Saving her from herself - Chapter 6


What had started out as an innocent mistake was quickly spiraling out of control. She was all he could think about and the more he thought about her, the harder it was to keep his hands off his cock. Just being around her was proving increasingly difficult for him and lately is seemed like she was just about everywhere he went. The real problem, however, came the night before they were leaving for the lake. He was looking forward to having at least a few hours of solitude before being forced into such close proximity with the object of his lust. It was going to be the only time he would be afforded such a luxury over the next several days.



His parents  informed him that they were taking all of the old baby stuff out of the storage locker and packing them up so that they could deliver them to the small church about 2 miles from their cabin. A horrible fire had gutted the place and they were in desperate need for donations, especially for the nursery. Since it was much easier to pack them all into the minivan he’d have to let Kayla ride with him. Normally he wouldn’t have thought twice about it. It would have been a very pleasant trip but now he wasn’t sure he could handle the three hour drive alone with her in the passenger seat. He tried his best to get them to let him drive the van or even ride along with his dad so he could help unpack and the women could head out to the cabin but it was all just wasted words. They shot down every suggestion he had. Defeated, he had to accept his fate.



That night after he got back from helping his father pack the minivan full of baby furniture and whatever else that his parents felt that the church could use he went up to his room. He knew he had to get some sleep since they planned on leaving at 6 in the morning.

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   He crawled into bed shortly before 18 hoping that he might fall into a deep dreamless sleep since Kayla had a starring role in all of his dreams and now when he closed his eyes he could see her sprawled out naked on her bed moaning his god damn name. He hated her for that. She was stealing every second of his waking and dreaming life without even knowing it. As he fell to sleep he prayed a single, silent prayer to get one full night sleep without her creeping into his head. Yet again his prayers went unanswered.



This time when he closed his eyes he found himself in the shower. The warm water was spraying softly against his skin as he stood there enjoying the feel of it. His hand moved slowly down over his flat stomach and down to his groin. His thick cock was already standing at full attention as his fingers wrapped around it. His eyes closed as he slowly began to stroke it. He was so lost in the feeling that he did not hear the bathroom door open and close again. It wasn’t until the glass shower door shut that his eyes popped open.



“What the fuck are you doing Kayla?” He asked as he let go of his dick and glared at her.



“Getting in before you use all the hot water is what I am doing. Now I see why you are taking so long.

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  ” She grinned slyly as she wrapped her long, slender fingers around his shaft.   “Let’s see if I can hurry this along. ”



All he could do was gasp as she started to stroke him slowly. Her warm fingers felt so good as they made the journey from just under the helmeted tip down to the base and back again. Her eyes remained locked on his the entire time. He could hardly believe it was happening when she let go and smiled. “I don’t think this is going to work Nate. Let me try something different. ”



Before he could get a single syllable out she dropped to her knees in front of him. This time when her fingers gripped them it was just to hold his cock still as her tongue began to slither across the head. She kept up the eye contact that he loved so much as she lavished attention on his swollen cock. He thought his eyes practically rolled back into his head as she took him into her mouth. Her lips stretched tight around his shaft as it slipped in inch by inch. It was such a beautiful sight to behold.



He was breathing heavily as she started to suck.

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   Her mouth felt so heavenly he knew it would not take her long to make him empty his bloated balls. Somehow he just knew that if he did Kayla would swallow every drop. He didn’t want to cum like that though. He had to be inside her. He let her continue for a minute or two and much to her dismay he stopped her. She gave him a confused look as he carefully helped her to her feet. Without thinking about the fact that her mouth was just full of cock he pulled her against him and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss deepened quickly and his tongue found hers. She was moaning into the kiss when he slipped his hand down between their naked bodies.



His fingers traced down her smooth mound until he found her clit. Her body stiffened the second that he touched it. He could tell that she wasn’t expecting it.

That only made him enjoy it more. His fingers toyed with the small pink pearl until she started to grind hard against his fingers. She was ready and in need of relief.

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   He backed her carefully against the wall before sliding his hands to her firm round cheeks. He was gentle as he lifted her off her feet. She instinctually wrapped her legs around his body as he used one hand to hold her steady and the other to guide the head of his cock to her slick little opening.



She stared deeply into his eyes as he lowered her onto his fully erect cock. She gasped loudly as it sank fully into her. He kept her pressed against the wall as he began to thrust into her. Her moans soon drowned out the sound of the water running. Her pussy hugged his thick cock like a glove. She was so wet that he pumped his hips and drove his cock deep with ease. Soon he too was moaning loudly. Their bodies moved in unison as her nails raked down his wet skin. He knew his back would bear her mark and did not care. It was a trophy he would gladly display to the world even if they never knew he got them while burying his dick in his sister’s tender little pussy.



Her moans grew louder and louder as they moved faster. The need was rising in both of them.

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   It was clear that neither of them wanted to climax without the other. His lips found hers again as he began to thrust harder and faster into her. She was teetering on the edge and he wanted so badly to push her over. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she pulled away from the kiss and cried out his name as she baptized his cock in her sweet juices. The moment he felt them washing over him he exploded sending thick ropy shots of his seed deep into his sister’s womb. The moment was magical but gone too quickly as the loud screech of his alarm yanked him back to reality.



