Sandy & Andy


Goes something like once upon a time lol there was a very dominate man and a very submissive woman. His name was Andy and hers was Sandy, the 2 had met a couple years back and I think there was always an attraction there but nothing ever came of it till recently. There was definatly something between the 2 as they could tell more and more thought thier conversations on paltalk. One day while they took the conversation a lil further there were deffinate sparks and Sandy got to see more of what the dominator was about. But for some reason she was so turned onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, and could stop thinking about him and what it would be like if they ever met. So heres the scene here comes the fantasy part lol. One day the Dominator and the blond decide they should maybe meet up for a coffee and a chat face to face in person. They meet at this cozy little cafe where the lights are low and sit way at the back at an intimate little table where they can talk some more. He left her wanting for more for a reason she could not fully understand, but there was something exciting and thrilling about him and the sparks he made her feel were something she has not felt in a while. Knowing fully what she was there for she wasnt sure she could do it, but had the feeling she would. So Andy sit there for a while talking over coffee and both can feel the attraction and wondering what the other one was thinking as lookin into one anothers eyes. Her thinking can she handle it? And him thinking can she handle it? But there was just something so exciting about him something that drew her to him, something that she just had to be with him. They leave the coffee shop and as they step outside the door, Andy says Sandy so what do you think shall we rent a room? She could feel her heart beat faster and the excitment start to well up in her body, she knew she was going with him. So they find a Nice motel and rent a room. By now so many things are going through her mind and shes thinking what have i gotton myself into, but shes not about to turn back now. They have stopped and picked up a bottle of champange and strawberries on the way.

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   They get to thier room and Andy unlocks the door, and they walk in and he door closes,Sandy's heart is thumping so fast she can feel it beating out of her chest. They walk in the room and slip off thier coats, all along saying nothing to each other, Andy pours them both a glass of champange and they clink and cheer to going through with this meeting. Sandy is so nervous and thinks to herself can i really do this and desides maybe she should leave, she heads for the door but as she reaches it Andy stops her says yer not going anywhere, he grabs her and turns her around and pins her to the door with her arms pinned above her head and starts passionatly and forcefully kissing her as she has never been kissed before, she can feel his body up against hers and she can feel his hardon through his pants! sandy knows that if she gives in to andy she will be under his control, her life will be completly changed forever !! ( did she want this ) she shook with both sexual excitment & fear , andy continued to kiss sandy his one hand still held her wrists his free hand started to caress her breasts making her sensative nipples become ersect she started to shiver * fear & excitement ,her blood coursed thru her body her heart raced her breath quickened* she was torn the safety of her husband or the adrenalin rush offered by andy ???? His free hand slipped lower from her breast sliding downwards between her legs . she was wet could she go thru with this could she stop him did she really want to ??? God he felt so good she could hardly control herself, she had often had fantasy's about being dominated by her lover, and the thought had turned her on. But now this was the real thing, her heart beating her mind racing and her loins on fire. Her heart was beating so fast she could barely catch her breath, he whispers in her ear Sandy you know if we do this you belong to me, I will own you. She doesnt want him to stop, shes feeling like she never has and it feels so damn good, thier bodies pressed together her hands still above her head his free hand now in her panties, he can feel how very wet her pussy is. She feels so good yet so scared to go through with this. Wonders if at one point after she started this what would happen if she denied him something that he wanted. Would he hate her? Would he hurt her, would he make her regret ever starting this? All thoughts spinning through her head, and yet so very turned on, and exzilerated. He made her feel so good, she wanted him, but at what cost? Her pussy longing for him, wet with anticipation his fingers now slippin up inside of her, he can feel immediatly how wet she was pussy just flowing with juices he knew he was getting to her. andy started to finger fuck her then sensing that she was going to submit to his every desire & wish he relased her wrists & wrapped her long blonde hair in his hands , he stopped kissing her gazed deeply in to her eyes & forced her to her kneees!!! " open my jeans " andy said his voice deep n throaty with lust, sandy complied her eyes never leaving his crutch " now suck me " andy commanded sandy took hit throbbing cock in to her mouth sucking up n down slow n gentle taking 1/2 his lentgh, andy started to dictate the pace & depth moving sandy`s head by her hair until he thrust down her throat , sandy responded altho she gagged she knew she was now totaly lost & would do what andy wanted at any cost, she trusted him completly knowing he`d never betray her or hurt her but also knowing she was about to enter a dark ^ mysterious world of sexual fantasy & reality like she`d never known. With Andy's hands on the back of her head, his hard cock in her mouth she had given into him, but he felt so good, she loved being totally under his control not knowing what was next to come. She continued to suck and lick his hard cock, at times licking around the top of his head she can hear him lightly moaning saying thats it bitch suck me like you have never sucked before,I will tell you when you can stop. Her pussy is wet she can feel the juices running down her thighs and feeling how hard he is in her mouth, wants to feel him inside of her so bad.

