red on her graceful back, his hand starting to slide slowly up and down her spine.

Scarlett smiled in pride. "Thanks to B. R. E. A.

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  S. T. S. top tech team that dastardly ner-do-well was defeated before she even started. "

"Amazing, simply amazing," the senator chuckled as his wandering hand drifted lower and lower down Agent Red's back. "Now, it's pretty late and I was wondering if you'd like to go back to my. . . "

"Late?" Scarlett gasped. "What time is it?"

-7:27 AM, the White House, the living room of the First Family

"I am so sorry I'm late," Scarlett blurted out as she rushed into the empty living room in her usual disguise of blonde hair and simple Secret Service attire and skidded to a stop. "Huh?Where is everybody?" she asked no one in particular.

"In here," Thad shouted out from his bedroom.

Scarlett walked suspiciously into Thad's room. Where is everybody?" she asked the teen boy as he finished buttoning up his school shirt.

"Everybody left already.

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  It's just you and me," Thad said as he smirked at the unbelievably hot agent.

"I should report in," Scarlett said in defeat. "They're probably wondering why I'm late. "

"Nope," Thad said with a grin. "As far as everybody is concerned, you're in my bathroom trying to wash out some gravy stains from your skirt. Apparently you're a very messy eater as far as they know. "

Scarlett cocked an eyebrow at Thad. "So you covered for me?You lied so nobody would realize I was late because of another secret mission?"

Thad continued smirking at the sexy secret agent. "Pretty much, yep. "

Scarlett sighed in relief. "Thad, I could kiss you right now. "

Thad shrugged nonchalantly. "Not necessary. But if you're looking for something to do with your lips. .

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  . ?"

"Dammit, Thad," Scarlett said in a huff, her hands defiantly on her hips. "You can't keep blackmailing me for stuff. "

"Don't think of it as 'Blackmail'," Thad said as innocently as possible. "Think of it as rewarding a junior agent. "

"I'm surrounded by junior agents," Scarlett thought to herself. "You're not a junior agent, Thad," she chided the young man as she walked over to him and got on her knees. "You're just a sneaky. . . sneaky. . . a sneaky little sneak!"She reached up and pulled down his zipper before pulling out his quickly hardening prick and began fisting it.

"I prefer to think of it as being clever," Thad said as he placed his hands on either side of Agent Johansson's head.

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Scarlett rolled her eyes at the smug boy. "Whatever," she mumbled before sucking the now hard dick into her mouth. She sucked hard on the tube of meat, rubbing her tongue along the big vein below the shaft before beginning to bob her head back and forth. Her red lips were stretched around the shaft as she circled the tip with her tongue and then swallowed the length of him. Her throat rippled along his shaft before she started bobbing her head back and forth again as Thad moaned above her.

Thad stared down at the sexy secret agent as she swallowed his pole. "I love doing my part to help the world," he said with a self-satisfied grin.

Scarlett rolled her eyes again at the young man as she fisted the base of his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. "He's kinda right," she had to admit to herself. "If it wasn't for him covering for me from time to time my secret identity would be blown and then who would save the world. "

The End. . . until S. L.


  U. T. rises again.