Nate rubbed his eyes and glared at the clock. The dream had felt all too real which only made him dread the trip even more. He knew that it would be hell to ride in the car all day with her without getting some relief. He thought about trying to convince his parents again to let them switch vehicles so he did not have to be alone with her.




His mother was drinking a cup of coffee in the kitchen when he finally came downstairs. She was a much easier sell than his father was so he knew that this was his chance. Unfortunately for him his mother was in no mood to hear his case. Her tone was harsh as she told him that she had hardly slept and was looking forward to leaning her seat back and sleeping in the van. She usually only used that tone with him when he had done something terribly upsetting.

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   Shot down, Nate grabbed a can of soda from the fridge and went outside to lick his wounds.



It wasn’t long before his sister came bounding out of the house in a chipper mood. He felt that cold sick feeling in his stomach as he turned in time to see her approach. She had always been a morning person which irritated him to no end. All he could do was sigh as he saw how the short denim shorts showed off her tanned thighs. The frayed hem around the legs seemed to draw his eye right toward her crotch. He also noticed that for some damn reason she had not bothered to put on a bra. He tried to play his annoyance off as he was just tired but he was unsuccessful in hiding his it. Despite her attempts to make conversation Nate barely spoke more than two words to her. Finally he told her to go check if their mother and father were ready to go.



 Kayla went back inside to grab some juice before they left and check on them. He turned and watched her walk back to the kitchen and cursed himself for being so stupid. How could he live with himself now that he had taken advantage of her offer to get on cam for him? Now every time he looked at her all he could think of was how she called his name as she came. There was no way that he would ever be able to make it to handle the drive as well as sharing a room with her once they arrived without losing his mind. He was already thinking about how great it would feel to bend her over the patio table, rip off her shorts and fuck her good and hard.

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She came out several minutes later followed by her mother, whose mood had not lifted in the least. It seemed like it took hours for the four of them to get on the road. Nate followed the minivan out onto the old highway that they always traveled when the kids were young. It had become a tradition to stop at the little out of the way diner called “Lancaster’s”. When they were growing up it was their favorite part of the trip. Of course a lot of things were different back then.


The one thing that never seemed to change was the staff there at the diner.

    Every time they went through they managed to end up at the same waitress’s station. It was a bit of a shock to find out that Dolores no longer worked there. Instead of the stout elderly woman that they had grown so accustomed to seeing they were greeted by her 18 year old granddaughter. Nate was so frustrated over having to be in such a confined space as the car with the sister he had been fantasizing over that he did not even seem to notice how flirty Nora was getting with him. It was something that did not go unnoticed by Kayla who seemed a bit put off by the girl.



    Once she had gone their father teased Nate about the girl which only fueled Kayla’s dismay. Every time the waitress approached their table she was glared at by the jealous girl. Nate wolfed down a stack of pancakes and tried to hurry the rest of his family along with little success.

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       The only one who seemed to share his desire to leave was the one person he wanted to get away from. After several more minutes of listening to the two of them whining, their father finally had enough and sent them on ahead. Kayla was quiet over as they walked to the car. It wasn’t until they were back out on the highway when she started.



    “God, could that waitress have been any more obvious?” She said.



    “What?” He said, barely paying attention. “What the hell are you talking about?”



    “Come on Nate that slut waitress did everything but drop to her knees and offer to blow you right there in the middle of the damn diner. It was pathetic. ” She sniped bitterly.



    “Why do you care? Would you rather have her hitting on you?” He chuckled. “Never really thought that you were into girls, sis. ”



    “Fuck you Nate. ” She replied in a huff.



    It was almost a relief to have her angry at him. She turned and stared out the window, doing her best to ignore him for the rest of the trip.

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       The only time she bothered to talk to him was when she insisted he pull into the nearly empty rest stop so she could use the facility. He only agreed because he had to go as well. He stopped in the vestibule and turned his phone on long enough to check his messages. He could not help but smile when he seen that Claire had left him a few pictures. He was checking them out when Kayla emerged from the ladies room.



    “Let’s go” She snapped.



    He had never seen his sister act like such a bitch before. For a moment he stopped to wonder what her problem was when it dawned on him. She was jealous. They had not spent much time together lately thanks to his lust for her and she seemed so excited about the trip before they left. Nate shook his head and sighed. He certainly didn’t want to hurt her feelings. He loved her after all, more than he should have if truth be told. As he walked back to the car he tried to figure out just how to make her believe he was sorry.



    When he got into the driver’s seat he looked over at her for a moment, making sure to look her in the eyes.

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       He knew if he looked anywhere else his thoughts would wander and he couldn’t afford to let that happen. “Kayla I’m sorry. I know I’ve been ignoring you lately and it won’t happen again. This weekend I want us to hang out like we used to. ”



    She studied her brother’s face for a moment before rolling her eyes and saying “Whatever”.



    It was a response he was quite used to. She always gave it to him when she was still too annoyed with him to come right out and accept the apology. He smiled and started the car knowing hoping that it would be a little easier for him. The rest of the ride she slowly started to warm back up to him, singing along with the radio and talking about how she couldn’t wait to do things like take a walk in the woods with him. He swallowed hard when she mentioned them going alone. He still wasn’t certain that he could control his thoughts around her and a deserted patch of woods would make the perfect place to have his way with her. For now, he simply had to focus on getting there.