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   But she knows Andy is not ready to go there yet. Her mouth slowing moving up and down his hard cock, enjoying every moment telling her what he wants her to do to him. Knowing she was now under his control and had given intohim, she was so turned on like she had never been before, yet scared somewhat of what was to come. hat didnt seem to matter, she was loving being dominated by him, something she had only fantasized about. But that didnt seem to matter, she was loving being dominated by him,something she had only fantasized about. andy started to thrust deep & hard he knew she was his slut to use as he wanted fom now on there was NO escape, she had commited herself. he shuddered as he came deep in to her mouth sandy started to retch & gag from the volume of cum flowing from his hard cock, he continued to hold her hair forcing his cock down her throat making her swallow his juice. when hed finished he looked down on her tear stained face watching the last cum dribble from the corner of her mouth, he smiled warmly "great job bitch now strip im gonna fuck you sore!!!" sandy complies as andy watches her strip off n become naked for the 1st of many times his mind racing with the prospect of what is in store for sandy ! Sandy does as Andy demands and slowly undresses for him, not quite sure what his reaction will be, he watches her with animal in his eyessssss. She can see how horny he is just by the look in his eyes. She wonders what shes gotten herself into but its to late, all she can do is give into him. Her pussy still wet and longing for him she watches him take his clothes off and as his pants drop to the floor she can see his cock starting to harden again. Shes never had a man with such a sex drive. He walks up to her and turns her around she can feel him rubbing up against the back of her, he starts kissing on the back of her neck he reaches around her and takes her breasts into his hands. Shes hot with anticipation, he takes her nipples between his fingers and starts pinching them lightly at first then a little harder, by her body movements he can tell this turns her on. He slowly takes one hand and moves it down her body to her pussy while still pinching the nipple of her breast he starts to finger fuck her again, he can feel how very wet she is.

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   Andys says,That pussy is so wet bitch I know you want it bad and Im gonna give it to you. He turns her back around now facing him and kissing her wildly she can feel his strength, her pussy still dripping wet she wants to orgasm so bad. Shes uncertian of what Andy has planned for her but the not knowing somehow is making her so damn hot. But that didnt seem to matter, she was loving being dominated by him, something she had only fantasized about. andy started to thrust deep & hard he knew she was his slut to use as he wanted fom now on there was NO escape, she had commited herself. andy kisses her pasionatly the kisses leave sandy breathless, he abruptly spins her round & bends her over the bed& take a step back he knows shes his to use as he sees fit & he fully intends to take this slut to her limits & beyond both mental & physical!!!, with one swift movemen he draws his arm back & then down again lannding a stinging slap on sandys cute butt. She squeals a mixture of pain & suprise & starts to stand upright " STAY THERE SLUT " andy commands & sandy dutifully reassumes her previous>position. Ansy reins five more blows on sandys ass which is glowing red , he then steps forward behind sandy & in one swift motion buries his cock deep in to her blonde hairy pussy, sandy lets out a moan of pleasure that builds with each hard deep thrust ( this isnt lovemaking this is fucking>brutal basic lust ) sandy shudders to her first climax as andy continues to pound in to her his thrusting & pace relentless !!!! sandy`s moans have built to pure screams of passion then without warning andy withdraws his massive hard cock & thrusts it straight in to sandy`s virgin ass causing sandy to scream again this time in pain !! andy continues to fuck her ass hard holding her breasts in his hands pinching her erect sensative nipples, soon sandy`s pain subsides & her screams continue but now its pleasure as again she shudders to an earthmoving climax.
    Sandy has never experianced such pain and mind blowing orgasm at the sametime this is all new to her. Tears rolling down her face, for a split second she really wonders what shes in for next with Andy. Hes simply a wildman. Never has she been fucked like that before. Her pussy still wet and wanting to feel Andy's hard cock deep inside of her tight hole, thrusting in and out till she cant stand it anymore. They both lay on the bed and take up kissing passionatly again her hands move up and down his body, she places one on his now soft cock and starts to lightly caress his balls and stroke up and down on him she needs to make him hard once again she needs to feel him thrusting deep inside of her taking in his massive cock. She looks at Andy and says please baby, suck my pussy make me come.

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       Andy slowly starts kissing and licking his way down her body finger fucking her at the sametime, her clit is swollen and sensitive to his touch. She wants to cummmmmmmmmmm so bad but will he let her or will he make her beg for it. Bringing her to the edge and then stopping. He Loves being in control of her, has has her right where he wants her. He can hear her lightly moaning her body moving with him. She begs himmmmmmmmmmmmmm please Andy make me cummmmmmm, please fuck my pussy. Andy tells her you will cum when I tell you to bitch if and when I want you to. He ties her arms to the bed. sits on top of her chest, and tells her now I want you to suck my cock and make me hard again slut. She trys to refuse him, he warns her not to refuse him, he takes her nipples between his fingers and starts pinching them, putting his cock back in her mouth. Yer gonna suck my cock till I tell ya to stop the harder he pinches her nipples the deeper she takes him into her mouth she can feel him starting to harden once again. Andy swells to full lentgh in her mouth forcing his length in to sandys throat, she finds it easier to take this time & takes his entire lentgh deep, andy slowly withdraws from sandys mouth & proceeds to kiss down her body starting at her lips then her neck till he reaches her aching erect nipples he kisses them tenderly intern sucking each to full erectness then gently biting them, he kisses down further till he reaches her wet blonde hairy cunt, sandy awaits his tounge shes impatient her groans of lust sound across the bedroom as andy blows on her pussy sending shivers down sandys spine !! he moves his mouth closer kissing her inner thighs then on her pubic mound then to sandys immense pleasure he at last starts to slowly lick her clit, she lets out a squeal at the 1st touch, her legs open wider to give andy full access to her shes lost in the moment her eyes glazed with passion, andy doesnt dissapoint her & buries his tounge in to her wetness, she tastes sweet to andy & he soon brings her to the very edge of another huge cum with his tounge. Sandy grinds her wet pussy in to andys mouth driving his tounge ever deeper as he allows her to cum !! MMMMMMMMM Sandy is in extasyyyyy, almost exausted her body shaking she has neverhad such a lover. Andy is very demanding but she loves it,coming all over his tongue has made that cock hard again and he,s ready for another round. Sandy is almost ready to give up, Andy says im not done with you yet I still have this hard cock that needs takin care of slut and im gonna fuck you hard.

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       He starts kissing his way back up her body she can feel him rubbing on her leg, he relentless this will be a night she soon doesnt forget. Just as she starts to get her breath back from the explosion she just had Andy shoves his cock deep up inside of her in one thrust. His cock hard and larger then what she is use to she holds back a scream, Andy lookin her in the eyes with a look of a wildman, he says take it bitch all of it. Beg me to fuck you slut, you know you have been wanting this. His thrusts become faster, harder and deeper. He can tell this is something she is not use to which makes him want to just fuck her harder. Just then he pulls out of her, he tells her to turn around and get on her knees, she knows she will feel his hard cock even more in this position, but has to give in to his demands she is now his to do with what he pleases. He thrusts deep inside of her wet pussy again, she cant help but feel the pain and extasy at the sametime hes grapping her hips and thrusting her back on him. Andy buries his cock balls deep in to her wet pussy time after time pounding her fucking her like a bitch, sandy takes it willingly screaming with every deep thrust as it slams in to her cervix, she feels another shattering orgasam rip thru her & passes out with sheer exhaustian & pleasure, she is drained. Andy pulls out of sandy his cock like rock he reaches for the phone & dials a number, a mans voice answers & andy talks in to the phone, sandy is blissfully aware of the conversation that follows. andy gives the room number & hotel name to the faceless voice on the other end of phone " you know what to do " he says & hangs up the reciever !!! " now the fun really begins " his cock throbs in expectation of whats to come but hes gonna save it for the party thats gonna follow !!! Sandy lies oblivious to whats in store sleeping off the exherstians & rebuilding her energy levals ( shes gonna need them ) 30 miniutes later theres a knock on the door & andy opens it to see the faceless voice from the phone a huge black man & 5 of his big black friends all grinning ear to ear as they look upon sandys blonde naked form.